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Beavan, James Riley

Bischoif, Charles Edward, B.A.
Blackwell, William Bernard
Bonnor, Ernest \Va1ter

Booth, Ernest

Borrowdale, Thomas

Bouth, Rollo Fyrth Delamere
Bowling, 'Wi1liam

Bracewell, James

Briggs, Arthur Taylor
Bi-ighouse, Robert Wales
Bristowe, Everard Stearns
Brittain, William. B.A.
Broughton, Joseph \Valker
Brown, Henry Hampton, B.A.
Brown, Peter

Brown, Ronald Stewart, B.A.
Brown, Thomas Stephen

Cane, Henry

Card, \Villiam Gordon
Carpmael, Francis, B.A.
Chapman, James

Chick, Albert John

Childs, Philip Hugh

Clare, Reginald Leigh Leigh, B.A.
Claridge, Charles Raymond
Clark, Douglas Ariel

Clifford, Emest Hubert

Cooke, Robert John

Corley, Albert Ferrand

Corser, Richard Radcliffe

Cox, Edward Henry

Crane, George

Ci-ispin, Gerald Charles Johnston
Cruttenden, William

Davey, Walter How

Davies, Crompton Llewellyn, B.A.
Denyer, Wallace Alfred
Eaton, Frederick Ray
Eckersall, Frederic Joseph
Edwards, John

Edwards, Patrick Harrington
Elwes, Walter Hervey
Empson, Herbert William Thackray
Ferris, Alfred Edward

Field, Edwin, B.A.

Gibb, Alfred Montagu
Gilmore, William George
Goodman, Montague

Goulé, Cecil Spencer

Greaves, Cyril Daruton
Grevilte, Herbert Edwin
Gribbin, John Leo

Griess, Philip Henry Peter, B.A.
Gunnell, Gerard

Hagar, Charles Richard
Hamilton, George

Harrison, Robert Burrow, LL.B.
Hays, John, B.A.

llibbert, Edward

Hodgeon, George Wright
Hoey, Richard

Hope, \Villiam Henry
Houghton, Charles Finch

Iles, Frederick John

Jackson, Frederick George
James, Arthur Morgan

James, John Egbert

Johnson, Charles Ho Willes, B.A.
Jones, Arthur Danielpe

Jones, William Bramwell

Kay, Arthur Orford

Kennedy, Pitt Shadwell Port-ales,

Killey, James Brown, B.A.

King, lVilliam Byatt

Lewis, Frederick William

Liddle, Rowland Pemberton
Longhurst, Vernon Braley
McEvoy, John

Macturk, Macolm Hugh Townend
Mandiiell, John Steele

Martin, James Godfrey

Massey, Arnold Stuart, B,A.
Matthews, Basil Septimus, B.A.
May, William John

Meyler, Hugh Mowbray

Morrell, Philip Edward, B.A.
Moseley, Herbert Harvey, B.A.
Moss-Blundell, Frederick Blundell,

B.A., LL.B.
iIm$iii”d' EbrdmstCh 1 Regmal
e ' , Ro rt ar es ' d,
B.A., LL.B.

Page, \Valter Sea-rle

Palmer, \Villiam

Payne, Arthur Vigar

Payne, John Herbert

Perr n, Richard Geor eHen B.A.

Piper, Donald 8 W,
Pode, Arthur Crawley, B.A.
Poste, Frederick \Villiam Beale,

Pratt, Arthur Torrens, B.A.
Preston, Frank

Prideaux, Walter Treverbian
Pugh, Lewis Pugh Evans

Pym, George

Ranger, Hugh Frederick
Rntcliff, \Villiam Milner, B.A.
Redman, Harry Lupton
Richardson, \Vil1iam Edward
Robertson, Gilbert

Robinson, Roland Walkden
Rowe, William

Ruddock, Perc Grevile

Sadler, Hugh Robson

Senior, Lewis Farrar

Serjeant, Frederick Mawdesley
Shaw, John Houldsworth

Sills, George Reginald

Sinclair, Waller Montgomery, B.A.
Small, Herbert William
Stapley, Henry

Steele, Richard Irvine

Steer, Berry Reeve

Stevens, Thomas Joseph
Stickland, James Telfer
Swiuscow, Frederick \Villiam
Thomson, Arthur Ramsay, B.A.
Titley, John Edward Harrison
Toke ey, Arthur

Vernon, Sydney

Warburton, Thomas Artingstall
Watson, Henry Armstrong
Watts, Sydney Badger
Wickham, Alfred

Williams, Charles Parry
Williams, William Alfred
Wilson, Charles Barker

Wilson, Colin MacClure
Wilson, John

Woodbridge, Egglar Thomas
Woodhouse, W‘ 'am Humphrey
Wootton, Thomas Percy

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Mr. Justice Bigham was on Saturday evening the guest of the Incorporated Law Society qj Liverpool at adinner held at the Adelphi Hotel, in honour of his elevation to the judicial bench. Mr. Frank Gregory, the president, presided over a largo company, which included, in addition to Mr. Justice Bigham, Mr. Birrell, Q.C., nI.P., Mr. M‘Arthur, M.P., Mr. Danson (president of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Cottrell ( resident of the Liverpool Engineering Society), Professor Emmott, M.A., ]€L.D., and the president and ofllcers of the Manchester Law Association.

At the Winchester Assizes on , Tuesday, says the Times, before Mr. Justice Hawkins, Willet Blake, labourer, on bail, was charged with indecently assaulting a girl named Laura Saunders. The details of the case call for no report; but a point of the highest importance arose during the trial. It appeared that when the case was heard before the Lymington Bench the prisoner was defended by a solicitor and desired to call a man named Ric man as a witness. His lawyer, however, advised him not to do so, but suggested that Rickman should be called as a witness at the trial. Tbereupon the magistrates, without hearing Rickman, bound him over to appear at the assizes as a witness for the defence. The judge now said that, in so doing, they and their clerk had committed a gross irregularity. Under Russell-Gurney's Act, passed in 1867, 30 8: 31 Vict. c. 35, s. 3—a statute with which every magistrate-‘s clerk and every magistrate oughtto be well acquainted-it is the duty of justices to ask an accused person if he desires to call any witness; and, if the accused shall desire to do so, the justices “ shall, in the presence of such accused person, take the statement on oath . . . of those . . . so called as witnesses by such accused person . . . and such witnesses . . . as shall in the opinion of the justices give evidence lu any way material to the case or tending to prove the innocence of the accused shall be bound by recognizance to appear and give evidence at the trial." His lordship then read section 5 of the same Act (which gives the court power to allow the extpenses of such witnesses), and then went on to say that it was perfec y clear that the magistrates should themselves hear the witness, and it was not within their jurisdiction to bind over any witness for the defence without first of all hearing his evidence. The prisoner and Rickman both gave evidence now, and in the result the prisoner was found Not Guilty. His lordship ordered Rickman’s expenses as a witness to be paid, but disallowed the whole of the costs of the prosecution.

For two months, says the Paris correspondent of the Times, people have been discussing whether fl woman in France can be n barrister. Mlle. Chauvin, who has raised this question, has gone through all the studies required for men. She is Licencié en Droit; nay more, she is Licensié es Lettres and Docteur en Droit, the latter after a brilliant examination before the Faculty of Law. She has thus a higher education than most barristers. The French law requires three things for the exercise of the legal profession—the presentation of a diploma of Licencié en Droit certified by the Procureur-Général—a mere formality which Mlle. Chauvin has fulfilled without difllculty, an oath before the Court of Appeal, and admission by the Council of the Order of Advocates. Mlle. Chaiivin went to the Court of Appeal to accomplish the second formality. A large crowd of women, journalists, and barristers had collected as though for a sensational trial. When Mlle. Ohauvin advanced to the bar and asked to be sworn the Procureur-Général, M. Bertrand, took objection. He acknowledged that no law expressly forbade a woman to be a barrister, but he maintained that the spirit, if not the letter, of the law excluded her. He dwelt also on the diflioulties which a woman would encounter in such a profession, and he urged the court not to Opel]. .1 way for them. Mlle. Chauvin, who had listened attentively and taken notes, asked and obtained leave to reply. Bareheaded, wearing a black silk dress, and having taken off a boa, she spoke, text-book in hand, in a clear and audible tone, and combated uriatim the Procureur‘s arguments. She remarked that her present application was not to practise as n barrister, but simply to be sworn, and that this could not be refused her inasmuch as women were allowed, and even required, to be sworn as witnesses and on a pointments in the Postal and Telegraph Service. She insisted that, b French law, an incapacity such as was sought to be inflicted on her ought to rest on an express enactment, and she asked the court to administer the oath,


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leaving to tho Court of Advocates the responsibility of definitive admission or rejection. Her arguments seemed to make an impression, but, according to usage, judgment was deferred for a week. Mlle. Chauvin, on

leaving the court, was applauded by the crowd.

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Nov. 80.—Mr. ALFRED RICHARDS, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., £30,000 Q6 per Cent. Debenture Stock of the Gas Light & Coke Co. (See advertisement, this week, p. 8.)

Dec. 1.~Messrs. Er-iris Fox 8: u0l.'S1-‘XELU, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates, forming part of an Adventurer’s Share and parts of a King's Sharein the New River; also £4,000 3 per Cent. Debenture Stock. Solicitors, Messrs. Torr, Gribble, Oddie, & Sinclair. London ; and W. T. Ilartcup, Norwich. Block of Residential Suites, facing 1-ieiisington Gardens, of the rental value of £1,100 per iinnum; with policy for £30,000, payable in forty years without premium. Solicitors, Messrs. Beale 8: C0,, London. (See advertisements, this week, p 3.)

Die 2.—Mcssrs. C. C. &T. Moons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties at Peckham, Whitecha el-road, Rotherithe and City of London, and Lima house. (For rticulars see advertisement, this week, p. 3.)

Dec. 2.-—Messr.=. E15. Fosrna & Caasrinn, at the Mart, at2p.m :

REVERSIONS : To seven one-forty-fourths of a Trust Fund, represented by £1-1,716 Metropolitan 35 per cent. Stock; lady aged 67 ; see special conditions. Solicitors, Iessrs. Sass & Young, London. To amoiety of a Residuary Estate, value £12,244; lady aged 68. Solicitor, J. B. Cllirchill, Esq., London. To two-thirds of a Trust Fund of £2,750 in Coflsols ; gentleman aged 59. Solicitors, Messrs. Maggy & Stunt, Chelmsford and London. To two one-third shares uf a Trust. Fund of £1,300 ti per cent. Stock of the Nowcastle and Gateshead Water Co., valued at £2,300; lady ngcd 72 Solicitors, Messrs. Csprons, Dalton, Hitchins, 6: Brabant, London. To £600 cash; ady aged 63. To £500 cash (see advertisement); lady aged 53, EO$’1d€(la§8l‘ltl9l11&I1 aged 29 survive her. Also to one-eighteenth of ii Trust tate v ue £9,038 ; lad aged 71, provided lady aged 40 survive her; with Igolicfi. Solicitors, Douglas, Norman, 8: Co., London. LIFE TE EST: Of a lady aged 33, in Freehold Property value £70 per annum; with policy for £600. Solicitors, Messrs. Colyer & Colyer, London.


In Alliance Land Building and Investment Co. Silicitois, Messrs. Keighley,

Arnold, 8: Sismey, London. POLICIES :

For £7,500, £7,500, £5,000, £5,000, £4,800, £4,200, £3,250, £2,000. £2,000, £2,000, £1,100, £1,000, £l,1)(0. Solictors, Messrs. Clayton, Sons, 8: Fargus Messrs. Josolyne, Miles, & Blow, Messrs. Phelps, Sedfwick, & Biddle, all of London ; and Messrs. Stone, Fletcher, Hull, & Stone, iverpool

(See advertisements, this week, back page.)


London Gd.l5¢l6.—FBIDAY, Nov. 19.

Bnowxrisios Guru» PDTTF.l'l\' Socinrv, Limi-i-:1»-Petn for winding up, presented Nov 16, directed to be heard on Dec 3. Morten & Co. 99, Newgato st, agents for Challinors 8: Shaw, Leek, solors for petnc-rs. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o’clock in the afternoon of Dec 2

Noarri Ciiasiiins Biiawsav Go, Liiii'rr.n—Creditors are required, on or beforc Tuesday, D60 28, to send their names and addresses, and the articulnrs of their debts or claims, to John May and Samuel Wilkinson, c '0 E J. Walker, 2, Waterhoiise st, Halifax. J. Fred May, solor for liquidators

Pioiuizn Esrnss, Lmi-i-iro—Petn for winding) up, presented Nov 18, directed to be heard on Dec 3. Fraser & Christian, 4, Fins ury circus, solors for petners. Notice of ~ng must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of

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Amended notice substituted for that published in the London Gazette of Nov. 12 :

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20 Ord Nov 20 WOBLOCK, Eiriia, Burnham, Somersets, Hotel Proprietress Bridgwater Pet Nov 18 Ord Nov 18

Amended notice substituted for that published in the London Gazette of Nov. 19 :

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NIUWIRTH, Hooo, Mark lano High Court Pet Nov 18 Ord Nov 20

PEARSON, FRANCIS Gsrss, Cardifl, Actor Cardiff Pot Nov 13 Ord Nov 19

PHILLIPS, DAVXD. Praed st. Paddington, Clothier High Court Pet Nov 8 Ord Nov 18

Pfr-rsrm, BALDWIN, Tottenham, Baker Edmonton Pet Sept 20 Ord Nov 19

QUIN. Oiis EDWARD Jiuiss, Wych st, Strand, Journalist High Court Pet July 29 Ord Nov 17

RACKIIAM, Fssosnicir WILLIAM, Lsadsnhsll st, Commission Agent High Court Pct Nov 18 Ord Nov 18

Ricnsaosos. Eoiissn Jsuss, Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, Baker Ipswich Pet Nov 16 Ord Nov 18

Bonissos. WALTER J on s, Lakenham, Norwich Norwich Pet Nov 20 Ord Nov 20

Ssimsnsos. WA!-TlFM". Willesden Green High Court Pet Oct 9 Ord Nov 17

Siiliiimow, Gsoaoa TIIOMAQ, Derby Derby Pet, Nov 19 Ord Nov 19

Biiirri, Sail, Red Lion st, St George's in the Eist, Biker High Court Pet Oct 14 Ord Nov 20

Sowaasr, Tnoiias. Saltburn by the Sea, Baker Stockton on Tees Pet Nov 17 Ord Nov 17

Souiass, W'ii.i.ini Jouir, jun, Loasrrave. Bediord Wheelwright Luton Pet Nov 13 Ord Nov 19

Srovono, Airrsna Ciisiinss. Bristol, Tailor-'s Cutter Bristol Pet Oct23 Ord Nov 19

SWANI, Airs. Nottingham, Greengrocsr Nottingham Pet Oct 28 Ord Nov 16

THOMAS, Biciniio. Abercruve, Brccon High Court Pet Aug 25 Ord Nov 17

Vsssnnss, DAVID, Mexborough, York, Butcher Sheflield Pet Nov 18 Ord Nov 19

\Vsi.-ros, Faso. Doncaster, Railway Clerk Sheflield Pet Nov 20 Ord Nov 20

Wsasizs, Jniss. Oxford, Fish Salesman Oxford Pet Nov 18 Ord Nov 18

Wlsr, WILLIAI, Cross lane, Bastcheap. Insurance Broker High Court Pet Oct 8 Ord Nov 19

Winoowsos. BENJAMIN, Eckington. Derby, Accountant Chosterifald Pet Nov 19 Otd Nov 20

Winniso, Ciisiznss. Norwich, Painter Norwich Pet No v 20 Ord Nov 20

WOHLOCK, EMMA, Burnham, Somersets, Hotel Proprietress Bridgwater Pet Nov 17 Ord Nov 18

Wvs.\-ix. Joiis. Nswington causeway, Builder High Court Pet Sept 29 Ord Nov 19

Amended notices substituted for those published in the London Gazette of Oct 19:

Buaosrr, WILLIAM. Aston. Birmingham, Coal Merchant Birmingham Pet Oct 11 Ord Oct 16

WARD, HARRIET, Birmingham, Fish Dealer Birmingham Pet Oct 12 Ord Oct 14

Wanna, Jsuss, Birmingham, Builder Birmingham Pet Sept 14 Ord Oct 16

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Fubscriplirrn, PAYABLE IN ADVANCE, which includes Indexes, Digests, Statutes, and Postage, 52$. WEEKLY REPORTER, in wrapper, 26.9. ; by Post, 28s. Soniorrons’ JOURNAL, 26:. ; by Post, 28s. Volumes bound at the ofi'ice—cloth, 2:. 9d., half law calf, 5!. 6d.


sons g MAKERS.


To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &0.

aonss ran QUEEN'S ooirsssi. AND ssaaisrsas. SOLICITORS’ GOWNS.

Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town Clerks, and Clerks of the Peace. Corporation Robes, Univeraityand Clergy Gowns. ESTABLISHED 1689.


Special Advantage: to Private Insurers.

THE IMPERIAL mgunsnqg ooxpsiry nmrrma. FIRE.

Established 1808.

1, Old Broad-street. E.C., 22, Pall Mall, B.W., and 47,
Chancery-lime, W.C.
Subscribed Capital, £1,200,000; Paid-up, £300,000.
Total Funds over £1,600,000.
E. COZENS SMITH, General Manager.

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No matter whether physical or mental labour is meant» or even if, nu is too often the case in these days of fierce struggle for existence, an excess of either has to be accomplished, Dr. Tibhles' Vi-Cocoa will prove of inestimable service. The jadsdness and tiredness which characterises thousinds of young men and women of the present diy too often reso ves itself into a question of diet. Children and young pers ins do not iauim so much food as nourishment, and a (grcrtially digas Food Beverage, such _a.s Dr. 'I‘ibbles’Vi- an, gives strength, stamina,_and builds up and strengthens the tissues. The disinclination for further I effort and exertion so often experienced will become athiug

of the past; and heat in summer, and cold in winter, an all the bleak uncertainties of our trying‘ climate can be faced with Dr. Tibbles‘ Vi-Cocoa. which _ as concentrated powers of nutriinent, and imparts Blillllllll and staying powers. adds to powers of endurance, and enables those yvlzo use it to undergo greater physical exertion and a i


Th: Br-liah lliediuzl Journal says: "Vi-Cocoa is a_vcry palatable beverage of great stimulating and sustaining pargger-ties." The Lancet says : "Vi-Cocoa is in the front

of really valuable foods." We say that for breakfast and supper there is nothing to equal Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa; and the following is s very small portion of what the trade say in the leading University centres, being an attract from the Comb:-idgs Independml Pram.

The re rter writes : “ Mr. Carley, whose shop is beneath the shaclhow nf Magdalen College. says the people speak well of Dr. Tibblcs’ Vi~Coco \. Ha had a customer only last Saturday who spoke wonderfully in praise of it. The sales had doubled and treblsd. The University men ask for it, and it is clear that it has hit the public taste. Again, Messrs. Hattersley Brag oi Trinity-street, are known as high-class grocers w o do a large University trade. They state that last term there were so many inquiries by undergraduates for Vi-Cocoa that they were bound to get a stock of it, and they have provided fora large sale this term, for which they finds large demmd. Many ‘Varsity men come to the shop and ask for it."

Al of which confirm the statements about this Wonderful Food Beverage appearing from time to time in the Soi.ici-mics’ Joiisiun.

Merit, and mciit alone, is what we claim for Dr. 'l‘ibbles'

Vi-Cocoa, and we are prepared to send to any reader who names the Souci-roas' Jousssi. a dainty sample tin of Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa free and post-paid. There is no magic in all this. It is a plain, honest, straightforward offer. It is dons to introduce the merits of Vi-Coc~a into every homo. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, as s concentrated form of nourishment and vitality, is invaluable; nay more than this, for all who wish to face the strife and battle ofliia with greater endurance and more sustained exertion, it is absolutely indispensable. ‘ _ ‘ Dr. Tibblm' Vi-Cocoa, 8d, 9d., ls. 61. Can be obtained from all Chemists, Grocers, and Stores, or from Dr. 'l‘ibbles' Vi-Cocoa, Limited, 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, London, E.C.




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