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JOHN LAKE & Sox, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 16, directed to be heard on Oct 26. Robbins & Co, 218, Strand, agents for Paige & Grylls, Redruth, solors for the petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later

than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 25 MACQUARIE HILL GOLD Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or

before Oct 28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to William Godfrey and Francis Graham Lloyd, Finsbury circus bldgs

(Room No 98). Leonard & Pilditch, New Broad st, solors for the liquidators Mayhew LAND AND ORCHARD Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Oct 31,

to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Robert Ferguson Miller, Ramsden sq, Barrow-in-Furne is

SOUTHPORT CAFE Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Nov 1, to sani their

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Thos. H. Crane,
211, Lord st, Southport
Thaner Coal Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Aug 23, directe 1 to be heard
at the Guildhall, Canterbury, on Oct 3, at 12. ^ Martin & Co, King st, Cheapside, solors
to petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 2 o'clock
in the afternoon of Oct i

COURT CAPTAIN Cook, Independent Foresters, Whitby, York. Sept 7
DOLPHIN LODGE, United Ancient Order of Druids, Ship st, Brighton. Sept 7

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. DeWAR, HENRY John, Rotherhithe New rd, Licensed Vic-, Davies, Daniel, Llanegwad, Carmarthens, Licensed

tualler Sept 23 at 1 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st London Gazette.-Friday, Sept. 16.

Victualler Carmarthen Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 RECEIVING ORDERS.

DINGLE, John Écks, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Coal Merchant DURUAM, Elizabeth, Tavistock, Devon, Fellmonger PlyAXBELL, FREDERICK GEORGE, Margate, Builder Canter

Sept 24 at 12.30 Off Rec, Boscawen st, Truro

mouth Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 ELSDON, ROBERT, North Shields, Boot Dealer Sept 26 at bury Pet Sept 14 Ord Sept 14

Edwards, Thomas CLARKE, Uttoxeter, Dairyman, Burton ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Aston juxta Birmingham, Commis

11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne

on Trent Pet Aug 22 Ord Sep: 15 sion Agent Birmingham Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Evans, Joun, Crickhowell, Brecknocks, Ironmonger Sept Evans, RICHARD, Bethesda, Labourer Bingor Pet Sept BACKHOUSE, HERBERT," and Xavier MABB, Walmgate; R GALATOBEX & Sox, Manchester, Carrier Sept 26 at 3 Fire, WILIAM THOMAS, Gt Grimsby, Grocer Gt Grimsby

23 at 1265, High st, Merthyr Tydil

15 Ord Sept 15 York, Cocoa Manufacturers York Pet Aug 29

Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester Sept 12

Pet spt 12 Ord Sept 12 BEEBY, WALTER, and WALTER CALDWELL, Leicester, Boot

FLAWKINS, CHARLES, Stamford, Lincolns, Saddler Oct 21 FUORD, LILIAN FANNY, Brighton, Dressmaker Brighton Manufacturers Leicester Pet Sept 14 Ori Sept 14 at 12' Law Courts, New rd, Peterborough

Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 BEWLEY, WILLIAM, Carlisle, Wine Merchant Carlisle Pet

JAGGER, John, Huddersfield, Hay Dealer Sept 23 at 11 Foster, EDWIN JOHN, Gt Grimsby, Stationer's Clerk Gt

Off Rec, 19, John William st, Huddersfield Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Grimsby Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17 BOYLE, Hon H, Grosvenor st High Court Pet Aug 4 Oid MANSBRIDGE, ALBERT, Newport, I W, Grocer Sept 26 at Furber, John, Fishponds, Bristol, Traveller Bristal Pet Sept 12

Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 Bryast, Williad Sydney, Bristol, Manure Merchant SAVAGE, HORACE WALTER, Sittingbourne, Kent, Oiiman

GALENZIE, ANDRE, Shaftesbury av, Theatrical Agent High

Sept 26 at 12 115, High st, Rochester Bristol Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 13

Court Pet Aug 22 Ord Sept 17 CALDER, PERCY Moxon, Brixton rd, Licensed Victualler SurCLIFFE, ALFRED Heney, Pendlebury, Lancs, Baker George, George, Camden Town, Furnishing Ironmonger High Court Pet Aug 8 Ord Bept 12 Sept 23 at 2.15_Off Rec, Byrom st Manchester

High Court Pet Aug 27 Ori Sept 16 CARTER, LORD, & Fisi, Grays, Essex, Cycle Makers SHARPE, WALTER, Harewood Bridge, or Leeds, Corn Miller GOLDBERG, J & S, Spitalfields, Boot Manufacturers High Rochester Pet Aug 12 Ord Sept 12

Sept 26 at 12' Off Rec, 19, John William st, Hudders Court Pet Aug 13 Ord Sept 16.

field Clayton, HENRY, Monton, Lancs, Grccer Salford Pet

Guise, Rivete F, Orissa, India High Court Pet Jan 6 Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

WELSTEAD, WALTER Joux, Arreton, I W, Grocer Sep: Ord Sept 16 DANCER, Sir Thomas, St James's pl High Court Pet June

26 at 11.30 Off Rec, Newport, I W

HAMMOND, JOHN WILLIAM, Earl Shilton, Leicester Leicester 28 Ord Sept 12

WHITE, G, Bolt court, Fleet st, Commission Agent Sept Pet Sept 17 Grd Sept 17 DE BULNES, ELIAS FERNANDEZ, Liverpool, Manager Liver

26 at 12 Bankıuptcy bldgs, Carey st

HEMINGWAY, JOHN Hexey, Redcar, Sewing Machine Agent WINTERS, GEORGE, Rushden, Northamptons Sept 23 at 11 pool Pet Aug 18 Ord Sept 14

Stockton on Tees Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 15

Off Rec, 1A, St Paul's sq, Bedford DEWAR, HENRY Joun, Rotherhithe New rd, Licensed

HENDERSON, WILLIAM, Winlatın, Durham, Mason NewVictualler High Court Pet July 19 Ord Bept 11


castle Ord Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 DUNNING, JOHN STONEMAN, St Thomas the Apostle, ANSELL, FREDERICK GEORGE, Margate, Builder Capter A W HENSBY & Co, Upper Holloway, Builders Pet Aug 6 Devops Exeter Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 14 bury Pet Sept 14 Ord Sept 14

Ord Sept 16 GIBBONS, WILLIAM Gouch, Clifton gdns, (his nick, AxMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Aston juxta Birminghanı, Com LIOPEWELL, HERBERT BARNETT, Nottingham, Insurance Decorator Brentford Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

mission Agent, Birmingham Pet Sept 13 Ord sept 13 Broker Nottingham Pet Aug 23 Pet Sept 13 GODFREY, ROBERT, Redinnick, Penzance, Licensed Vic- BeebY, WALTER, and WALTER CALDWELL, Leicester, KILLE, CALEB, Eistmeon, Hunts, Carpenter Portsmouth tualler Truro Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Boot Manufacturers Leicester Pet Sept 14 Ord Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17 GRIFFITHS, Thomas, Penbryn, Cardigans, Farmer Car Sept 14

Lrnes, BENJAMIN CHARLES, Brixton, Licensed Victualler marthen Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Bewley, WILLIAM, Barton's yard, Carlisle, Wine Merchant High Court Pet July 25 Pet sept 14 HARTLEY, HARRY, Warrington, Butcher Warrington Pet Carlisle Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

MCINTYRE, Hectox Duncan, Putney, Colliery Proprietor Sept 13 Ord Sept 13 BLUNT, HENRY WILLIAM, Atherstone, Warwicks, Farmer

Carmarthen Pet Aug 27 Ord Sept 16 JENNINGS, ARTHUR EDWARD, Idle, Yorks Bradford Pet Birmingham Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 12

MANYOX, ELIZABETH GREENWOOD, Manchester ManchesSept 12 Ord Sept 12 CLAYTOX, HENBY, Monton, Lancs, Grocer Salford Pet

ter Pet Sept 17 Ord dept 17 Joxes, GEORGE Wilson, Chester, Draper Chester Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

MEASURES, EDWARD, Huntingdon, Plumber Peterborough Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

CRAWSHAY, HENRY JAMES, Cheltenham High Court Pet Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 15 Jones, Joun HARDING, Bettws, Carmarthens, Grocer Car June 27 Ord Sept 12

Myers, Solomon, Wrexham, House Furnisher Wrexham marthen Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13 DUNNING, JOHN STONEMAN, St Thomas the Apostle, Devons,

Pet Aug 31 Ord Sept 15 KNOWLES, ARTHUR OSWALD, Gt Horton, Bradford, Worsted Multster Exeter Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 14

Paul, Silas GEORGE, Southampton, Builder SouthSpinner Bradford Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

GIBBONS, WILLIAM Gouch, Clifton gdns, Chiswick, Decor ampton Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 LLEWELLYX, EDMUND, Blackwood, Mon, Beerhouse Keeper ator Brentford Pet Sept 12_Ord Sept 12

RETTER, GILES, Stourpaine, Dorset, Farmer Dorchester Tredegar Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

GODFREY, ROBERT, Reddinnick, Penzance, Licensed Vic Pet Aug 13 Ord Sept 16 METCALF, JAMES, Sheffield, Cycle Manufacturer Sheffield tuuller Truro Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

SANDERS, FRANK, Hastings, Stationer Hastings Pet Sept Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12 GRIFFITHS, Thomas, Penbryn, Cardigans, Farmer Car

15 Ord Sept 15 MORRISON, Robert Browy, Carnarvon, Lodging house maithen Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Smith, John Lewis, Cardiff, General Dealer Cardiff Pet Keeper Bangor Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10 HARTLEY, Harry, Warrington, Butcher Warrington

Sept 15 Ord Sept 15 PHILIPS BROTHEAS, Swansea, Gentlemen's Mercers Swan Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

SMITH & COLE, Clerkenwell, General Drapers High Court sea Pet Sept 1 Ord Sept 12

Haswell, JAMES ERsest, Fratton, Hants, Builder Ports Pet Eepts Oid Sept 15 RACKHAM, John, Watford, Herts, Carpenter St Albans

mouth Pet Aug 22 Ord Sept 14

STANDING, HENRY, and JAMES BIDDLES, Walthamstow, Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

Joxes, GEORGE Wilson, Chester, Draper Chester Pet Printers High Court Pet July 30 Ord Sept 15 Rix, Thomas, Lingwood, Norfolk, Nurseryman Norwich Sept 12 Ord sept 12

Taylor, Robert, Shaw, nr Oldham, Coal Merchant OldPet Sept 14 Ord Sept 14

Jones, John HARDING, Bettws, Carmarthens, Grocer Car ham Pet May 21 Ord Sept 15 Roberts, Joax WILLIAM, Bangor, Carnarvon, Tailor marthen Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

Taomas, WILLIAM HENBr, Colwyn Bay, Denbigh, Licensed Bangor Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

KNOWLES, ABTUUR OSWALD, Great Horton, Bradford, Victualler Bangor Pet Aug 25 Ord Sept 13 ROBSON, BENJAMIN HOLMES, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, Worsted Spinner Bradford Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 11 TRINEMAN, WILLIAM ALFRED, Seaton, Devon, Insurance Clerk Sunderland Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

LEVY, DA H, Fenchurch bldgs, Commercial Traveller Agent Exeter Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 SAVAGE, HORACE WALTER, Sitting bourne, Kent, Oilman High Court Pet June 17 Ord Sept 10

UNDERWOOD, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Oxford, Tailor Oxford Rochester Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

LLEWELLYN, EDMUND, Blackwood, Mon, Beerhouse Pet Sept 16_Ord Sept 16 TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Swansea, Baker Swansea Pet Sept 2 Keeper Tredegar Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

WALE, Johs Thomas, Foleshill, Warwicks, Builder Ord Sept 12

Mason, THOMAS, Moor lane, Fine Art Publisher High Coventry Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 WHEELER, ROBERT PERCY, Eastbourne, Clerk Eastbourne Court Pet Aug 23 Ord Sept 12

WEBSTER, Fred, Somerby, Leicester, Baker Leicester Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

METCALF, James, Sheffield, Cycle Manufacturer Sheffield Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17 WILKINSON, Joseph, Masham, Yorks, Farmer Northaller Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

WHARTON, EDWIN, Nottingham, Draper Nottingham Pet ton Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

MORRISON, ROBERT BROWN, Carnarvon, Lodging house Sept 16_Ord Sept 16 WOODYATT, Joux, Bedford pl Brentford Pet June 16 Keeper Bangor Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10

WOOLLEY, HUBERT, St John's, Worcester, Cabinet Maker Ord Aug 30

NEALE, WILLIAM BEAVOIR, Basinghall st, Merchant High Worcester Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 Amended notice substituted for that published in the

Court Pet May 17 Ord Aug 10

WRIGHT, WILLIAM, Lucknall Torkard, Notts, Farmer Londor Gazette of Sept. 6:

Nesmytu, HENRY GEORGE, Chertsey, Surrey, Builder Nottingham Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 Reid, WILLIAM, Monmouth Newport, Mon Pet Aug 23 Kingston, Surrey Pet Aug 17 Ord Sept 12

Amended notice substituted for that published in the
Pet Sept 2
Rıx, Thomas, Lingwood, Norfolk, Nurseryman Norwich

London Gazette of Sept. 13 :
Pet Sept 14 Ord Sept 14

Blunt, Henry William, Atherstone, Warwicks, Farmer ARAM, EDWARD WILLIAM, Gt Yarmouth, Dairyman Sept ROBSON, BENJAMIN HOLMES, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland,

Birmingham Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 8 27 at 10.30 Lovewell Blake, South Quay, Gt Yar

Clerk Sunderland Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12 mouth SAVAGE, HORACE WALTER, Sittingbourne, Řent, Oilman


Rochester Pet Sept 12' Ord Sept 12 York, Chocolate Manufacturers Sept 26 at 12.15° Off SCHRODER, JOIN,

ANSELL, FREDERICK GE JRGE, Margate, Kent, Builder Sept Gravesend, Rent, Coal Merchant

29 at 9 Off Rec, 73, Castle st, Canterbury Rec, 28, Stonegate, York

Rochester Pet June 28 Ord Sept 12

BALDOCK, ROBERT JAMES, York, Letter Carrier Oct 3 at Barey, William JOSEPH MURPHY. Hove, Sussex, Doctor SHEPPARD, DAVID, Gascony av, Kilburn, Refreshment

12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York of Medicine Sept 26 at 12 Off Rec, Pavili yn bldgs, SIVETTA, FREDERICK, New Cross rd, New Cross Gate,

Contractor High Court Pet July 22 Ord Sept 10

BABUGI, JOSEPH JASPER, Stokesley, York, Painter Sept Brighton

27 at 11 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough BISHOP, James, Halesworth, Suffolk, Watchmaker Sept Compositor High Court Pet July 14 Ord Sept 9

BARWICK, RICHARD, Margate, Builder Sept 29 at 9 Off 27 at 10.45' Lovewell Blake, South Quay, Gt Yar- STEER, Edwin PASCAL, Vincent sq High Court Pet July

Rec, 73, Castle st, Canterbury mouth

14 Ord Sept 9

BEEBY, WALTER, and WALTER CALDWELL, Leicester, Boot BOYLE, Hon H, Grosvenor st Sept 26 at 11 Bankı uptcy WILKINSON, JOSEPH, Masham, Yorks, Farmer North

Manufacturers Sept 28 at 12.30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge bldgs, Carey st allerton Pet Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

st, Leicester BROCKWELL, HENRY TUTERTON, Brooke st, Holborn, Glass

London Gazette.- TUESDAY, Sept. 20.

BLUNT, HENRY WILLIAM, Atherstone, Warwicks, Farmer Merchant Sept 23 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st


Sept 29 at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham
CABLE, Eros WESLEY HILL, Pontypool, Furniture Dealer BALDOCK, ROBERT JAMES, York, Letter Carrier York Pet BRADNACK, LUCY, Handsworth, Beerhouse Keeper Sept

Sept 23 at 11.30 Off Rec, Westgate chmbrs Newport
CALDER, PERCY Moxox, Brixton rd, Licensed Victualler | Batchelor, GEORGE, jun,

Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

28 at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

Strood, Kent, Contractor BURTON, JOHN HENRY, Kingston upon Hull Sept 27 at 11 Sept 26 at 1 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Rochester Pet Bept 16 Ord Sept 16

Off Rec, Trinity House In, Hull CARTER, Henry, Pontefract, Yorks, Boxmaker Sept 23 at Burton, John HENRY, Kingston upon Hull Kingston CLAYTON, HENRY, Monton, Lancs, Grocer Sept 28 at 2.30 11 Off Rec, 6, Bond ter, Wakefield upon Hull Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 15

Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester COUNSELL, WILLIAM, Newport, Mon, Grocer Bept 23 at 11 Cook, FREDERICK GEORGE, Scunthorpe, Lincs, Painter CRUMP, HARRY, Brighton, Builder Sept 27 at 11 Off Rec, Off Rec, Westgate chmbrs, Newport Gt Grimsby Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton DANCER, Bir Thomas, St James's pl Sept 26 at 12 Bank- Cooke, James, Oldham, Horse Dealer Oldham Pet Sept DAY, EDWARD NORMAN, Birmingham, Clerk Sept 30 at 11

ruptcy bldgs, Carey st Davis, FREDERICK JAMES, Cheltenham, Hatter Sept 23 at CRUMP, HARRY, Brighton, Jobbing Builder Brighton Pet ERRINGTON, Thomas, Gateshead, Whitesmith Sept 28 at 11.30 Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn Sept 15 Ord Sept 16

12,30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne

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FOORD, Lilian Fanny, Brighton, Dressmaker Sept 28 at Davies, Daniel, Llanegwad, Carmarthens, Licensed WEBSTER, Fred, Somerby, Leicester, Baker Leicester at 11 Off Rec, 4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton Victualler Carmarthen Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17 FRAZIER, WILLIAM CRUDDAS, Felling, Durham, Painter D'ODIARDI, EDMOND SAVORY, Notting Hill, Medical Elec Wharton, EDWIN, Nottingham, Draper Nottingham Sept 28 at 12 Off Rer, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on trician High Court Pet July 26 Ord Sept 15

Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 Tyne

DURHAM, ELIZABETH, Tavistock, Devon, Fellmonger Ply- Waite, JOSEPH GEORGE, Bolt ct, Fleat st, Commission GEORGE, GEORGE, Camden Town, Furnishing Ironmonger mouth Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

Agent High Court Pet Aug 4 Orů Sept 15 Sept 29 at 11 Bankruptcy bldga, Carey st

Evans, RICHARD, Bethesda, Labourer Bangor Pet Sept Woolley, HUBERT, St John's, Worcester, Cabinet Maker GODFREY, ROBERT, Penzance, Licensed Victualler Sept 29 15' Ord Sept 15

Worcester Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16 at 12 Off Rec, Boscawen st, Truro

Facks, HENRY FREDERICK, and MONTAGUE SYDNEY HerGREY, F B, New Broad st Sept 28 at 11 Bankruptcy

Amended notice substituted for that published in the BERT DIGBY, Gutter lane, Cheapside, Trimmings Manu.

London Gazette of Sept 16: bldgs, Carey st

facturers High Court Pet Aug 2 Ord Sept 14

BLUNT, HENRY WILLIAJ, Atherstone, War wicks, Farmer GWYTHER, Anx, and James FREDERICK GWYTHER, Aber- Fire, WILLIAN THOMAS, Gt Grimsby, Grocer Gt Grimsby dare, Butchers Sept 27 at 265, High st, Merthyr

Birmingham Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 12
Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12

FOORD, Liliax Fanny, Brighton, Dressmaker Brighton
HARTLEY, HARRY, Warrington, Butcher Oct 7 at 10 50 Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16
Court house, Palmyra eq, Warrington

Foster, Edwin John, Gt Grimsby, Stationer's Clerk Gt
HENN, JOSEPH, Birmingham, Metal Caster Sept 28 at 12 Grimsby Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17
174, Corporation st, Birmingham

2.-THE LARGEST ORGAN IN THE BODY. FURBER, John, Bristol, Traveller Bristol Pet Sept 16 JONES, GEORGE Wilson, Chester, Draper Sept 39 at 3 Ord Sept 16

It is the liver. This organ haz multifarious duties to Crypt chmbre, Eastgate row, Chester

HAMMOND, JOHN WILLIAM, Eurl Shilton, Leicester, Boot | perform in the internal economy of the digestive system. KNOWLE3, ARTHUR Oswald, Great Horton, Bradford, Manufacturer's Manager

Leicester Pet Sept 17 After the stom ich it is the most abused of all the digestive Worsted Spinner Sept 28 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Menor Ord Sept 17

organs. It is inflamed and hardened by the abuse of row, Bradford

HEMINGWAY, JOHN Hexxy, Redcar, York3, Sewing Muchine alcohol, and its functions are hindered and impaired by LIDDELL, PATRICK JOSEPI, Exeter, Accountant Sept 29 Agent Stockton on Tees Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 15 the tannic acid, the outcome of tea drinking. Errors in at 11 The Castle, Exeter

HENDERSON, William, Winlaton, Durham, Mason, New- diet lead to a diminished secretion of bile. It becomes Lynes, BexAMIN CHARLES, Brixton, Liceused Victualler castle on Tyne Pet Sept 16_Ord Sept 16

torpid and sluggish and the defects react on the bloodSept 29 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Hicks, ROBERT, Bethnal Green, Boot Manufacturer High current-deleterious pro lucts are carried into the circulaMCLEAN, DANIEL, Gateshead, Fishmonger Sept 28 at Court Pet July 23 Ord Sept 15

tion--the skin becomes muddy and yellow, the tongue 11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne Holmes, Thomas,' Folkestone, Boarding house Keeper furred. Life becomes a burden and the victim says “ Life PREston, John, Beeby, Leicesters, Farmer Sept 28 at 3 Canterbury Pet July 27 Ord Sept 17

is not worth living." He flies to drugs, blue pill, and other Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester

INGER, LUCIEN FLAVIEN, Kilburn High Court Pet July quack nostrums, and inds a temporary relief, and a rebound RAMDEN, JOHN, Reigate, Surrey, Jeweller Sept 27 at 21 Ord Sept 12

to a state worse than before; destroys his digestion by 11.30 24, Railway app, London bridge

KEIL, OTTO, St Mary Axe, Mercantile Clerk High Court nauseous medicines and liver pills and wonders why he ROBSON, BENJAMIN HOLMES, Sunderland, Clerk Sept 28 at Pet July 27_Ord Sept 16

continues dull, languid, cranky, and out of sorts. He 3 Off Rec, 25, John st, Sunderland

KILLE, CALEB, Eastmeon, Hants, Carpenter Portsinouth never pauses to consider the why and the wherefore, but Rowan, Thomas, St Mary Axe Sept 28 at 11 Bankruptcy Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17

continues to either doctor himself, or is doctored by others bldgs, Carey st

MANYON, ELIZABETH GREENWOOD, Manchester Manchester into a confirmed melancholy invalid, who invariably shuffles SMITH & Cole, Clerkenwell, General Drapers Sept 28 at 12 Pet Sept 17 Ord Sept 17

off the mortal coil of a miserable life through making his Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

MEASURES, EDWARD, Huntingdon, Plumber Peterborough stomach a receptacle for all the so-called liver cures in the Storey, Joseph, South Shields, Bootmaker _Sept 28 at 11 Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 15

pharmacopoeia. Off Rsc, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle upon Tyne

PAUL, SILAS GEORGE, Southampton, Builder Southampton There is only one method to maintain the liver in good WHEELER, ROBERT PERCY, Eastbourne, Clerk Sept 28 at 2 Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

working order, and that is attention to Diet and Exercise, Coles & Sons, Seaside rd, Eastbourne

PAILLIPS, CHARLES BERRY, St Michael's house, Cornhill Happy is the man or woman who does not know they have W11.LIAMS, John, Llandudno, Lodging house Keeper Sept High Court Pet Aug 18_Ord Sept 15

a liver! Unless this mighty organ duly perforins its 29 at 12.30 Junction Hotel, Llandudno Junction ROBERTS, JOAN WILLIAM, Bangor, Tailor Bangor Pet principal function of secreting bile, a whole army of WOODYATT, JOHN, Chiswick Sept 28 at 3 Off Rec, 95, Sept 13 Ord Sept 13

troubles arise. Temple chmbrs, Temple avue

ROBARTS, NATHANIEL FRANCIS, Fenchurch av, Merchant It cannot be done with medicine.
High Court Pet July 30 Ord Sept 15

It can, however, be done with a perfect food beverage, SANDERS, FRANK, Hastings, Btationer Hastings Pet Sept such as Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, which possesses exceptional BALDOCK, ROBERT JAMES, York, Letter Carrier York Pet 15 Ord Sept 17

vitalizing properties. It will save your digestion part of Sept 16 Ord Sept 17

Smith, John Lewis, Cardiff, General Dealer Cardiff Pet its work, and is far more nourishing and sustenant than tea BATCHELOR, GEORGE, jun, Strood, Kent, Contractor Sept 15 Ord Sept 15

or the ordinary cocoa, whilst it possesses a tonic and Rochester Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Swansea, Baker Swansea Pet Sept 2 recuperative force possessed by neither. BOZWARD, JOHN LLOYD, Worcester® Worcester Pet July Ord Sept 14

Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa is pleasant and palatable and it 14 Ord Sept 17

TRINEMAN, WILLIAM_ALFRED, Seaton, Davon, Insurance imparts nourishment and builds up strength. As a food BRAY, FREDERICK JAMES, Paddington, Cartage Contractor Agent Exeter Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

beverage it is invaluable. High Court Pet July 25 Ord Sept 15

UNDERWOOD WILLIAM FREDERICK, Oxford, Tailor Oxford The unique vitalizing, and restorative powers of Dr. BURTON, JOHN Henry, Kingston upon Hull Kingston Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa are being recognized to an extent upon Hull Pet Sept 15 Ord Sept 15

URWIN, JAMES WILLIAM, Liverpool, Solicitor Liverpool hitherto unknown in the history of any preparation. CALDER, PERCY Moxon, Brixton rd, Licensed Victualler Pet Aug 19 Ord Sept 15

Merit, and merit alone, is what is claimed for Dr. Tibbles' High Court Pet Aug 8 Ord Sept 14

VIONOLES, CAARLES Auguste, Upper George st, Bryanston Vi-Cocoa, and the proprietors ar3, prepared to send any Cook, FREDERICK GEORGE, Ecunthorpe, Lincs, Painter sq, Stockbroker High Court Pet April 23 Ord reader who names the SOLICITORS' "JOURNAL (a postcard Great Grimsby Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16

Sept 16

will do) a dainty sample tin of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa free COOKE, JAMES, Oldham, Horse Dealer Oldham Pet Sept WALE, John Thomas, Foleshill, Warwicks, Builder and post-paid. Address : 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, 16 Ord Sept 16

Coventry Pet Sept 16 Ord Sept 16


TUTORS. J. CARTER HARRISON, 30, Bedford-row, W.C.-Equity, Conveyancing, Conmon Law, and Bankruptcy. LEONARD H. WEST, LL.D., 19, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, W.C.-Criminal and Magisterial Law ; Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty ; and

Ecclesiastical Law. Stephen's Commentaries. Classes for Final Students are held at the Hall of the Society on four afforded by fortnightly papers, and embraces the following subjects: Equity, afternoons each week during the following periods: August to January ; Conveyancing, Common Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal and Magisterial Law, January to June.

Probate, Divorce, Admiralty, and Ecclesiastical Law. These periods afford five months' class preparation, and students are These papers both before and after the Intermediate Examinations are ai vised to subscribe for a full course otherwise the work must necessarily varied each year, so that students who may subscribe for more than one be húrried.

year's tuition receive additional assistance. Students may join the classes either before or after the Intermediate These courses may be commenced at any time, but the Tutors recommend Examination without subscribing to the course of Postal instruction, but it that the Intermediate course should be commenced at an early stage of the is recommended that they should avail themselves of both modes of in Articles, and the Final course soon after the Intermediate Examination has struction.

been passed. Subscribers to either Class or Postal instruction have the opportunity of The results obtained have been satisfactory. Many pupils have obtained consulting the Tutors upon the work of the course in personal interview or honours, and the percentage of passes is a high one, exceeding 85 per cent. by letter at any time.

of between three and four hundred pupils who last presented themselves for To those Clerks who are articled at a distance from large towns systematic examination. It has happened on several occasions that all Class pupils instruction with advice and help is given, and a course of preparation have been successful, and the same has occurred in the case of subscribers to through the post has been devised, and is found to be useful where personal the Correspondence Courses. tuition is impracticable.

TERMS. Class instruction is also provided on the selected portions of Stephen's

FINAL. Commentaries and the subjects above named, and it is recommended that the Class Instruction, 5 months...

£9 9 classes should be joined after the expiration of a course of Postal instruction,

after previous Postal Instruction...

4 months Students can join the classes at any time, the fees being proportionate to the

after previous Postal Instruction"..

6 6 0 length of attendance, except that no fee shall be less than that for a three

3 months

70 months' course.

after previous Postal Instruction..

5 5 Postal Instruction, 2 years ...

8 8 Roome are provided where subscribers may study, and books are supplied

66 without extra charge.

INTERMEDIATE. Periodical test examinations are held by the Tutors.

Class Instruction, 6 months

£7 hay The Classes for Intermediate Students are held in the Hall of the Society

after previous Postal Instruction...
3 months

4 4 0 on three afternoons in each week during the following periods: August to

after previous Postal Instruction...

3 3 0 November ; October to January ; January to April ; March to June.

Postal Instruction, 2 years

6 6 0 Subscribers may subscribe for successive classes.

12 months Books can be obtained from Messrs. Stevens & Sons, or other law lending the Inns of Court, under the direction of the Council of Legal Education, upon payment

Articled Clerks may attend the Lectures and Classes given or held in connection with library, for an annual subscription of a guinea and a half to cover the course of half the fees payable by other persons not being members of an Inn of Court, the supplied to either Class of Postal Subscribers, at an annual subscription tion form payment of the remainder. Articled clerks will also be admitted to the viva voce of one guinea, on application to the Tutor, Dr. West.

Articled Clerks may obtain particulars of such Lectures and Classes, and vouchers for In the case of students who have not passed the Intermediate Examination Tickets, upon application to the SEORETARY of the Incorporated Law Society. the Postal instruction is by means of monthly papers, and deals with the Cheques and Post Office Orders should be made payable to the SECRETARY, selected portions of Stephen's Commentaries.

and crossed “Messrs. BARCLAY & Co., LIMITED." For those who have passed the Intermediate Examination instruction is Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane. June, 1898.

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VOL. XLII., No. 48.

The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

LONDON, OCTOBER 1, 1898. Capital

£400,000 Debentures and Debenture Stock


LOANS MADE THEREON. The Editor cannot undertake to return rejected contributions, aud Proposal Forms and full information may be had at the Society's Offices. W. OSCAR NABH, F.I.A., Actuary.

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Cases Reported this Week.


Bailey v. Skinner and Fleming, Reid, & Co.

Re The Trusts of the Will of W. H. Varey (deceased) and the

Trustee Act, 1893

Warr & Co. (Lim.) v. Edwardes and Daly SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL £1,000,000. PAID-UP £100,000.



CURRENT TOPICS. HEAD OFFICE: 49, Chancery-lane, W.C. | CITY OFFICE : 56, Moorgate-street, E.C.

WE PRINT elsewhere the list of papers to be read at the

Annual Provincial Meeting of the Incorporated Law Society at IMPORTANT TO SOLICITORS

Swansea, which will commence on Tuesday next. It will be In Drawing LEASES or MORTGAGES of

seen that they include discourses on the Workmen's Compensation LICENSED PROPERTY

Act, 1897, and the Formation of Limited Companies, both of To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

which are likely to give rise to interesting discussion.
Suitable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtained on application to

THE LAND Transfer Rules, 1898, have now been issued in a 24, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C.

convenient form, and can be obtained at the moderate price of Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without 41d. The rules are prefaced by a memorandum describing special valuation and at low rates.

shortly the contents of the rules, and pointing out very usefully

their relations to the Acts of 1875 and 1897. We learn from it LEGAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE -what we did not clearly gather from rule 216—that upon an SOCIETY.

application for registration with possessory title any necessary

surveying for the purpose of enabling the land to be identified ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY.

on the ordnance map is to be done by the Land Registry 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON.

surveyors free of charge. Attention is drawn in the

memorandum to the application of compulsory registration FREE,

to the grant of leases and dealings with leasehold land

held under leases having not less than two lives to fall SIMPLE,

in or forty years still to run. The practical effect of rule 59 has not yet, we think, been fully appreciated. It provides, in effect, that when registration has become compulsory, an assignment on sale of a lease or underlease having at least forty years to run or two lives yet to fall in, and a grant of a lease or underlease for a term of forty years or more, or for two or more lives, executed after the commencement of compulsory registration and capable of registration, shall operate only as an agreement, and shall not pass any legal estate to the assignee or

lessee unless or until he is registered as proprietor of the AND

lease or underlease. Having regard, however, to Walsh v. SECURE.

Lonsdale (31 W. R. 109, 21 Ch. D. 9) it is possible that as

regards the grant of a lease this provision of the rules will not FUNDS. - £3,000,000. INCOME

£ 390,000. be considered as a serious penalty and that registration will be YEARLY NEW BUSINESS - £1,000,000. BUSINESS IN FORCE - £11,700,000.

The Right Hon. Lord HALSBURY (Lord High Chancellor of England).
The Hon. Mr. Justice KEKEWICH.

WITH REGARD to Part III. of the Rules, special attention is
The Right Hon. Sir JAMES PARKER DEANE, Q.C., D.C.L.

called in the memorandum to the general provisions (rules 146 RICHARD PENNINGTON, Esq.

to 165) applicable to all classes of transactions in the Registry, DIRECTORS.

particularly to the provisions as to the form and execution and Bacon, His Honour Judge.

Mathew, The Hon. Mr. Justice.
Davey, The Right Hon. Lord.
Meek, A. Grant, Esq. (Devizes).

attestation of registered dispositions, and their delivery at the Deane, The Right Hon. Sir James Parker, Mellor, The Right Hon. John W., Q.C., Registry for registration and as to their priority ; also to the

Q.C., D.C.L.
Ellis-Danvers, Edmund Henry, Esq. Milla, Richard, Esq.

provisions (rules 121 to 126) adapting to sub-mortgages and to Finch, Arthur J., Esq.

Morrell, Frederic P., Esq.(Oxford).
Frere, Geo. Edgar, Esq.
Pennington, Richard, Esq.

incumbrances prior to registration the provisions of the Act of Garth, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Q.C. Rowcliffe, Edward Lee, Esq.

1875 with regard to charges. The first mentioned sub-mortgages Healey, C. E. H. Chadwyck, Esq., Q.C. Saltwell, Wm..Henry, Esq. Johnson, Charles P., Esq. Williams, C. Reyuolds, Esq.

have hitherto been capable of being protected only indirectly Kekewich, The Hon. Mr. Justice. Williams, Romer, Esq.

on the register by cautions, &c., and as to the secondly-mentioned Ludlow, The Right Hon. Lord.

Williams, William, Esq. Masterman, Henry Chauncy, Esq.

incumbrances, though they were capable of registration by way





of notice, yet subsequent dealings with them (except discharges) mentioned Act, he is liable to an action in tort if the new could not be registered. Both classes are now rendered capable master sustains damage in consequence of hiring a servant on of registration. The new rules, which repeal all existing rules the strength of the false character. made under the same power, except the rules of 1892 applicable to small holdings and two rules made in 1876 and 1897 as to the transfer of titles from the register kept under Lord WEST THE CRIMINAL Evidence Act, 1898, finally does away with the BURY's Act to the register kept under the Land Transfer Acts, old principle that a person is disqualified by interest from being are to come into operation on the 1st of November next, while, a witness, and henceforth the proceedings at a criminal trial as we announced last week, the operation of the Act of 1897 is will be very similar to those at a civil trial. Some important to be postponed to the 1st of January next.

distinctions, however, will still exist. Last week in these columns we commented upon a restriction put by the Act upon

the liberty of speech of counsel. The Act, however, contains AN INTERESTING point was decided by the Liverpool County yet another restriction upon the discretion which has been Court judge on Wednesday in the case of Re Higginson & Deane, acceded to counsel in conducting cases. In criminal as well as Ex parte Littledale f. Co. HIGGINSON & DEANE became bankrupt in civil trials it has hitherto been permissible for any witness to in 1847 and the Royal Bank of Liverpool (which was a com- be cross-examined as to credit, and everyone has heard cases in. pany registered under the Companies Acts) were creditors whose which the testimony of some plausible witness has been blown proofs were admitted for about £550,000. The banking com- to pieces by a few questions which have shewn the jury his true, pany were wound up, first voluntarily and subsequently under character. In the case of the prisoner-witness, however, the supervision, in and after 1867; and in 1887 an order for dissolu- Act provides that he shall not be asked any question tending to tion of the company, as from the 26th of December, 1887, was show that he has ever committed any offence other than the one mado by Mr. Justice NORTH. In the present year fresh assets for which he is being tried, or that he is of bad character, of the bankrupts HIGGINSON & DEANE were discovered, in the except in certain cases—.e., (1) where the proof that he has shape of shares which had been formerly regarded as worthless but committed such other offence is admissible to show that he is. were now worth over £5,000. The Crown claimed the dividend guilty of the offence for which he is being tried ; (2) where he which would have become due to the banking company, on the (or his advocate) has asked questions of the witnesses for the ground that upon its dissolution the right to all further divi- prosecution with a view to establish his good character, or has. dends vested in the Crown as bona vacantia. Other creditors of given evidence of his good character, or where the nature or the bankrupts applied to the court to expunge the claim of the conduct of the defence involves imputations on the character banking company, without prejudice to the dividends already de- of the prosecutor or the witnesses for the prosecution; clared, on the ground that the company had ceased to exist. The (3) where he has given evidence against any other person charged county court judge held that on the dissolution of the company the with the same offence. This restriction upon the right of debt due to it was extinguished so as to be incapable of sub-cross-examination is no doubt reasonable, for although the sequent ownership, and that, therefore, there was no noment of fact that a man has been guilty of crimes in the past doos time when the debt was without an owner, and he directed often add to the probability of his guilt in the present, still a that all future assets of the bankrupts should be divided among man of known bad character is liable to be charged with an the creditors other than the banking company. It is clear that offence upon much slighter grounds than a man of good reputathe effect of the dissolution of a company is to extinguish debts tion. The fact that A. committed a burglary in 1890 cannot be due from, and claims against, the company : Coxon v. Gorst relevant to the question whether A. has committed a burglary (1891, 2 Ch. 73), and it would soom to follow, on principle, that in 1898, and it would not be fair to allow the issue to be presuch dissolution also extinguishes debts due to, and claims on judiced by the introduction of irrelevant matter under the guise bebalf of, the company.

of cross-examination as to credit. Probably, howover, when the prisoner is not defended by counsel, he will often lay himself

open to cross-examination as to his past life under the second A FEW DAYS ago a charge of a somewhat unusual character exception referred to above. If prisoners act in the future, when came before the justices at Bournemouth. The accused was upon oath, as they have done in the past when merely making charged with "offering himself as a servant with a false, statements to the jury, they will no doubt frequently make forged, and counterfeit certificate of character,” contrary to assertions of their good character, and will often make serious the provisions of the Servants' Character Act, 1792. He had imputations on the character of witnesses for the prosecution, applied for a situation and submitted in support of his applica- especially of police witnesses. The force of this restriction tion a written testimonial purporting to be signed by a former will, moreover, grow less in time. An accused person who has employer, which signature was proved to be å forgery. previously, borne a good character will generally be very eager Although this Act is a very useful one, and has been over a to give evidence thereof. This will be looked for by juries, and century in operation, proceedings seem to be seldom taken as the law becomes more widely known it will be found that under it. The offences aimed at are, however, far from jurymen will note the absence of evidence of good character and uncommon. Besides the offence just referred to, for which, no

draw their own conclusions. doubt, an indictment for forgery at common law would lie, it is provided that any person is liable to a penalty who offers himself as a servant falsely pretending that he has served in any IN THE CASE of New Ixion Tyre Co. (Limited) v. Spilsbury (46 service in which he has not actually served, or who alters any W. R. 567) KEKEWICH, J., decided that a registered licensee written character given by a former master. The Act also under letters patent is to be postponed to a prior unregistered deals with anyone who falsely personates a master and assignment of which he had express notice. The result is in gives a false character to a person offering himself as a servant. accordance with the effect usually given to registration, save in It does not, however, deal generally with the case of an cases where it is expressly provided that the registered title employer who dismisses a servant, but gives the servant a shall prevail notwithstanding notice, but it is singular that. character which the employer knows he does not deserve; yet registration should be allowed to vary so much in its operation this is an offence against society which is unfortunately very according to the property which is in question. Under the common, and from which many householders and men of business Middlesex Registry Act, as under the repealed Yorkshire Acts, have suffered at one time or another. It has been held that no registration is no protection against a prior unregistered assurance one need give a servant a character at all upless he chooses ; of which the registered purchaser has notice, and this, of but to refuse a character is almost the same as giving a bad one, course, represents the equitable view of matter, though it is set and many otherwise estimable people, good naturedly, and so aside whenever the Legislature really wishes to make regisas not to deprive the servant of the power of earning his living, tration effective. This has been done under the Yorkshire give characters which, if not directly false, are misleading and Registry Act, 1884, and, save in cases of actual fraud, an have the same effect as if they were false. There can be little assurance registered under that Act has priority notwithstanding doubt that, although such a person is not liable under the above actual or constructive notice of previous unregistered dealings


with the land (section 14). In the case of shipping the earlier given as carrying on business in Manchester. It would be inlegislation went to the other extreme, and under the Merchant teresting to hear whether there are many other country offices Shipping Acts of 1845 and 1854, not only was notice of an which can trace their pedigree in " direct succession ” for over unregistered assurance ineffectual as regards an assurance on the a century. How does an office of this antiquity manage to find register (McCalmont v. Rankin, 2 D. M. & G. 403), but an un- storage for all its accumulated papers ? registered dealing with the ship was absolutely void (Liverpool Borough Bank v. Turner, 2 D. F. & J. 502). In this latter respect, however, the law was altered by the Act of 1862, and the Act of 1894 saves the effect of unregistered instruments, LUNATICS OUT OF THE JURISDICTION. subject always to the absolute priority of registered instruments THERE has recently been a remarkable development of the law whether with or without notice. The question of the effect in with regard to the powers of the court both under and apart this respect of the registration of an assignment of a patent from the Lunacy Act, 1890, over the property of lunatics out of seems to be new. In New Ixion Tyre Co. (Limited) v. Spilsbury the jurisdiction.

In this article an attempt will be made to (46 W. R. 567) the registered owner of letters patent on the

trace it and sum up its results. 24th of June, 1896, agreed for valuable consideration to transfer

The cases may most conveniently be examined in chronothem to the plaintiff company's predecessor in title, but the

logical order. For our present purpose we may take as a

On the 16th of September the owner granted to the defendants starting-point Re Barlou's Will (1887, 35 W. R. 737), a casa the 16th of September the owner granted to the defendants not arising under the Eoglish lunacy jurisdiction. There a lady a licence to use the patent, and the licence was registered on who was detained in an asylum in New South Wales, was entitled the 18th of the same month. Prior to the granting of the for life to the income of one-third of a testator's residuary licence the defendants had express notice of the agreement of the estate, and was absolutely entitled to a fund of about £2,000 24th of June. The provision for the registration of assignments which had arisen from accumulations of this iccome. She had of patents is contained in section 87 of the Patents Act, 1883, and for years been maintained by the Colonial Government at a it is thereby provided that the registered proprietor shall, subject total expense of £803. Under the New South Wales Lunacy to any rights appearing from such register to be vested in any Act (42. Vict. c. 7), a distinction is drawn between “insane other person," have absolute power over the patent. In the present persons " and "insane patients." The latter-to which class instance the licence was on the register when the agreement for the lady in question belonged--are persons detained as lunatics assignment was registered, and therefore, primâ facie, that but not so found by inquisition; and the Act confers on the agreement was subject to the rights of the licensees. The Colonial Master in Lunacy extensive powers as to the managesection concludes, however, with a proviso that any equities in ment of their property, enabling him, for example, to suo for rospect of the patent may be enforced in like manner as in (within the colony) and receive debts due to the patient, but respect of any other personal property, and this seems to forbid without, however," "vesting,” in the technical sense of English interests are entered on the register. If the general rule of accumulations, which were in England, paid over to him, where

The Master claimed to have the

law, such property in him. equity as to personal property is to prevail, it is clear that

upon the trustees paid them into court under the Trustee Relief registration cannot protect a person taking with notice of a prior Act. The court (Cotton, Bowen, and Fry, L.JJ.) held, affirmright. So, accordingly, KEKEWICI, J., held, and affirmed the ing the judgment of Kay, J., that as the lunatic was title of the plaintiff company under the agreement of the 24th of

not judicially 80 declared,

there had been no June.

vesting of the property in the Colonial Master in Lunacy,

the latter had no claim as of right to have the whole THE FRESH evidence disclosed by the recent Report of the of the accumulations transferred to him; but that the Commissioners in Lunacy as to the increase of insanity in this court, acting as trustee, was justified in paying over to the country raises a question whether our existing legal machinery Master anything which the competent authority decided to be may not be partly responsible for this unpleasant fact. There necessary for the maintenance or benefit of the patient-in this is a consensus of opinion among experts that one at least of its case tho £803 for past maintenance, the income of the main causes is the difficulty of securing the treatment of insanity remainder of the fund so long as the patient should be detained in its incipient stages. The reluctance of the friends of a ag an "insane patient” in New South Wales, and the patient's person in whom the symptoms of mental disease are manifesting share of the income of the residuary ostate, some of the expresthemselves to take an initiative which will place the stigma of sions in the judgments in Re Barlow's Will are capable of being insanity on the family name has much to do with this difficulty. interpreted as indicating that the case turned on the absence of But it is idle to disguise the fact that the unwillingness of a formal vesting order, medical men to certify is a far more operative cause of its But this view has been negatived by LINDLEY, L.J., in R. creation. The section in the Lunacy Act, 1890, which enables Brown (1895, 2 Ch., at p. 672), where it is said that the difficulty a medical man to have frivolous and vexatious proceedings of the court arose in Re Barlow from the fact that the lunatic against him stayed (section 330), has not, in practice, afforded was a patient not judicially declared to be insane. Re Brown any very great protection to the profession. It is not easy for (ubi supra) was also an Australian case, but it differed from Re the unofficial medical man to get an action stayed; and even if Barlow's Will in several important particulars. The lunatic had he succeeds in doing so, he seldom can recover his entire costs. been so found by the Supreme Court of Victoria sitting in Ludacy, It really seems to be worthy of consideration whether a system and the application in England was made under section 134 of of official certification might not with advantage be instituted. tho Lunacy Act, 1890, under which the Court in Lunacy has As we are apparently to have now lunacy legislation within the jurisdiction to order funds in this country standing in the name next year or two, perhaps the authorities may keep this sugges- of a person resident abroad and found lunatic by a foreign tion before them.

or colonial court to be transferred to the committee, curator, or other person duly appointed by that court to manage the

lunatic's personal estate. The two cases were, however, aliko WE CHRONICLED last week the circumstance that the firm in this, that in neither did the colonial statute actually “vest” of solicitors of which the late Mr. CUNLIFFE, of Manchester, the property of the lunatic in the Master according to the was a member went back "in direct succession for over a strict legal meaning of the term “vest” in England. Re Brown hundred years." We do not quite know what is intended by therefore neatly raised, so far as proceedings under the Lunacy “ direct successior," but we assume it means that members of Act, 1890, are concerned, the point which Re Barlow's Will the same family had been carrying on the practice for the period had left doubtful. The court held that “vested” in section mentioned, and this we suppose was the case, although the 134 includes the right to obtain and deal with, without being name of Cunliffe first appears in the Law List for 1810. The actual owner of, the lunatic's personal estate, and prefaced the earlier Law Lists, however, are very unreliable as regards the order of transfer with a statement that the estate was vested" inclusion of all the solicitors practising in provincial towns. within the meaning of that section. LINDLEY, M.R , pointed In the issue for 1779 the names of only eleven solicitors are ! out that any other construction would render section 134

and as

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