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NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE LAW. STUDENTS' SOCIETY.-The fifteenth annual States from which they respectively emanate. They may be subdivided general meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 28th of into two categories : (1) Those which are declaratory of the law as underSeptember. Mr. H. G. Harvey, M.A., in the chair. On the motion of Mr. stood by the state avowing the same ; (2) those which stipulate for 0. S. Hladaway, seconded by Mr. J. H. Youll, the report of the committee practices which the State asserting the same wishes to see incorporated was adopted. The treasurer's report was also adopted. Notices of in the usages of the law, but which it knows to be not generally accepted motion were brought forward for the society's consideration at its next as law. The latter may be described as compacts solemnly entered into meeting. Several new ordinary members and the officers for the ensuing by the respective parties thereto relative to the matters to which they session were elected, the president being Mr. H. C. Harvey, M.A., and refer, and are only binding upon the contracting parties; and most jurists the vice-president Mr. Edward Clark, and the hon. secretaries Messrs. again separate these in their turn into three further divisions-viz., (1) A. B. Lēmon and R. E. B. Licle. The president then presented the Those rules which are declaratory of the law as understood by the consociety's prizes. Then followed a speaking competition. The president, tracting parties ; (2) those which stipulate for practices which the in the course of an interesting address which he thon delivered, referred contracting parties wish to incorporate into the usages of the law, bat to certain anomalies existing in the present legal system, dealing more which they know to be outside the actual law; (3) those which are in efpecially with the subjects of land transfer, the duties and liabilities of fact mere bargains, in which, without any reference to legal consideratrustees, and the insufficient remuneration of solicitors. A vote of thanks tions, something is bought by one party at the price of an equivalent to the chairman, proposed by Mr. W. M. Pybus, jun., and seconded by given to the other. The consensus of modern opinion seems to be that Mr. L. H. Booth, concluded the proceedings.

the principle that war is conducted on the basis of State operating against State is sound, with the sole exception of such exigencies as may arise in the local conduct of a war upon hostile territory which

necessitate interference with the rights of local private individuals, THE RIGHT OF MARITIME CAPTURE.

but then only to such an extent as such exigencies locally require.

War, speaking generally, may be conducted on three bases : (1) ComThe following paper was read at the recent Swansea meeting by Mr. munity against community, individual striving against individual; (2) H. G. CAMPION, F.R.G S. (London).

the recognized naval and military forces of any one Power (assisted by It is with considerable confidence that I venture to introduce to this authorized individuals operating on their own initiative and responsibility) meeting a subject which is exclusively a matter of international law, and contending against the recognized naval and military forces of another of more concern to humanity at large than affecting any common interest Power or Powers similarly assisted; and (3) the naval and military forces of the profession. The study of international law poseesses a fascination exclusively of the one Power operating against the exclusive naval and to which many lawyers have succumbed, and in this particular instance, military forces of the other. In its origin war was conducted under the standing as we do upon this Western soil replete with its maritime first head with indescribable horrors, being literally a war of exterminaassociations, its importance is brought home to our minds with a force tion, ruthless destruction, and confiscation of private property. To-day which renders its consideration not inopportune. The matter, moreover, among civilized nations war is, broadly speaking, conducted under the is one to which public attention has been peculiarly attracted of late. It third head 80 far as operations ashore are concerned, and under the is difficult in dealing with any question of international law in a paper second head as regards things maritime, being with regard to the latter such as this to consider it solely in the abstract and resist the almost but little advance upon primeval ideas except in relation to extermina. overpowering, influence which prompts one to approach it from that tion, ruthless destruction, and confiscation; the right of maritime capture standpoint wbich most nearly concerns the interests of that particular originating in, and constituting a survival from, the most remote ages of pation to which one belongs. It is also well-nigh impossible to deal but antiquity, and being one of the oldest customs of the sea. The first in the most euperficial manner with the mass of authority and expressions authoritative recorded recognition of the right of maritime capture, apart of opinion existing upon the subject. International law mainly consists from the lex non scripta, is to be found in the " Book of the Consulate," in certain rules of conduct which modern civilized and independent the earliest extant edition of which was printed in Barcelona in 1494, and States regard as being binding on them in their dealings with one consists of : (1) A code of procedure issued by the Kings of Aragon for another. Two principal views may be held as to the nature and origin of the guidance of the courts of the consulate of the sea ; (2) a collection of these rules. They may be considered to be an imperfect attempt to give ancient customs of war. By the rules established by this code a effect to an absolute right which is assumed to exist or to be capable of belligerent was enabled to seize the property of his enemy wherbeing discovered, or they may be looked upon simply as a reflection of ever be found it, but he was prohibited from robbing his friend. the moral development and the external life of the particular nations while, therefore, an enemy's ship was subjected to confiscation, its which recognize them. The doctrine that the regulation of war does not neutral cargo remained free, and it was even provided that the owners of affect individuals, except in so far as they contribute to the prosecution the cargo should be permitted to purchase the ship from the captain at a of hostilities, starts with the admitted fact that international law is con- fair price in order to avoid the loss attendant upon being carried into cerned chiefly with the relations of States, the individual so far as he is his ports. An early usage to the like effect probably existed in the affected at all being generally affected only through the State. But northern seas, for the Hollanders, during the war with Lubeck, and other individuals occupy a double position. In one respect they are private Hanse-towns, in 1438, crdained that goods belonging to neutrals in an persons with individual rights of person and property apart from the enemy's ship should not be made_prize, and it is said that until the State, and in the other they are members of the state from whom it middle of the sixteenth century France followed a like rule. Subsederives its means of carrying on the war, and whom it employs as its quently, however, the Dutch, upon their becoming the great ocean agents. The two aspects establish a substantial distinction, to which carriers, changed this rule to one by which the character of the ship alone come writers give effect by supposing an individual to be an enemy only was regarded. France, by the Royal Declaration of 1650, granted the whilst actively evgaged in the conduct of hostilities, and others by freedom of neutral goods to enemy's ships, but she conc led & series of regarding him as such to the extent only that he is in the service of his treaties from 1659 onwards in which the older custom was embodied. State and assists in the maintenance of hostilities. Both consider that in However, she formally re-enacted the confiscation of neutral goods by all matters outside these lines he is a stranger to the war in person and the Ordonnance of 1681. Generally speaking, the whole question was one property. Again, it is contended that individuals, though not actively of policy, and was dealt with by each nation as best coincided with its own engaged in the prosecution of hostilities, assist by the contributions they peculiar maritime requirements on the subject for the time being. In make through the medium of taxation in supplying the State of which the last century England maintained the old rule that goods of neutrals they constitute members with the funds necessary for the prosecution of were free, but France held to her old opinion, which subsequently the war, and as such are indirectly actively hostile, and that to admit the received the adhesion of Spain. In the present century the confiscation general principle that war should be conducted solely on the basis of one of neutral property reappears in the treaties of France and the United State operating against another would abrogate the well-established States, set off, as usual, against the freedom of enemy's goods principle that on entering an enemy's territory an invader replaces the in neutral veseels ; but the United_States admitted in principle civil government by military control, and may make any changes which that neutral goods should be free. Thus, while England and the are necessary to secure his safety and success. The measure of violence United States were, apart from treaties, committed to the principle which is permitted in war is that which is required to put stress on the that the property of neutrals in course of transport by a belligerent enemy and reduce him to terms. International law as applied to war is free, and the lesser maritime nations were by self-interest compelled to consists of customary rules by which the maximum of violence which can adopt the same doctrine, France and Spain stood alone in maintaining be regarded as necessary at a given time is determined. These rules, that its confiscation was permitted by accept ad usage. When, therefore, though sufficiently ascertained at any one moment to afford a test of the France, at England's request, abandoned her assertion in 1854, Spain conduct of a State, have been, and still are, changing under the double alone adhered to it in principle; and though neither America nor Spain influence of the growth of humane feeling and the self-interests of belli: signed the Declaration of Paris, the outcome of the Hispano-American gerents. Sovereign States are independent entities, subject to no control war has been to secure no permanent expression of opinion from either and owning no superior, and are therefore only bound by these rules and belligerent. Before proceeding to discuss the provisions of the Declaration obligations of which they approve. If States therefore are to be subject of Paris it is necessary that the vexed question of “Contraband of War" to anything which can strictly or analogically be called law they must and the system of " Privateering." should be considered. The former accept a body of rules by general consent as an arbitrary code irrespective term (Low Lat. contrabannium) arising from the words merces banno interdicta of its origin, or elee they must be agreed as to the general principles by was, according to Ducange, originally applied to a prohibited domestic which they will be governed. No formal code has been adopted by the trade in time of peace, such as salt. The expression was first used by us body of civilized States, and scarcely any principles have been laid down to denote a prohibited neutral trade with a belligerent in the Treaty of by common consent. The evidence of the existence of such principles Southampton (September 17th, 1625), between Charles I. and the States must, therefore, be sought in national acts, in other words, in such inter- General of Holland. Originally the utmost diversity of views prevailed as national usage as can be looked upon as authoritative. They come under to its interpretation, and it is to be feared that no two authorities could two great divisions—namely, (1) unilateral acts; and (2) treaties and other compile a list of contraband and non-contraband of war without a very compacts. The former find their sanction in decisions of competent wide divergence of opinion. Grotius incorporates all commodities courts, and declarations and expressions of opinion by the particular under three heads : (1) For direct and immediate use in

War are

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alone-as arms ; (3) useless for warlike purposes and which serve and against any breach of the instructions which are issued for his only as luxuries ; (3) useful both in war and peace-as money, guidance. The commission is revocable on proof of its misuse being adprovisions, ships, and articles of equipment. of the first, it duced, and by the English law, at least, the owners of the vessel were liable is true that he is on the enemy's side who supplies him with war in damages, and it was usual for the Lords of the Admiralty to institute material. The second gives rise to no questions. With reference to proceedings in the Admiralty Court upon complaint of ill-conduct. As a the third res ancipitis usus, the state of the war and the circumstances further safeguard, a privateer was liable to visit by public vessels of war, attending the contest must be considered. If the seizure is necessary for and neutral ships of war were permitted to verify the lawfulness of the defence, the necessity confers the right of arresting the goods. The commission it sailed under by requiring its production. For the future subject from its broad standpoint is very ancient, it being considered by privateers can only be employed by signatories to the Declaration of many authorities, including Vattel and Bynkerschoek, to be referred to in Paris during war with countries other than signatories or by nonthe Jus Gentium of Justinian, whilst Marcian prohibits the sale to signatories. Non-commissioned ships have the right to resist when “ Barbari” of oil, wine, arms, and iron. So also the Decretals of Gregory summoned to surrender, and in these circumstances acquire the rights (v. 6-12) and the Bull" In Coena Domini” denounce excommunication of belligerents. Some writers assert that non-commissioned ships have against all who should supply the Saracens with arms. Early modern the right of attack, but the weight of practice and legal authority is writers assume that, apart from treaties, a belligerent has a right against this. Privateering was abandoned because it was thought that indefinitely to vary the list of articles constituting munitions of war, and no armaments maintained at private expense with the object of private it is clear that the question of immediate subserviency must vary with the gain, and often, necessarily, for long periods together operating beyond character of the hostilities, the resources of the combatants, and the actual the reach of the naval forces of the State to which they were accredited, location of the conflict. In 1589 Elizabeth successfully justified the could be kept under proper control. The general sea law down to 1856 capture of a fleet of vessels belonging to the Hanse Confederation and may be said to have been that neutral vessels and neutral goods were to be carrying corn and naval munitions to Spain. In the seventeenth century restored to their owners without compensation for loss or inconvenience opinions varied to such a degree with the political situation that it is attending capture, but doctrines inconsistent with this rule met with the difficult to extract from any contemporary treaties the prevailing custom sanction of two nations: (1) The French doctrine of hostile infection, even of one nation. In 1674 Sir Leoline Jenkins told Charles II, that whereby neutral property on hostile vessels and enemies' property on pothing ought to be deemed contraband “but what is directly and neutral ships became good prize; and (2) the Dutch rule, by which the immediately subservient to the use of war except it be in the character of the ship alone was regarded. In this relation it is interest. case of besieged places," which raises the question of blockade. ing to note that boats engaged in coast fishing, even when owned by Powerful neutrals, dissatisfied with the decision of a captor's prize, might belligerents, were exempted from seizure. In establishing this rule issue letters of reprisal. This was done by England when a cargo of France was mainly instrumental for its introduction, though the principle tobacco bound for Holland was condemned in Spaid, on the ground that was recognized and acted upon by the United States of America by its use 'the consumption of victuals might bé prolonged.” It is in the Mexican War. Hostile vessels which, at the outbreak apprehend that means other than reprisals would be resorted to by modern of war,

their voyage to the port of belligerent pations to remedy similar grievances. All the treaties of the eighteenth from a neutral or & hostile country, and even vessels which, century excluded provisions. In the nineteenth century fourteen treaties without having issued from an enemy's or other foreign port, have (all with one exception contracted with the United States) mention commenced loading at that time, are occasionally exempted from capture munitions of war and horses, and treat provisions, money, metals, ships, during a specific period. At the beginning of the Crimean War an Order and articles of naval construction as innocent. The doctrine of the in Council" directed that “any Russian merchant vessel which, prior to English Courts at the commencement of the present century with respect the date of this order, shall have sailed from any foreign port bound for to provisions was that generally they were not contraband, but might any port or place in her Majesty's dominions, shall be permitted to enter become so in circumstances arising out of the particular situation of the such port or place and to discharge her cargo and to depart forthwith war or the conditions of the parties engaged in it. This would appear, without molestation, and any such vessel if met at sea by any of her speaking generally, to be the rule with reference to all articles under the Majesty's ships shall be permitted to continue her voyage to any port not second head, for it is obvious that no rule or list of articles entitled to blockaded.” France, in 1870, gave a like indulgence, and German immunity can be compiled which will operate equably under all vessels, which had begun to leave upon the date of the declaration of war, circumstances and conditions, and it is idle to ask nations to accept rules were permitted to enter French ports without limit of time and to reissue - which may not coincide with belligerent exigencies. The United States in with a safe conduct to a German port. In 1877, also, Turkish vessels the Civil War went so far as to regard cotton as contraband, upon the were allowed to remain in Russian ports until they had taken in cargo, specious argument that "cotton was useful as collateral security for loans and to issue freely afterwards. It is worthy of attention that somewhat negotiated by the Confederate States for cash to meet current expenses or inconsistently this privilege does not extend to ships of belligerents bound to purchase arms or munitions of war.” It need hardly be said to neutral ports. Shipwrecked vessels, vessels driven to take refuge ia tbat, per sequitur, money was invariably regarded as contraband. any enemy'& port by stress of weather or want of provisions, are stated Among Continental jurists two currents of opinion are visible. Some to be exempt from seizure, but the law is doubtful. In 1799 a Prussian writers endeavour to reduce the list of contraband within the narrowest vessel called The Diana, which had taken refuge in Dunkirk, was dimensions, notwithstanding the increased variety of material which is restored by the French Courts, but a French Ordonnance, in the applicable more or less immediately to the purposes of war. Others, year 1800, prescribed a contrary rule, and in the same year the recognizing the difficulty of making a fixed and restricted list of articles precedent established by the case of The Diana was reversed, and and the improbability that assent to any such list would be generally a vessel entering a French port under similar circumstances was given, or, if given, would be adhered to in circumstances of temptation, condemned. It is of interest to note as evidence of the extent retain the principle of variability, while in most cases giving evidence of to which privateering prevailed, that between the months of July, a healthy wish to confine its effect within reasonable limits. In strict- 1778, and May, 1779, prizes to the value of $1,025,600 were ness, every article contraband in its essence, or made so by the special taken by the Liverpool ships alone, and on the 17th of January, circumstances of the war, is liable to confiscation, but it is usual for those 1781, thirteen days_after the declaration of war, 545 letters of nations who vary their list of contraband to subject the latter class to marque passed the English stamp office. The Declaration of Paris, preemption, which by English law means purchase of the commodity at 1856, which supervened upon the Treaty of Paris, was occasioned by the its net cost price, together with a reasonable profit calculated at 10 per inconvenience resulting from two nations in alliance against a common cent. on that amount. This mitigation is also allowed in the case of foe holding different principles regarding the law of maritime capture, products native to the exporting country even when they are affected by and was intended to supply a basis for å uniform doctrine on maritime an inseparable taint of contraband. A privateer inay be defined as a law, and to which all States not represented at the Congress were invited vessel belonging to and manned by a private owner, but empowered by to acquiesce ; for upon the outbreak of the Crimean War France had a commission from the State to conduct hostilities at sea. The commis- maintained the system of seizing with an enemy's ship all the goods ou sion is either a commission of war or of marque and reprisals in time of board, even though they belonged to a neutral State, but she respected peace. It was marque in this sense which was granted to the aggrieved neutral vessels and their cargo, even when the latter was owned by the subjects of the realm of England as early as the statute 4 Henry 5, c. 7. enemy. England, on the contrary, respected neutral cargo although The term "letters of marque are now generally less strictly applied to under an enemy's flag, but seized her antagonist's goods on a neutral the commission under which a privateer sails in time of war By the Naval veseel. France attacked the ships, England the freight. Upon the Prize Act, 1864, prize by privateer belongs to the Crown in its office outbreak of hostilities the Allied Powers decided to each abandon what of Admiralty. The statement in the Declaration of Paris that “privateer. was prejudicial to the other, and to adopt a very broad basis, and to abandon ing is abolished”, is only binding upon signatories and powers who the right itself of authorizing privateers. The new system, dated the afterwards assented, and these only when engaged in war inter se. The 30th of March, 1854, was definitely confirmed by the Declaration of United States of America, Spain, Mexico, and Uruguay have not acceded Paris of 1856, which provided that: (1) Privateering is definitely and to the Declaration of Paris, and by the Constitution of the United States altogether abandoned ;* (2) a neutral flag protects an enemy's goods, of America Congress has power to grant letters of marque and reprisale. with the exception of arms and munitions of war; (3) neutral goods, arms In the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, Prussia, in spite of the Declaration always excepted, may not be seized under an enemy's flag; (4) blockades of Paris, created a volunteer fleet, the crews being subjected to naval to be obligatory must be effective. A belligerent, if strong enough at sea discipline, and the officers commissioned by that Power with the promise to close one or more ports of his enemy, may give notice to neutral Powers that according to their success in the war they should receive standing that such port or ports are blockaded, and thereafter, if any neutral vessel commissions in the Imperial Navy, France remonstrated to England, but attempts to enter or leave them the belligerent may treat it as an enemy, Lord Granville stated he could not object as Prussia's action was outside and may destroy or capture and condemn it as an ordinary prize. the Declaration of Paris. The operations of this fleet appear, however,

(To be continued.) to have been restricted to a desultory preying upon French men-of-war. Before granting & privateering commission, it is usual for the Government issuing it to require the lodgment of certain money or the execution of a

We regret that by an error in our issue last week (p. 788) the paper bond by way of security against illegal conduct on the part of the holder, l of Mr. Cooke.

on the Workmen's Compensation Act was ascribed to Mr. Reid, instead

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there he immediately detailed two stalwart policemen to clear the court of LEGAL NEWS.

all intruders. This they attempted to do with the aid of towels and

coats and any available weapon, which they swung vigorously about them. APPOINTMENT.

But the wily insects merely fitted from place to place, buzzing awhile Mr. James Willis Mills, of the firm of Crust, Todd, Mills, & Sons, of around the unkempt heads of the early morning drunks and disorderlies, Beverley, has been appointed a Commissioner for taking Affidavits to be now and then seeking shelter up the sleeves or on the expansive necks of the used in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

policemen themselves, only to return again and circle gaily around the attractive ecalp of the presiding magistrate. Huge palm-leaf fans were procured,

and two athletic policemen were stationed on either side of the judge with CHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS, &c.

orders to keep them in perpetual motion. Still the ubiquitous insects DISSOLUTIONS.

sang their song of victory in the ears of justice. Candles were lighted RALPH Cecil LEACH and Thomas WILLIAM OGLE WHEBLER, solicitors around the altar of the blind goddess and cheerful invitation was extended (Leuch & Wheeler), 10, Serjeant’s-inn, Fleet-street, London, and 21, to the insects to singe their wings in the fascinating flame, but they didn't Lower Phillimore-place, Kensington. Dec. 31. The said Ralph see it in that light. Eventually when the court and attendants realized Cecil Leach will continue to practise at No. 10, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet

that there was no escape but flight, books and papers were hastily piled street, aforesaid, and the said Thomas William Ogle Wheeler will con- together, and after the prisoners had been returned to their peaceful cells tinue to practise at 21, Lower Phillimore-place, Kensington, aforesaid the session was adjourned until such time as the mosquitoes should decide

[Gazette, Oct. 11.

to seek fresh fields and pastures new.

The following is the rota of arrangements fixed by the judges of the

Queen's Bench Division for the ensuing Michaelmas sittivgs—viz. : The GENERAL.

Lord Chief Justice will sit with a Divisional Court during the sittings It is stated that Mr. Henry Hall, of the Solicitors' Department of the the hearing of commercial causes intervening from the 10th

to about the Treasury, bas resigned his appointment there after a considerable term of 30th of November); Mr. Justice Hawkins will be absent on the Southservice. He was formerly in the Public Prosecutor's Office, when that Eastern Circuit until the beginning of December, and on his return will post was held by Sir Jobn Maule, Q.C.

try actions; Mr. Justice Mathew will proceed with the commercial list

until his departure for the Midland Circuit on the 10th of November; Mr. The Globe refers to the threefold defence successfully put forward Justice Day will be away on the North and South Wales Circuit until against a claim for damages for dog-bite : "Firstly, defendant denies that about the end of November, and on his return will try actions ; Mr. plaintiff was bitten ; secondly, defendant denies that it was his dog Justice Wills will sit with a Divisional Court during the sittings, and which bit the plaintiff ; and, thirdly, defendant never had any dog."

Mr. Justice Grantham, Mr. Justice Lawrance, and Mr. Justice Bruce The Times says it is understood that Sir Francis Jeune's Load Line are expected to try actions during the whole of the sittings ; Mr. Justice Committee is nearing the end of its labours, and that, unless some Wright will be engaged on companies work and bankruptcy business unforeseen hitch occurs, its report will be in the hauds of ministers in (sittings with the Railway and Canal Commission intervening); Mr. time for a Bill embodying such of its recommendations as may need Justice Kennedy will be away on the Western Circuit until about the legislative eanction to be introduced early next Session.

end of November, and on his return will proceed with the commercial The Exchange Telegraph Company states that two or three members of list; Mr. Justice Ridley will be in attendance at judge's chambers until the Money-lending Committee, who took a specially active part in the his departure for the Oxford Circuit on the 7th of November; Mr. inquiry of last session, are preparing a Bill on the lines of the committee's Justice Bigham will try actions (a sitting at the Central Criminal Court report, which they intend to introduce in the event of the Queen's Speech intervening) until he leaves for the Northern Circuit on the 1st of of next session containing no specific promise that the Government will November; Mr. Justice Darling will try actions until he goes on the bring forward a Bill dealing with the evils of the usury system.

North-Eastern Circuit on the 16th of November, as also will Mr. Justice

Channell until he joins the same circuit on the 2nd of December; and The judges (Bigham and Phillimore, JJ.) have fixed the following Mr. Justice Phillimore will try actions until he goes on the Northern commiesion days for the Autumn Assizes on the Northern Circuit : Circuit on the 8th of November. Carlisle, Tuesday, November 1; Lancaster, Friday, November 4; Manchester, Tuesday, November 8; Liverpool, Monday, November 28. There

The Paris correspondent of the Westminster Gazette, in an interesting will be no civil business at Carlisle or Lancaster, but at Manchester and Caseation, which is the supreme Court of France, is held in Paris,

letter on the French Court of Caseation, says : " The Court of Liverpool both civil and criminal business will be taken.

and is composed of three chambers : the Chambre des Requêtes, Mr. Justice Kennedy bas fixed the following dates for the Autumn the Chambre Civile, and the Chambre Criminelle. It is the lastAssizes on the Western Circuit: Salisbury, Tuesday, October 25; Dor- / named chamber which bas charge of the Dreyfus dossier, which M. chester, Saturday, October 29; Taunton, Wednesday, November 2; Loew, the President, upon whom the decision of the Court entirely Bodmin, Tuesday, November 8; Exeter, Friday, November 11; Win- depends, has already examined in conjunction with the charge of M. chester, Thursday, November 17; Bristol, Thursday, November 24. Manau, the Procurator-General of the Republic, who sent the case before Criminal business only will be taken, and the court will sit at each the court for revision. M. Loew has appointed M. Bard, the well-known place at 11 a.m. on the morning following the above dates.

Councillor of the Court of Cassation-who, by the bye, was the “Reporter' The Chicago Legal News says that there are several hundred persons in the appeal which Lieutenant-Colonel Picquart made against the decision engaged in the practice of the law in Chicago whose names do not appear

of the Indictment Court in regard to the charge against Major Esterhazy upon the roll in the Supreme Court as having been admitted. They are and his mistress, Marguerite Pays--as ' Reporter' in the Dreyfus case, advised to take the next examination before the State board of law and that lawyer is engaged at the present time upon the examination of examiners, the 4th of October, 1898, and in the meantime cease practising documents which constitute the Dreyfus dossier, an undertaking, which law or go into some other business. The Grievance Committee of the one may not expect him to conclude before three weeks have elapsed. Chicago Bar Association, it is understood, has the names of all such Upon the report of M. Bard_the_court will act, and one of three persons, and is taking steps to proceed against them.

courses is open to it to follow. The President of the Criminal Chamber On the occasion of the re-opening of the Law Courts, a special service which case M. Bard, the Reporter,' would make a deeper and still more

of the Court of Cassation may either order an inquiry to be made, in will be held at Westminster Abbey, at 11.45 a.m., which the Lord Chan- detailed examination of the dossier, or decide that no new fact' had cellor and Her Majesty's judges will attend. Members of the bar wishing come to light, or, baving obtained fresh instructions from the Minister of to be present are requested to send their names on or before Wednesday, Justice, simply annul the judgment of the Dreyfus court-martial. But the 19th of October, to the Secretary of the General Council of the Bar, whatever the Court of Cassation may decide there can be no doubt that 2, Hare-court, Temple, E.C. Barristers attending the service must wear its decision will be held in great respect, the court having the entire robes, and should be at the Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey confidence of all (Dean's-yard entrance), where robing accommodation will be provided,

rties.” not later than 11.30 a.m.

The Daily News says that Mr. Dane, Q.C., who has lately been appointed county court judge of Mayo, one day (according to a friend of his) took a

THE PROPERTY MART. short drive on an outside car to the Four Courts in Dublin, and, on getting down, paid the exact fare to the driver, who was evidently about

SALES OF THE ENSUING WEEK. to demand more when a comrade, who had just put down another fare, Oct. 18. - Mr. ALFRED Richards, at the Mart, at 2, £22,000 Four per Cent. Perpetual stopped him with a loud whisper : “ Be aisy, Mike ; don't you see it's Mr.

Debenture Stock of Alliance and Dublin Consumers Gas Co. (82e advertisement, Dane ?"

this week, p. 3.) “Oh," answered the other in a tone of perfect enlightenment, Oct 19.-Messrs. Edwin Fox & Bousfield, at the Mart, at 2, Long Leasehold Invest“it's one o' thim Danes, is it? Well, annyhow, this is a mighty poor way

ment in the City of London, known as St. Andrew'g-chambers, Nos. 37, 39, of takin' revenge for Clontarf; an' me wid a family of seven small

and 41, St. Mary-axe, of the rental value of about £1,220 per annum ; held for a long childer." Mr. Dane heard this allusion to Brian Boru's victory over the

term at a ground-rent of £500 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Samuel Price & Sons,

London. (See advertisement, Oct. 8, p. 4.) Danes, as its author intended, and he so much appreciated its wit that he Oct. 19.-Messrs. Doualas Young & Co., at the Mart :-Freeholds : Semi-detached gavo the man an extra shilling.

double-fronted Residence at Balham ; rental value, £65. Seven Houses at Thornton

heath, all let at rentals producing £185 per appum. Leaseholds : Eight Weekly Houses A New York paper says that an army of mosquitoes recently laid siege at South Norwood; rental, £193 148. Solicitor, W. M. Willcocks, Esq., the Flatbush police-court and succeeded in utterly routing judge,

Semi-detached Residence at Streatham ; rental, £60. Solicitors, Messrs. Caldecott & clerks, prisoners, and big policemen, so that administration of justice had

Bowden, and Messrs. Shaen, Roscoe, Massey, & Co., of London.-Leasehold Residence at

Camden-Town; rental, £55. Stoke Newington: shop and Dwelling-house; rental, £50. to be suepended until such time as the victorious hosts chose to vacate the Two Weekly Houses; rental, £78. And 48, Palatine-road; rental, £30. Dalston; stronghold they had won. The moment that Judge Bristow took his seat Two Residences; rentils, £40 each. Nos. 96 and 98, Greenwood-road; producing £81, it was seen that there was trouble in the air. The atmosphere was so

Solicitors, Messrs. Pettiver & Pearkes, London. thick with it that he had to fight his way to the bench, and on arriving

Oct. 19.--Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CRANFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Detached Residence

at Enfield ; lease 83 years Solicitor, Geo. J. Dowse, Esq., London. Freehold

Residence at Gravesend; value £60 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Hatchett-Jones “CLANDEBOYE” STEAMSHIP Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required to send in particulars of & Co., London. Freehold Shop and Premises in Walworth-road ; let at £60 per claims to G M Allan, 4, St Mary Axe annum. Solicitor, E. Elvy Robb, Esq., Tunbridge Wells.

CROSLAND COAL CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 30, to send their Oct. 20.-Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CRANFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m. :

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Richard Naylor &

Co, at the office of the company at Scholes, Cleckheaton Wavell & Co, Halifax, solors REVERSIONS :

for the liquidators To the Moiety of 3 Houses in Essex-road, Islington, producing £135 per annum; HalsALL & HAMPTON, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 25. to send lady aged 84. Solicitors, Messrs. Crosse & Sons, London.

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Frederick To One-fourteenth of a Trust Estate, value £15,390; lady aged 68, provided Arthur Fitton, 26, Brown st, Manchester

lady aged 37 survive her; also a Legacy of £500 on same conditions, with “JOSEPH JOHN" STEAMSHIP Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required to send in particulars covering policies. Solicitor, Grantham R. Dodd, Esq., London.

of claims to G M Allan, 4, St Mary Axe To One-eighth of a Residuary Estate represented by Railway and other Stock KING OF THE

WEST GOLD MINING Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, value £20,752; lady aged 59. Solicitors, Messrs. Radcliffe, Cator, & Hood, on or before Nov 19, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their London.

debts or claims, to H St John Hodges, Finsbury House, Blomfield st To a Trust Fund of £776 New Zealand 4 per Cent. Stock; lady aged 83. “LENY” STEAMSHIP Co, LIMITED- Creditors are required to send in particulars of Solicitors, Messrs. Devonshire & Co., London

claims to G. M. Allan, 4, St Mary Axe To One-fifth of a Trust Estate, Gas Stocks, Freeholds, and Mortgages value STEAMEHJP "CITY OF Belfast,"' LIMITED-Creditors are required to send in particulars

£17,720; lady aged 64. Solicitors, Messrs. Ley Wood & Rickerby, of of claims to G. M. Allan, 4, Et Mary Axe


before Oct

25, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or Of £30 payable during the life of a gentleman aged 56, with policy. Solicitors,

claims, to William Henry Delves & Co, 44, High st, Tunbridge Wells. Martin, TunMessrs. Jerome Waterhouse & Co, London.

bridge Wells, solor to liquidators

WELL-STREET OIL WORKS, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 23, to send POLICIES:

their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Lionel Henry For £4,000, £4,000, £4,000, £1,000, £1,000, £100. Solicitors, Messrs. Ravenscroft, Lemon, 4, King st, Cheapside

Woodward, & Hills, and Meters. Jerome Waterhouse & Co., of London. WHEELDONS, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 20, to send their names SHARES AND DEBENTURES :

and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr John William Withnell, In Home and Foreign Produce Exchange, London Egg Market, and Wampach's

20, Booth st, Manchester Tucker & Co, Manchester, solors Hotel. Solicitors, Messrs. Coljer & Colyer, London. (See advertisements, this week, p. 4.) Oct. 20.-Messrs. BEADEL, Wood, & Co., at the Mart, at 12 precisely, in 92 Lots, the First

Portion of the Estates of the late William Angerstein, Esq., comprising highly-important and valuable Freehold Ground-rents, amounting to £1,460 17s. per annum, upon about 140 high-class Residences and Villas situate on and near Blackheath, the rack

CREDITORS' NOTICES. rents amounting to an estimated gross annual value of over £11,000. Solicitor,

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.
W. T. Hartcup, Esq., Norwich.--Greenwich and Westcombe-hill, Kent, close to the
Westcombe-park Station on the Woolwich branch of the South-Eastern Railway :

Freehold Wharf Premises and Building Land, having extensive frontages to the River
Thames, let at a rent of £120, also 14 acres of land; a Block of Freehold Building Land of

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept. 27. about six acres, with frontage of 1,100 feet, near the Woolwich-road, forming excel- AsuweLL, PHILIP Henry, Herne Bay, Baths Proprietor Oct 31 Taylor & Taylor, Ne lent sites for manufacturing premises ; a Plot of Valuable Freehold Land, situate near Broad st Westcombe-park Station, containing about half an acre frontage. (See advertisements, ) BAKER, ALEXANDER, San Salvador, Central America, Bank Manager Nov 1 Preston, Sept. 17, p. 3.)

Old Broad st
BERLEY, JOSEPH, Sheffield Nov 30 Taylor & Co, Sheffield

BOOTH, EMMA JANE, Oldham Nov 30 Koott, Oldham WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEBS.—Before pur- Bord, Hvau Fenwick, South Kensington Oct 31 Tarry & Co, Serjeant's inn, Fleet st chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary_Arrangements thoroughly BRASSEY, ANNA HARRIET, Grosvenor sq Nov 1 Norton & Co, Victoria st Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full BRIDGES, JOHN GEORGE, Farnham, Surrey, Oct 27 Bliss, Regent st particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Advt.]

BROOKER, LOUISA, Shirland rd, St Peter's Park Oct 27 Bliss, Regent st
BROWNING, CHARLES, South Dulwich Novi Fishors, Essex st, Strand
CORNISH, WILLIAM, Baddow, Essex, Farm Labourer Oct 22 Gray, Chelmsford

Davies, David, Sheffield Nov 30 Taylor & Co, Sheffield

DOUGLAS, EDWARD, Newcastle on Tyne, Bootmaker Nov 11 Brown & Son, Newcastle on
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Oct. 7.


Evans, JOHN, Shrewsbury, Salop Oct 12 Bowdler, Shrewsbury

FIRTH, ANNIE HARRIET, Harrogate Nov 5 Nelson & Co, Leeds
Anglo-AFRICAN GOLD PROPERTIES, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 22, FLOWER, Francis, Cheddar, Somerset, Innkeeper Oct 31 March, Axbridge
directed to be heard on Oct 12 instead of Oct 26. Peal & Payne, Budge row, petner's
Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after Fountain, Richard COCKAYNE, Sheffield Oct 31 Kesteven, Sheffield
noon of Oct 11
COBAR GOLD MINES, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) - Creditors are required, on or before Feb

GARLAND, WALTER HERDERT, Horfield, Bristol, Teacher of Music Nov 14 Tarr & 10, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Arkell, Bristol Wm. B. Peat, 3, Lothbury

Hartley, BETHEL, Littleborough, Ladcs Nov 1 Worth & Co, Rochdale Dock Soap Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 18, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to E. W. Helps, Bank

HEMMING, HENRY, Wisborough Green, Sussex, Auctioneer and Land Valuer Oct 22 Holmes

& Co, Arundel chmbrs, Bridgwater. Reed & Co, Bridgwater, solors GOLD FIELDS OF MYSORE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) --Creditors are required, on or before HODGKINSON, JOB, Rushley Farm, er Mansfield, Nottingham, Farmer Nov 7 Alcock,

Nov 15, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to
William Frederick Garland, 6, Queen st place.Ashurst & Co, Throgmorton avenue,

HOLLAND, MATTHEW HENRY, Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancs, Licensed Victualler Oct 15

Barrow & Smith, Manchester solors for liquidator HOME INDUSTRIES CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 29, directed to be Holmes, Esther, Walworth Oct 31 Lardner, Hosier lane be heard on Oct 26. Trass & Enever, Coleman st, solors for petners. Notice of appear- Jouxson, WILLIAM GEORGE, Brighton Oct 21 WJ & E H Tremellen, Chancery lane

ing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 25
INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES TRUST CORPORATION, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, pre- Keely, Thomas Philipps, Leicester, Yarn Merchant Novi Wells & Hind, Nottingham
sented Aug 3, directed to be heard on Oct 26. Thomas, Finsbury pavement, solor for
petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named Dot later than 6 o'clock in the King, THOMAS, Cheddar, Somerset Oct 31 March, Axbridge

afternoon of Oct 25
MEITER SYNDICATE, LIMITED-- Petn for winding up, presented Oct 3, directed to be heard LUND, Mary WINIFRIDE, Hastings Oct 22 Meynell, Furnival st

on Oct 26. Allen & Son, Carlisle st, Soho sq, solors for petners. Notice of appearing Mansu, RICHARD, Little Offley, Hertford Oct 24 Wright, Hitchin

must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 25 REALISATION AND DEVELOPMENT CO, LIMITED -Petn for winding up prefented Sept 30, Meau, Thomas SEYMOUR, Brooklands, Chester Oct 15 Payne & Co, Manchester,

MATTHEW8, WILLIAM GEORGE, Wimbledon Nov 5 Bird & Son, Uxbridge BUFFOLK BREAD, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented Oct 3, directed to be heard on

Oct 26. Ralph Raphael & Co, Moorgate st, solors for petner. Notice of appearing mugt MORPHEW, JEFFERY, Richmond Nov 24 Mead & Sons, Arundell st, Piccadilly circus reach the above-named not later thap 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 25

NEEDHAM, Ben, Oldham Oct 29 Lees, Oldham "SUPERB" SHIP Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov_12, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to R. Hughes-Jones


Bridge Creditors are required, on or before Nov 7, to send their names and addresses, and the

Rich, JOHN EDWARD, Biddisham, Somerset, Yeoman Oct 31 March, Axbridge particulars of their debts or claims, to Richard Garnaut Cawker, 11, Temple st, Swan- SHARP, BENJAMIN Allison, Marsden, nr Huddersfield, Shoemaker Oct 31 Wilmshurst Hartland & Co, Swansea, solors to liquidator

& Stones, Huddersfield THOMAS TAYLOR & Sons, LIMITED-Creditors are requested, on or before Nov 19, to send

SINGLEHURST, CHARLES REUBEX, Litherland, nr Liverpool, Commission Agent Oct 27 their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Rodway & Co, Liverpool Kevan, 12, Acresfield, Bolton Holden & Holden, Bolton, solors for liquidator

SINGLEHURST, MARY CATHERINE, Litherland, nr Liverpool Oct 27 Rodway & Co, WALKERS' ÁIRE ROLLER MILLING CO, LIMITED --Creditors are required, on or before Nov Liverpool

17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to SRESE, ELIZABETH Ann, Seghill, Northumberland Oct 31 JD & D M Macdonald, John Edwin Whitham, Barum House, Halifax

Newcastle upon Tyne

SMITH, JAMES BARKELEY, Liverpool Nov 15 Alsop & Co, Liperpool

SNOWDEN, GEORGE, Dukiofield, Chester Nov 9 Ellison, Ashton under Lyne
BUILDERS' LABOURERS' ROCHDALE Good INTENT ACCIDENT AND BURIAL Society, THORNTON, Hexey, Huddersfield Oct 31 Wilmshurst & Stones, Huddersfield
Northern Star, Rope st, Rochdale, Lancaster Sept 28

WALKER, GEORGE, Sheffield Nov 30 Taylor & Co, Sheffield
London Gazette.-- TUESDAY, Oct. 11,

WARD, FRANCES MARY, Hampstead Oct 31 Few & Co, Surrey st, Strand

WATKINS, Ann, Reading Oct 24 Beale & Martin, Reading

WATKINS, WILLIAM, Reading Oct 24 Beale & Martin, Reading
" BLUE STAR" STEAMBUIP Co, LIMITED--Creditors are required to send in particulars of Whitehead, Joux, Buxton Nov 9 Addleshaw & Co, Manchester
claims to G M Allan, 4, St Mary Axe

Wilson, WILLIAM, Huddersfield, Tailor Oct 31 Wilmshurst & Stones, Huddersfield


COATEN, MARK, Leicester, Fruit Salesman Oct 14 at 3 Off Lewis, John, and JOSHUA LEWIS, Grangetown, Cardiff BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester

Tailors Cardiff Pet Sept 30 Ord Sept 30
CONDUIT, GEORGE Enwin, Alton, Hants, Music Seller Oct MCINTYRE, HECTOR DUNCAN, Putney, Colliery Proprietor
17 at 3.15 Off Rec, 172, High st, Southampton

Carmarthen Pet Aug 27 Ord Oct 4
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Oct. 7.

CROSTHWAITE, Thomas ELLERAY, jun, Windermere, West- Manx, James, Burton on 'Prent, Beerhouse Keeper Burton

morland, Grocer Oct 15 at 12 Grosvenor Hotel, on Trent Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3
Stramongate, Kendal

MARLES, Joun, Walsall, Coal Dealer Walsall Pet Oct 1 BARRETT, HERBERT J, Kensington High Court Pet July

CRUMP, RICHARD, Bewdley, Worcesters, Timber Merchant Ord' Oct 1 21 Ord Oct 5

Oct 14 at 2 John Nicholls, Commercial blogs, Kidder- | MITCHELL, HARRY, Birstall, York, Wine Merchant Dewsminster, Auctioneer

bury Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 BASTENDORFF, J. & Co, Islington, Bamboo Furniture Manu


Lace facturers High Court Pet Sept 2 Ord Oct 3

ELLEN, Nottingham,

Davis, GEORGE, Mile End rd, Egg Merchant Oct 18 at 11
Batx, FREDERICK, Old Kent rd, Decorators' Merchant Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Nottingham Pet Oct 3 Ord'Oct 3
High Court Pet Aug 18 Ord Oct 3
DAY, ARTHUR, Leicester, Plasterer Oct 14 at 12.30 Off

Pearson, Joun, Darlington, Commission Agent Stockton

on Tees Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5 BEAUMONT, Joseph, Micklehurst, nr Mossley, Piecer Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester


PRESTON, Joun, Beeby, Farmer
Ashton under Lyne Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3
Fells, Josepy, Whitechapel rd, Coffee House Keeper Oct

Pet Sept 8 BELLAMY, ARTHUR, Leicester, Hardware Dealer Leicester 17 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Ord Sept 30
Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5
FORSHAW, ALFBED, Liverpool, Solicitor Oct 18 at 12 Off

PRICHARD, HENRY GEORGE, Parson's Green High Court BLUNDEN, HENRY JAMES, Clacton on Sea Cambridge Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

Pet Sept 8 Ord Oct 3
Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5
GANE, WILLIAM JAMES, Wath upon Dearne, York, Printer

Rowe, John Willis, Dulwich rd, Herne Hill, Cycle BREARLEY, William MARSHALL, Heckmondwike, York,

Oct 14 at 2 Off Rec, Figtree ln, Sheffield

Manufacturer High Court Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 Painter Dewsbury Pet Sept 23 Ord Oct 4

GOLD, FREDERICK, St Leonards on Sea, Coal Merchant SELLENS, WILLIAM, Coventry, Seedsman Coventry Pet BREW, JOHN ARCHER, Gospel End, Staffs, Licensed Vic- Oct

14 at 12.30 Young & Co, Bank bldg3, Hastings

Oct 5 Ord Oct 5 tualler Dudley Pet Oct 1 Ord Oct 1

HANLEY, ARTHUR, South Kirkby, Yorks, Farmer Oct 14 STANT, John, Walsall, Butcher Walsall Pet Sept 20 CHESTER, CHARLES JOSEPH, St Leonards, Sussex, Com- at 11 Off Rec, 6, Bond tce, Wakefield

Ord Oct 3 mercial Traveller Hastings Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4 HOLLAND, EDWIN HARRIS, Nottingham pl, Regent's Park, | STEVENBON, FREDERICK, Leicester Leicester Pet Oct 4 COLE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Charing Cross High Court Pet Professor of Music Oct 17 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs,

Ord Oct 4 Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Carey st

WATTERS, JOHN WILLIAM, West Hartlepool, Steel Worker Cooper, John Moxnam, Salisbury, Wilts, Decorator Salis- HOLLY, JAMES EDWARD, Boscombe, Hants, Commission

Sunderland Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 bury Pet Cct 4 Ord Oct 4

Agent Oct 17 at 1 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Kingsbridge, nr Gorseinon, Glam, CROWE, WILLIAM, Halifax Burnley Pet Oct 5

HOWARD, WILLIAM, Peckham rye, Clothier Oct 14 at 11

Grocer Carmarthen Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4
Oct 5

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Wills, Jonn, Shepherd's Bush, Baker High Court DIBB, GEORGE, Hulme, Lancs, Sugar Boiler Manchester HULSE, ARTHUR, Chester, Contractor Oct 14 at 3 Crypt Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 Pet Sept 13 Ord Oct 5

chmbrs, Eastgate row, Chester

WISE, Thomas HAROLD, Coventry, Grocer Coventry Pet Ellis, John William, Batley, York, Hairdresser Dews-Jones, JOHN EDWARD, Tylorstown, Glam, Grocer Oct 14 Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 bury Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

at 12 65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

WOODYATT, John, Chiswick Brentford Pet June 16 Ord FEWINS, Julia Joan, North Evington, Leicester, Baker LEES, EMMA, Saddleworth, Yorks, Farmer Oct 14 at 10 15 Sept 30 Leicester Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5

Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Queen st, Oldham

WOOLLEN, THOMAS, Bristol, Hay Dealer Bristol Pet Oct GERRARD, JOHN BURTON, Oldham, Plumber Oldham Pet LESTER, HAROLD, Kingston upon Hull, Traveller Oct 14

1 Ord Oct 4 Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

at 11 Off Rec, Trinity House In, Hull

WRIGHT, NICHOLAS, Birkdale, Lancs, Cab Proprietor GREGORY, Joax Thomas, and WALTER GREGORY, Hather- MCCLUNE, JAMES William, Sherringham, Norfolk, Hair- Liverpool Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

sage, Derbys, Mill Stone Manufacturers Derby Pet dresser Oct 15 at 12.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

PALLIPS, THOMAS GEORGE, Swansea, Mercer Oct 14 at 12 Amended notice subs for that published in the HOLLAND, Edwin HARRIS, Nottingham pl, Regent's pk, Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

London Gazette of Aug 26 :
Professor of Music High Court Pet Oct 3 Ord STEVENSON, FREDERICK, Leicester Oct 18 at 12.30 Off LIDDLE, THOMAS TEAsdale, Gateshead, Durham, Glass

Oct 3
HOWARD, WILLIAM, Peckham rye, Clothier High Court Such, CHARLES FREDERICK, Bootle, Lancs, Boot Dealer

Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester

Manufacturer Newcastle on Tyne Pet Aug 23 Ord Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

Aug 23

Oct 19 at 12 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool JAMES, FLORENCE, Brompton rd High Court Pet Oct 5

Toon, JOSEPH JOHN, Leamington, House Decorator Oct Ord Oct 5

Amended notice substituted for that published in the

14 at 12.40 Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry KEENAN, JAMES, West Hartlepool, Labourer Sunderland

London Gazette of Sept 30:
TRIPP, GEORGE WILLIAM, Gt Yarmouth Oct 15 at 1.30
Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

BENDALL, ARCHIBALD HARRY, Cheltenham, Athletic OutLE MESURIER, FN, Portsmouth, Lieutenant High Court TysoE, DAVID, Walthamstow, Shopfitter Oct 17 at 11

fitter Cheltenham Pet Sept 27 Ord Sept 27 Pet March 23 Ord Oct 5 Lewis, John, and Joshua LEWIS, Grangetown, Cardiff, WAKEFIELD, Julia, and WILLIAM WAKEFIELD, Swindon,

Bankruptcy blds, Carey st
Tailors Cardiff Pet Sept 30 Ord Sept 30

London Gazete.-TUESDAY, Oct. 11.
Wilts, Drapers Oct 19 at 11 Off Rec, 46, Cricklade
LONGALOW, CHABLES, Coventry, Coal Dealer Coventi y st, Swindon

Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

WINCHESTER, FREDERICK William, Ilkeston, Boot Dealer Mann, JAMES, Burton on Trent, Beerhouse eper Burton

Adams, Sam, High Halden, Kent, Farmer Hastings Pet

Oct 14 at 12 Off Rec, 4, Castle pl, Park st, Nottingham on Trent Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Oct 6 Ord Oct 6
WISE, THOMAS HAROLD, Coventry, Grocer Oct 14 at 11.30
MABLES, John, Walsall, Coal Dealer Wa'sall Pet Oct 1

ALLEN, WILLIAM, Bristol Bristol Pet Oct 7 Ord Oct 7

Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry
Ord Oct 1
WOODWARD, CAARLES J, Clapton, Fruiterer Oct 14 at 12

Anderson, WESLEY HERBERT, Kingston upon Hull, PlumMITCHELL, HENRY, Birstall, York, Wine Merchant Dewg

Barkruptcy bldgs, Careyst

ber Kingston upon Hull' Pet Oct 7 Ord Oct 7 bury Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3 WOOLLEN, THOMAS, Bristol, Hay Dealer Oct 19 at 12 Off

Ansau, JOHN Ossoo, Brixton High Court Pet Aug 27 PACKER, ELLEN, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer Not- Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol

Ord Sept 19 tingham Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Aston, GEORGE, Cardiff, Grocer Cardiff Pet Oct 4 01d PEARSON, Joun, Darlington, Commission Agent Stockton


Oct 4 on Tees Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5

Bacon, Ben, Manchester, Merchant Manchester Pet Penny, DELIA, Wimbledon Kingston, Surrey Pet Sept Adams, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Walsall, Greengrocer Wal. 15 Ord Oct 4 sall Pet Sept 28 Ord Oct 3

Sept 14 Ord Oct 7 Rayson, John ARTHUR, Bas ghall avue, Commissi on

BAYLEY, Moses, Wilmslow, Chester, Builder Manchester Bacon, RICHARD, and Edgar Bacox, Ketley Brook, nr Agent High Court Pet Aug 3 Ord Oct 5 Pet Sept 8 Ord Oct 5

Wellington, Cycle Makers Madeley Pet Oct 7 Ord

Oct 7 RowE, JOHN WILLIS, Dulwich rd, Herne Hill, Cycle Manu- BEAUMONT, Joseph, Micklehurst, or Mosley, Cheshire, facturer Fogh Court Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Piecer Ashton under Lyne Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

BASTABLE, WILLIAN THOMAS, West Lulworth, Dorset,

Blacksmith Poole
BELLAMY, ARTHUR, Leicester, Hardware Dealer Leicester

Pet Oct 8 Ord Oct 8
BELLENS, WILLIAM, Coventry, Seedsman Coventry Pet

Oct 5 Ord Oct 6
Oct 5 Ord Oot 5

BURR, ARTHUR, Walbrook, Land Agent High Court

Oct 8 Ord Oct 8 STEVENSON, FREDERICK, Belgrave, Leicester Leicester BLUNDEN, HENRY JAMES, Clacton on Sea Cambridge Pet

Oct 5 Ord Oct 5

BURROWS, GEORGE GOLDEN, Dawlish, Devon, Baker Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

Exeter Pet Oct 8 Ord Oct 8
TILLING, WILLIAM RICHARD, Carnarvon, General Merchant CAPPS, EDMUND, jun, Turnham Green, Builder Brentford
Bangor Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Pet Sept 30 Ord Oct 4

CARTLIDGE, Thomas JAMES, Burslem, Staffs, Uren Builder

Hanley Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 6
WATTERS, JOHN WILLIAM, West Hartlepool, Steel Worker CHESTER, CHARLES JOSEPH, St Leonards, Sussex, Com-
Sunderland Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

mercial Traveller Hastings Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

CLARK, WILLIAM, Elwick, Durham, Innkeeper Sunder-WILLIAMS, ROBERT, Kingsbridge, nr Gorseinon, Glam, CLELLAND, ROBERT,, Sleekbuia, Northumberland, House

land Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5 Grocer Cai aarthen Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

Agent Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 29 Ord Sept 29

CLARKE, THOMAS, Nottingham, Commercial Traveller Wills, Joux, Shepherd's Bush, Baker Pigh Court Pet COLE, CHARLES WILLIAM, Cross High Court Pet

Nottingham Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 6 Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

CLEAR, JAMES Thomas, Cullercoats, Northrmberland,

Grocer Newcastle on Tyne Pet Oct 7 Ord Oct 7 Wise, Thomas HAROLD, Coventry, Grocer Coventry Pet COOPER, Joun Moxham, Salisbury, Wilts, Decorator Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Salisbury Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

CE & J F COORSON, Stockport, Manufacturers, Stockport Wright, Nicholas, Birkdale, Cab F.oprietor Liverpool Crowe, William, Halifax Burrley Pet Oct 5 Ord Pet Sept 12 Ord Oct 6 Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

Oct 5

COOMBES, FREDERICK John, Torquay, Fruiterer Exeter

Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5
Davidson, John, South Shields, Cycle Manufacturer
Amended notice substituted for that published in the Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 15 Ord Oct 1

Coombs, WILLIAN THOMAS, Canton, Ca rdiff, Chemist
London Gazette of Aug 26 :
De La Fosse, HENRY GEORGE, South Kensington High

Cardiff Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4
LIDDLE, Toomas TEASDALE, Gateshead, Durham, Glass

Court Pet April 5 Ord Oct 4

Cox, EDWARD RANDALL, Oxford st, Boot Dealer High

Court Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 7
Manufacturer Newca stle on Tyne 'Pet Aug 23 Ord DUNCOMBE, A GERALD, Queen Anne's mansionHigh
Aug 23

Court Pet July 16 Ord Oct 3

Cox, HARRY WILLIAM, Landport, Hants, Ironmonger

Portsmouth Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 6
ELLIS, JOHN WILLIAM, Batley, Yorks, Hairdresser Dewg-
Amended notice substituted for that published in the bury Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

CRAFT, Henry, Gt Grimsby Gt Grimsby Pet Oot 4 Ord
London Gazette of Sept 30 :

Oct 4
JOAN, North Evington, Leicester, Baker

CURD, GEORGE, ELIJAH CURD, and William CURD, City rd, BENDALL, ARCHIBALD Harry, Cheltenham, Athletic Out

Leicester Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 5

Cabinet Makers High Court Pet Oct 7 Ord Oct 7 fitter Cheltenham Pet Sept 27 Ord Sept 27

GERRARD, JOHN BURTox, Oldham, Plumber Oldham Pet
Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

DALLING, WILLIAM, Swansea Swansea Pet Oct 6 0.0

Oct 6

GOLD, FREDERICK, St Leonards on Sea, Coal Merchant
Hastings Pet Sept 15 Ord Oct 4

Dulier, HENRY Purser, Canonbury sq, Commercial BAGSHAW, SAMUEL MARK, sen, Lowestoft, Marine Store GREGORY, John Thomas, and Walter GREGORY, Hather

Travell:r High Court Pet Sept 9 Ord Oct 7 Dealer Oct 15 at 12 Off Rec, E, King st, Norwich

sage, Derbys, Mill Stone Manufacturers Derby Pet

Ellis, GEORGE, Walsa!1, Grocer Walsall Pet Oct 7 Ord Ball, MARION Poxsonby, Darlington, Durham Oct 14 at Oct 4 Ord Oct 4 11 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

HOLLAND, EDWIN Harris, Nottingbam pl, Regent's Park, BEAU'MONT, JOSEPH, Micklehurst, nr Mossley, Piecer Oct

FAENDELL & Co, Noble st, Gresham st, Manufacturers'

Professor of Music High Court Pet Oct 3 Ord Agents High Court Pet July 13 Ord Oct 7 14 at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

Oct 3

FARRANT, JOnx QUILLIN, York York Pet Oct 6 Ord Brunt, Jarvis, Eckington, Derby, Miner Oct 28 at 1.30 HOWARD, WILLIAM, Peckham rye, Clothier High Court Oct 6 Angel Hotel, Chesterfield

Pet Oct 4 Ord Oct 4

Field, Harry, Whitby Scarborough Pet Oct 7 Ord Buck, WILLIAM, Ipswich, Builder Oct 21 at 2 Off Rec, JAMES, FLORENCE, Brompton rd High Court Pet Oct 5 Oct 7 36, Princes st, Ipswich

Ord Oct 5

Foxall, ELLEN, Highgate High Court Pet Sept 15 Ord
CHEYNEY, William JAMES, Teddington, Watchmaker JENNINGS, ARTHUR EDWARD, Idle, Yorks Bradford Pet Oct 7
Oct 14 at 12.30 24, Railway app, London bridge

Sept 12 Ord Oct 5
CLARKE, WILLIAM BENJAMIN, Brixton Oct 14 at i Bank- | Joxes, Isaac, Harlesden, Dairynian High Court Pet

GALLEHAWK, WILLIAM JAMES, Sheerness, Kent Rochester

Pet Oct 7 Ord Oct 7 ruptcy bldgs, Carey st

July 25 Ord Oct 4
CLAYTON, MARK, Yeadon, York, Woollen Manufacturer KEENAN, JAMES, West Hartlepool, Labourer Sunderland

HOLT, WILLIA, Prestwich, nr Manchester, Milk Dealer

Salford Pet Oct 8 Ord Oct 8 Oct 18 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Pet Oct 3 Ord Oct 3

Hor, Jonn, Leeds, Chemist Leeds Pet Oot 6 Ord Oot 6

Oct 7j

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