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No qualifications aro specified except that the in.

dividual inust be a graduate of a recognized" college; that is, one recognized by the Associa

tion of American Medical Colleges. Diploma of recognized reputable school, or ton

years' practice of medicino as a business. An. atomy, chemistry, physiology, pathology, sur: gery, practice of medicine, and obstetrics and diseases of women. Anatomy, physiology, medical chemistry, obstet

rics, surgery, pathology, diagnosis, and therapeuties, including practice and materia medica. No attention paid to college diplomas.

CONNECTICUT: None. He may be a common

drunkard, a notorious libertine, or a criminal abortionist as far as the letter of the law disqualities him.

DELAWARE: Must furnish proof of good moral

character and good common school education.

FLORIDA: None....

Must have studied medicine at least fonr yeara,

including three rogular courses of lectures in different years in some legally incorporated col. lege or colleges, prior to his having roceirod

a diploma. Diploma of a college recognized by the Ameri

can Medical Association); but any holder of a diploma of a medical college may demand an

examination, which all must pass. Three courses in a regular meclical college and successful passage of

esamination before board.



What qualifications as to citizenship, personal

character, and liberal education are required froin the applicant?

What qualifications are required in the way of a

professional study of law, and must such study be done in a law office or be supplemented by study in such an office?

Actual, bona fide citizenship. High moral char. If the study period is passed in a law office, then

acter as testiiied to by a inember of the profes. the judges of the supremo court inust make sion. Education judged from examination. written examination, except those graduating

from Alabama University. Must be a citizen of tho State and of good moral The circuit and slipreme courts are the only bodies

character. The liberal-education feature is left authorized to grant license to practice laiv. ipto court which examines.

plicant must staud satisfactory examination in open court by the supreme court, and by a committeo of three lawyers appointed by circuit

court when applicant is examined by that court. A declaration of citizenship and proof of good The only thing necessary to becomo adınitted to moral character are required, bnt there is no the practice here, if not armed either with a didistinction botween liberal and professional ploma or license from another jurisdiction, is to eclucation,

stand the examination in open court, and by that show such familiarity with the law as will satisfy the court that the applicant is qualitied to

take care of a practice. A declaration of citizenship and certificate from Examination in open court after filing certificato

two attorneys of court to which applicant has from two attorneys.
applied for admission that applicant possesses
the character and attainments that entitlo him

to admission. Must declare intention to become a citizen three If not a member of the bar of another State must

montha before applying; must have certificato pass an examination before supreme court or a of good moral character, but no special atten- committee appointed by it in cach judicial distion paid to liberal-education feature.

trict. Must be a citizen of the United States, 21 years Must have studier las after arriring at the age

old, an:l be of good moral character, and must of 18 for two years, if a college or law-school bare graduated from a college or secondary graduate; otherwise, for three years in a law school or had been admitted to a college or school or under competent professional instruc. preparatory school, or passed an examination tion in the office of a practising attorney or Defore committee, for which last he must pay with a judge he superior court or both, of a fee of $5.

which period one year, at least, must be spent in this State. Applicants shall be required to pass a satisfactory examination, before a standing committee of Afteen, upon the law of pleading, practice and evidence, constitutional law, tho law of real and personal property, contracts, torts, equity, criminal law, wills, and adminis. tration, corporations, partnership, negotiable paper, agency, bailments, domestic relations, and such additional subjects as committeo shall

deem advisable. Must be a resident of the State and of "fair" | A local course in a law office is not necessary.

character, and must haro a general knowledge All applicants for admission except practising of English and American history, mathemat. lawyers of other States are required to study ics, English grammar, and Latin.

three years under direction of lawyer or judge of the State. Examination is made by a com.

mittee of the bar. Vust satisfy judge that he is 21 years of age, Shall be examined by the judge to whom appli. and of good moral character.

cant applies or a committee of two appointed

by judge. Must be a citizen of the circuit wherein he Must undergo examination before committee ap:

makes application and of good moral charac- pointed by court on common law, pleading and ter, as shown by a certificate of two attorneys evidence, equity and equity pleading and pracknown to court.

tice, Code of Georgia, United States and Stato Constitutions, and the rules of court. Diplomas of certain law schools in Georgia will obviate necessity of examining candidate.


What qualifications as to citizenship, personal

character, and liberal education are required from the applicant?

What qualifications are required in the way of
a professional study of medicine, specifying, in ** salifications as to eitizenship,
addition to the branches of medicine and sur center

, and liberal education are
gory, and practice thereof required, the dura: z be applicant ?
tion of sucli study, and whether it must be
supplemented by study with a physician?"




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no record in this state 2010 of good moral cbars

IDAHO: Citizen of United States or has declared | Diploma of a reputable medical college and an aibe a citizer of the United States intention of becoming such, and evidence of examination.

used in the way of liberal educ good moral character. But said board may also refuse a license for unprofessional con. duct, etc. The words “unprofessional conduct, etc.,'' is declared to mean

First. The procuring or aiding or abetting in procuring a criminal abortion. Second. The employment of what are popularly known

"cappers? Hstcerers in procuring practice. Third. The obtaining a fee on the assurance that a manifestly incurable disease can be permanently cured.' Fourth. The willful betrayal of a professional secret to the det. riment of a patient. Fifth. All advertisemen

of medical business in which untruthful and improbable statements made. Sixth. All advertisements of any medicine or means whereby the monthly periods of women can be regulated or tho menses can be reestab. lished it repressed. Seventh. Conviction of any offense involving moralturpitudo. Eighth. Habitual intemperance in the use of ardent spirits, narcotics, or stimulants.

board of health as being in good standing." sate, and a certified trcertification graduation from high school or evidence of having passed the matriculation Diplomas from conditioned colleges are recog. examination to a recognized literary or scien. nized, but must be supplernented by an exami.

nation in medicine, surgery, Decology, and in liberal education, tific college, or a certificate of successful examination by the faculty of any reputable obstetrics, a percentage of 80 being required. university or college, or by the State superin- Graduates of colleges in the United States that tendent of public instruction in the following are not recognized by the board are required branches: English grammar, arithmetic, ele. to pass an examination in all the branches of mentary physics, United States history, geog- medicine. Graduates of Canadian colleges and raphy, Latin (equivalent to one year in a high foreign colleges and universities are required school). One year is allowed in wbich to cure to supplement their diplomas with an examina. detects in Latin, but the student must be pro- tion in practice, surgery, gynecology, and ob. vided with a certificate of proficieney in this stetrics, unless they present evidence of their branch of learning from tho designated au- right to practico medicine and surgery in the thorities before he can be accepted as a second. province and country in which the college is courso student.--(Medical practice act.)

located from which they received their diploINDIANA: Must reside within the State and pos. After 1899, July 1, no diploma will be recognized

sess a good moral character, attested by twofree- if given by a college possessing an inadequate
holders under oath. After July 1, 1899, no med. equipment for teaching medicine, which has not
ical college will be recognized as in good standing clinical and hospital facilities, and wluich does
which does not require the entrance qualifica- not have an active and competent faculty, em-
tions prescribed by the Association of American bracing the departments of anatomy, physiol.
Medical Colleges as a prerequisite for matricu. ogy, clienistry, materia medica, therapeuties,
lation. (Same as Illinois.)

medicine, surgery, obstetrics, histology, pa-
thology, bacteriology, opthalmology, otology,
gynecology, laryngology, dermatology, hygiene,
and State medicine, and which does not enjoin
attendance upon 80 per cent of four regular
courses of instruction of not less than twenty-
six weeks each in four different years, and which
does not exact an average grade of 75 per cent

on an examination as a condition of graduation. IOWA: Certificato refnsed to one who is incompe. Diploma of recognized medical college teaching in

tent, convicted of felony, grossly immoral, or is a four or more years'course anatomy, physiology
a habitual drunkard. Good character must be and hygiene, chemistry, materia medica and
certified to by two physicians of the State. Lit- therapeutics, theory and practice of medicine,
erary qualifications same as those of Illinois. pathology and pathological anatomy, surgery,

obstetrics and gynecology, bacteriology and
microscopy, and medical jurisprudence. Each

course shall continue for twenty-six weeks. KANSAS: Good moral character is required. A diploma of a recognized law school.


terson of good morale Peite entitled to ad 11 all courts of justice. Lee.1)

Se a citizen (of the Stat

e. There is no pr

daration, but the de in determining the a


What qualifications as to citizenship, personal

character, and liberal education are required from the applicant!

What qualifications are required in the way of a

professional study of law, and must such study be done in a law office or be supplemented by study in such an office?

Must be a citizen of the United States; nothing He must have a kuowledge of the law; it is im. required in the way of liberal education. material how he gets it. A committee appoint.

ed by court ascertains fitness.

Must make affidavit that he is of age, a citizen Every applicant to practice law, except those

of the State, and a certified transcript from a who apply for admission upon a license granted court of record in this State showing that he in another State, or upon a diploma issued by a is a man of good moral character. Nothing law school in the State, shall present to one of as to liberal education.

the appellate courts proof that he has studied law two years the same studies prescribed by the regularly established law schools in the State, or a course equivalent thereto, naming the books studied, under the direction and supervision of one or more licensed lawyers or firms of lawyers, and that the applicant has submitted to satisfactory examinations by such lawyer or lawyers at convenient intervals during such period of study, covering progressively the entire course studied, such proof to consist of the aflidavit of the applicant and also of the certificate or certificates of the lawyer. Exam.

ination is held in open court. Every person of good moral character, being a From the letter of the attorney-general, Hon. voter, shall be entitled to admission to practice William A. Ketchum: The words, being a volaw

in all courts of justice. (Constitution Art. ter" has been held by the courts to have no VII, sec. 21.)

limitation in excluding those who are not voters, and women are admitted to practice. The only substantial requirement is that the applicant shall be of good moral character, and at times this may not be very rigidly insisted upon. It seems to be the theory that it is not very important who is admitted to practice law, as after he has been admitted to practice, if he does not know enough to justify his admission, he will not get any practice anyhow."


Must be a citizen (of the State) and of good moral Must pursuo a regular course in the study of law

character. There is no provision regarding a for at least two years in the office of a practicing liberal education, but the want of it is consid- attorney of this state, or a course of two years ered in determining the applicant's qualifica- of thirty-six weeks ench in some reputable law tions.

school in the United States. Examination is conducted by three members of the bar, one of whom must be the attorney-general. The written questions are prepared by the supreme court; the oral examination is conducted in open court.


What qualifications as to citizenshir, personal

character, and liberal education are required
from the applicant?

What qualifications aro required in the way of

a professional study of medicine, specifying, in addition to the branches of medicine and surgery, and practice thereof required, the duration of such study, and whether it must be supplemented by study with a physician?”

LOUISIANA: Good moral character, average edu

cation, as shown by technical examination be-
fore board.

Just have diploma from medical College in good

repute, having three courses of six months each in different years. An examination before the board on all the branches of medicino.

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MAINE : Certificate of good moral character, only | Allmust pass an examination on anatomy, physi

so far as the board may take it upon itself to ology, pathology, materia medica, therapeutics, decide.

surgery, the principles and practice of medi. cine, obstetrics, or such branches thereof as the board may deem necessary that the appli

cant should possess. MARYLAND: Testimonials to moral character. Vust be a graduate of some reputable medical

The candidate should at lcast possess a high- school having a three years' course, but an efschool education.

fort is being inade to oxtend the conrso to fonr years. Nongratuates of a college of medicino are examined in practice, surgery, anatomy, materia medica," therapeutics, physiology, chemistry, jurisprudenco, obstetrics, gyne

cology, hygiene, and pathology. MASSACHCSETTS: Good moral character and 21 All applicants are required to pass a satisfactory years old.

examination in surgery, physiology, pathology, obstetrics, and practice of medicine. Collore diplomas not a factor in testing an applicant's

qualitications for practice. MICHIGAX: None

Every graduate of any legally authorized medi

cal college in the State, or in any one of the United States, or in any other country, shall be deemed qualified to practico mollicine and surgery in all its departments after having reg. istered.

MINNESOTA: Good moral character. Evidence | The applicant for license most present evidence

of ignorance in ordinary spelling and writing of having attended upon three separate courses count against a candidate, at option of examiner. of medical study at à college having not less

than six months duration each. Study with physician not necessary. 1Otherapplicants are required to pass an examination on anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, chemistry, inedical jurisprudence, preventive medicine, obstetrics, practice, surgery, diseases of women and children materia modica, eyo and ear discases, toxicology.

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