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practically valueless, since neither in England nor in foreign premises No. 22, Grove-road to the defendants Fleming, Reid, & Co., of countries and the Colonies is the property of a lunatic “vested

the Worsted Mills, Greenock, a firm who had 100 branches or 80 in in his committee in the strict sense of the term.

England and Scotland, and who traded as the “Scotch Wool and Hosiery

Stores,” and they opened No. 22, Grove-road as a shop and were doing Two points—the one impliedly and the other expressly-Ro business there. The price list of the defendants Fleming, Reid, & Co. Brown left open. (1) Suppose a case, not arising, or coming shewed that practically all the articles in which they dealt were sold by or under the Luracy Act, where a lunatic resident out of the dealt in by general drapers, and the defendants Fleming, Reid, & Co. jurisdiction had been judicially found lunatic by a foreign dealt not only in woollen articles, but also in cotton and silk goods. The

opening of a business of such a nature next door to the plaintiff would court, would the interpretation of “

adopted in Re

cause him a most serious loss. On the 12th of April, 1898, the defenBrown apply so as to give the court jurisdiction to make an dant, Mr. J. A. Skinner, gave the following licence to Messrs. order for payment out of the corpus of a fund to which the Baddeley & Hewer: "In consenting to the assignment of the lease of the lunatic was entitled ? This question has now been answered above-mentioned premises " i.e., 22, Grove-road, Eastbourne-"to in the affirmative: Re De Linden (1897, 1 Ch. 453). The unfurnished to a respectable and responsible tenant, and, further, that

Messrs. Fleming, Reid, & Co., I also consent that the house may be sublet following earlier cases may also be considered: Re Stark the shop may be used for the sale of knitting wools and worsted and (2 Mac. & G. 174), Scotch curator, payments of dividends woollen goods of every description.” The defendants Fleming, Reid, & only sanctioned; Re Garnier (L. R. '13 Eq. 532), French, Co. carried on a substantial part of the business of a general draper, and dividends only; Re Elias (3 Mac. & G. 234), Dutch, Re that amounted to carrying on the business of a general draper and was Mitchell (L. R. 17 Ch. D. 515)-in both of these the 353), Nicoll v.

a breach of the covenants. Patman v. Harland (29 W. R. 707, 17 Ch. D.

Fenning (30 W. R. 95, 19 Ch. D. 258), and Stuart v. Diplock capital was transferred to the foreign curator without security; (38 W. R. 223, 43 Uh. D. 343) were referred to. Upon behalf of the Scott v. Bentley (1 K. & J. 281), Scotch. The other point left defendants Messrs. Fleming, Reid, & Co. it was said that the business open is (2) Does section 134 of the Lunacy Act, 1890, give carried on by them was simply that of a hosier. It was true a general the judge in Lunacy a discretion ? Here, also, we have now an draper generally sold hosiery, but the fact that the defendants carried on

the business of hosiery and knitted goods did not make them carry on affirmative answer : Re Knight (1898, 1 Ch. 257), aod the reason the business of a general draper. The covenants were in restraint of given by LINDLEY, M.R., in that case appears to be conclusive. trade, and ought to be construed strictly: As to the covenants running If the court bad no discretion it would lose the jurisdiction which with the land, the plaintiffs were the assignees of the original lessees, and it clearly has had from the time of Lord HARDWICKE, and still has were not entitled to the benefit of the covenants : Thomas v. Hayward under sections 90 and 96 of the Lunacy Act, 1890, over the LRA Ex311, 17 W. R. Dig: 73). The covenants did not run with

Metropolitan property in this country of a lunatic resident out of the juris- Railway Co. (34 L. T. Rep. 774, 24 W. R. Dig: 295) was also referred to. diction.

CHANNELL, J., in giving judgment, said: I am of opinion that, after the decision in Stuart v. Diplock, I ought not to grant an interlocutory

injunction and thereby stop the defendants' business. Speaking, for REVIEWS.

myself, I entertain no doubt that the plaintiff is entitled to make this

coinplaint and that the defendants are bound by the covenants. I was BOOKS RECEIVED.

somewhat surprised to find that a question of this nature was treated with

doubt in Strart v. Diplock. I do not say that one party could sue the The Principles of the Law of Evidence Peculiar to Criminal Cases other at common law, but I think the plaintiff is entitled to have the as Altered by the Criminal Evidence Act, 1898, with the Text of the covenant enforced by injunction in analogy to the cases in which injuncAct Annotated. By ERNEST ARTHUR JELF, M.A., Barrister. at-Law. tions have been granted where there is a building scheme. But it is not Horace Cox.

necessary to decide that question in the present case. I think that the A Treatise on the Law of Torts. By RATANLAL RANCHODDASS, for the purpose of carrying on the business of a general draper. It is

defendant Skinner covenanted not to grant leases of the other premises B.A., LL.B., Pleader High Court, and DHIRAJLAL KESHAVLAL, B.A. quite clear that the defendant company is carrying on a busiuess almost Stevens & Haynes.

all of which can be carried on by a general draper. But that is because the business of a general draper is of a general nature. There may be some things in the defendant company's catalogue

which one would not expect to find in that of & general CASES OF THE WEEK.

draper. Tbe present

is distinguishable from Stuart

Diplock, That case one of overlapping. The defendant in Before the Vacation Judge.

that case sold things that the plaintiff did not sell. In the present BAILEY v. SKINNER AND FLEMING, REID, & co. 28th Sept.

case nearly all the things sold by the defendant company are sold

by the plaintiff. But I do not think that the defendant company can be COVENANT NOT TO CARRY ON PARTICULAR TRADE-CARRYING ON PART OF said to carry on the business of a general draper. They carry on part of TRADE-INJUNCTION.

the business. Stuart v. Diplock seems to show that to carry on a part is This was a motion on behalf of the plaintiff, Mr. Daviel Bailey, of 18, not to carry on the business. The only point that has caused a difficulty Grove-road, Eastbourne, that the defendants, Mr. J. A. Skinner and in my mind is that on p. 67 of the defendant company's catalogue I find Messrs. Fleming, Reid, & Co. of Eastbouine, and each of them might and serges ; and sateens, velveteens, and blouse materials are priced at so

such articles mentioned as flannelettes, flannels, skirtings, dress materials, be restrained until the trial of the action or further order from using or permitting or suffering to be used certain premises, 22, Grove-road, East- much a yard. It seems to me that selling those materials by the pard bourne, for the trade or business of a general draper in breach of

comes very near to carrying on the business of a draper. A hosier sells covenants by the defendant J. A. Skinner contained in certain indentures articles ready for wear, a draper the materials from which the articles are of lease dated respectively the 30th of November, 1894, and the 23rd of made. The fact that the defendant company has included on p. 67 of September, 1896. * It was said that the plaintiff was the lessee of and the whole I do not think it right to put an end to their business now by

their catalogue articles sold by the yard gave me some doubt, but on occupied the shops and premises known as 16, 18, and 20, Grove-road, Eastbourne, under leases from the defendant James Skinner, dated the interlocutory injunction. I do not think the case is absolutely clear, and 30th of November, 1894, and the 23rd of September, 1896. Such leases I do not tbink such a breach is made out as justifies me in granting an were both made between the defendant Skinner and one Albert G. Shar- interlocutory injunction. There will be no order except that the costs be

The lease of the 30th of November, 1894, contained the following costs in the action.--Counsel, Alexander, Q.C. (J. L. Whitaker with him); covenant : “And the lessor doth hereby further covenant with the lessee Douglas ; G. Cave. SOLICITORS, F. D. W. Hation, for F. Lawson Lewis, that he, the lessor, will not during the term hereby granted demise or

Eastbourne ; Le Brasseur fi Oakley. lease any of the shops and premises 16 to 36, Grove-road aforesaid, or

[Reported by J. E. Aldous, Barrister-at-Law.] permit or suffer the same to be used as or for the trade or business of a general draper." The lease of the 23rd of September, 1896,

WARR & Co. (LIM.) v. EDWARDES AND DALY. 28th Sept. contained the following covenant : “And the lessor doth' hereby Receiver-LICENSED PREMISES—THEATRE-UNDERTAKING TO KEEP ACCOUNT further covenant with the lessee that he, the lessor, will not

-FORM OF CONSENT ORDER. during the term hereby granted demise or lease any of the shops and This was a motion on behalf of the plaintiff company, Messrs. Warr & premises Nos. 22 to 36, Grove-road aforesaid, or permit or suffer the same Co. (Limited), that a receiver and manager might be appointed of the to be used as or for the trade or business of a general draper."

By an

refreshment-rooms, smoke-rooms, and bars in the theatre kuown as indenture dated the 28th of September, 1896, and made between Albert Daly's Theatre, situate in Cranbourn-street, comprised in the licence for George Sharman and the plaintiff, the leares (including the benefit of the the exclusive use of the said refreshment-rooms, smoke-rooms, and bars covenants) were assigned to the plaintiff, and for the leases and goodwill contained in an indenture dated the 15th of April, 1898, and made between and stock-in-trade of the business carried on by Sharman the plaintiff Augustin Daly of the one part and the plaintiff company of the other gave £8,000 or thereabouts. About the 25th of May, 1898, the plaintiff part, and of the business carried on by the plaintiff company on the said heard a rumour that Messrs. Baddeley & Hewer (who were tenants under premises, including the letting and selling of spaces for advertisement in the defendant Skinner of the premises 22, Grove-road) proposed sub- the said premises and upon the programmes used in the said theatre, and letting the premises to the defendants Fleming, Reid, & Co., and the that the defendant George Edwardes might be ordered to deliver to such plaintiff instructed his solicitor to give notice to Mr Skinner and to receiver and manager possession of the said refreshment-rooms, smokeMessrs. Baddeley & Hewer that such demise would be a breach of the rooms, and bars, and all the wines, spirits, and other stock-in-trade, covenants. Notwithstanding this, the defendant Skinner let the shop and plant, and utensils in or about the said premises belonging to the plaintiff

case was


company, and to pay to such receiver and manager all moneys taken or received by him in respect of the said refreshment-rooms, smoke-rooms, and bars, or of advertisements therein or on the said programmes, since

County Courts. he took poseession of the premises on Sunday, the 4th of September, 1898. Re HIGGINSON & DEANE, Ex parte T. & H. LITTLEDALE & co. Also that the defendant George Edwardes, his agents and servants, might be restrained until the hearing of this action from removing, or causing

Liverpool. In Bankruptcy. 28th Sept. to be removed, from the refreshment-rooms, smoke-rooms, and bars, or from

EFFECT OF DISSOLUTION OF LIMITED COMPANY_Bona VACANTIA. the cellars, or any other part of Daly's Theatre, any wines, spirits, or other stock, or any plant or utensils belonging to the plaintiff com

Messrs. Higginson & Deane became bankrupt in 1847, and among the pany. In support of the motion it was said that by consent an order had been creditors whose proofs were admitted were Littledale & Co. for £69 000 agreed upon subject to the sanction of the court. The following was the and the Royal Bank of Liverpool for about £550,000. The Royal Bank proposed order : By consent, the defendant Edwardes undertaking until

was established under certain deeds of settlement, and was subsequently judgment or further order to keep a separate account as from the 4th of registered under the Companies Acts; it was in and after 1867 wound up, September last of his receipts and payments in respect of the refresh first voluntarily and subsequently under supervision. Various dividends ment-rooms, bars, and smoke-rooms at Daly's Theatre and in respect of

were paid in the bankruptcy. An order of dissolution was applied for in the advertisements therein or on programmes, and undertaking until the winding-up of the banking company and was made by North, J., on judgment or further order not to remove or use any property of the plain the 29th of October, 1887, dissolving the company as from the 26th of tiffs in or about the theatre, and the plaintiffs undertaking not until December, 1887. In the present year fresh assets of the bankrupts appeared judgment or further order to attempt to take poseession of the said rooms

in the shape of some North-Eastern Railway Consolidated Stock, which and bars, and all parties consenting that this action be tried together with bad been originally, in its then form of shares in the Leeds and Thirsk the action of Daly v. Edwardes, and undertaking to take or concur in all Railway, regarded as worthless, but in 1898 were with interest worth necessary steps for the purpose, no order except that the costs of the £5,500. Littledale & Co. then applied to the court to expunge the proof motion be reserved. The action to be set down at once. Pleadings to be of the Royal Bank without prejudice to dividends already declared, on the delivered during vacation. Liberty to Mr. Fischer to enter upon the ground that the bank had ceased to exist. The Treasury gave notice of theatre premises, on giving reasonable notice, for the purpose of removing opposition on the ground that upon the dissolution of the Royal Bank the any of the plaintiffs' property. An inventory of the plaintiffs' property right to all further dividends which would have been payable to the bank left in and about the theatre to be taken and signed by Mr. Fischer and or the liquidator thereof vested in and belonged to the Crown as bona Mr. Edwardes. Mr. Edwardes undertakes until judgment or further vacantia. An affidavit was filed in support of the Crown's claim by the order to keep the bars open as heretofore whenever the theatre is open the crown made the claim at the instance of the contributories or

late liquidator of the Royal Bank, stating the above contention and that All the above without prejudice to any question. CHANNELL, J.--I see no objection to the proposed order, and, by con

other persons interested or claiming to be interested in the assets sent, I make it accordingly.-COUNSEL, Alexander, Q.O., and Brooke ; G. of the bank. Counsel for the applicants cited Re London and CaleCave. SOLICITORS, W. H. Herbert ; Slark g. Co.; Button & Co.

donian Co. (Limited) (11 C. D. 140) and Coxon v. Gorst (1891, 2 Ch. 73)

in support of the contention that the Royal Bank was extinguished [Reported by J. E. Aldous, Barrister-at-Law.]

for all purposes; the debt from the bankrupts was extinguished on Re THE TRUSTS OF THE WILL OF W. H. VAREY (DECEASED) AND the dissolution of the bank, and the proof should therefore be expunged. THE TRUSTEE ACT, 1893. 21st Sept.

Counsel for the Treasury opposed the application, on the ground that

where an individual died intestate without next-of-kin the Crown. was TRUSTEE—VESTING ORDER-STOCK--TRUSTBE NOT ABLE TO BE FOUNDEVIDENCE-TRUSTBE ACT, 1893 (56 & 57 Vict. c. 53), s. 35.

entitled to his property, and that there was no difference between a

corporation and an individual. He cited Grant on Corporations at p. 304 This was a petition by Frederick Varey and Joshua Perkin pray as laying it down that “ all the personal estate of a dissolved corporation ing that the right to call for a transfer of, and to transfer, forty shares in seems to vest in the Crown as bona vacantia." This debt was part of the Rylands & Sons (Limited), numbered respectively 57,133-57,134, and from personal estate of the bank. Further, there was no jurisdiction to 83,314 to 83,351, both inclusive, and now standing in the names of expunge a proof, unless it was bad ab initio. The asset which had William Varey and the petitioners in the books of the company as execu recently come in was the property of the corporation at the time of its tors and trustees of the will of William Henry Varey, deceased, and to dissolution. He cited Cunnack v. Edwards (1896, 2 Ch. 679). receive any dividends now due, inight vest in the petitioners as trustees of His Honour JUDGE Collier held that the bank, having absolutely the will, and that the right to call for a transfer of, and to transfer, £912 ceased to exist for all purposes, could no longer be held to be entitled in North-Eastern Railway Consols now standing in the names of the said any form to a share in the assets of the bankrupts; and that on the William Varey and the petitioners, and to receive any dividends due and dissolution of the company the debt due to it was extinguished so as to be to accrue due on the consols might vest in the petitioners, and that the incapable of subsequent ownership, and that, therefore, there was no petitioners might transfer the consols into their own names to be held by moment of time when it was without an owner. He would leave the them upon the trusts of the will. In support of the motion it was said proof on the file as a record, but directed that all future assets should be that the application was made under section 35 of the Trustee Act, 1893 divided among the creditors other than the Bank of Liverpool, whose (56 & 57 Vict. c. 53). The ground of the application was that of the three proofs were on the file. Costs of the application to be paid out of the executors and trustees one could not be found. The facts were as fol- estate.--Counsel, Leslie Scott; Horace Avory ; Stewart Brown ; Oulton. lows: The testator, William Henry Varey, duly made and executed his last will and testament, dated the 29th of April, 1896, by which he appointed his sons, William Varey and Frederick Varey, and his son-inlaw, Joshua Perkin, to be executors and trustees of his will. The testator died on the 7th of July, 1896, without having revoked or altered his will,

LAW SOCIETIES. which was proved in the District Registry at Wakefield of the Probate Divi. sion of the High Court of Justice on the 14th of September, 1896, by all

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. three executors named therein. William Varey, one of the sons of the testator and one of the executors and trustees named in the will, and by

The following is a list of the papers to be read at the Annual Provincial whom the will was duly proved, towards the end of the month of September,

Meeting : 1897, or about the beginning of the month of October in the same year of South Wales, Swansea. The proceedings will commence with the

Tuesday, the 4th of October, 1898, at 11 a.m., in the Royal Institution left the city of Leeds, where he had been residing, having previously sold his business of a draper which he carried on there, and all his household president's address, after which the following papers will be read : furniture and effects in his residence in Leeds. He never communicated Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897, by J. H. Cook, of Winsford ; On to his co-trustees his intention of leaving the city of Leeds. Since the the Formation of Limited Companies, by J. W. Reid, of London ; month of October he bad not been seen nor had any communication been | Private Bill Legislation, by K. Sanderson, of Edinburgh ; The Inebriates exist. Various letters had been written and sent to and inquiries made tution of South Wales, Swansea. —County Court--Let Justice be Done to received from him whatever, nor did any knowledge as to his whereabouts | Acts, by G R. Dodd, of London.

Wednesday, the 5th of October, 1898, at 11 a.m., in the Royal Instiby prepaid post at bis residence and place of business, Roundhay-road, Leeds, and elsewhere, but it had not been possible to ascertain where he It, by O. H. Pickstone, of Radcliffe, Lancs. ; A Few Remarks on the had gone. On the 23rd of August, 1897, the following advertisement was

Manner of Registering Deeds ip the West Riding of Yorkshire, by W.C. inserted in the London Daily Telegraph newspaper and also in the two Auty, of Sheffield; Maritime Capture, by H. G. Campion, of London; The principal Leeds newspapers-namely, the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Question of Privilege as Between Solicitor and Client under the BankMercury : Re William Henry Varey, deceased. Will William Varey be ruptcy Acts, by G. W. Edwards, of Liverpool. good enough to communicate with Messrs. Emsley, Son, & Smith, solici

The president may make any alterations in the order of the papers tors, 17, East-parade, Leeds”; but no communication had been received which he may think convenient. from him. By the Trustee Act, 1893, s. 35: “(1) In any of the following cases,


: (ii.) When a trustee entitled alone or jointly with another person to stock or to a chose in action

(e) cannot be found

the High Court may make an order vesting the right At the conclusion of the recent sittings at the Central Criminal Court, to transfer or call for a transfer of stock, or to receive the dividends Mr. Justice Darling said the last case tried, though small in itself, was or income thereof

in any such person as the court may appoint.” somewhat historic, because it was the last case tried at the Old Bailey in CHANNELL, J.-I think that the evidence that the third executor and which the prisoner who might desire it would not have the opportunity of trustee cannot now be found is sufficient. There will be a vesting order going into the witness-box and saying what really were the circumstances in the terms of the prayer, and the costs will be payable out of the estate. of the case. The next time tho se sions were held at the Old Bailey there -COUNSEL, S. G. Lushington. SOLICITORS, Pitman & Sons, for Emsley, Son, would be in operation the Act of Parliament which was recently passed Smith, Leeds.

by which any prisoner could go into the witness-box. This case therefore (Reported by J. E. ALDOUS, Barrister-at-Law.]

marked a period in the evolution of the law,



Many of our readers will hear with sorrow of the death on Tuesday Oct. Messrs. DOUGLAS Young & Co., in a Marquee on the Estate at Bexhill-on-Sea,
last of Mr. John ARTHUR ILIFFB, solicitor, of the firm of Iliffe, Henley & connecting the town with the sea front and esplanade. Solicitors, Messrs. Stock &
Sweet, of No. 2, Bedford-row, London. Mr. Iliffe was admitted in 1857. Slater, London. (See advertisement, Sept. 10, p. 4.)
He bad been for some time in bad health. He will be deeply regretted by

Oct. 6.- Messrs. H. E. Foster & CRANFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m. :

REVERSIONS: his numerous friends, to whom his kindly disposition had endeared him.

To One-seventh of £2.480 3 per cent. Consols; lady aged 55. Solicitors, Messrs The death is announced of Mr. EDWARD MAULE, solicitor, the head of

Andrew, Wood, & Purves, London.

To One-sixth of a Trust Estate, represented by Freeholds at Southampton valued the firm of Maule & Sons, of Huntingdon. Mr. Maule was admitted in

at £20,000; lady aged 58. Solicitors, Messrs. Baker & Nairne, London. 1847, and was clerk of the peace for Huntingdonshire, town clerk of To One-third of a Trust Fund represented by Consuls, Indian Railway Stock, and Huntingdon, and clerk to the justices of the Leightonstone division,

Mortgages value £9,140; lady aged 65. Solicitor, Walter B. Styer, Esq.,

London. besides holding many other offices. He died at Scarborough on Tuesday To One-half of a Trust Estate represented by Freeholds. value about £12,000 ; last.

lady aged 65, provided gentleman aged 39 survive her ; with policy. Solicitor,

Walter B. Styer, Esq., London.

To Railway Debentures and Shares in J. & P. Coats (Limited), value nearly

£8,000; lady aged 70 Solicitor, J. G. Muddiman, Esq., London. PIERRE EMMANUEL COUTANT, deceased, late of Fontenay, France, is said

To £2,000 cash out of a Trust Estate; lady aged 72. Solicitors, Messrs. Davidto have executed a will in London in 1897, and to have had deposited

son & Morriss, London, in his name certain monies. Any solicitor knowing of such will or

To One-eighth of a Trust Estate, Colonial and Foreign Railway Stock, value

£1 32; gentleman aged 79 and lady aged 69. Solicitor, Arthur Tyler, Esq., banker having property of the said person is requested to communicate with

M. P. Mainson, 23, Rue Rambaud, La Rochelle, France.

Of £200, out of a Trust Fund; gentleman aged 22; with policy for £3,000

Solicitors, Messrs. Crosse & Sons, London,


For £30,000, £2,000, £1.000, £500, £500. Solicitors, Messrs. Lake & Lake, Messrs.

Brown, Ringrose, & Lightbody, J. M. Opfiill, Esq., and Messrs. J. H. Lee ALEXANDER ALLAN MILLER and EDWARD WILLIAMSON, solicitors (Miller

& Watts, all of London; Messrs. Meyler & Sheppard, of Taunton; and & Williamson), Liverpool. Sept. 21.

Messrs. J. & W.J. Drewry, of Burton-on-Trent.

JAMES GORDON Walls and ALFRED WILLIAM STALLARD, solicitors (Walls In the Kingston-on-Thames Gas Co.
& Stallard), 27, Old Jewry, London. Sept. 21. [Gazette, Sept. 23.

(See advertisements, this week, back page.)
The death is announced of Lady Jessel, the widow of the late Sir
George Jessel, Master of the Rolls.


chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly The curious way in which the parishes of the City run one into another Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter is often the subject of remark. How many, the City Press asks, are aware Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full that one building alone—11, Queen Victoria-street—is in no fewer than particulars. (Established 21 years.) –[Advt.] six parishes ?

The report for 1897 of the Inspector of Retreats under the Inebriates Acts, 1879 and 1888, states that the number of patients continues to increase slightly. In 1895 there were 130 admissions, in the following

WINDING UP NOTICES. year 166, and in 1897 they rose to 183.

London Gasette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 23. A New South Wales correspondent says that during 1897 land titles

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. under the Real Property (Torrens) Act were granted in New South Wales

LIMITED IN CHANCEBY. to properties representing 268,013 acres of Crown lands and 26,941 acres of private lands, the cost of transference, including legal fees, advertising,

ABERCORN REEFS, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 4, to send their

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John Douglas certificates of title, &c., being £2,534.

Stewart Bogle, 91 to 93, Palmerston bldgs A well-known figure at the Law Courts has, says the Times, passed Goli pred pol Methews CO, LIMITED. Peten, for winding up, presented Sept 20, away in the person of Mr. Charles Field, one of the Queen's Bench mingham, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not ushers, who was seized with illness in the Vacation Court lately and

later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 4 conveyed to King's College Hospital, where he died. He was about

PATENT FILMS SYNDICATE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before

Oct 8, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, sixty-two years of age, and was one of the few ushers left who were to William Arthur Kirby, 4, Broad st bldgs employed in the old Law Courts at Westminster.

ROTHWELL HOSIERY CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 2, to send

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John William When the juror comes to the aid of justice, says the Globe, men hear Davidson, Ernest Crewdson, and William Martello Gray, 6, Castle st, Liverpool. strange things sometimes. In a case of a man who had been accidentally Addleshaw & Co, Manchester, solors for liquidators drowned, a witness had expressed his wonder “ that they didn't use a

UMTOLI GOLD Reers Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 4, to send

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John Douglas pump to him."

This did not satisfy the scientific mind of a juror, who Stewart Bogle, 91 to 93, Palmerston bldgs opined that “they ought to have given him an epidemic.” Here another WAHLINS BUTTER Patents SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 16, jūror interposed. You means a hemmetic,” he said. And the court

directed to be heard on Oct 26. Woodcock & Co, Bloomsbury eq, solors for company. left it at a 1. hemmetic.” So now doctors know what to do when a man is

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after

noon of Oct 25 apparently drowned.

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept. 27. Messrs. Blunt & Co., of 95, Gresham-street, London, writing to the

JOINT STOCK COMPANIB 8. Times with regard to the Employers' Liability Act, 1898, say:

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. Act says-'Payment shall in case of death be made to the legal A. C. Hills, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before. Nov 1, to send their names personal representative of the workman'-i.e., his executor or, in the and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to J. Walter G. Hill, 9, absence of a will, his administrator. It adds, Or if he has no legal | ANGLO-AFRICAN GOLD PROPERTIES, LIMITED - Petn for winding up, presented Sept 22,

Bennett's hill, Birmingham, Ryland & Co, Birmingham, solors for liquidator personal representative, to or for the benefit of his dependants. But directed to be heard on Oct 26. Beal & Payne, Budge row, petner's solors. Notice of employers can hardly be expected to embark on the inquiries and risks appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of which this loosely-expressed alternative involves, and we as solicitors

Oct 25 have felt bound to advise that in all cases of fatal accident administration

Campiox & Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 22, to send their names should be required to be taken out. It can be done by personal applica

and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Henry Spain and John

William Barratt, 76 Coleman st. Munns & Longden, old Jewry, solors for liquidators tion to the local Inland Revenue officer at a cost of only 15s. for fees and EFFINGHAM Press, LIMITED --Creditors are required, on or before Nov 11, to send their expenses."

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Frederick William

Lord, 60, Watling st. Mackrell & Ward, Walbrook, solors to liquidator The Select Committee on Election Petitions (whose report is just issued) Gee Floor Scrubbing Machine Co, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presente 1 Sept 21, recommend, according to the Westminster Gazette, that instead of three

directed to be heard on Oct 5. Blachford & Co, Walbrook, solors for petner. Notice judges being placed on the rota to try election petitions each year six

of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of

Oct 4 judges should be placed on the rota for three years, two retiring each HANOVER-SQUARE Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 5, directed to be year. In this way greater continuity of practice would be secured. The heard on Oct 5. Proudfoot & Chaplin, John st, Bedford row, solors for petner. Notice subordinate procedure in elections should also, it is suggested, be con

of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of ducted before some prescribed officer to whom the work should be per HANOVER-SQUARE Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 15, directed to be manently allotted. The committee consider the position of the Public

heard on Oct 5. Cooper & Bake, Portman st, solors for petners. Notice of appearing Prosecutor at present unsatisfactory. He should be entitled to intervene

must reach the above-damed not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 4

INDUSTRIAL INVENTIONS DEVELOPMENT CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept as a party whenever the petition is likely to be affected or endangered 21, directed to be heard on Oct 26. Sykes, Gt Winchester st, solor for petaers. Notice and should have power to continue a petition which would otherwise fail of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afterno in of should he deem it requisite in the interests of justice. The committee

Oct 25 considers that the relief now obtainable in cases of trifling illegality should

John Mills & Sons, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Oct 27, to send their

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Thomas Harrison, be extended to all cases where illegal practices are committed without the St Nicholas chmbrs, Newcastle upon Tyne cognizance of the candidate or his election agent. In conclusion the

MINING TRANSPORT AND GENERAL FINANCE Co, Limited-Creditors are required, on or advantage is pointed out of a codification of the various statutes relating

before Nov 21, to send their names and ad Iresses, and the particulars of their debts or to Parliamentary elections and corrupt practices and election petitions.

claims, to Arthur Goddard, St George's House, Eastcheap. Thomson & Co, West st, solors for liquidators

" The

Oct 4

Newmax & CRIPPS, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) - Creditors are required, on or before Oct WISEMAN, FREDERICK JOHN, Paglesham, Essex, Oyster Merchant Oct 18 Wood & Co,

14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to Southend on Sea John Terry, 31, Milk st

WOLF, TANCRED IRENAEUS, Frizinghall, nr Bradford Oct 7 Neill & Holland, Bradford OTTOMAN RAILWAYS AND PUBLIC WORKS CORPORATION, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) - Wood, Mary Ann, Bury Oct 15 Whitworth, Ashton under Lyne Creditors are required, on or before Oct 29, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Fredk. 8. Salaman, 3, Bucklersbury

WOODCOCK, John, Sheffield, Farmer Oct 15 Smith & Co, Sheffield RAEA FIBRE TREATMENT Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Aug 8, directed to

London Gazette.-- TUESDAY, Sept. 13. be heard on Oct 26. Smith & Hudson, Mincing lane, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 20 BABLOW, Samuel, Eastbourne, Darlington, Pharmaceutical Chemist Oct 8 Lucas & Co,

Bright, FREDERICK, Scarborough Oct 8 Spyer & Sons, New Broad st
BRUNDRIT, John, Runcorn, Chester Nov 1 Lake, Runcorn

Buckton, GEORGE CARRICK, Lazenby, York, Platelayer Oct 1 Jackson & Jackson,


Butt, Esther ELIZABETII, Stroud, Gloucester, Innkeeper Oct 17 Dighton, Cheltenham

CARTWRIGHT, SARAH, L'andudno Oct 27 Wood, York

CLAYWORTH, Joun, North Clifton, Nottingham, Farmer Sept 30 Larken & Co, Newark

on Trent London Gazette.—TUESDAY, Sept. 14.

CORNEY, JANE, Halifax Oct 12 Jubb & Co, Halifax Bell, HENRY, Heywood, Lancaster. Oct 13. Manock v Booth, Registrar, Manchester.

Dillon, Thomas, Gray's inn rd, G!ass Blower Oct 8 Hammond, Bedford row Grundy & Co, Manchester

Ekin, John WillIAM, Stalybridge, Chester Oct 14 Ives, Stalybridge

Foster, JAMES, Clayton le Moors, Lancs Oct 25 Britcliffe, Accrington
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

GUMMER, WILLIAM Hexby, Rotherham, York Oct 22 Hickmott, Rotherham

GURNEY, the Rev William Hay, King's Lynn, Norfolk Oct 22 Jarvis & Morgan, King's

London Gazette.-- TUESDAY, Sept. 6.

Hadley, ELIZABETH, Wellington, Salop Oct 20 Carrane, Wellington
BAINES, FREDERICK CRUDEN, Alexandria, Egypt, Merchant Oct 31 Batesons & Co, HALFORD, Rachel, Kensington garden terrace, Hyde Park Oct 24 Joseph & Hyam,

Finsbury pavement BRADSHAW, BARBABA, Lancaster Sept 15 Sanderson, Lancaster

Hays, HENRY Finney, Newcastle upon Tyne, Confectioner Oct 13 Ward, Newcastle on CARE, JAMES HENBY, Nottingham, Fruit Merchant Oct 15 Pride, Liverpol


HODSUN, GEORGE William, Stalybridge, Chester, Grocer Oct 14 Ives, Stalybridge CURPHEY, John BRIDESON ROWLAND, Bishopson, Bristol, Tailor Oct 20 Tarr & Arkell, Bristol

HOLT, WILLIAM DURNING, Castle Cary, Somerset Oct 11 Thornely & Cameron, LiverEVANS, ROBERT HENRY, Bridgnorth, Salop, Printer Oct 4 Morgan & Duke, Welling- Hyde, Robert, Meole Brace, nr Shrewsbury Oct 31 Urry, Shrewsbury

pool borough FIFE, SIDNEY ALBAN, Brixton Oct 22 Rowe & Wilkie, Basinghall st

LATHAM, ELLEN, St Helen's, Lancs Nov 10 Massey, 8t Helen's GRUNDY, WILLIAM, Slough, Bucks Oct 10 Dowling & Co, Bolton

LIMBERY, ARTHUR John, Newport, Mon Oct 15 Bazeley & Barnes, Bideford HAWORTH, WILLIAM, Kensington Oct 1 Holt, Argyle pl

MATTHEWSON, WILLIAM JOHN, Newcastle upon Tyne Oct 13 Ward, Newcastle upon Heaton, Samuel HOLLAND, Oldham, Iron Moulder Oct 1 Clark & Jackson, Oldham


PARROTT, MIRZA, Bound's Green, Colney Hatch Nov 1 Coldham, New inn, Strand HEWETSON, WILLIAM, Cuma hilton, Cumberland, Yeoman Oct 7 Arnison & Co, Penrith

PENROSE, Eliza, New Shoreham, Sussex Sept 29 Dell, Brighton HUTCHINGS, LEWIS, Clapham Oct 4 Morgan & Duke, Wellingborough

RICHARDSON, ELIZA, Horncastle, Lincoln Sept 30 Tweed & Overton, Horncastle LANCASTER, GEORGE, Brighouse, York, Fishmonger Oct 20 Chambers & Chambers, SIMMONS, Louis, Ramsgate Oct 31 Wright, Victoria st

LAWTON, GEORGE, Culcheth, Lancs, Farmer Oct 8 Marsh & Co, Leigh

SMITH, JANE, Ryton, Durham Oct 13. Ward, Newcastle upon Tyne
LEIGA, ELIZA, Nottingham Oct 1 Hazzledine, Nottingham

SOUTHWELL, ELIZABETH, Boscombe, Hants Oct 24 Thomsons & Co, Cornbill MACKINNON, FLORA ELIZABETH, Broadstairs, Kent Oct 1 Foyer & Hordern, Essex st,

SPICER, JOHN, Kingston upon Hull, Licensed Victualler Oct 10 Martinson, Hull Strand

SPROAT, JAMES, Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed Oct 9 Maclagan, Wooler MOLYNEUX, WILLIAM CHARLES Francis, Kensington Oct 22 Mason & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

STOGDON, ANNE, Exmouth Oct 6 Stogdon, Clement's inn Suitu, KATHARINE, Emscote, Warwick Oct 1 Field & Sons, Leamington

STYLE, ELIZA, Boxley, Kent Oct 14 Case & Roper, Maidstone SMITH, DUDLEY ROBERT, Belgrave sq Oct 5 TB & W Nelson, Cannon st

SUNDERLAND, John, Keighley, York, Herbalist Oct 25 Naylor, Keighley STAPLEY, ELIZABETH, Preston Oct 24 Evershed & Shapland, Brighton

TAYLOR, THOMAS THEODORE, New Kent rd Oct 10 Beckingsale & Co, Copthall avenue Sutcliffe, Mrs MARY ELEANOR, Halifax Oct 7 Ingram & Huntriss, Halifax

ULYETT, GEORGE, Sheffield, Licensed Victualler Oct 31 Wake & Sons, Sheffield TAYLOR, JEREMIAR, Halifax, Plasterer Oct 7 Ingram & Huntriss, Halifax

West, Frances Mary, St Helen's, Lancs Oct 15 Brewis & Sons, St Helen's Tuomas, WILLIAM JACOB, Bradford Oct 6 Newton, Bradford

Wilson, Rev GEORGE LEROUX, Southsea Oct 8 Griffith & Gardiner, Old Serjeant's inn THOROGOOD, WILLIAM, Shelford, Cambs, Carman Oct 21 Wontner & Sons, Ludgate bill

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 16.
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 9.

BENNETT, CAROLINE LEIGH, Newbury, Berks Oct 31 Dawson & Co, New sq, Lincoln's

inn BAXTER, FREDERICK John, Hacover gate, Regent's park Oct 1 Miller & Co, Bostock, ELIZABETH ANNE, Penmaen Gower, Swansea Nov 12 Pennington & Son, Telegraph st

Lincoln's inn fields BAXTER, JOHN GEORGE, Wanstead, Essex Oct 18 Wood & Co, Southend on Sea

CARTER, CHARLES, Bridlington Quay, York Oct 24 Carter & Co, Leeds Blay, JAMES, Saint Ebbes, Oxford, Dealer Sept 30 Mallam & Son, Oxford

CLAYTON, John, Horton, Bradford Oct 15 Ellis, Ivegate, Bradford BkUXSDON, BENJAMIN, Ross, Hereford Oct 15 Thorpe, Ross

COLLINS, Joseph, Eye, Northampton, Corn Merchant Oct 25 Browa & C), Finsbur CROSSLAND, CHABLES, Penistone, York, Farmer Oct 15 Smith & Co, Sheffield


COPPING, JOHN, Stixwould, Lincoln, Farmer Oct 11 Danby & Co, Lincoln CeOSSLEY, HENRY DOWKER, Bentinck st, Manchester sq, Dermatologist Nov 10 Fielder & Sumner, Godliman st, Doctor's commons

Covins, MARY ANN, Liverpool Oct 31 Tyrer & Mackenzie, Liverpool DUDLEY, John, Pimlico, Builder Nov 1 Crawford & Chester, Cannon st

Creighton, ISAAC, Kendal, Westmorland Novi Bolton & Bolton, Kendal ELLIOTT, LYDIA MAUD, Rhodesia, South Africa Oct 17 Sutton & Co, Manchester CUNNINGTON, SUSANNAH, Boston, Lincoln Oct 5 Waite & Co, Boston EVERITT, ANN Nasu, Richmond Oct 8 Godwin, Winchester

EDDINGTON, ISABELLA MABY, Birnam, St John's rd, Sevenoaks Nov 10 Norton Ellen, FIELD, FRANCIS Tennet, Brickworks, nr Meadowfield, Durham Oct 10 Edger, Hartle

Chancery lo pool

ENGLAND, David Binns, Bingley, York, Cloth Manufacturer Oct 31 Weatherhead & FRANCIS, SAMUEL, Kenwyn, Cornwall Sept 17 Bennett, Truro

Knowles, Bradford

ENGLISH, CHARLES John, Liverpool, Shipbroker Oct 14 Norris & Sons, Liverpool FRASER-SMITH, ELIZA ISABELLA, Maida Hill Oct i Griffith & Gardiner, Old Serjeant's ion

FRANKEL, CHARLES, Draper's gdns, Stockbroker Oct 31 Adler, Angelct, ThrogGILL, THOMAS ALSOP, Warwick Oct 8 Smith & Smith, Evesham

morton st

Hancox, JOB, Birmingham, Fish Hawker Oct 15 Bennett, Banbury GREEN, JOBEPA, Mirfield, York, Horse Dealer Oct 17 Wilson, Mirfield

Harris, Frances SUSAN WALCOTT, Dyke rd, Brighton Oct 19 Upperton & Bacon, Heath, John Thomas, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick Oct 15 Moore & Tibbits, Brighton

HAWKINS, BELLAMIRA, Minsterworth, Gloucester Sept 29

Hannam-Clark & Co, Hills, Henry, Deptford Oct 8 Satchell & Chapple, Queen st, Cheapside

Gloucester HINDLE, ELIAS, Bradford Oct 7 Freeman, Bradford

Heatox, Joun, Brighouse, York Oct 15 Neill & Holland, Bradford HIPPISLEY, GEORGIANA, Bath Oct 22 Rees & Co, Temple Cloud, nr Bristol

MACQUEEN, JAMES, Birkdale, Southport Oct 31 Addleshaw & Co, Manchester Joy, EDWARD, St Leonards on Sea Oct 31 Langham & Co, Hastings

Michelson, HEYRy, Lincoln Dec 1 English, Stamford LANE, Mary Ann, Brighton Oct 7 Harker, Brighton

Nye, Thomas, Fort rd, Bermondsey, Ship's Steward Oct 10 Hands, Gresham st LEB, John, Blackpool Oct 1 Armitage & Co, Huddersfield

Poole, ELIZABETH, Ring o' Bells Inn, Macclesfield, Chester Oct 29 Hand &

Macclesfield MEAKIN, ISABELLA, Hasland, Derby Oct 15 Busby & Co, Chesterfield

RIBERA, NORBERTO ESPINET Y, Vine st, Minories, Merchant Oct 29 CW & H B Taylor, MILLABD, SELINA, Dolgelley Sept 30 Guthrie Jones, Dolgelley

Crutched Friars

SANER, JAMES, Hove, Sussex Oct 31 Gasquet & Metcalfe, Great Tower st RICKETT, THOMAS, Shopland, E-sex, Farmer Oct 18 Wood & Co, Southend on Sea

SMITH, WALTER William, Odd Down, Bath Dec 31 King & Hughes, Maidstone RoE, SARAH, Brighton Oct 7 Harker, Brighton

Stitt, Samuel, Claughton, Birkenhead Oct 31 Batesons & Co, Liverpool
SHELTOX, RICHARD, New ct, Linc»ln's inn, Solicitor Nov 6 Shelton & Co, New ct
Lincoln's inn

STONE, ANN Mary, Cheltenham Nov 3 Billing, Cheltenham
TANCRED, Jonn, Liverpool, Contractor Sept 26 Bradley & Son, Liverpool

Tallin, William, Newport, Mon, Dairyman Oct 31 Lloyd & Pratt, Newport, Mon Tuwse, WILLIAM, Londesborough, York, Master Carpenter Oct 1. Powell, Market Towell, WILLIAM LUMAN, Torquay, Devon, Mining Prospector Dec 14 Bower & Co, Weighton

Bream's bldgs, Chancery lane WATSON,

Tuomas LEONARD, Waterloo, nr Liverpool Oct 6 Avison & Co, Liverpool TREVELYAN, WALTER RALEIGH, Elm Park gdns, South Kensington Oct 31 Dangerfield WHITE, WILLIAM, Eccles, Manchester, Engine Driver Oct 24 Bowden, Manchester

& Co, Craven st, Charing Cross

WEBB, HENRY, Turnpike lane, Hornsey, House Agent Sept 29 Robins & Clark, FinsWilsox, Henry, Manchester Oct 28 Lawson & Co, Manchester

bury circus

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COATES, GEORGE HENBY, Whitley, Northumberland, Char COCK, Redruth, Cornwall, Builders Truro Pet Sept

tered Accountant Oct 3 at 11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley 19 Ord Sept 19 BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. st, Newcastle on Tyne

EcoTT, JOHN, and SIDNEY SKILLMAX, Walthamstow, London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 23.

Cook, FREDERICK GEORGE, Scunthorpe, Lincs, Painter Builders High Court Pet July 12 Ord Sept 20

Sept 30 at 11 Off Rec, 15, Osborne st, Great Grimsby ELLAM, JOHN GARTH Dodsox, West st, Moorgate st, Stock RECEIVING ORDERS.

DAND, CHARLES, Copthall-court Oct 3 at 11 Bankruptcy Dealer High Court Pet June 24 Ord Sept 19 bldgs, Carey st

FIRTH, BENJAMIN, Bradford, Basket Maker Bradford Pet
Angus, Joun, Wolsingham, Durham, Ionkeeper Durham
Davies, DANIEL, Llanegwad, Carmarthens, Licensed Sept 21

Ord Sept 21
Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

Victualler Oct 1 at 11.30 Of Rec, 4, Queen st, Car- Hunt, ROBERT, Radford, Nottingham, Lacemaker Not-

tingham Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19 Manager High Court Pet Aug 10 Ord Sept 19 BUDD, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Herne Hill, Contractor High

Deiver, WRIGHT, Burnley, Organ Builder Sept 30 at 2.30 JABVIS, WILLIAM MATTHEW, and ALBERT WILLIAM LLOYD, Court Pet July 25 Ord Sept 19 Exchange Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley

Great Eastern st, Ironmongers High Court Pet Sept DUNNING, JOHN STONEMAN, St Thomas the Apostle, Devon, 19 Ord Sept 19 BUNNING, Tuomas, Coddington, Northamptons, Farmer

Maltster Oct 6 at 11 The Castle, Exeter

Jones, Joux EDWARD, Tglorstown, Glam, Grycer PontyNorthampton Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21

GIBBONS, WILLIAM Gouch, Chiswick, Decorator Oct 1 at pridd Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 21 CAMERON, Thomas BROUGH, Shepherd's Bush High Court

11.30 Off Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple av

KILBURN, ROBERT, South Shields, Clothier Newcastle on
Pet July 25 Ord Sept 19
CARPENTER, JOHN EDWARD, Leicester, Commercial Travel-

GILMORE, GEORGE, Scarborough, Baker Sept 30 at 12 Off Tyne Pet Sept 19 Or1 Sept 19
Rec, 74, Newborough, Scarborough

LANE, CHARLES, Cardiff, Baker" Cardiff Pet Sept 17 Ord ler Leicester Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20 GeIFFITHS, THOMAS, Penbryn, Cardigan, Farmer Sept 30

Sept 17 CLARK, JAMES, Lavender hill, Butcher Wandsworth Pet

at 11 Salutation Hotel, Newcastle Emlyn

LIDDELL, PATRICK JOSEPII, Exeter, Accountant Exeter Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

Guise, Rivere F, Oriss i, India Sept 30 at 11 Bankrupt ry Pe! Aug 9 Ord Sept 20 CRABB, GEORGE, Ryde, I of W, Baker Newport Pet Sept

bldgs, Carey st

MOCLUNE, JAMES WILLIAM, Sherringham, Norfolk, Hair20 Ord Sept 20 HARMAN, James, and CHARLES HARMAN, Abridge, Essex,

dresser Norwich Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21 DAND, CHARLES, Brighton High Court Pe: Aus 25 Ord

Builders Sept 30 at 3 Sept 19

Off Roc, 95, Temple chmbrs, McKelvie, Joun, Leadenham, Lincs, Gardener Boston DANIEL, Evan Francis, Swassea, Commission Agent

Temple av

Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20 Swansea Pet Sept 17 Orů Sept 17

HENDERSON, WILLIAM, Wiplaton, Durham, Mason Oct 3 MARCHBANK, Louis VINCENT, Bradford, Innkeeper Bradat 12 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne

ford Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20 DAVENPORT, GEORGE RICHARD, Burslem, Licensed Vic


NACHMANN, EDWARD, Bla kpool, Hairdresser tualler Hanley Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 21

Hughes, HUGH, Holyhead, Anglesey, Third Mate Oct 1 at DAVIES, JAMES, Troedrhiwiwcb, Glam, Grocer Merthyr

1.30 North-Western Hotel, Holyhead

Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21
Tydfil Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 21

JARVIS, WILLIAM MATTHEW, and ALBERT William LLOYD, PEARSON, JOHN, Chatham, Limeburner Rochester Pet
Gt Eastern st, Ironmongers



dept 19 Ord Sept 19 COCK, Redruth, Cornwall, Builders Truro Pet Supt

ruptcy bldgs Carey st

PERRET , GEORGE, Debden, Essex, Farmer Cambridge Pet 19 Ord Sept 19

JENNINGS, ARTHUR EDWARD, Idle, Yorks Oct 4 at 11 Off Sept 20 Ord Sept 20
Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford

EaYes, Ralpit, Luton, Bedford, Tailor Laton Pet Sept
Johnson, GEORGE Henry, Cheltenham, Grocer Oct 1 at

Manchester Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 20 21 Ord Sept 21

4.15 County Court bldgs, Cheltenhim

PROCTOR, Amos, Sheffield, Organ Builder Sheffield Pet
Fibri, BENJAMIN, Bradford, Basket Maker Bradford
Pet Sept 21

Aug 27 Ord Sept 20
Ord Sept 21

Jones, John HARDING, Bettws, Carmarthens, Grocer Oct
GREENHALGH, JOSEPH, Blackburn, Fruit Merchant Black- MCINTYRE, Hec roe' DUNCAN, Putney, Cilliery Proprietor

1 at 11 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen

RACKHAM, Joux, Watford, Herts, Carpenter St Albans

Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 16 burn Pet Sept 19 Ori Sept 19

Oct 3 at 12 Off Rec. 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

Ray, Brisco, Telegraphst, Solicitor High Court Pet HELLINGS, ROBERT C, Cheltenham, Hatter Cheltenham

MEASURES, EDWARD, Huntiogdon, Plumber Oct 21 at July 7 Pet Aug 11 Sept 21

Ord Sept 16 12.15 Law Courts, New rd, Peterborough

RIDING, ALBERT CUARLES, Docking, Norfolk, Chemist HULSE, ARTHUB, Chester, Contractor Chester Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

METCALF, James, Sheffield, Cycle Manufacturer Sept 30 Norwich Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21 HUNT, ROBERT, Radford, Nottingham, Lacemaker Not

at 2 Off Rec, Figtree lane, Sheffield

ROBERTSON, David, Huddersfield, Doctor Huddersfield tingham Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

PAUL, Silas George, Southampton, Builder Oct 5 at 3.30 Pet Aug 25 Ord Sept 20
Off Rec, 172, High st, Southampton

ROBINSON, RICHARD, Newton, nr Great Ayton, York, Jarvis, William MATTHEW, and ALBERT WILLIAM LLOYD,

Peacock, WILLIAM, Exelby, Yorks, Iankeeper Oct 10 at Great Eastern st, Ironmongers High Court Pet Sept

Farmer Stockton on Tees Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20 11.30 Court house, Northallerton

SLEEMAN, John Henry, Halwell, Devon Barnstaple Pet 19 Ord Sept 19 JONES, JOHN EDWARD, Tylorstown, Glam, Grocer

Pearson, Joux, Chatham, Limeburner Oct 17 at 12 115, Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

Pontypridd Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 21

High st, Rochester

Smita, WILLIAM JAMES, and WILLIAM Cole, Clerkenwall, PICKERING, JOHN BERNARD WILLIAM, Weaste, Lincs Sept

General Drapers High Court Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 20 KILBURN, ROBERT, South Shields, Clothier Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 19

Thomas, Lewis HOWELL, Llansamlet, Glam, Grocer Ord Sept 19

30 at 2.30 Of Rec, Byrom st, Manchester LANE, CHARLES, Cardiff, Baker Cardiff Pet Sept 17 Ord Pirmax, GEORGE, Milborne Port, Somersets, Builder Oct

Neath Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20 1 at 11 Off Rec, Endless st, Salisbury

Tuomas, Thomas, Bridgend, Glam, Bicycle Agent Cardiff Sept 17

Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19
MacCabe, Hexey, Lea Bridge rd, Essex, Publican High | RACKHAM, JOHN, Watford, Herts, Carpenter Sept 39 at
Court Pet July 5 Ord Sept 21

2.30 County Court Office, St Albans

WEBB, ARTHUR, Evesham, Baker Worcester Pet Sept 2) MCCLUNE, JAMES WILLIA», Sherringham, Norfolk, HairReiD, WILLIAM, Monmouth Oct 3 at 12 Off Rec, West

Ord Sept 20 dresser Norwich Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21

gate chmbrs, Newport, Mon

West, ALBERT SPENCER, Kidderminster, Saddler KidderMCKELVIE, Joun, Leadenham, Lincs, Gardener Boston

Rix, Thomas, Lingwood, Norfolk, Nurseryınan Oct 1 at minster Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17 Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

12 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

WAEELER, ROBERT PERCY, Eastbourne Eastbourne Pet ROULSTONE, HERBERT, Scarborough, Grocer Sept 30 at 11

Sept 13 Ord Sept 16 MANNING, JANE ELIZABETH, Heswall, Cheshire, Confectioner Birkenhead Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 19

Off Rec, 74, Newborough, Scarborough

WICKERT, CHRISTIAN, Judd st, Euston rd, Baker High MARCHBANK, Louis VINCENT, Bradford, Innkeeper BradSANDERS, FRANK, St Leonard's on Sea, Stationer Sept 30

Court Pet Aug 2 Ord Sept 17 at 3 Off Rec, 24, Railway app, London bdge

WILLIAMS, ford Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

Thomas Artuur, Bryamawr, Breeknocks, lan-
SMITH, JOSEPH, Wolverhampton Oct 3 at it Off Rec, keeper Tredegar Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20
MARTIN, John, Upper Norwood, Schoolmuster Croydon
Pet Sept 19' Ord Sept 19

MOSELEY, JOSEPH, Mile End rd High Court Pet Aug 26
TRINEMAN, WILLIAM ALFRED, Seaton, Devons, Insurance

Amended notice substituted for that published in the
Ord sept 21
Agent' Oct 6 at 10.30 Off Rec, 13, Bedford circus,

London Gazette of Sept. 16 :

Neale, William BEAVOIR, Charing Cross mansions, MerNACHMANN, EDWARD, Blackpool, Hairdresser Preston

Wale, John Thomas, Foleshill, Warwicks, Builder Oct 6 chant High Court Pet May 17 Ord Aug 10 Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21 PEARSON, John, Chatham, Limeburner Rochester

at 12 Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry

Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

WALLACE, HENRY, Bread st, Cheapside, Merchant Sept 30
PERRETT, GEORGE, Debden, Essex, Farmer Cambridge
at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept. 27.
Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20
Warley, GEOBGE JACKSON, Middleton on the Wolds, York,


Joiner Sept 30 at 11 Off Rec, Trinity House lane,

Hull Manchester Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

ALDRIDGE, JOHN WILLIAM, Nottingham, Lace ManufacREES, DAVID, Rhymney, Mon, Grocer Tredegar

WEBB, ARTRUR, Evesham, Worcesters, Baker Oct 1 at

turer Nottingham Pet Sept 22 Ord Sept 22 Sept 10 Ord Sept 20

11.30 Off Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester

BAKER, ANNIE ELIZA, Hove, Sussex, Lodging house RIDING, ALBERT CHABLES, Docking, Norfolk, Chemist

WHITEHOUSE, Tuomas. Scarborough, Working Jeweller Keeper Brighton Pet Sept 24 Ord Sept 24 Norwich Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21

Sept 30 at 3 Of Rec, 74, Newborough, Scarborough BARNES, GEORGE RICHARD TAMSETT, Whitwell, I of w, Robinson, Richard, Newton, nr Great Ayton, Yorks, WILKINSON, JOSEPH, Masham, York, Farmer Oct 10 at Labourer, Newport Pet Sept 23 Ord Sept 23 Farmer Stockton on Tees Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 29

11.30 Court house, Northallerton

BAYLEY, MOSES, Wilmslow, Chester, Builder M inchester SLEEMAN, JOHN HENRY, Halwell, Devons, Husbandman

WINN, JOAN ARCHIBALD, Wakefield, Newsagent Sept 30 at Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 23 Barnstaple Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

11 Off Rec, 6, Bond terrace, Wakefield

Birkin, GEORGE, Wolverhampton, Grocer WolverhampSTANT, John, Walsall, Butcher Walsall Pet Sept 20

WINTER, ALEXANDEB, Newcastle on Tyne, Licencad Vic ton Pet Sept 23 Ord Sept 24 Ord Sept 20

tualler Oct 3 at 11 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle BODKER, Mary, Camberwell rd, Manufacturing ConfecSTACEY, EDWARD, Hackney, Cabinet Maker High Court

on Tyne

tioner High Court Pet Sept 23 Ord Sept 23 Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19


CARD, EPHRAIM, Yeovil, Tailor "Yeovil Pet Sept 22 Ord TAYLOR, JOSEPH, Mile End ra, Auctioneer High Court

Sept 22 Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

ANGUS, John, Wolsingham, Durham Durham Pet Sept CRUMP, RICHARD, Bewdley, Worcs, Timber Berchant Thomas, Lewis HOWELL, Llansamlet, Glam, Grocer Neath BARRY, WILLIAM JOSEPH MURPHY, Hove, Sussex, Doctor

20 Ord Sept 20

Kidderminster Pet Sept 22 Ord Sept 22 Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

DAY, ARTHUR, Leicester, "Plasterər Leicester Pet Sept Thomas, Thomas, Bridgend, Glam, Bicycle Agent Cardiff

Brighton Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 19

24 Ord Sept 24 Pet Sept 19 Ord Sept 19

BAUGHAN, John, Oxford, Farmer Oxford Pet Dec 31 DUNCOMBE, A GERALD, Queen Anne's mansions High WEBB, ARTHUR, Evesham, Worcesters, Baker Worcester

Ord Jan 17

Court Pet July 16" Ord Sept 24 Pet Sept 20 Ord Sept 20

BEAGLEY, GEORGE JAMES, Windsor, Publican Windsor ELLIS, EDMUND, Scarborough, Grocer Scarborough Pet West, ALBERT SPENCER, Kidderminster, Saldler Kidder

Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 17

Sept 23 Ord Sept 23 minster Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17

BRUNSDEN, STEPHEN Hunt, Wandsworth High Court Pet GLEDUILL, ALBERT, Crawley, Sussex, Veterinary Surgeon WILLIAMS, THOMAS ARTHUR, Brynmawr, Brecknocks, Inn

Aug 22_Ord Sept 16

Brighton Pet Sept 23 Ord Sept 23 keeper Tredegar Pet Sep: 20 Ord Sept 20

BUNNING, Thomas, Loddington, Northamptons, Farmer GODWIN-AUSTEN, HENRY HAVERSHAM, Bramley, Surrey
Northampton Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21

Guildford Pet Sept 22 Ord Sept 22
Amended notice substituted for that published in the CANNINGS, MARGARET, New Bond st High Court Pet HACKING, ROBERT BERTWISTLE, Preston, Jnsurance Agent
London Gazette of Sept. 16 :
July 21 Ord Sept 17

Preston Pet Sept 22 Ord Sept 22
PAILLIPS BROTHERS, Swansea, Mercers Swansea Pet CARPENTER, JOHN EDWARD, Leicester, Commercial Travel-Jones, ARTHUR Isaac, Harlesden, Dairyman High
Sept 1 Ord Sept 12
ler Leicester Pet Sept 20_Ord Sept 20

Court Pet July 25 Ord Sept 23
CLARK, JAMES, Lavender Hill, Butcher Wandsworth Pet JONES, EDWARD Jonx, New Tredegar, Mon, Provision
Sept 19 Oid Sept 19

Dealer Tredegar Pet Sept 22 Ord Sept 22
CRABB, GEORGE, Ryde, I of W, Baker Newport Pet Sept
BATCHELOR, GEORGE, jun, Strood, Kent, Contractor

KAY, JAMES, Bury, Ironfounder Bolton Pet Sept 22 Ord

29 Ord Sept 20 Oct 3 at 12 115, High st, Rochester

Sept 22

CRUMP, Harry, Brighton, Jobbing Builder Brighton Pet | MCLAREN, ALEXANDER, Armley, Leeds, Fish Salesmın
Sept 15 Ord Sept 19

Leeds Pet Sept 21 Ord Sept 21
Manager Sept 30 at 1 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
BEWLEY, WILLIAN, Carlisle, Wine Merchant Oct 3 at 3

DANIEL, Evan Feancis, Swansea, Commission Agent Magritt, GEORGE WILLIAN, Kingston upon Hull, Cabinet

Swansea Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 19 Off Rec, 34, Fisher st, Carlisle

Maker Kingston upon Hull Pet Sept 23 Ord Sept 23 BUDD, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Herna Hill, Contractor Sept

DELL, FREDERICK, and CHARLES TOMBLESON, Gt Dover st, MARTINDALE, GEORGE , Bridlington Quay, Yorks, Tobac

Tea Merchants High Court Pet Aug 2 30 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Ord Bept 17 conist Scarborough Pet Sept 2 Ord Sept 29 CAMERON, THOMAS BROUGH, Shepherd's Bush Sept 30 at 11

DE MONTMORENCY, HERVEY GUY Francis EDWARD, Albany Max, Henry, Hampstead, Fruiterar High Court Pet

Court yard High Court Pet July 11 Ord Sept 17
Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Sept 24 Ord Sept 24
Done, WILLIAM BRASHER, Oxford, Tailor Oxford Pet
CARTEB, LORD, & fish, Grays, Essex, Cycle Makers

MEYLER-WARLOW, Thomas Pictox WARLOW, Wigton,
Oct 17 at 11.30 115, High st, Rochester
Feb 24 Ord April 6

Cumberland, Schoolmaster Carlisle Pet Sept 7 Ord Downing, William GEORGE, and Thomas HENRY HAN Sept 24

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