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St. Cocilia's Academy. Scranton, Pa.
Sewickley Academy

Sewickley, Pa. Academy of the Holy Child Sharon Hill, Pa.

Jesus. Peirsol's Academy..... West Bridgewater,

Pa. Home School for Girls. West Philadel.

phia, Pa. (3511

Hamilton st.). Locrotia M. B. Mitchell's Tost Philadel. School for Girls.

phia, Pa. Island High School ....... New Shoreham, R.

I. (Block Island). Female Academy of the Sa- Providence, R. I.

cred Heart. Friends' New England Board. Providence, R. I.

ing School. La Salle Academy.

Providence, R. I.

(119 Franklinst.). St. Mary's Young Ladies' Providence, R. I.

Sensinary. Gowensville Seminary. Gowensville, S.C. Ashland Institute

Ashland City,

Tenn. Camden Academy.

Camden, Tenn. Cleveland Masonic Institute Cleveland, Tenn. Clifton Masonio Academy Clifton, Tenn. Decaturville Academy. Decaturville,

Tenn. Flag Pond Seminary.. Flag Pond, Tenn. Taylor Institute

Jackson, Tenn. Martin Academy


Cumberland University Lebanon, Tenn.

School for Girls.
Greenwood Seminary.. Lebanon, Tenn.
Lvocbburg Normal..

Lynchburg, Tenn. New lialo and Femalo Insti- Lynchburg, Tenn.

tute. Mason High School..

Mason, Tenn. Fairmount.

Mont Eagle, Tenn. Mt. Pleasant Male and Fe. Mt. Pleasant, male Academy.

Tenn. Greenville District Seminary. Rheatown, Tenn. Hardin College

Savannah, Tenn. Nourse Seminary

Sparta, Tenn. University of West Tennes. White Haven, see.

Tenn. Woodbury College.

Woodbury, Tenn. Austin College.

Austin, Tox, West Texas Conference Sem. Austin, Tex.

inary. East Mound Academy. Bridgeport, Tex. Academy of the Sacred Heart Corsicana, Tex.

of Mary. Dodd City High School Dodd. Tex. Live Oak Seminary.

Gav Hill, Tex. Jones' Male and female In. Goliad, Tex.


Greenville Graded School... Greenville, Tez.
Sabine Valley University... | Hemphill, Tex.
Alexander Institute

Kilgore, Ter.
Paris School

Paris, Tere Rhea's Mill Academy.

Rhea's Mill, Ter. Rutersville College

Rutersville, Ter. High School for Young Ladies San Antonio, Tex Coronal Instituto

San Marcos, Tex. Saroy College

Savoy, Ter. Convent of Notre Dame St. Johnsburt, V. Glenwood Classical Seminary West Brattleboro'.

Vt. Academy of the Visitation... Abingdop, VL. Alexandria Academy. Alexandria, Va Piedmont Female Institute.. Charlottesville

Va. Villanova Academy

Lewinsville, Ta Private School

Norfolk, Va. Suvolk fernale Institute. Suffolk, Va. l'airfas. Hall...

Winchester, VA St. Mary's Academy.

Charleston, W. Ta Academy of the Visitation... Parkersburg, W.

Va. Wheoling Female Academy. Wheeling, W. 12

(Yt de Chantal). Fox Lake Seminary (Acad. Fox Lake, Wis.

emy). Marshall Academy

Marshall, Wis. School (W. H. Pearce). Merrill, Wis. Lutheran Ladies' Seminary..Watertown, Wix Dakota College :

Spearfish, Dak. Misses Blair and Barnes' Se- Washington, D.C.

lect School. Mrs. C. B. Burr's School..... Washington, D.C.

(1308 H st.). Emerson Institute...

Washington, DC

(141h sto, bet. I

and K). Mt. Vernon Institute

Washington, D.C

(1530 I st!. Academy of the Visitation... West Washington

D. C. (35th sil. Collegiate Institute for West Washington, Young Ladies.

D. C. (3100 SE

n. w.). West Washington School for West Washington, Girls.

D. C. (29130 st. Chickasaw Male Academy... Tishomingo, Ind.

Ter. St. Vincent's Academy. Helena, Mont. Academy of the Visitation... Las Cruces, X.

Mer. St. John's School.

Logaa, Utah. Sacred Heart Acedemy

Ogilen, Ttab St. Mary's Academy.

Salt Lake City

Utol. University of Utah.

Salt Lake City,


Hondary instruction de Content

TABLE VI.- Memoranda.




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Richardson's Select School

Mobile, Ala....... Closca.
Talladega Male High School (William Talladega, Ala.. Close(; Talladega Male School (Prof.
P. Kittrell, principal).

A. H. Todd) takes its place.
Park High School..

Tuskegee, Ala.. Name changed to Alabama High

Litton Springs College....

Geyser Springs, Cal ... Post-ofice is not Geyser Springs, as

heretofore reported, but Clairville. Napa Collegiate Institute.....

Napa City, Cal

Name changed to Napa College in

June, 1885.
Golden Hill Instituto and Family Doard. Bridgeport, Conn...... Discontinued.

ing School,
Gildersleeve High School...

Portland, Conn. Post-office is pow Gildersleeve.
English and Classical School

Windsor Locks, Conn.. Closed; former principal is in charge

of the Robbins School, Norfolk,

Florida Military Institute

Jacksonville, Fla Ceased to exist.
Mulberry Grore Academy...

Antioch, Ga...

Atlanta Baptist Femalo Seminary Atlanta, Ga...

Nancchanged to Spelman Seminary.
Methodist College for Young Ladies.. Gainesville, Ga

Seo Table VIII.
High School.

Greshamville, Ga Seo Greshamville Academy; identi.

cal. St. Mary's Institute

McLemore, Ga... Seo St. Mary's Institute, Cedar

Grove; identical.
Marietta Institute

Marietta, Ga.

Not in existence.
Monroe Male and Female Academy.. Monroe, Ga.

New Hope Academy

New Hope, Ga.. Not in existence.
Idle Wild Academy

Rarky Creek, Ga. Closed.
Bethel Academy.

est Point, Ga.... Not in existence.
Ascension School

Chicago, ní. (418 La Closed; Miss Holmes is now assist-
Sallo ave.).

ant principal of Girls' Higher

School, 487 La Salle avo.
German High School

Chicago, ni.

Not found.
Chicago Ladies' Seminary

Chicago, Ill.

Changed to "The Willard School." Hoimstreet's Classical Instituto

Chicago, Ill.

German Lutheran School.

Danville, IL

See Evangel.-Luth. Dreieinigkeits

Schule; identical.
Fairfield Collegiata Instituto

Fairfield, Tii

McDonough Nornial, Scientific and Macomb, nl

Name changed to Macomb Normal
Commercial College.

Practical Seminary of the Missouri Springfield, m. Not found.

Montezuma Collegiate and Normal In. Montezuma, Ind.... Closed.

Lenox College.

Hopkinton, Iowa See Table IX.
Riverside Instituto

Lyons, Iowa.

Swodish Lutheran Collego..

Madrid, Iowa... This college has been proposed, bat

it has not yet como into existence. College of Emporia

Emporia, Kang

Transferred to Table IX.
Lincoln College.....

Lincoln, Kans

Seo Kansas Christian College; iden.

Columbus Colloge ....

Columbus, Ky..

{ Franklin Instituto......

Lancaster, Ky.

Absorbed in the Garrard Female

College, which is reported in Table

Garrard Female College

Lancastor, Ky.
Seo Tablo VII.

Louisville Collegiate Institute

Louisville, Ky.. Closed; former principal is now in

charge of Louisville Female Col.

lege (Tablo VIII). La Têche Seminary....

La Toche, La ..... Name changed to Gilbert Seminary,

and post-oflice is now Baldwin. Schuylkill Seminary:

Hagerstown, Md. Nosach institution here.
Day and Boarding School for Young Boston, Mass. (West Not found.
Ladies and Children.

Chester park),
Institute of Languages

Boston, Mass. (Hotel Removed; not found.

Felician Sisters' Seminary.

Detroit, Mich..

Elementary in grade.
The Misses Bacon's School for Young Grand Rapids, Mich... Closed.

Ladies and Children.
Oak Park Seminary

Paw Paw, Mich.

East Mississippi Female College. Meridian, Miss

Transferred to Tablo VIII.
Shoenberger Hall.

Nebraska City, Nebr. Closed.
Nebraska Coaferonce Seminary York, Nebr.

Superseded by the Methodist Episco.

pal College of Nebraska (see Table Hampstead High School.

IIampstead, N. H. A public high school.
Pittsfield Academy.

Pittetield, NH. Superseded by a public high school.
Private School (Miss E. M. Hancock).. Whitefield, N. II. Closed
Blair Presbyterial Academy,

Blairstown, NJ Transferred to Tablo VII.
German, English, and French Academy Hoboken, N. J. (272 Not found.

Bloomfield st.).
Collegiate Instituto....

Salem, N.J


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Bon, N. Y.

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Chênerière Institute....

Brooklyn. N. Y Name changed to French-American

School. Lafarette Academy.

Brooklyn, N. Y

Closed. Buffalo Practical School

Luffalo, N. Y

Closed. Cornwall Collegiate School for Young Cornwall-on-the-Hud. Closed; principal removed to Brook Ladies.

lyn, in charge of Prospect Park

Collegiate School for Youny Ladies. Falley Seminary ....

Fulton, N. Y.

Closed for nearly two years on 26.

count of the prolonged illness of

the principal. Liberty Nornal Institute.

Liberty, N.Y.

Apparently no longer in existence. Franklin Academy

Malone, N. Y

Now a part of the public school 673

tem of the town of Malone.
Mrs. Ambrose J. Irwin's School. New Dorp (S.I.), N. Y. Closed.
M110 M. D. Tardivel's Institute for New York, N.Y. Principal deceased.

Young Ladies.
Murray Hill Institute......

New York, N. Y....... Absorbed in Holladay and Fule's

Private School for Boys. New York Military Academy.. New York, N. Y. (Fort | Closed.

Washington). Chili Seminary.....

North Chili, N. Y... Name changed to "The A. M. Chet

brongh Seminary." Pawling Seminary

Pawling, N. Y

Closed. Pelham Institute

Poughkeepsie, N. Y Not found. Miss Cruttenden's English and French | Rochester, N. Y Superseded by Rochester Seminary Boarding and Day School for Young

for Young Ladies. Ladies. Edgewater Institute

Stapleton (S.I.), N. Y.. Closed. Syracuso Classical School.

Syracuse, N. Y

Indefinitely suspended. Whitestown Seminary

Whitestown, N. Y Closed. Catawba Iligh and Normal School. Catawba, NC

Name changed to Catawba College. J. L. Tomlinson's School..

Winston, NC

J. L. Tomlinson is superintendent of

the Winston public graded school Friends' Boarding School

Barnesville, Ohio See Olney School; identical. Green Spring Academy ..

Green Spring, Ohio See Table VII; this academy is pre

paratory to Western Reserve Hai

versity Ohio Hartford Academio Institute

Hartford, Ohio Changed to Hartford High School Hopedale Normal College.....

Hopedale, Ohio

See Table IX. Starr's Institute ....

Seven Mile, Ohio Closed. Smithvillo Normal College.....

Smithville, Ohio. Removed, June, 1885, to Wadsworth

Ohio, and will be opened there is
August, 1885, with game of Hads.

worth Normal School. Dague's Collegiate Institate....... Wadsworth, Ohio...... Closed; principal is now in charge

of Quinnipiac Collegiate Institate. Grace Church Parish School.

Astoria, Oreg.

Closed. Sheridan Academy...

Sheridan, Oreg

Tho only school taught here is a

poblic school supported entire

by taxation; the academy failed Friends' Graded School

Germantown, Pa. Not found. Glade Academy..

Glade, Pa....

Closed Pine Grove Normal Academy.

Grove City, Pa

Changed to Grove City College;

transferred to Table IX. Newport Academy

Newport, Pa.

Closed. Episcopal Academy

Philadelphia, Pa....... See Academy of the Protestant Eps

copal Church; identical. Supplee Institute for Young Ladies.... Philadelphia, Pa (1713 Romoved. Not found.

Spruce st.).
West Chestnut Stroet Boys' Prepara | Philadelphia, Pa... Closed

tory School Brainerd lustitute ..

Chester, S.C......... Report of this institute is given in

Table III (normal schools). Milligan College..

Cave Spring, Tenn..... Name of post-office changed to Y..

ligan. La Grange Female School......... La Grange, Tenn See report of La Grange Female Cel

loge (Table VIII). Young Ladies' School

Memphis, Tenn See Clara Conway Institate; ident

cal. Renrhlin Female Seminary .... Morristown, Tenn Discontinned; Morristown Female

High School takes its pince. Seminary for Young Ladies........ Mossy Creek, Tenn.... Chartered in June, 1683 as Baptist

Female College (see Table 111 Ecloctic and Normal Institute ... Murfreesborough, Seo Eclectic Normal Institate Table


III). Holstou Seminary.......

New Market, Tenn Suspended ; may be reopened in 1

or may be united to New Market

Academy, Colie; ... to Institute..

Shelbyville, Tenn....... Buildings of this institnte

bought by the citizens of Stella ville and the Dame changed te Shelbyville Female Colles (ate Table VII.


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Calrert High School,

Calrert, Tes.

A poblic high school.
Walcott Instituto

Iloney Grove, Tos Closcil.
East Texas Academio Instituto.. Lecsburg, Tex

Suspended during the greater part

of the year 1844-85, und though sinco Joviver, it is proposed to niergo it in the prblic school syg.

tem of the State. Aiken Institute

Paris, Tox ......

No longer in existenco; superseded

by the public graded school. Mezia Polytechnic Instituto..

Mexia, Tex...

Superated by the Muxia pablio

schools. Barre Academy

Barre, vt

Discontinued in Juno, 1885.
Stanley Hall

Nor Market, Va.. Clogeil
French Creek Instituto

l'rench Creek, W. Va. Closed as an academy Jnly, 1884. Janesville English Academy..

Janesville, Tig.. Not operated as a separato instita.

tion; see report of Silsbee Com

mercial Collogo (Tablo IV). Gymnasium of the Missouri Sunod Milwankee, Wis These schools cannot be found by tho Progymnasium of the Missouri Synod. Milwaukee, Wis

Milwaukee city post-office. Lutheran High School

Wittenberg, Wis Changed into an orphans' home. French and English Family and Day | Washington, D.C.(1303 See McDonald-Elis School; identiSchool.

17tli st.).

cal. Young Ladies' Seminary

Washington, D. C.(1730 Not in existence.

Massachusetts avo.).
Indian University

Tablequah, Ind. Ter ... Removed to Maskogeo, Ind. Tor.
Tooele Seminary...

Tooelo, Utah...

Oply the primary department of Salt

Lake Seminary.
Chehalis Valoy Academy

Chebalis, Wash. Ter... Post-otlico is now Montesano.

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TABLE VII.-Statistics of preparatory schools, including schools for secondary instruction having preparatory departments, for 1884-'85; from replies to

inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education.

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