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Drugs and medicine are worse than useless in such circumstences; they simply assist inthe clogginipvocess.

‘vl'ltS_.l/‘I18 waziuted is §g:50bI:l10l1 food oghnouriD ment, and u par la y i esfj _ - verage su as r. Tibbl=s' Vi-Cocos woufil, if universally used during the summer, as its merits deserve, do much towards relieving tl-s distress caused by ca_relessness in choice of food.

It is at this season, too, that families on pleasure bent are more liableto overlook such facts as the above, with the result thst,_ what should have been s. holiday and release from business W01'_1'1€S, is simply made an excuse for over-filling the body with unsuitable food. the severe eflects of which make themselves felt. st B. time when health vigour should, if the natural laws ul’ health had been studied a little, have been firmly established.

Every portmsnteau rind hamper should, therefore, anmins supply 131' 1%-£aTt;ilbbles‘ Vi-Coon, und it ought to

on every rea as o.

The tired} lenquid f_eelio" referred to_ disappears when Dr. Tibbles Vi-Cocos isugufiy used. This is owing to the great sustennnt und)-1 ising powers which Dr. l‘ibl)lcs' Vi-Cocoa so readily gives to those who use it regplarly.

Thousands of people have tried Dr. Tib_bles' i-Cocoa as s Summer Beverage with the most satisfactory results. Those who have not done so should write at once to 60 61

and 62, Bunhill Row; London, E.C., for s free dainty l

sample tin which will be forwarded by return of ost. Yours truly, London, N.W. Srscisus-r.

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The Company receives money on Debentures for five or seven years. Interest payabe half-yearly by coupons attached to the Bonds.

By the Articles of Association the issue of Debentures is restricted lo the amount of the uncalled capital, and they are secured bya Trust Deed, establishing s preferential charge thereon for the holders.

_ Prospectuses and full information as to the rates of interest may be obtained from the Manager, B, Great Winchester street, London, E.C.


“ K3261-NOOR," for SOUTEIEND and MARGATE, ct . 8.-III.

“ROYAL SOVEREIGN,” daily for MARGATE and RAMSGATE, st 9.20 a.m.

Special Trains from Fenchurcli-street at 915 a.m. and 10 23 a.m., St. Psncms at 9.30 a.m.

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SpcciulTrslns from St. PADCIH on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 6 a.m. ; Thursdays and Saturdays at 8 a.m.; Sundays at 9.40 a.m.

Fenchurch-street Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays nt 6.15 a.m.; Thursdays and Saturdays at 7.45 and 8.3 a.m.; Sundays at 9.35 and 9.-15 a.m.

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SATURDAYto MONDAY at BOULOGNE. Combined Steamer and H0t81"I\Ck9t8, Full Board end Accommodation at Hotel, 27s. dd. Additional days, 7s. 6d. per day extra.

“ LA BELGIQUE ” to SOUTHEND, MARGATE, and OSTEND every Monday, Thursday, and Suturduy.

Special Tniin I:‘enchurch-street at 8.38, returning Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

FARE—OS'l‘END and BACK, First Saloon, 10s.

SATURDAY to SUNDAY at OSTEND, 3rd Clnsi Rail and First Saloon Boat Tickets to Ostend a.nd Back. Full_Bosrd and Accommodation at Hotel, 17s. 6d. Additional days, 7s. Gd. per day extra.

For further particulars as to fares, apply to

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The WINTER SESSION will commence on Monday October 3rd, 1898, when PROFESSOR._ VIRCHOW, Foreign Member of the lioyul Society, Director Of the Berlin Pathological Institute, and _some_ time Rector Msgniflcus of t e University of Berlin, will deliver the second HUXLEY LECTURE, on _" Recent Advn|,:|ces in Science and their bearing on Medicine and Surgery. _ The chair will be taken at 4 p.m. by LORD LISTER, resident of the Boynl Society.

The SCHOOL PROSPECTUS, containing full particulars of the Livingstone, Huxley, University, an other Scholar!ships and Prizes, und all other infonustion connected with the Medical School, will be sent on application to the DEAN, Chandos-street, Strand, W.C.


The WINTER SESSION COMHENCES on OCTOBER 1. The annual dinner will be held in the Colgig-3 L_ibr._1ry on

‘l:}I10_NDAY, OCTOBER 3. Mr. Mu.nse‘l- oullin in the air.

The Hospitil is the largest in the kingdom; nearl§ S-)0 beds areln constant use, and no beds are closed. sing the only general Hospital for Lo_nd_on—i 0., for a million an a-half peoplc—the practice is immense. Inpatients last year 11,146; out-patients, 161,033; accidents, 14,781 ; major operations, 2,321).

A'PPOIN'I'hIENTS.—-Owing to the enormous number of patients more izgpointmcnts, salaried and resident, are open to students _sn at any other hospital. Sixty of those qualified appointments are made annually, and more than 150 Dressers, Clinical Clerks, &c., appointed every three months. All LN‘! tree to Students of the College. Holders of resident appointments have free board.

SCHOLARSHIPS and PRIZ E 3. —T wenty-seven S0l10la\'— shiga and Prizes are given annually. FIVE ENTRANCE SC OLARSHLPS wi lbs ofl’ered in September.

SPECIAL CLASSES are held for the University of London and other higher Examinations. Ssscial Entries for Medical and Surgical Practice can bcnia e. Qualified practitioners will find excellent opportunities for studying the rarest diseases.

A reduction of 15 guiness is made to the sons of members oi’ the profession.

ENL ARGEMENT of the COLLEG E_.—New laboratories nnd class rooms for Ilaqtenology, Public Health, OlpE‘l‘8.l.lV6 gurgery, Chemistry, Biology, &c., will be comp eted by

ct. 1.

The Clubs Union Athletic Ground is within easy reach of the Hospital.

Luncheons and dinners st moderate charges can be obtained in the Students’ Club. _

The Metropolitan and other railways have stations close to the Hospital and College.

For prospectus and in ormation nu to residence, &c., apply, personally or by letter, to

Mile-end, E. MUNRO SCOT1‘, Warden.


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The Courses qualify for Diplomas of all Licensing Bodies, and for Degrees in Medicine and Surgery of Blitis Universities.

There are various Scholarships, entrance and otherwise.

CLINICAL IN STRUCTION is given st the General and the Queen's Hospitals. which have ll united total oi‘ over 400 beds. There are special departments for Eye, Skin, Ear and Throat and Special Diseases of Women. Students can also attend the City Lunatic Asylum and the Fever Hospital, the Eye, Orthopaedic, and Ear and ’l‘lir.iat Hospitals.

The Dental De%ii-tmcnt, in conjunction with the General, Queen's, and ental Hospitals, ntfords s complete curriculum for all Dental Diplomas. There is an Entrance Scholarship, and Medals and Honour Certificates we awarded in the classes.

(Tilers are also Faculties of Art: and Science. .S'y1l1brll¢~’, containingfull particulars, are published separately.)


A SYLLABUS of the Faculty of Medicine, containing full information, may be had qratis from Messrs. Cornish, New Street, Birmingham, or on application at the College.


[Removed from 5, Whi'lehnll.]
Established 1836.
Share and Debcnture Capital - - £639,630.

Beversions Purchased on favourable terms. Loans on Keversions made either at annual interest or for deferred charges. Policies Purchased.

D. A. BUMSTED, F.I.A., Actuary and Secretary




' TUTORS. J. C/in-run HARRISON, 30, Bedford-row, W.C.-Equity, Conveyancing, Coinuion_Law, and Bankruptcy. _ LEONARD H. W2s1', LL.D., 19, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, \V.C.—Crimins.l and Magisterial Law ; Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty ; and Ecclesiastical Law. Stephen's Commentaries.

CLASSES for Final Students are held at the Hall of the Society on four afternoons each week during the following periods: August to January; January to J uno.

_ These periods aiford five months’ class preparation, and students are a< vised to subscribe for a full course otherwise the work must necessarily be hurried.

Students may join the classes either before or after the Intermediate Examination without subscribing to the course of Postal instruction, but it is recommended that they should avail themselves of both modes of instruction.

Subscribers to either Class or Postal instruction have the opportunity of consulting the Tutors upon the work of the course in personal interview or by letter at any time.

To those Clerks who are articled at a distance from large towns systematic instruction with advice and help is given, and a course of preparation through the post has been devised, and is found to be useful where personal tuition is impracticable.

Class instruction is also rovided on the selected ortions of Stephen's

s.fl‘orded by fortnightly papers, and embraces the following subjects :_ Equity, Conveyancing, Common Law, Bankruptcy, _Criminal and Magisterial Law, Probate, Divorce, Admiralty, and Ecclesiastical Law. _ _ _

These papers both before and after the Intermediate Examinations are varied each year, so that students who may subscribe for more than one year's tuition receive additional assistance. _

These courses may be commenced at any time, but the Tutors rec immend that the Intermediate course should be commenced at an early stage of the Articles, and the Final course soon after the Intermediate Examination has been passed. _ _ _ _

The results obtained have been satisfactory. Miny pupils have ootained honours, and the percentage of passes i_s a high one, exceeding 85 per cont. of between three and four hundred pupils who last presented the iiselves f_or examination. It has ha pened on several occasions that all Class_ pupils have been successful, and) the same has occurred in the ease of subscribers to the Correspondence Courses.

P P Commentaries and the subjects above named, and it is recommended that the classes should be joined after the expiration of B. course of Postal instruction. ,, ,, Students can join the classes at any time, the fees being proportionate to the .- » 3 months _ length of attendance, except that no fee shall be less than that for a three " ‘after previous 15 _,,,,$1"I',,,t,.,,',;,.,i,,,,f::

months’ course.

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Periodical test examinations are held by the Tutors.
The Classes for Intermediate Students are held in the Hall of the Society


on three afternoons in each week during the following periods: August to November ; October to January ; January to April ; March to J uno.

Subscribers may subscribe for successive classes.

Books can be obtained from Messrs. Stevens Si: Sons, or other law lending library, for an annual subscription of a guinea and a-half to cover the course of work for the Final Examination, and Stephen's Commentaries can be supplied to either Class of Postal Subscribers, at an annual subscription of one guinea, on application to the Tutor, Dr. West.

In the case of students who have not passed the Intermediate Examination the Postal instruction is by means of monthly papers, and deals with the selected portions of Stephen's Commentaries.

For those who have passed the Intermediate Examination instruction is



Class Instruction, Smonths _ - £9 9 0 ,, ,, after previous Postal Instruction... 7 7 O

4 months _ 8 B O

after previous Postal Instruction... 6 6 O

'7 '7 O

H .. 5 5 O Postal Instruction, 2 years 8 8 0 ». H 1 year .. 6 6 0


Class Instruction, 6 months _ . £7 7 O ,, ,, after previous Postal Instruction .. . .. 5 I5 O

,, ,, 3months_ _ .. . 4 4 O ,, ,, after previous Postal Instruction... .. 3 3 O Postal Instruction, 2 years ... 8 6 0 ,, ,, 12 months 4 4 O

Articled Clerks may attend the_L-actnies and Classes given or held _iu connection with the Inns oi Court, under the direction of the Council of Legal Education, upon payment of half the fees payable by other person-i not being msm ers of an Inn of Court, the Council of the Incorporated Law Society haviig iwreed with the C iun_:il of Legal Bioention for payment of the remainder. Articled erfis will al-in be admitted to the inn no ie Examinations at the end of each Term.

Articled Clerks may obtain particulars of such Lectures and Classes, and vouchers for Tickets, upon application to the Ssoasrsav of the Incorporated Law Society.

Cheques and Post Oflice Orders should be made payable to the Ssciisranir, and crossed “ Messrs. Bsacnsr 8: Co., Liin-ran." Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane. J une, 1898.

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The WINTER SESSION will begin on Monday, ard
October, 1898.

Students can reside in the Collegg within the Hospital
walls, sugject to the collegiate regii tions.

The OSPITAL contains a service oi‘ 750 beds. Scholarships and Prizes of the aggrlgate value of nearly £900 d d uall .

are awar c ann y

The MEDICAL Scriooi. contains large Lecture Rooms and well-appointed Laboratories for Practical Teaching, as well as Dissecting Rooms, Museum, Library, &c.

A large Recreation Ground has recently been purchased. and is open to members of the Students’ Club i.

For further particulars, apply personally or by letter to ha Warden of the College, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, A Handbook forwarded on application .



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Directors have
instructed Mr. ROBERT MACK, Auctioneer, to SELL BY
AUCTION, at the Ofllces of the Com ny Gruinger Street
West, Newcastle-u%on—Tyne, on Wcxfiesday, the Blst day
of August, 1898, at welve o’clock noon precisely, £12,500 of
GAS DEBENTURE STOCK (Perpetual), bearing interest
at the rate of £8 10s. per cent. per annum, payable half-
yearly on the lat July and lst January, being part of the
moneys authorised to be raised by the Newea.stle-upon-
Tyne and Gateshead Gas Act 1896.

For conditions of Sale and further particulars apply to

the undersigned.
THOS. WADDOM, Secretary.
Chief Oflices 33 Grain er Street West, Newcastle-

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COMPANY’S PLEASURE CRUISES by their Steamship “LUSITANIA," 3,912 tons register, A

Leaving London 17th August, returning 14th September.
Leaving London 20th September, returning 8th November.

String band, electric light, high-class cuisine, &c.


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thfriielslipgilectus and particulars apply to Mr. RENDLE, H. P. HAWKINS, M.A._ M.D. Oxon., Dean.

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