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of every rule there was a fine. If a member was absent for the whole space of a meeting; if he attended, but came after 8 o'clock ; if, being

LEGAL NEWS. president, he omitted to call the meeting in due form, or to bring with

OBITUARY. him the key of the chest ; if he proposed any wager "on any pretence whatever"; if, being elected treasurer, he did not attend the meeting Mr. Martin ARCHER Shee, Q.C., died at Brighton on Tuesday last. next after his election; if, during a meeting, he departed without leave; Mr. Shee was the second son of Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A., and was for these offences and many more too numerous to specify he was liable born in 1804. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in 1839, to be fined in amounts ranging from £5 to 1s. Nor were these fines and took silk in 1868. lightly pretermitted ; the penalty whenever and by whomever incurred was impartially exacted. Thus, on the first page of the minute-book now

APPOINTMENT. extant, we ind under date 6th of September, 1774, the following entry :

Mr. EDWARD SNOW FORDHAM has been appointed a Metropolitan Police "The president, Mr. Daniel Burges, having omitted to summon the members, agreeable to the rules of the society, is adjudged to have Magistrate in the room of Mr. James L. Hannay, resigned. Mr. Ford

ham was called to the bar in 1883, and is a member of the Midland circui' forfeited the sum of 53., as witness his hand, 'D. Burges.' The odd thing is that the same president was guilty of the same omission the

CHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS, &c. following fortnight, for a similar entry appears in the minutes of the

D18SOLUTION. next meeting. Indeed, most presidents made themselves liable for the same omission. Perhaps they found it cheaper, and it certainly was less John AUGUSTUS Francis ELTOFT and HARRY ELTOFT, solicitors (Eltoft troublesome, to pay the fine than to summon the members, some of & Eltoft), Manchester. August 31. All debts due to and owing by the whom lived at a distance from Bristol. At any rate, the omission said late firm will be received and paid by the said John Augustus benefited the funds of the society, as, in addition to the fine payable by Francis Eltoft.

[Gazette, Sept. 6. the president, there were the fines payable by absentees, which such an EDMUND Wilson and HAROLD INCH BALD Wilson, solicitors (E. & H. omission would, of course, tend to multiply. Again, it is the duty of the Wilson), Red Hall, Leeds. September 1. All debts due to and owing by truthful historian to record that, in spite of the rule against wagering, the said 'late firm will be received and paid by the said Edmund Wilson. many members so far forgot themselves as to back their opinions with the

[Gazette, Sept. 9. sanction of a bet, to the satisfaction, we may safely believe, of the treasurer for the time being. The favourite investments for the funds of the society were turnpike

GENERAL. tickets and State lottery tickets, one of the latter securing a prize of £20. The annual report of the proceedings of the London County Council for The society as a whole might gamble, though its members individually the year ended the 31st of March, 1898, has just been published. It might not.

forms a bulky volume of nearly 200 pages, and contains the chairman's of the book: bought by the society there is an incidental mention of address, reviewing the work of the council, the reports of the standing " Ruffhead's Statutes," and a proposal was made, but not adopted, that and special committees, statements relating to the debt, and a synopsis of thirty guineas should be applied in the purchase of “ Viner's Abridgment.” the Acts of Parliament giving further powers to the council since the

A more patriotic, if less appropriate, application of the society's funds passage of the Local Government Act, 1888. took the form of contributions made from time to time towards the relief At the North London polica-court this week a solicitor's clerk applied of sufferers in the American War. Thus, in 1775—the year of the battle to Mr. Dickinson to be allowed to make the conscientious objection under of Bunker-hill - we find Mr. Burges moving that £10 should be sub- the new Vaccination Act. Mr. Dickinson said that the applicant had scribed to a fund in London " for the relief of the soldiers serving, and the better wait a little time as the forms on which the declaration had to be widows and families of such soldiers as have lost or shall lose their lives made bad not yet arrived. The applicant said that he attended at great in the prosecution of the measures lately adopted by Government against inconvenience and he would like to make the declaration at once. At the the rebellious North Americans.” The motion was lost, but in the fol. magistrate's direction the form was written out and the applicant signed lowing year, marked by the declaration of independence, Mr. Burges it and paid the shilling fee. Mr. Dickinson : Do you state publicly moved, and this time successfuily, “That the sum of twenty guineas be before me that you believe that vaccination would be prejudicial to the paid to George Daubeney, Esq., chairman of the committee for disposiug health of your child ? Applicant: I do. Mr. Dickinson : And on that of the moneys, subscribed in this city for the relief of the soldiers ground you conecientiously object to the vaccination of your child. zerving in America and the widows and children of the slain." Again, Applicant: I do. Mr. Dickinson : Take your certificate. in 1778, when the national gloom was deepened by the tragic death

The Parliamentary list of persons receiving payments of public money of Chatham, a sum of £50 was voted " for the committee of the from more than une source contains the following entries: Earl of Bristol subscribers for raising men for his Majesty's army in the Halsbury-as Speaker of House of Lords, £4,000; as Lord Chancellor, support of the Constitutional authority of Great Britain over her £6,000 (£10,000). Sir R. Webster-as Attorney-General, £7,000; fees rebellious Colonies in America." Nor was this martial ardour for contentious business : Law Charges vote, £6,198 12s. 9d.; Iuland confined to subscriptions, for it appears from a minute of the same year Revenue vote, £897; Post Office vote, £121 1s. 2d. ; Board of Trade vote, that one of the members had," for the laudable purpose of serving and

£372 193. ; Board of Trade (Bankruptcy Department) vote, £297 18s.; protecting his country,” entered the Somersetshire Militia. He was

Woods und Forests vote, £184 16:. 20.; Local Government Board vote, nevertheless allowed to remain a member of the society, and had, 10

£110 103. (£15,182 178. 1d.). Sir R. B. Finlay-as Solicitor-General, doubt, the privilege of paying his fines for non-attendance.

£6,000; fees for contentious business : Law Charges vote, £3,365 33. ; The ordinary meetings of the society were passed in discussing cases Inland' Revenue vote, £1,183 59. 60.; Board of Trade vote, £104 6s. 60.; put at the previous meeting, and in considering questions arising as to the Board of Trade (Bankruptcy Department) vote, £262 9;. 6d.; Woods and infliction of fines; and they terminated with a supper, to which each member

Forests vote, £113 118. (£11,028 15s. 6d.). contributed 3s., the balance of the bill being defrayed out of the common stock. Once a year the society had a dinner, to which the treasurer's

The Philadelphia correspondent of the Times telegraphs that Judge sureties and the obligee in his bond were invited. Thus, on the 30th of Thomas M. Cooley, first president of the Inter-State Commerce CommisSeptember, 1777, the following minute was made: "Present befor) 7 sion, died on the 12th inst. at Ann Arbor, Michigan, aged 75. Judge o'clock, Mr. William Bawden, president: Mr. Fruncis Ward, Mr. Jere

Cooley was born at Attica, New York, and was admitted to the bar in

1846 Osborne, Mr. George Merrick. Before 8 o'clock, Mr. Daniel Burges,

He practised at Tecumseh for a time, and afterwards settled at Mr. Jacob Kirby, Mr. Henry Witts, Mr. Richard Parker.” “It was

Adrian, Michigan. For a time he edited a newspaper called the Watch unanimously agreed that the members of this society do meet to dine and Tower, and in 1857 the Michigan Senate entrusted him with the task of spend the day together at the Bush Tavern, in Corn-street, on the 29th of compiling the general statutes of the State. In the following year he was October next. And that the expense thereof be puid in such manner as

appointed reporter of the Supreme Court, an office which he heid for shall hereafter be ordered by this society, and that Mr. Jere Osborne,

seven years. In 1859 he was appointed professor of law in the University sen , and Mr. Richard Ward (the two sureties for the present treasurer,

of Michigan. He was elected a justice of the Michigan Supreme Court in Mr. Francis Ward) and Mr. Hawkeswell, chamberlain of Bristol, the 1864 to fill a casual vacancy, and in 1869 was re-elected for the full term obligee in the treasurer's bond, be on that occasion invited, and that the of eight years. In 1868-69 he was Chief Justice, and in 1885 he retired president do send invitations as well to these gentle nen' as to all the from the bench. When a school of political science was established in members of the society;" The order of the words to dine and spend the University of Michigan he took the chair of Constitutional and the day” is curious, and points to the early hour of dinner.

Administrative Law. He was afterwards appointed to the chair of The dinner was duly held, for shortly after the following entry was American History in the University. Judge Cooley publisbed a number of made, a not unimportant part being left blank.

legal books, including “The Contitutional Limitations which Rest upon “That the suin of be paid by the treasurer towards discharging the Legislative Power of the States of the American Union” (1868, the tavern bill for the annual dinner, &c., of this society, on the 29th of enlarged edition, 1871), editions of Blackstone's " Commentaries' and October last, which with half a guinea paid by each member present, General Principles of Constitutional Law in the United States” (1880),

Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States," makes the amount of the said bill." Eheu fugaces ! The Old Bush Inn and the little knot of Bristol lawyers

Michigan: A History of Governments (1885). which composed the Law Society of 120 years ago are long since departed. A correspondent of the Times who signs himself “ Landaff" writes :Nothing is left of their doings but the fuding record of a mouldering I shall be much obliged to you if you will kindly permit me to announce miuute-book, between the discoloured leaves of which still lie the through your columns that it is my intention to assume my title of Earl memoranda of their supper bills. The antiquary of A.D. 2000 may per of Landaff of Thomastown, in the peerage of Ireland, on and after this haps find the newspaper accounts of the proceedings of the meetings of the 14th day of September, 1893. Any persons who may be interested in this Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom, now being held in this peerage and desire to have a history of the branch of the Mathew family city, if more voluminous, exhibiting customs to him no less quaint and to which it belongs will find it eet forth in an illustrated Genealogy of unlike those of his own day.

W. W. W. the Earls of Landaff,' which Messrs. Sands & Co., 12, Burleigh-street, are Bristol, Oct., 1894.

about to publish. A notice of it appeared in Dod's Peerage' of this


and "


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Oct 25

You are

Oct 25

year, and a fuller pedigree will be found in 'Debrett' and other printed

THE PROPERTY MART. peerages for 1899. I may add that copies of my proofs have been lodged

SALES OF THE ENSUING WEEK. at the Office of Arms, Dublin Castle, and I have notified my intention to Sept. 23.-Messrs. NoTT & CARTWRIGHT, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold assume the title, inalienable from me and my heirs, to the House of Lords

Properties in Belgravia, South Belgravia, Brixton, Clapham Common, and Balham.

Solicitors, P. C. Conway, Esq , F. Hatton, Esq., Messrs. Hogan & Hughes, Messrs. through the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor. The Committee of

Wiborne & Sod, Walter 0. Freeman, Esq., and A. Coveney, Esq., all of London. Privileges in June, 1810, permitted the second son of my great-grand (See advertisements, this week, p. 3.) kather, Lord Landaff, to succeed to the peerage, without requiring the

RESULT OP SALE. production by him of any documentary evidence whatever of his alleged Messrs. H. E. Foster & CRANFIELD held their usual fortnightly sale of Reversions and right to vote. For this grave mistake I am in no way responsible, and I Life Policies at the Mart, E.C., on Thursday last, the total realized being £4,855 : therefore hope that the House of Lords will do me the justice to correct

Absolute to £9,200 123. 11d. 24 per Cent. Consols ; life 51

Sold 4,020 it by authorizing Ulster King at Arms to restore my name to his roll at LIFE POLICIES: his discretion. This would not relieve me of the necessity of subsequently For £1,000, with profits, in the British Empire Mutual ; life 71

665 proving my right to vote, should I desire to exercise that right, before the

For £150, with profits, in the Star; on same life committee. Irish peers do not of necessity prove their right to vote at the elections of representative peers, and de facto some of them prefer not to do so, since the proces is a costly one and the right to vote carries with chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly

WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEBS.—Before purit very few privileges. Tu portion of the ancestral property alienated from Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter the rightful heir by sales effected by the reputed second earl in 1913 or by Bros., 65,' Victoria-street, Westminster. the will of his sister in 1841 can now be recovered. The however,

Fee quoted on receipt of full remains to me and my heirs as an inalienable possession

particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Apvt.] Mr. Plowden, upon taking his seat on the benca at Marylebone policecourt, on the 13th inst., says the Daily News, was applied to by a young

WINDING UP NOTICES. man for a certificate under section 2 of the Vaccination Act. He believed

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 9. that vaccination would be injurious to his child's health, and he founded

JOINT STOCK COŃ PANI E 8. that belief upon what he had read, and upon the experiences of his friends.

LIMITED IN CHANOERY. Mr. Plowden.-Well, that is about as good a reason as you could give.

CARLTON MINERAL TRUST, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 2, directed to

be heard on Oct 26. Stanley J. Attenborough, 18, Piccadilly, petner and solor. Notice But I cannot give you a certificate at present as they are not yet ready. Let of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of me say, however, that in no case shall I grant a certificate hurriedly. I should like you to understand what I think about the matter.

LONDON AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER SYNDICATE, LIMITED -Petn for winding up, presented an anti-vaccinator? Applicant.-Well, yes, sir. Mr. Plowden.-Well,

Sept 2, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge on Wednesday, Sept 21. Martia

& Watkins, 157, Fenchurch st, solors for petners. Notice of appearing must reach the you may be right or you may be wrong. I express no opinion. At the above-named not later than 6'o'clock in the afternoon of Sept 19 same time, I cannot shut my eyes to the fact that you represent the voice MAICHE INTERNATIONAL Co, LIMITED-- Petn for winding up, presented Aug 17, directed

to be heard on Oct 26. Watson & Watson, 101, Leadenhall st, solors for petner. Notice of a very insignificant minority. That is a fact. Therefore, before

of appearing must reach the above.named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of granting you any certificate, I must be well satisfied that you have what the Act calls a conscientious belief; not a mere loose opinion, but SOUTH OF EUROPE EXPLORATION CO, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, something well founded from personal experience. You see the Act

on or before Oct 24, to send their names and addresses, with the particulars of their

debts or claims, to William Barclay Peat, 3, Lothbury requires that the magistrate granting the certificate must have a

Teiky VALE MINING Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 2, directed to be conscience in the matter as well as the anti-vaccinator. I cannot heard on Oct 26. T. Protheroe Price, 4 and 5, Warwick ct, Gray's inn, agent for grant these things carelessly, but must be satisfied. If the views of the Arthur Johnson Hughes, Aberystwyth, solor for petnere. Notice of appearing must

reach the above-Damed not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Oct 25 anti-vaccinators are wrong, granting you a certificate might mean the

London Gazette.--TUESDAY, Sept. 13. encouragement of an outbreak of smallpox. I want you to understand

JOINT STOCK COMPĀNINB. these certificates will not be granted as a matter of course because a

LIMITED IN CHANCEBY. person says he objects ; it must be a real, conscientous belief-the H. 8. NICHOLB, LIMITED (IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION UNDER SUPERVISION OF Tae Court) sort of belief that would send a man cheerfully to the stake. Now -Creditors are required, on or before Oct 26, to send their names and addresses, and that I have explained and pointed out the grave responsibility cast on the

the particulars of their debts or claims, to Herbert Alfred Deed and Douglas Hamilton

Gordon, 1, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st anti-vaccinators, I hope you will take the opportunity before the certifi Prindes RIVER GOLD Mixes, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 7, directed cates are printed to further consider the matter. If you remain of the to be heard on Sept 21. Alpe & Ward, Serjeant's inn, Temple, solors for petner. same opinion you shall have the certificate cheerfully. Applicant

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after

noon of Sept 20 demurred at having to lose further time over the matter, and asked that the certificate might be forwarded to him. Mr. Plowden replied that he need not attend again unless he liked, and as to the certificate being for

CREDITORS' NOTICES. warded he must not expect too much indulgence. Applicant : Can I have a manuscript ?-Mr. Plowden: That is giving a lot of trouble to the court.

UNDER 22 & 23 VICI. CAP. 35. You must take your chance with the rest of the other people. Eventually

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. a manuscript certificate was prepared and supplied to the applicant.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Eept. 2. Before Mr. Lushington, on the 9th inst., says the Times, the National ATKINSON, John, Kendal, Westmorland, Yeoman Oct 30 C G Thomson & Wilson, Liberal Club, the Charing-cross and Strand Electric Supply Corporation, BALL, Richard, Southport Oct 10 TE Williams, Southport and the Tivoli Restaurant (Limited) were summoned by Mr. G. W. Barker, Maria, Weston super Mare Oct 15 CM Barker, Bedford row Murnane, clerk to St. Martin's Vestrý, for causing a nuisance by allowing Baxter, Allan, Dorking, Surrey, Grooer Sept 29 Hart & Co, Dorking large quantities of black smoke to escape from their works. Mr. Peter Bexbow, RICHARD, Burslem, Stafford, Draper Sept 29 Arthur Boulton, Burslem Grain, instructed by Messrs. Wilson & Wallis, supported the summonses on behalf of the vestry; Mr. Groser appeared for the National Liberal BRIDGE8, Joux, Nicholas lane Sept 30 Bridges & Co, Nicholas lane Club; and Mr. George Elliott for the Electric Supply Corporation. Mr. BUTTERY, WILLIAM HENRY, Nottingham Sept 30 Manning, Nottingham Grain said that very diverse views had been expressed by different magis. Davis, Robert, Ickham, Kent Builder Oct 1 Kingsford & Co, Canterbury trates as to the present smoke nuisance. It was customary for defaulters Estcourt, ARTHUR HARBOTTLE, Deputy Governor of the I of W Nov 3 Russell-Cooke to excuse themselves on the ground that they could not get Welsh coal & Co, New inn, Strand at present, but he would submit that they should have provided for such FAVIELL, JANE Anne, and Mary Anne Faviell, Buxton Oct 3 Merrils & Ede, Cardiff a contingency by availing themselves of the recently-invented furnaces Helms, Louisa, Totnes, Devon Oct 12 Windeatt & Windeatt, Totnes by which it was possible, if not entirely to do away with, at any rate to HesstaLL, Thomas, Stoke upon Trent Oct 4 Challinor, Fenton, Staffs mitigate very much, the escape of smoke. It was a fact, too, that the LYFORD, John, Oxford Sept 30 Mallam & Son, Oxford stokers did not discharge their duty properly, and for this their employers Milnes, ROBERT, Nottingham Oct 24 Hall, Temple chambers were in law responsible. Mr. Groser, on behalf of the National Liberal Club, said that the directors had done all in their power to OLIVE, GRENVILLE LENNOX,Cambridge, Fishmonger Oct 17 Burrows, Cambridge mitigate the nuisance. Their engineer had personally supervised Parling, WILLIAM, Coddington, Nottingham Oct 11 Larken & Co, Newark on Trent the stoking, and they ordered some time ago a Gregory & Peters, HENRY Lucy, Manchester Oct 12 Peters & Orme, Manchester Simmons apparatus which was fixed about a week ago, and was work. Seal, STEPHEN, Darjeld, dr Barnsley Sept 30 Horsfield, Barnsley ing well. He could say that if all places in London were as well supplied Sexton, THOMAS, Dorset st, Portman bq Oct 17 Comins, Great Portland st as the National Liberal Club was now, the smoke nuisance would be a Shipton, Lucy, Hyde, Chester, Draper Oct 1 Slacer, Hyde thing of the past. Mr. Lushington said that the defendants seemed to have relied too much upon Welsh coal, and to have made insufficient Stort, Mary Ann, Brighouse, York Oct 14 Jubb & Co, Halifax effort to provide themselves with apparatus capable of burning ordinary TAYLOR, Jane, Knaresborough Sept 20 Gilling, Knaresborough steam coal until very recently. Under the circumstances he should make TaylOR, MARY, Brambridge, Hants Oct 21 Cunliffes & Davenport, Chancery lane an order for the abatement of the nuisance, with £5 58. costs to the vestry. TUBNER, Jonn, Chester ter, Chester sq Oct 20 Hodgkinson, Newark on Trent For the Charing Cross Electric Supply Corporation Mr. George Elliott UNWIN, ROBERT, Colchester Nov 80 Burdekin & Co, Sheffield said that since they had been served with the summons they had used ValLANCE, JAMES, Leyton, Licensed Victualler Oct 31 George & Jackson, Stratford every endeavour to mitigate the nuisance, and with the exception of two Wallace, John, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cartman Oct 14 Holliday & Ryder, Newcastle days there had been no possible cause for complaint. He would guarantee upon Tyne that so long as they could get good hard steam coal, whether Welsh coal Ward, ELIZA Emily, Park place villas, Paddington Oct i Griffith, 8t Bride's avenue, or not, there would be no further nuisance. Mr. Lushington said that in Ward, Herbert Hyde, Church st, Edgware rů, Printer Sept 23 Meznell, Furnival st this case, as the company seemed to have succeeded in reducing the Weldon, Mary, Old Quebec st, Oxford st Sept 30 Bazett & Pitmın, Newbury, Berks nuisance, he should make no order. The summons against the Tivoli WHEATLEY, MARY Anna Maria, Calverton, Notts Dec 1 Toller & Sons, Leicester Restaurant was by leave withdrawn.

WOODROFFE, HERBERT HENRY, Eeling Out 3 Stanley & C.), Ludgate hill

LAT, ALFRED HAROLD, Westbourne grove, Shirt Dresser BURY, SYDNEY Joux, Panfield, Essex, Farmer Chelmsford
Sept 16 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9
MaxwelL, GEORGE, Consett, Durham, Builder Sept 19 at DRIVER, WRIGHT, Burnley, Lancs, Organ Builder Burnley
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept. 9.
11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne

Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10
Parsons, HENRY FINNEMORE, Roath, Cardiff, Butcher Sept Evans, PETER, Liverpool, Timber Merchant Liverpool
19 at 11.30 Off Res, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9
PUTNEY, J, Gower st Sept 21 at 1 Bankruptcy bldgs, GARDNER, FITZROY, Shaftesbury av, Journalist High Court
BEESON, WILLIAM, Northampton, Cycle Maker North Carey st

Pet July 12 Ord Sept 9 ampton Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6

ROBERTSON, DAVID, Huddersfield, Doctor Sept 19 at 12 GREY, F B, New Broad st High Court Pet Aug 22 Ord BLACK, THOMAS HENRY Hazelton, Bishopsgate st Within Off Rec, 19, John William st, Huddersfield

Sept 9 High Court Pet July 29 Ord Sept 5

ROBINSON, FREDERICK JAMES, Blackpool, Lodging house HARMAN, JAMES, and CHARLES HARMAN, Abridge, Essex, BRUNSDEN, STEPHEN Hunt, Wandsworth High Court Keeper Sept 16 at 12 Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston Builders Chelmsford Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 Pet Aug 22 Pet Sept 5

SALMOND, CHARLES SHORT, Jermyn st, St James's, Com- HASSELL, LEWIS, and WILLIAM EDWARDS, Birmingham, BUBRELL, GEORGE WILLIAM, Birstall, Yorks, Aërated pany Promoter Sept 21 at 12 Bankruptcy bldge, Tailors Birmingham Pet Aug 19 Ord Sept 8 Water Manufacturer Dewsbury Pet Aug 20 Ord Carey st

HUGHES, HUGH, Holyhead, Anglesey, Thiri Mate Bangor Sept 5

SAUNDERS, ASHBY VARLEY, Cleckheaton, Yorks, Chemical Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9 Coates, ARMITAGE, Blackpool, Company Housekeeper Works Manager Sept 16 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Manor Johnson, GEORGE HENBY, Cheltenham, Grocer CheltenPreston Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6 row, Bradford

ham Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 COATES, ELIZABET), Blackpool Preston Pet Sept 6 Ord SHINGLER, EDWARD ISAAC, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Metal PILLING, JOHN ROBERT, Arundel st, Strand High Court Sept 6

Merchant Sept 19 at 11 174, Corporation st, Pet Aug 13 Ord Sept 7 COATES, GRORGE HENRY, Whitley, Chartered Accountant Birmiogham

Pitman, GEORGE, Milborne Port, Somersets, Builder Newcastle on Tyne Pet Aug 22 Ord Sept 5

SMITH, JAMES, Ossett, Travelling Draper Sept 16 at 11.30 Yeovil Pe: Sept 10 Ord Sept 10 DAVIS, JAMES, Albemarle st, Financial Agent High Court Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

Preston, Joun, Beeby, Leicester, Farmer Leicester Pet Pet Aug 12 Ord Sept 5

BAITU, JAMES WILLIAM, Gt Yarmouth, Cabdriver Sept 17 Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 Davis, ROBERT, Tredegar, Mon, Boot Dealer Tredegar at 1.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

Rowan, THOMAS, St Mary axe High Court Pet July 8 Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6 SMITH, Tou, Low Moor, Boot Maker Sept 16 at 12 OX

Ord Sept 8 DINGLE, John Hicks, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Coal Mer Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford

SAVAGE, WILLIAM, jun, Sittingbourne, Kent, Gener al chant Truro Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5 SUMMERS, SOLOMON, Birmingham, Warehouseman Sept 19

Dealer Rochester Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7 ERRINGTON, THOMAS, Gateshead, Whitesmith Newcastle at 12 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

SHARPE, WALTER, Harewood Bridge, or Leeds, Corn Miller on Tyne Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 3 THOMPSON, THOMAS HENRY, Gt Grimsby, Fish Merchant

Huddersfield Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6 FERNLEY, THOMAS, Breinton, Herefords Hereford Pet Sept 16 at 11 _Off Rec, 15, Osborne st., Gt Grimsby Smith, JOSEPII, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Pet Sept7_Ord Sept 7

Vigus, WILLIAM EDWARD Thomas, Plymouth, Cab Pro Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 FRAZIER, WILLIAN CRUDDAS, Felling, Durham, Painter prietor Sept 17 at 116, Athenæum ter, Plymouth

WALLACE, HENRY, Bread st. Cheapside, Merchant High Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5 WILLIAMSON, Frank, Derby, Provision Merchant Sept 16

Court Pet July 22 Ord Sept 8 GOAT, REUBEN ROBERT, Gt Shelford, Cambridges, Carpen at 11 off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby

WARLEY, GEORGE JACKSON, Middleton on the Wolds, York, ter Cambridge Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 3 GWYTHER, Anx, and JAMES FREDERICK GWYTHER, Aber Amended notice substitut:d for that published in the

Joiner Kingston upon Hull Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9 Londor. Gazette of Sept. 6:

WELSTEAD, WALTER JOHN, Arreton, I of W, Grocer Newdare, Butchers Aberdare Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

port Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 HASWELL, J E, Fratton, Hants, Builder Portsmouth Pet Robarts, NATHANIEL FRANCIS, Fenchurch avue, Merchant

White, G, Bolt ct, Fleet st, Commission Agent High Aug 22 Ord Sept 5 Sept 13 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Court Pet Aug 4 Ord Sept 8 JAGGER, Jonx, Huddersfield, Hay Dealer Huddersfield


WAITEHOUSE, Thomas, Scarborough, Working Jeweller Pet Aug 17_Ord Sept 3 LAY, ALFRED HAROLD, Westbourne grove, Shirt Dresser

Beeson, WILLIAM, Northampton, Cycle Maker North Scarborough Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10 High Court Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6

ampton Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6

WILLIAMS, FRANCIS Haydn, Whitby, York, Stockton on

Tee Pet Aug 24 Ord Sept ? MANSBRIDGE, ALBERT, Newport, 1 of W Newport Pet BENTLEY, JOHN Henry, Holmfirth, York, Solicitor Hud

dersfield Pet Aug 12 Ord Sept 6

WINN, JOHN ARCHIBALD, Wakefield, Newsagent Wakefield Sept 5 Ori Sept 5 MUGGERIDGE, WILLIAM Joux, Greenwich, Furniture Dealer

CARTER, HENRY, Pontefract, Yorks, Boxmaker Wakefield Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9 Greenwich Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

Pet Aug 23 Ord Sept 5

WINTERS, GEORGE, Rushden, Tailor Northampton Pet PEACOCK, WILLIAM, Exelby, Yorke, Innkeeper NorthCOATES, ARMITAGE, Blackpool, Company Housekeeper

Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 Preston Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6 allerton Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

Amended notice substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of Aug. 5: RAMSDEN, Joun, Reigate, Jeweller Croydon Pet Aug 20 COATES, ELIZABETH, Blackpool Preston Pet Sept 6 Ord

BOZWARD, JOHN LLOYD, Worcester Worcester Pet July ROULSTONE, HERBERT, Scarborough, Grocer Scarborough COLE, FREDERICK, Kidderminster, Carpet Manufacturer

Kidderminster Pet Aug 26 Ord Sept 6

14 Ord July 30
Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7
Scott, Thomas SHOULT, Bradford Bradford Pet Sept 6
Davis, RUBERT, Tredegar, Mon, Boot Dealer Tredegar

Ord Sept 6

Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6 Simpson, ROBERT Heney, Bridlington Quay, Commercial DINGLE, JOHN Hicks Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Coal Mer. Aldridge, George Avaustus, Morden, Dorset Sept 21 at

chant Truro Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

11,30 Antelope Hotel, Poole
Traveller Scarborough Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6
SMITH, JAMES, Ossett, York, Travelling Draper Dewsbury

Doody, ROBERT, Handsworth, Cycle Maker Birmingham BARNBY, THOMAS BAYLDON, BRADFORD, Dental Surgeon
Pet Aug 12 Ord Sept 5

Sept 21 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford
Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5
SUTCLIFFE, ALFRED HENRY, Pendlebury, Lancz, Baker

ERRING TOX, Thomas, Gateshead, Durham, Whitesmith BEESON, WILLIAM, Northampton, Cycle Maker Sept 20 at Salford Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7 Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 3

12.30 Off Rec, Sheep st, Northampton TUBNER, WALTER WILLIAM, Jarrow, Durham, Hatter FRAZIER, WILLIAM CRUDDAS, Felling, Durham, Painter

BOYDON, HENRY JOHN, Stafford, Coal Dealer Sept 26 at Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7 Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

11.30 Wright & Westhead, 1, Martin st, Stafford WILKES, JOHN WALTER, West Bowling, Bradford, Grocer's

Goat, RRUBEN ROBERT, Great Shelford, Cambs, Carpenter BUSHBOD, WILLIAM, Dorchester, Builder Sept 30 at 11.30
Manager Pradford Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7
Cambridge Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 3

King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester

GUTTMANN, JACOB, Commercial st, Gas Fittings Dealer Close, Thomas WILLIAM, Darlington, Moulder Sept 20 at ALLEN, WILLIE, Barnsley, Fruit Salesman Sept 16 at 10.15

High Court Pet July 29 Ord Sept 6

11 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough Off Rec, Regent st, Barnsley

GWYTHER, Ann, and James FREDERICK GWYTHER, Aber- COATES, ARMITAGE, Blackpool, Housekeeper Sept 20 at 3

dare, Glam, Butchers Aberdare BAINES, William, Headingley, Leeds, Iron Plate Worker

Pet Sept 5 Ord Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston
Sept 5

Coat Es, ELIZABETH, Blackpool, Housekeeper Sept 20 at
Sept 19 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds
BLACK, Thomas HENRY Hazelton, Bishopsgate st Within

HALL, JOHN JAMES, Dover, Builder Canterbury Pet Aug 2.30 Off Res, 14, Chapel st, Preston Sept 16 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

16 Ord Sept 5

COLLIS, HENRY ALLEN, Swansea, Fruiterer Sept 21 at 12 BLAKEMORE, ALFRED, Leamington, Cabinet Maker Sept

JENKINS, Thomas, Abercynon, Glam, Grocer Pontypridd Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea 16 at 12.30 Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry

Pet Aug 10_Ord Sept 6

Dixon, Joseph, Sunderland, Builder Sept 20 at 3 off
BLAKEMORE, WILLIAM, Cardiff, Consulting Engineer Sept
LAY, ALFRED HAROLD, Westbourne grove, Shirt Dresser

Rec, 25, John st, Sunderland
High Court Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6

GARDNER, FITZROY, Shaftesbury av, Journalist Sept 21 at 19 at 11 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff BOZWARD, JOHN LLOYD, Worcester Sept 17 at 11 Off

MANSBRIDGE, ALBERT, Newport, I w Newport Pet 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester

Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

Gasson, ANNIE, Forest Hill, Kent, Timber Merchant Sept BRUNSDEN, STEPHEN Hurt, Wandsworth Sept 16 at 1

MORRIS, JOSEPH JAMES, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer 20 at 12.30' 24, Railway app, London bdge
Leicester Pet Aug 20 Ord Sept 5

GRIFFITAS, JOHN, Canon Pgon, Herefords, Shoemaker Bankruptcy bldg8, Carey st

MUGGERIDGE, BULMAN, JOAN, Caldewgate, Carlisle, Cabinet Maker Sept


Dealer_Greenwich Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5 16 at 3 Off Rec, 31, Fisher st, Carlisle

Cilfynydd, Glam, Colliery Proprietors Sept 20 at 12 BURRELL, GEORGE WILLIAM, Birstall, Aerated Water Peacock, WILLIAM, Exelby, Yorks, Innkeeper North

65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil Manufacturer Sept 16 at 3 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, PILLERS,

allerton Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

HARRINGTON, ROBERT, Seaforth, Lancs, Fruit Dealer Sept Batley

WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Keynsham, Somerset 21 at 12.30 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

Bristol Pet Sept 2 Ord Sept 5 CAESHIRE, ALFRED, Bt Leonards on Sea, Tailor Sept 20 at

HASWELL, JAMES ERNEST, Fratton, Hants, Builder Sépt 2 Young & Sons, Bank bldgs, Hastings ROULSTONE, HERBERT, Scarborough, Grocer Scarborough

30 at 3.30 Off Rec, Cambridge junction, High st, COLE, FREDERICK, Kidderminster, Carpet Manufacturer Scott, THOMAS SHOULT, Bradford Bradford

Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7

Portsmouth Sept 16 at 2.30 Lion Hotel, Kidderminster

Pet Sept 6 Hill, WILLIAM, Worcester, Innkeeper Sept 20 at 10.30 Coxxelly, Joux, Sunderland, Inokeeper Sept 16 at 3

Ord Sept 6

Off Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester
Off Rec, 25, John st, Sunderland
SHINGLER, EDWARD Isaac, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Metal KOTTMEIER & Co, Liverpool, Cotton Merchants

Sept 21 COPLESTONE, FRED, Harberton, nr Totnes, Devon, Baker SMITH, JAMES, Ossett, Travelling Draper Dewsbūry Pet

Merchant Birmingham Pet July 21 Ord Sept 5

at 2 Off Rec, 35. Victoria st, Liverpool Sept 16 at 10.30_6, Athenæum terrace, Plymouth

MOORE, JAMES, Salisbury, Wilts, Bootmaker's Manager Cossins, RICHARD, Darlington, Blacksmith Sept 16 at 11 SUTCLIFFE, ALFRED HENRY, Weaste, Lancs, Baker Salford

Sept 5 Ord Sept 5

Sept 20 at 11 Off Rec, Endless st, Salisbury Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

MUGGERIDGE, WILLIAM JOHN, Greenwich, Furniture Dealer CREESE, JAMES, Merthyr Tydfil, Basket Maker Sept 16 at TURNER, WALTER Willian, Jarrow, Durham, Hatter

Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7

Sept 20 at 11.30 24, Railway app, London bridge 12 '65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

NICHOLLS, CHARLES, Great Eccleston, Lancs, Tailor Sept CURTIS, WALTER VAUGHAN, Bury St Edmunds, Licensed

Newcastle on Tyne Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7

20 at 3.30 Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston Victualler Sept 19 at 2 Great Eastern Hotel, Liver

WILKES, John WALTER, Bradford, Grocer's Manager PHILLIPS, ALFRED, Pontlottyn, Glam, Grocer Sept 21 at 12 pool st Bradford Pet Sept 7 Ord Sept 7

65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil Davis, JAMES, Albemarle st, Financial Agent Sept 16 at


PILLERS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Keynsham, Somerset 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Sept 21 at 12_Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol DOODY, ROBERT, Hands worth, Cycle Maker Sept 20 at 11

WILBERFORCE, CHABLES, Blackpool, Saddler Preston PORTLOOK, JOHN HENRY, Hereford, Bootmaker 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

Adjud Aug 9, 1893 Annul Aug 30

PREECE, JOHN HENRY, Liverpool, Photographer Sept 21 at FIELD, EDWARD, Birmingham, Pearl Handle Manufacturer

London Gazette.-TOESDAY, Sept. 13.

3 Off Reo, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Sept 22 at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham Goat, REUBEN ROBERT, Great Shelford, Cambridges,


PROCTOR, Amos, Highfields, Sheffield, Organ Builder Sept

20 at 2 Off Rec, Figtree In, Sheffield Carpenter Sept 16 at 10.30 Off Rec, 6, Petty Cury, BARRY, WILLIAM JOSEPH MURPHY, Hove, Sussex, Doctor Quick, William Thomas Patey, Kensal Rise Sept 22 at 1 Cambridge Brighton Pet Sept 3 rd Sept 8

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st GRAVES, James, Cottenham, Cambs, Butcher Sept 18 at 11 BARUGH, JOSEPH JASPER, Stokesley, York, Painter Stockton SAVAGE, WILLIAM, jun, Bittingbourne, Kent, General Off Rec, 5, Petty Cury, Cambridge on Tees Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

Dealer Sept 26 at 11.30 115, High street, Rochester Hicks, FREDERICK, Haverhill, Suffolk, Cycle Maker Sept BARWICK, RICHARD, Margate, Kent, Builder Canterbury SCOTT, Thomas Smoult, Bradford Sept 22 at 11 Off Rec, 16 at 11.30 Off Rec, 5, Petty Cury, Cambridge Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

31, Manor row, Bradford HY8LOP, ROBERT JOHNSTONE, Barnsley Sept 16 at 10.30 BEAGLEY, GEORGE JANES, Windsor, Berks, Publican SHELLY, JOHN STANFIELD, Hulme, Manchester, Butcher Off Rec, Regent st, Barnsley Windsor Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

Sept 20 at 2.45 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester ENKINS, Thomas, Abercynon, Glam, Grocer Sept 19 at 12 BLUNT, HENRY WILLIAM, Atherstone, Warwicks, Farmer STEEL, JOSHUA REDFEARN, Leeds, Bootmaker Sept 21 at 65, Áigh st, Merthyr Tydfil Birmingham Pet Sept 5 Ord Sept 8.

11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds JONES, HUBERT, Birmingham, Agent Sept 21 at 11 174, BROCKWELL, HENRY TITTERTON, Brooke st, Holborn, Glass STEPHENS, ANN, Liverpool, Baker Sept 21 at 11.80 Off Corporation st, Birmingham Merchant High Court Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10

Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool






TAYLOR, SHEMELLS, Forest Hall, Northumberland, Com CUYLER, FRANCIS Jerzold, Jermyn st, St James's High Reid, WILLIAM, Mon noath Newport, Mon Pet Aug 2? mercial Traveller Sept 21 at 11 Off Rec, 30, Mosley Court Pet May 9 Ord Sept 9

Or] Sept 5 st, Newcastle on Tyng

Driver, WRIGHT, Burnley, Organ Builder Burnley Pet Savage, WILLIAM, jun, Sittingbourne, Kent, General Thomson, Robert, Birmingham, Coachbuilder Sept 23 at Sept 10 Ord Sept 10

Dealer Rochester Pet Sept 7 Ord sept 7 2.30 174, Corporation st, Birmingh ım

Evans, Peter, Liverpool, Timber Merchant Liverpool SHARPE. WALTER, Harewood Bridge, nr Leeds, Corn Miller WHITE, ALBERT, and HERBERT Wu te, East Ham, Essex, Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

Huddersfield Pet Sept 6 Ord Sept 6

Pet Grocers Sept 22 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st HANSEN, STEEN OLLEMAR, Liverpool, Boarding house SMITH, JOSEPH, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Wilkes, JOIN Walter, West Bowlinz, Bradford, Grocer's Keeper Liverpool Pet Aug 5 Ord Sept 8

Sept 8 Ord Sept 9

Bath Pet Manager Sept 22 at 11.30 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, HARMAN, James, and CHABLE3 Harman, Abridge, Esses, WAKELY, JOIA!, Cor-him, Wilts, Clothier Bradford Builders Chelmsford Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8

Aug 12 Ord Sept 7 Williams, FRANCIS HAYDX, Whitby, York Sept 21 at HENN, JOSEPH. Spurkbrook, Birmingham, Metal Caster WARLEY, GEORGE JACKSOX, Middleton on the Wold, York, 1.15 Angel Hotel, Baxterzate, Whitby Birmingham Pet Sept 3 Ord Sept 10

Joiner Kingston upon Hull Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9 Wilson, Horner, Whitby, Yorks, Shipowner Supt 21 at Hooper, JOSEPH, Templecombe, Somerset, Baker Yeovil WelsTEAD, WALTER Joux, Arreton, I of W, Grocer Ner12.45 Angel Hote), Baxtergate, Whitby Pet Aug 23 Ord Sept 8

port Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8 WINGROVE, JAMES ALEXANDER,' Sackville st, Ladies' HUGHES, HUGH, Holyhead, Anglesey, Third Mate Bangor Wicercav, RICHARD JAMES, and Joux Cox, Birmingham, Tailor Sept 23 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Pet Sept 9 Or] Sept 9

Camera Makers Birmingham Pet Au; 11 Ord ADJUDICATIONS.

Jonsson, GEORGE HENRY, Cheltenham, Grocer Chelten Sept 8 BARUGH, Joseph Jasper, Stokesley, York, Painter Stock ham Pet Sept 8 Ord Sept 8

WHITEHOUSE, THOMAS. Scarborough, Working Jeweller ton on Tees Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

Knös, ANDERS GABRIEL, Tokenhouse bldg3, Matoh Mer Scarborough Pet Sept 10 Ord Sept 10 BARWICK, RICHARD, Margate, Kent, Builder Canterbury chant High Court Pet July 27 Ord Sept 8

Winn, John ARCHIBALD, Wakefi 11, Newsa zent WakePet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

KNOWLES, FRANK, Finsbury Park ri High Court Pet field Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9 BURY, SYDNEY John, Panfield, Essex, Farmer Chelmsford Joly 18 Ord Sept 8

WINTER, ALEXANDER, Newcast'e Tine, Licensed Pet Sept 9 Ord Sept 9

PAGET, HENRY Fenwick, South Hampstead, Stockbroker Victualler Newcastle on Tyne Pet Aug 19 Ord Coates, GEORGE HENRY, Whitley, Northumberland, Pet July 22 Ord Sept 8

Sept 8 Chartered Accountant Newcastle on Tyne Pet Aug RAMSDEN, John. Reigate, Surrey, Jeweller Croydın Pet WINTERS, GEORGE, Rush len, Tailor Northampton Pet 22 Ord Sept 7 Aug 20 Ord Sept 10

Sept 8 Ord Sept 8


Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. LIFE ASSURANCE SOOIETY,

INVESTED FUNDS • £10,000,000.

Number of Accounts, 83,694.


on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. Funds exceed

£3,200,000. TWO per CÉNT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the

minimum monthly balances, when not drawn below £100.

STOCKS, SHARES, and ANNUITIES purchased and LONG-TERM POLICIES AT LOW RATES, with right to change sold for customers. to ordinary Assurances, thus giving

SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. Small Deposits received, and Interest allowed monthly on each completed £1.

The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with particularp, pɔst free.


Telephone No. 5, HOLBORN.
Write for NEW PROSPECTUS, containing full information and other important Telegraphic Address : “BiBkBeck, London.”
alterations, to











Special Advantages to Private Insurers. NATIONAL MORTGAGE AND AGENCY




of all Chemists and Grocers.

Established 1803.

1, old Broad-street, E.C., 22, Pall Mall, 8.W., and 47, BRAND & CO., LTD., MAYFAIR, W., & MAYFAIR

Chancery-lang, W.C.
Subscribed Capital, £1,200,000; Paid-up, £300,000.

WORKS, VAUXHALL, LONDON, S.W. Called Up, £200,000. Uncalled, £800,000.

Total Funds over £1,500,000.

AW.-Managing Clerk (Admitted) required

E. COZENS SMITH, General Manager. The Company receives money on Debentures for five or

trol without supervision; good conveyancer and Common seven years. attached to the Bonds.

Botes et payable balf-yearly by coupons VALITLATTONS of Moderpoan da nola haec es: pare baxarsoor die doresterende bei wel, mina person, By the Articles of Association the issue of Debentures Laces, Old Embroideries, &c.-HAYWARD'S, 11, Old Advertising Agents, Manchester. is restricted to the amount of the uncalled capital, and Bond-street. Established 1770 in Oxford-street. they are secured by a Trust Deed, establishing a preferential charge thereon for the holders. Prospectuses and full information as to the rates of

SPATRIA AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE LA AW.-Wanted, experienced Conveyancing interest may be obtained from the Manager, 8, Great

Clerk (admitted), accustomed to work without super

vision. --State age, salary, and previous engagements by Winchester-street, London, E.C.

raising districts of the country. Practical and scientific
instruction. Success in Examinations of Surveyors' Insti-

letter tɔ X. A., care of Crossley, Moir, & Co., 57, Colemantution. Preparation for colonies. Six farms, creamery,

street, E.C. workshops. West End, a Gentleman well up in Parliamentary

J. SMITH HILL, B.A., B.Sc., Principal. work, and competent to take charge of Common Law and

LONSDALE PRINTING WORKS, Chancery and other litigious proceedings with some superintendence from a principal. - Answer to A. Y. Z., care of

NEXPENSIVE SCHOOL for Sons of LONSDALE BUILDINGS, 27, CHANCERY LANE. Mr. Hunnard, Law Stationer, 2, Tanfield-court, Temple, Gentlemen.-Over 560 have already been educated; E.C., stating age, salary required, qualification, and giving thirty guineas per annum; vicar warden; gradnate masters ; reference to present or late principal. excellent arrangements, sports, gymnasium, diet, refer

ALEXANDER SHEPHEARD, encer, &c.; healthy vislage.- Address, HEADMASTER, PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS. THE REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY, Schorne College, near Winslow.


NEWSPAPERS & PERIODICALS. (ESTABLISHED 1823), Purchase Reversionary Interests in Real and Personal Shares of £1 each fully paid in the Coke Press,

And all General and Commercial Work. Property, and Life Interests and Life Policies, and

Limited (proprietors of the Law Journal). The interest on Every description of Printinglarge or small. Advance Money upon these Securities.

the Preference Shares has been regularly paid, and 25 per

cent. dividend was paid on the Founders Shares for the Printere of THE SOLICITORS' JOURNAL Newspaper. Paid-up Share and Debenture Capital, £616,525. twelve months ending September 30, 1897, and a dividend The Society has moved from 17 King's Arms-yard, to

at the rate of 60 per cent. per annum for the six months to Authors advised with as to Printing and Publishing. March 31, 1898.-Apply, by letter, to Mr. LEWIS HARDY,

Estimates and all information furnished. 30, COLEMAN STREET, E.C. Chartered Accountant, 2, Creed-lane, London, E.C.

Contracts entered into.





WANTEEDS, in Gent Solicitor's office at the

FORCS Shares of ' each fully paid and 50 Founders


VOL. XLII., No. 47.

The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.
FUNDS IN HAND, £4,000,000. CLAIMS PAID, £38,000,000.

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 24, 1898. FIRE. INSURANCES ARE GRANTED AGAINST LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE on The Editor cannot undertake to return rejected contributions, aud PROPERTY of almost every description, at Moderate Rates. LIFE.

copies should be kept of all articles sent by writers who are not on ALL THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS OF LIFE ASSURANCE.

the regular staff of the JOURNAL. LOANS ON REVERSIONS AND LIFE INTERESTS carried out with dispatch.



769 New ORDERS, &c.


REGISTRY OF Deeds As Affected by



771 £1,000,000. PAID-UP

BANKRUPTJY £100,000.


774 REVIEWS .....................









HEAD OFFICE: 49, Chancery-lane, W.C. | CITY OFFICE: 58, Moorgate-street, E.C.

Cases Reported this Week.


Hutchings v. Seaford Urban District Council
To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

Suitable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtained on application to

THE LICENSES INSURANCE CORPORATION AND WE ARE informed that it has been decided to postpone the

operation of the Land Transfar Act in the county of London 24, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C.

until the 1st of January next, as the necessary preparations in Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without

the Land Registry are not complete. special valuation and at low rates. ALLIANCE ASSURANCE COMPANY Established 1824. Capital, £5,000,000 Sterling.

WE PRINT elsewhere the notice for the second part of the HEAD OFFICE: BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON.

vacation, which, except as regards the substitution of the name
LONDON BRANCHES 1, ST. JAMES’S ST., 8.W.; 63, CHANCERY LANE, W.C.; of Mr. Justice CHANNELL for that of Mr. Justice PHILLIMORE,
NORFOLK ST., STRAND; WIGMORE ST.; 3, MINCING LANE, E.C. follows the terms of the notice issued before the commencement

Life Policies free from Restrictions, with Perfect Security and Liberal Bonuseg.

of the Long Vacation. Special forms Policies have been prepared to provide for payment of ESTATE DUTIES.

LEASEHOLD AND SINKING FUND POLICIES. Full Prospectuses on application.

ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary. LEGAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE Transfer Act, 1897, in the county of London, which we announce

THE FURTHER postponement of the operation of the Land SOCIETY.

above, augurs favourably for the prudence of the authorities. Nothing would be more detrimental to the reputation of the now

system than a block of work at or soon after its commencement, ESTABLISHED 1836.

with the consequent delays in completion of transactions re

quiring to be immediately carried through. It would be a FUNDS

£ 3,000,000 serious matter to dislocate the dealings in land even in respect INCOME

£ 390,000

of the comparatively limited area to be first brought within the YEARLY BUSINESS


operation of the Act. Moreover, the postponement will have

the advantage of giving practitioners more time to master the BUSINESS IN FORCE

- £11,700,000 complicated provisions of the new system. When are we to be

favoured with a book bringing together these provisions in THE PERFECTED BYSTEM of Life Assurance is peculiar to this Society intelligible, connected, and convenient form ?

and embraces every modern advantage. PERFECTED MAXIMUM POLICIES.

NO FIGURE was better known in the Temple, up to quite a WITHOUT PROFITA.

recent date, than that of the late Mr. GEORGE BAUGH ALLEN, The Rates for these Whole Life Policies are very moderate.

who died on Monday last, at the age of seventy-seven years. And

though in the flesh he was unknown in courts of justice, being Age Premium Age Premium Age Premium

neither a barrister nor a solicitor, still for some forty years no

name has more often appeared in the records of common law 20 £1 78% £1 16 % | 40

£2 10 %

actions than that of this famous Special Pleader. He was

practically the last of a class of lawyers which was destroyed by £1,000 POLICY WITH BONUSES

the operation of the Judicature Act, 1873, although we believe that According to last results.

one certificate is still taken out by a gentleman in the provinces,

Every barrister is entitled to call himself a special ploader and Valuation at 21 p.c. :-Hm. Table of Mortality.

to practise as such, but the members of the class to which Mr.

G. B. ALLEN belonged were not barristers. They were, howDuration

ever, necessarily members of an Inn of Court, but devoted Amount of Policy £1,199 £1,438 £1,724 £2,067

themselves entirely to the drawing of pleadings and to the

business of judges' chambers. In former times it was common Next Bonus as at 31st December, 1901.

for a man to practise as a special pleader for a considerable time before being called to the bar. Probably Mr. WILFRED

Baugu ALLEN, the son of the late Mr. G. B. ALLEN, was one of OFFICES : 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON. the last so to do. Special pleaders have to take out an annual

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30 !

10 yrs.

20 yrs.

30 yrs.

40 yrs.

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