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heard by them, and in the result one solicitor was suspended from practising, and both were ordered to pay the costs. During the past year one sohcitor appealed to the Court of Appeal against the order of the court striking his name off the roll ; but the order was confirmed, and the solicitor was ordered to pay all the costs of the proceedings. In exercise of the discretion entrusted to the committee they have in ten cases allowed to complainants £621 2s. 5d. in full discharge of costs, which, as sent in, amounted to £722 15s. 0d. ; and in one case they have allowed to the respondent £24 7s. 4d. in full discharge of costs, which, as sent in, amounted to £33 _9s. _8d. Since the Act came into operation (January 1, 1889), 1,0'l2.8:ppl1(1B.lG10l1S have been made to the committee. Of these, 106 were by solicitors applying to have their names removed from the roll at their own request, in order that they might be called to the bar, or for other reasons. In 516 of the applications the committee refused to order an inquiry, on the ground that they disclosed no case of misconduct by the solicitor complained of; 243 cases have been heard and reports made; and 207 cases have been dismissed or otherwise disposed of. On behalf of the committee, Barn. G. Lass, Ohairman.

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Gsonss Dsnmo, deceased.—Any person possessing a will or other testamentary document of George Dering, formerly of Barham-court, Canterbury, in the county of Kent, who died (it is believed at Paris) on or about the 19th of May, 1820, is requested to lodge the same at the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of High Court of Justice, or to communicate thereon with J . N. Mason & Co., solicitors, of 32, Greshamstreet, London, E.C. Any person bringing in any such will or testa~ rnentary document, or giving such information as shall lead to the same being brought in, will be rewarded.

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The Royal Assent was given on Tuesday to the Consolidated Fund (No. 2) Bill, the Locomotives on Highways Bill, the Companies Act (1867) Amendment (No. 2) Bill, the Metropolitan Police Courts Bill, the Telegraph (Money) Bill, and a number of private and provisional order Bills.

Jocularity in oflicial circles is, says the St. Jamcs'c Gazette, evidently catching. Now it is the turn of the Charity Commission, who describe (in the Times) the areas of properties in £ s. d., the total area of land for sale reading as £210 3s. 38d. It is a wonder the secretary did not demand 14,000 acres as the price of the property. We await with anxiety the next development of the New Departmental Humour.

Mr. Gedge, says the Times, has placed the following motion upon the order paper for next Monday: “ That this House disapproves of the Order of Council made on the 18th day of July last, under the Land Transfer Act, 1897, and laid upon the table on the following day, which directs that registration of title to land shall be compulsory on sale in the county of London, on the ground (among others) that such order was made in violation of a pledge given to this House by the Government on the 4th day of August, 1897.”

The customary annual " Ladies’ Night” debate of the Hardwicke Society was held on the 29th ult. in the Inner Temple Hall. The chair was taken by the president of the society, and among those present were the Lord Chancellor and the Countess of Halsbury, Lady Evelyn Gifiard, the Chinese Minister, the Turkish Ambassador, Lord Justice Vaughan Wflliams, the Lady Mayoress, Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal, and Mr. Justice Gorell Barnes. Mr. H. C. Biron moved: “ That in the opinion of this House the criminal should not be punished,” and speeches were made by the Chinese Minister and Lord Justice Vaughan \Villiams, and Mr. Inderwick, Q.C.

The Times says that the Committee on Election Petitions will propose that in England, at all events, the practice of placing three judges on the rota for the trial of election petitions in each year should be altered, and that six judges should be selected to be placed on a rota for such trials during the ensuing three years, two of these retiring in each year and being displaced by two others; that the power of making and altering rules and orders which was transferred by the Corrupt Practices Act, 1883, to the rule committee of judges should be given to the judges on the rota, on the ground that the matter is one requiring special experience and uniformity of practice ; and that all proceedings should be taken only before a judge or judges on the rota, points of law raised by special case or otherwise being determined by rota judges forming a court for the purpose instead of referring the point to the High Court of Justice ; and that, generally speaking, the procedure of the Commercial Court, whereby one judge takes as far as possible complete control of a case from beginning to end, should be applied to election petitions.

The following are the arrangements made for transacting business in the Probate and Divorce Registries during the Long Vacation, namely:— The Registrars of the Probate and Divorce Registries of her Majesty’s High Court of Justice will not tax any bill of costs or proceed upon any petition for alimony after Friday, the 12th of August, until Monday, the 24th of October, except under special circumstances to be stated in a written application addressed to them. On Wednesday, the 17th of August, and on every succeeding Wednesday, until the 19th of October, inclusive, one of the Registrars will sit at the principal Probate Registry, Somenet-house, tohear summonses, at 11.30. On ednesdays, August

17 and 31, September 14 and 28, and the 12th of October, one of the Registrars will sit to hear motions at 12.30. Decrees will be made absolute on Wednesdays, August 24, September 14, and October 5. All papers for motions and for making decrees absolute are to be left at the Contentious Department, Somerset-house, before 2 o'clock on the preceding Saturday. The oflices will be opened at 11 o’clock and closed at 3 o’cloclr, except on Saturdays, when the hours will be from 10 until 2.

According, says the Times, to a report presented to Parliament by the Board of Trade, the number of receiving orders under the Bankruptcy Acts of 1883 and 1890 made last year was 4,074, the total liabilities being £5,678,498, the total assets £2,756,078, and the estimated loss to creditors £3,791,196. The number of deeds under the Deeds of Arrangement Act of 1881 was 3,208, the liabilities being £3,980,615, the assets £1,910,492, and the estimated loss to creditors £2,706,954. These results taken together shew a total of 7,282 cases, with liabilities £9,659,113, assets £4,666,571, and estimated loss to creditors of £6,498,150, being a decrease on the previous year (1896) of 142 cases, a difference of £722,908 liabilities, £6,387 assets, and £757,538 estimated loss to creditors. The most noticeable failures are those of bankers, whose liabilities amounted to £814,240 in 1897, as against £34,585 in 1896, this result being largely due to the failure of a private bank having several branches in the south of England. Grocery and provisions are responsible for £633,356 and leather trades for £544,575. The liability of directors and promoters of companies is increased by £154,000, and that of drapers and haberdashers by £182,000, while the failure of solicitors has increased by £460,000.

On the 28th ult., says the St. James’; Gazette, before the Recorder, William Henry Hudson, William Chapman, Charles Warren, Ada Rose Burrell, Jane “Watkins, Charles Harries, alias Baron Valdez, and Charles Mayne, pleaded guilty to counts in an indictment charging them with conspiracy and with obtaining money by false pretences. '1‘he case was an extraordinary one. It appeared that the accused had pretended that they were entitled to the reversionary interests in property, and, by placing the solicitors, to whom application was being made upon these reversionary interests for loans, in communication with friends who personated the trustees of the property, and by forged documents, they in many cases obtained the desired advance of money. The recorder said the frauds were of a very ingenious character, and had been carried out in a most skilful manner. He sentenced Chapman to four years’ penal servitude; Warren and Mayne to three years each; Harries to eighteen months’ hard labour, and Burrell to fifteen months’ hard labour ; Watkins was bound over to come up for sentence if called upon. Hudson was said to be merely a tool in the hands of the other men, and sentence on him was postponed.

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Aug. 9.—Messrs. DBBENIIAI, Tswson, Fanuaa, & BBIDOIWATIB (in conjunction with the vendors’ local agent, Mr. Alexander McKenzie); at the Mart, at 2, the St. Catherine’s Estate, Broxbourne, Herts, comprising ouses, villas, and lodgfs, all designed by Mr. Wood Bethell, Mr. Reginald T. Blomtleld, M.A., Mr. udley Newman, and Mr. Vincent Wing, and built and finished by the Messrs. Hunt in substantial manner, forming an estate which has won a reputation as one of the most agreeable residential p aces within easy reach of London ; the roads are planted with chestnuts and limes, drained, and constant water service, &c. ; lawn-tennis, golf, cricket, boating. bathing, fishing, and skating in their seasons; churches,

_ chapels. and schools abound. A separate lease for each house for a term of 83 years, direct from the New River Company, and the Building Land will be sold, for a like term, subject to a pepparcorn ground-rent. The leases contain covenants for preserving the high character of the whole estate. Also Long Leasehold detached and semi-detached Houses, each having beautifully laid-out and well-kept gardens; also Building Land, suitable for the erection of similar private residences. Solicitors, Messrs. Williamson, Hill, & Co., London, and Messrs. Sworder & Longmore, Hurtford. (See advertisement, July 30, p. 5 )

Aug. 12.—Messrs. Rica Bg.os., at the Mart at 12, Freehold Wharf, Féazizlory, &IJ%I0il18l‘

. _ . _ . . e _

Properties at Beimon sey. producing neary £400 per annum citors, ssrs.
Woodroofe 8: Burgess, London. (See advertisement, this week, back page.)

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London Gueuc—I-‘ainar, July 29.

Liirirao is Ciniroasr.

Bisaors Dowx Gaovw. SPA .\.\'n HYDROPATIHC Co, Liiiiran—Ci-editors are required, on or before Mondsy,_September 12. to send their names and addresses. and particulars of their debts and clauns, to G. D. Hands, 99, Cannon st. Cheverton, Essex an solor for the liquidat/or

Bairisu Hrnsauuc Joisriso Co, Liiiirirn (Ix LiQuin.\'rios)—Credit0rs are required, on or before Secpganiber 3, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or ms, to Thomas William Mills, 18, Regent at

Cowrs Asn Gnasaan Bursar C0, Liuirirn--Creditors are required, on or before August 20. to send their names and addresses. and the particulars of their debts or claims, to 1Alfr_cddml3dward Maynard, Princes bldgs, Cowea. Colenutt, Cowes, solor for the

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E. G. Turnua & Co, Liiii-ran—Pctn for winding up, resented July 26, directed to be heard August 10. David Davis, 11, Lincoln’s inn fields, solor for the petner. Notice fugspfgnng must reach 1l\" above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of

Giroaoa Locir & Co, LIIITEII-~\'1‘Bdlt0l'! are required, on or before August 29, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Thomas Frederick Wild, Broad st avenue

GBASKOP, Liiirzn—Creditors are required, on or before September 12, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts, to \Villiam “Tatkins, 85, Gracechurch st. Dale, Newman, & Hood, 75 8: 76, Cornhill, solors to the liquidator

Hlars, Box & Co, Liiiiri-in-—Petn for winding up, presented Julv 28, directed to be heard {\llB'lIBt 10. J - N- Mason & C0. 32. Gresham st, solors for the petners. Notice of gppeaiéiilg must reach the above-named not later than 6 0‘.-lock iii the afternoon of


Srixnsnn B/mi: or AUSTBALIA, Liiii-riin—Petn forwindipg up, presented July 27, directed to be hcard on Aug 10. Burchell, The Sanctuary, estminster, color for petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after

noon of Aug 9 FRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSOLVED. Hirnsriair UNITED Biioraiiizs Ba.\'si-"ir Sociarr, Waterman's Arms Inn, Ecrsham, Surrey.

July 20
London Gdlell!.—TUE5DAY, Aug. 2.
Liiurao ll Ci-iasoaar.

A1!!!‘-ICAN L.\usna\' CLEANSING sun Dririso Srsnicrra, Liirirs:n—-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 23, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their claims, to W Waud, 67, Chancery lane. Warhust, solor to liquidator

Basses-rox Rirars, Liii|ran—Petn for winding up, presented _July 29, directed to be heard on Wednesday, Aug 10. Roberts 6: \Vr|ghtson , 73, Basinghiill st, solors for the petner. Notice of appearing must reach the abov c—named not hiter than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Aug 9

CllALLlNll-I CARRIAGE Tran Srsnioara. Liiiirirn (is_Lioi:in.\riox)—Thc Challiueraiid Willoughby Carriage Tyre ('o. Limited, will continue to carry on the businu as formerly. Creditors are required, on or before Sept 10, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Pennington, 67, Priiicais st, Manchester _ _ _

GUARICO Goin Misixri Co, Liiri'rirn—Petn for wiudingvup, presented July 23, directed to be heard on Aug 10. Godfrey & Webb, 4 and 5, est Sinithfield, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after


n of Au .

Jo!h)3Moaaisg& Co, Liiiiran—Petn for winding up, presented July 29, directed tube heard on Aug 10. Piease & Son, 15, Old Jewry chhrs, solors for petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than G o'clock in the afternoon of Aug 9 i _

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afternoon of August 9

Pzarii MINING uso Tiuiniso Srsiiicars or Wssraas AUSTRALIA, Liin'rzn—Creditors are required, on or before Sept 10, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. John Francis Vincent, 36, Burlington rd, Bgygwatey,

Homer it Haslam, Copthall chmbrs, solors to liqiiidator BANKRUPTCY NOTICES.

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WARNING ro INTBNDING House PURCHASERS AND Lxssairs.—-Before purchasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Anv'r.]

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And all General and Commercial Work-
E vary ducrfption of Print/'ng~—larga or small.

Printer: of THE SOLICITORS’ JOURNAL Newspaper.

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Funds exceed - - - £3,200,000-

LONG-TERM POLICIES AT LOW RATES, with right to change V to ordinary Assurances, thus giving


Write for NEW PROSPECTUS, containing full information and other important SECRETARY, 18, LINCOLITS INN FIELDS, LONDON.

alterations, to



Bcgistered under the Companies Acts. Established in 1836. Caplital, £8,000,000, in 100,000 Shares of £80 each. REPOR adopltod at the Half-Yearly Ordinary General

eeting, the 4th Au t,1898. WILLIAM GAIR RATHBONI§:li‘aq., in the Chair.

The Directors have the pleasure to announce that the alteration in the Constitution of the Bank. by the substitution of a Memorandum and Articles of Association for the pldbDeed of Settlement, was duly registered on 7th April

as .

The Directors, in submitting to the Shareholders the Balance-sheet for the half-year ending 30th June last have to report thnt, after paying interest to customers and all charge-1, making provision for bud and doubtful debts, and 8.llOV\'1I1r§ £41,800 3s. 9d. for rebate on bills not due, the net pro ts amount to £830,392 16s. 1d. From this sum has been deducted £40,000, transferred to Premises Account, and £50,000. carried to Reserve Fund, leaving £240,392 16s. 1d., Which, with £49,966 195. 6d., balance brought forward from last account, leaves available the sum of £290,%9 15s. 7d.

The Directors, in accordance with the 78th Article of Association. have declared a Dividend for the half-{par of 10 per cent , together with a Bonus of 1 per cent., w ‘ch will require £220.000. leavin a sum of £70,359 15s. 7d. to be carried to the Profit and {oes New Account.

The Directors much regret having to report the death of Mr. Henry Gunn, one of the Auditors. The Shareholders will be called upon at the Ordinary General Meeting in February next to elect a successor.

The Dividend and Bonus, amounting together to £2 4s. per Share, free of Income Tax, will be pays le at the Head Oflice, or at any of the Branches, on or a oer Monday, 15th August.

Bsnsscs-Sonar OP rns Losnos Aim Cousrr BANKING Conner (Lmirno), 30-rn Jusn, 1893.

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Metropolitan and other Corporation Stocks, DebentureBonds,English Rnilwalybcbentui-e Stock, and Co onial Bonds .... ..

Other Securities ....... .. a 10,860,506 4 5 By Discounted Bills Current ........................... ..12,063,168 8 11 By Advances to Customers at the Head Ofiice and Branches ................... .. 14,756,045 13 3 —ii26,819,214 2 2 By Liabilities of Customers for I)!1-l.lisSll-OC86:Jl,(3(ll) -the Bank S:S])21‘ ‘ntral By Free old Premises in Lombard Street and Nicholas Lane, Freehold and Leasehold Propert ' at the Bruuches, with Fixtures and Fittings By Less Amount transferred from Profit and Loss ..

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Tax on Profits and Salaries ................ .. 252,345 16 6 To Transferred to the credit of Premises Account ............................ .. . 40,000 0 0 To Carried to Reserve Fund .. 50,000 0 0 To Rebate on Bills not due, cariied to New Account ............................................. .. 41,800 3 9 To Dividend, 10 per cent. for the Half-year ....... .. £200,000 0 0 TcBonus1percent ........ .. 20,000 0 0 To Balance carried forward 70,359 16 7 ii 290,859 15 7 £774,720 14 5 Cr. £ s. d. By Balance brought forward from last Account ................................................. .. 49,966 19 0 By Gross Profit for the Half-year, after mnkin provision for bad and doubtful (Io ts, and including rebate, £32,904 7s. 3d. brought from 31st Decemberlast ............. 724,753 14 11 £774,720 14 5 Examined and audited by us. -i(Signed) EDW. F. DUNCANSON, Audit JOHN GREEN, 3 Committee \VM. A. JONES, of Directors.

H. DEAN, Head Ofllce Manager. J. B. JAMES, Country Manager. WM. HALL, Chief Accoun t-ant. London and County Banking Company (Limited), 16th July, 1898.

\Vo have examined the foregoing Balance-sheet and Profit and Loss Account, have verified the Cash Balance at the Bank of England, the Stocks thcre registered, and the other investments of the Bank. We have also examined the several Books nnd Vouchers showing the Cash Balances, Bills, and other amounts set forth, the whole of which are correctly stated; nnd we are of opinion this Balance-sheet and Profit and Loss Account are full and fair, p rly drawn up, and exhibit a true and correct view of t e idempany’s affairs as shown by the books of the Company.

(Signed) HY. GRANT, l WILLIAM NORMAN, 5 A“‘1"""London and County Banking Company (Limited), 21st July, 1898.


COMPANY (1Limited).—Notice is hereby given, that a DIVIDEND on t e Capital of the Company at the rate of 10 per ccnt. for the half-year ending 30th June, 1898, together with a Bonus of 1 per cent., will be PAYABLE to the Shareholders, either at the Head Ofllce, 21, Lombardstrcct, or at any of the Company's branches, on or after Monday, tho lot inst.

B order of the Board J. H ATKINSON Secretary





The annual dinner will be held in the College Library on MONDAY, OCTOBER 3. Mr. Mansell-Monllin in the chair.

The Hospital is the largait in the kingdom; naarlv 81!) beds are tn constant use. and no beds are closed. Being the only general Hospital for East Lo_m'lon—i.e., for :4 million and a-half people—the practice is immense. Inpatients last year 11,146; out-paticnt.s,161,0§l3; accidents, 14,781 ; major operations, 2,820.

APPOINTMENTS.-Owing to the enormous number of patients more appointments, salaried and resident. are open to students than at any other hospital. Sixty cl these qualified appointments are made annually, and more than 150 Dressers. Clinical Clerks, &c., appointed every three months. All are free to Students of the College. Holders of resident appointments have tree board.

SCHOLARSHIPS and PRIZ E S.—~Twenty-seven Scholarships and Prizes are ivcn annually. FIVE ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS will be offered in September.

SPECIAL CLASSES are held for the University of London and other higher Examinations. Special Entries for Medical and Surgical Practice can bcmade. Qualified practitioners will find excellent opportunities for studying the rarest diseases.

A reduction of 15 guineas is made to the sons of members of the profession.

ENLARGEMENT of the COLLEGE.-—New laboratories and class rooms for Barteiiolcgy, Public Health, Operative gurgery, Chemistry, Biology, &c., will be COII1pl&l.€t‘l by

. 1.

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The Courses qualify for Diplomas of all Licensing Bodies, and for Degrees in Medicine and Surgery of British Universities. _

There are various Scholarships, entrance and otherwise.

CLINICAL INSTRUCTION is given at the General and the Queen's Hospitals, which have a united total of "(H 400 beds. There are special departments for Eye, Sh!!Ear and Throat and Special Diseases of Women. Studenl-' can also attend the City Lunatic Asylum and the l-‘ever Hospital, the Eye, Orthopaedic, and Ear and Tm‘! Hospitals.

The Dental Depjartmcnt, in conjunction with the Gfllflih Queen's, and ant-al Hospitals, affords a 001111713“ curriculum for all Dental Diplomas. There is an Entlulwfl Scholarship, and Medals and Honour Certificates fl\'° awarded in the classes.

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COMPLETE VALUATIONS for the LEGAL PROFESSION EXECUTORS, &c., of Personal and Household Effects according to the requirements of l1.l‘l. Court of Probate.





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WE HAVE been favoured with an early copy of the Land Transfer Rules in the final form as regards the rules. Several important alterations have been made, and some new rules have been added. One of the alterations is that enabling a title to be referred, not only to the conveyancing counsel of the court, but also to such other barristers experienced in conveyancing as the Lord Chancellor shall from time to time appoint (rules 31 and 248). This, in effect, merely enables the Lord Chancellor to appoint additional conveyancing counsel for the purposes only of examination of titles to land intended to be registered. As we pointed out (ante, p. 520), compulsory registration in the case of leaseholde could, under the draft rules, have been easily evaded, since there was nothing to incorporate the meaning of “ conveyarce on sale" as defined in section 20 (2) of the Act of 1897. This is now provided for (rule 60). There are several rules which have been inserted --to meet the views of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners (rules 95 and 98 to 100). Under the draft rules there was nothing to prevent the personal representatives of the ofiicial receiver or a trustee in bankruptcy being registered on the death of the receiver or trustee. This omission is now rectified (rule 137). There are several new rules relating to bankruptcy (rules 138 to 144). The provision that all parties to a registered disposition were to execute is now abandoned (rule 157), with the result, it seems, that a purchaser need not execute the transfer. Whether with a view to verify signatures the registry ought not to keep a book of signatures of registered proprietors, as in the case of banks, may well be considered. The provisions relating to the entry oi the value oi land on the register have now received an addition providing that the original amount of every charge

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