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Amended notice substituted for that published in the |

HOWARD, WALTER, Portsea, Grocer Portsmouth Pet July Evans, DAVID EDGAR, Llanfihangel, Rhosycorn, Grocer PEARSON, JOHN William, and William Robinson, Wake18 Ord July 18 Carmarthen Pet July 16 Ord July 16

field, Clothiers Wakefield Pet July 21 Ord July 21 Jenkins, WILLIAM, Llanguicke, Glam, Tailor Neath Pet Evans, DANIEL WILLIAM. Morriston, Glam, Grocer Swan- RICHMOND, SAMUE: PENTIMAX, Ossett, Florist Dewsbury July 18 Ord July 18 sea Pet July 18 Ord July 18

Pet July 23 Ord July 23 JOHNSON, ALFRED, Willenhall, Stafford, Grocer Wolver- FAIRCHILD, GEORGE Edwin, Harrington sq Lewes Pet SHEARD, R A & Co, Liversedge, York, Warp Manufacturers hampton Pet June 28 Ord July 19 June 14 Ord July 19

Dewsbury Pet June 23rd July 23 Joxes, Jour EDWARD, Kingswinford, Stafford Stour- FAIRWEATHER, GEORGE, Diss, Norfolk, Baker's Assistant

SKAM, ARTHUR, Leytonstone, Hairdresser High Court bridge Pet July 18 Ord July 18 Ipswich Pet July 19 Ord July 19

Pet July 21 Ord July 21 LAWRENCE, CHARLES FREDERICK, and Arthur HALL, Fietu, Joe, Huddersfield, Woollen Cloth Weaver Hud- szex, Josep. Theodor, Chancery lane High Court Pet Harrogate, Yorks, Furniture Storers York Pet July derefield Pet July 18 Ord July 18

June 27 Ord July 21 16 Ord July 16

GOODWIN, RICHARD, South Shields, Builder Newcastle on VILE, WILLIAM THOMAS, Wandsworth, Builder WandsLockwood, GEORGE, Wakefield, Plasterer Wakefield Tyne Pet June 30 Ord July 18

worth Pet June 14 Ord July 21 Pet July 20 Ord July 20

HAMMETT. WILLIAM, St Thomas the Apostle, Devons, VILLENEUVE, CHABLES, Brockley Greenwich Pet July 20 LyxAs, WalteR FRED, Selby, Yorks, Grocer York Pet Baker Exeter Pet July 18 Ord July 18

Ord July 20
July 19 Ord July 19
HAWKYARD, WILLIAN Wixx, Leeds, Woollen Merchant

WallwOBK, JOSEPH, Wigan, Picture Frame Maker Wigan MARSRALL, JOSEPH, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester Leeds Pet July 20_Ord July 20

Pet July 21 Oid July 21
Cabdriver Manchester Pet July 18. Ord July 18
HOWARD, WALTER, Portsea, Grocer Portsmouth Pet

White, E, Borough ri, Beerhouse Keeper High Court NEWSTEAD, BERNARD, Walworth rd, Tailor High Court July 18 Ord July 18

Pet June

28 Ord July 21 Pet July 20Ord July 20 JENKINS, WILLIAM, Llanguicke, G!am, Tailor Neath Pet

Williams, WILLIAM, Redruth, Cornwall, Butcher Truro Onions, Isaac Hendy, Loughborough, Baker Leicester July 18 Ord July 18

Pet July 12 Ord July 23 Pet July 20 Ord July 20

Johnson, SAMUEL LOVICK, Eastbourne, Stationer East- Wilson, EMMANUEL FENWICK, Plessy, Northumberland, PERRY, ALFRED WILLIAM, South Molton st, Oxford st, bourne Pet June 28 Ord July 18

Dairyman Newcastle on Tyne Pet July 23 Ord Japanese Fine Art Dealer Bigh Court Pet July 18 Joxes, John EDWARD, Wordsley, Stafford Stourbrldge

July 23
Ord July 18
Pet July 18 Ord July 18

PIKE, HENRY, Fouthwark Park rd, Bedstead Manufacturer KILMINSTER, CHARLES, Brighton, Bootmaker Brighton
High Court Pet July 18 Ord July 18

Pet June 10 Ord July 20

ADEY, FREDERIC ALBERT, Bristol, Insurance Manager ROUND, Mary, and ANNIE ROUND, Bury, Lancs, Miliners LAWRENCE, CHARLES FREDERICK, and ARTHUR HALL, Aug 3 at 11.30_Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol Bolton Pet July 8 Ord July 20

Harrogate, Yorks, Furniture storers York Pet July AICARD, P Enile, Pwlmeyric, nr Chepstow, Coal Exporter SMEDLEY, WALTER, Ashover, Derbys, Tailor Derby Pet 16 Ord July 16

Aug 4 at 1' Off Rec, Westgate chmbrs, Newport, July 18 Ord July 18

LOCKWOOD, GEORGE, Wakefield, Plasterer Wakefield Mon SP:CKERNELL, RICHARD BEDWELL, Kensington, General Pet July 20 Ord July 20

BINGHAM, RICHARD CHABLES WILLIAM, Barnes Close Draper High Court Pet July 19 Ord July 19 Lynas, WALTER FRED, Selby, Yorks, Grocer York Pet Winchester Aug 2 at 3.30 172, High st, SouthSTANLEY, ALFRED WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Builder July 19 Ord July


ampton Kingston upon Hull Pet July 20Ord July 20 MARSHALL, JOSEPH, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, BLACKMAN, ARTAUR, and Edwin SHARP, Eastbourne STAUNTON, HENRY Joux, Gt Malvern Worcester Pet July News AD, BERNARD, Walworth rd, Tailor High Court

Cabdriver Manchester Pet July 18 Ord July 18

Builders Aug 2 at 1.45 Coles & Sons, Seaside rd, 18 Ord July 18

Eastbourne TAYLOR, FREDERICK, ERNEST TAYLOR, and Joan TAYLOR, Pet July 20 Ord July 20

BURKE, JAMES JOSEPH, Leeds, Grocer Aug 4 at 11 Off Leicester, Boot Manufacturers Leicester Pet July 19 Onions, Isaac HENRY, Loughborough, Baker Leicester Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds Ord July 19

Pet July 20 Ord July 20

CASTLE, HENRY Joux, Margate, Watchmaker Aug 8 at WHITFIELD, J & R, Leeds, Builders Leeds Pet July 5 PERRY, ALFRED WILLIAM, South Molton st, Oxford st, 11.30 Off Rec, 73, Castle st, Canterbury Ord July 20

Japanese Fine Art Dealer High Court Pet July 18 CLARK, WILLIAM DONALD, Holbeck, Leeds, Chemist Aug WILLIAMS, FRANK ARTHUR, Albrighton, Salop, Mechanical Ord July 18

4 at 12 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds Engineer Wolverhampton Pet July 19° Ord July 19 ST JOHN, AUBREY B L, New Lyric Club, Coventry st High Cook, Josuva, Barnard Castle, Durham, Decorative Court Pet June 1 Ord July 16

Painter Aug 10 at 3 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, MiddletLondon Gazette of July 15:

SMEDLEY, WALTER, Ashover, Derbys, Tail yr Derby Pet borough KILVINGTON, HANNAN ELIZABETH, Gt Grimsby Gt Grimsby STANLEY, ALFRED WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Builder

July 18 Ord July 18

CORBETT, ARTHUR JAMES, Kensington Aug 4 at 2.30

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Pet July 12 Ord July 12

Kingston upon Hull Pet July 20 Ord July 20

De LA CHAPELLE, the Count, West Kensington, Financial

STAUNTON, HENRY Jous, Gt Malvern Worcester Pet Agent Aug 4 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
July 18_Ord July 18

EvANA, DAVID EDGAR, Llanfihangel, Rhosycorn, CarmarBULLIMORE, WILLIAM, Deeping St Nicholas, Lincoln, WILLIAMS, FRANK ARTHUR, Albrighton, Salop, Mechanical thens, Grocer Aug 3 at 3 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, CarFarmer July 29 at 12 Law Courts, New rd, Peter

Engineer Wolverhampton Pet July 19 Ord July 20 marthen borough

WOOLAND, HENRY JAMES, and CHABLES EDMUND W00- FAIRWEATHER, GEORGE, Diss, Norfolk, Baker's Assistant CLARKE, WILLIAM ARTHUR, Norwich July 29 at 4 Off

LAND, Nottingham, Smallware Dealers Nottingham Aug 2 at 3.30 Off Rec, 36, Princes st, Ipswich Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

Pet June 22 Ord July 19

GOWLAND, Thomas, Reading, Cook Aug 4 at 1 Queen's DAVIS, E, Balbam, Builders' Merchant July 29 at 12 24,

Hotel, Reading Railway app, London bridge



Nottingham, Lace Manufacturers Aug 4 at 11 County 29 at 11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne REGAN, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Threadneedle st, Estate Court house, St Peters Gate, Nottingham DUNCAN, THOMAS TAYLOR, Great Yarmouth July 30 at 1 Agent High Court Rec Ord Dec 2, 1896 Adjud Feb JENKINS, William, Llanguic Glam, Tailor Aug 3 at 12 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich 10, 1897 Resc & Annul July 16, 1898

Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea
HAMNETT, WILLIAM, 8t Thomas the Apostle, Devon, Baker
July 29 at 10.30 Off Rec, 13, Bedford circus, Exeter

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 26.

JOLLY, HAMILTON WILLIAM, Liverpool, Surgeon's Assistant HOWARD, WALTER, Portsea, Grocer July 29 at 4 Off Rec,


Aug 9 at 12 Off Rec, 36, Victoria st, Liverpool

Jones, WILD, & Co, Liverpool, General merchants Aug 3 Cambridge Junction, High st, Portsmouth

Adey, FREDERIC ALBERT, Bristol, Insurance Manager at 12 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Johnson, ALFRED, Willenhall, staffs, Grocer July 29 at 12

Bristol Pet July 21 Ord July 21

KBAY, Thomas, Longton, Staffs, Builder Off Rec, Wolverhampton

Aug 3 at 2.30

Leicester The North Stafford Hotel, Stoke upon Trent LAWRENCE, CHARLES FREDERICK, and ARTAUR Hall, Aque, BAMUEL Leicester, Furniture Dealer Harrogate, Yorks, Furniture Storers Aug 2 at 12.15 BARRETT, Jous, Newmarket, Upholsterer Cambridge Lines, Sous, Bridport, Dor-ets, Fruit Dealer Aug 5 at

LEVY, SAMUEL, Bucklersbury, Merchant

Aug 3 at 12 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York LLEWELLYN, WILLIAM, Pentyrch, Glam, Farmer Aug 3 at

Pet July 23 Ord July 23 11 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

Booth, ARTHUR, Manchester, General Draper Manchester 11.30 King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester LYNAS, WALTER FRED, Belby, Yorks, Grocer Aug 3 at Castle, HENRY JOHN, Margate, Watchmaker Canterbury MARCH, Rich Rd, Marnhul, Dursets, Butter Factor Aug

Pet June 30 Ord July 22

LOCKWOOD, GEORGE, Wakefield, Plasterer Aug 2 at 11 12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York

Pet July 21 Ord July 21
MACLEAY, 8T CLAIR ALAN JAMES, Norfolk st, Park lane
July 29 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

CHAMBERS, BICHARD, Rhen Blas, dr Llangefni, Farmer 5 at 10.30 King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester
MARSHALL, JOSEPH, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester CRAVEN, PETER, Leeds, Ankle Strap Manufacturer Leeds

Bangor Pet July 6 Ord July 22

NewsTEAD, BERNARD, Walworth rd, Tailor Aug 3 at 11

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
July 29 at 2.38 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester
NUGEST, CLAUD, Brighton, Club Manager July 29 at 11 DARLOW, ALBERT, Sheffield, Innkeeper Sheffield

Pet July 22' Ord July 22

PERRY, ALFRED WILLIAM, South Molton st, Oxford st,

Pet Japanese Fine Art Dealer Aug 4 at 2.30 Bankruptcy Bankruptcy bldge, Carey st June 10 Oid July 21

bldge, Carey st PELLEX,

GORDON HLAlverstoke, Hants July 29. at 3 DEAN, WILLIAM, Burnley, Cabinet Maker Burnley Pet Priest, Édgar, Smethwick, Staffs, Grocer Aug 17 at Off Rec, Cambridge Junction, High st, Portsmouth July 6 Ord July 21

10.45 County Court, West Bromwich PRICE, WILLIAN THOMAS EDWIN, West Malling, Kent, Giles, Major Georde

E, Jermyn st High Court Pet Round, Mars, and Annie Round, Bury, Milliners Aug 3 Miller Aug 3 at 10.30 Off Rec, 9, King st, MaidApril 1 Ord July 22

at 11 16, Wood st, Bolton stone

GLENDAY, Јонх RADCLIFFE, JOHN HENRY, Heckmondwike, Yorks, Con

CHARLES, Brighton, Schoolmaster STAUNTON, HENRY John, Gt Malvern Aug 3 at 11.30 Of fectioner July 29 at 3.30 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, GoodwiN, EDWARD, Longton, Staffs, Butcher Stoke upon Brighton Pet July 23 Ord July 23

Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester

STRUVE, WILLIAM PEDDIB, Darran, nr Neath, Mechanical Batley REES, HENRY, Cardiff, Plumber's Apprentice Aug 3 at

Trent Pet July 21 Ord July 21

Engineer Aug 4 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st 11.30 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff GUY, WILLIAM, Wombridge, Salop Madeley Pet July

Off Rec 22 Ord July 22

TRIPP, ROBERT HENRY, Hexton, Hertford Aug 8 at 11.30 ROBERTSON, FREDERICK TINDAL, Richmond July 29 at HARDING, Francis EDWIN, Leicester, Painter Leicester la, St Paul's eq, Bedford 11.30 24, Railway app, London Bridge

Pet July 23 Ord July 23

VIGNOLES, CHARLES AUGUSTUS, Upper George st, Bryanston ROBE, JOHN HENRY, Loughborough, Tailor July 29 at HARTSHORNE, BERTRAM FOLKE, Elm Park gdns, Barrister 89, Stock Broker Aug 3 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldge,

12.30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester SCOTT, JAMES, Hartlepool, Clerk July 29 at 3 Off Rec, 25, Hill, EDWARD, Kirkbride, Cumberland, Clogger Carlisle

High Court Pet May 25 Ord July 22

Carey st

Wax, Louis, Westgate on Sea, Artist Aug 8 at 11 OR John st, Sunderland SENIOR, EDWARD, Norton, pr Doncaster, Butcher July 29

Pet July 21 Ord July 21

Rec, 73, Castle st, Canterbury at 2 Off Rec, Figtree ln, Sheffield

Hill, Thomas, Manchester, Chairmaker Manchester Pet WALLWORK, JOSEPH, Wigan, Lancs, Picture Frame Maker
July 21 Ord July 21

Aug 4 at 1116, Wood st, Bolton
SHIELD, William EDWARD, Harrow rd, Grocer July 29 at HOLMES, CHARLES HERBERT, Salford, Manager Salford WILLIAMSON, J, Hornsey Rise Aug 3 at 11 Bankruptcy
2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
Pet July 21 Ord July 21

bldgs, Carey st SMEDLEY, WALTER, Ashover, Derbys, Tailor July 29 at 12 HOOD, WILLIAM OWEN, Baneswell, Newport, Baker New- Youse, John, King's Heath, Worcesters, Fruiterer Aug 3 Smits, Hall, Middlesborough, York, Newspaper Proprie- JEREM, ALBERT EDWARD, Gt Grimsby Gt Grimsby Pet

port, Mon Pet July 22 Ord July 22

at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham tor July 29 at 11 of Rec, 8, Albert rd, MiddlesJuly 22 Ord July 22

ADJUDICATIONS. borough STAY, WILLIAM, Portsmouth, Hants, ButcherJuly 29 at

KELLOW, ROBERT WILLJAM, Salisbury, Wilts, Builder Ades, FREDERIC \LBERT, Bristol, Insurance Manager 12 Off Rec, Cambridge junction, High st, Portsmouth LANGRIDGE,

Balisbury Pet July 21 Ord July 2i

Bristol Pet July, 21 Ord July 21
THOMPSON, ROBERT ALBERT, Howded, York, Hatter July

GEORGE,. Plymouth, Licensed
Victualler Plymouth Pet July 23Ord July 23

AGUE, SAMUEL, Leicester, Furniture Dealer Leicester
29 at 11 Off Rec, Trinity House In, Hull
WOOLAND BROTHERS, Nottingham, Smallware Dealers
LEAK, CHARLES, Carnarvon, Boot Dealer Bangor Pet

Pet July 22 Ord July 22 July 29 at 12 County Courthouse, St Peter's gt, Not- LEARMOUTH, HERBERT GEORGE, Portsmouth, Builder

Judy 4 Ord July 22

BARRETT, John, Newmaket, Upholsterer Cambridge

Pet July 23 Ord July 23 tingham

Portsmouth Pet July 23 Ord July 23

CASTLE, HENRY JOHN, Margate, Watchmaker Canterbury
LEVY, SAMUEL, Bucklersbury, Merchant High Court Pet

Pet July 21 Ord July 21
BosWELL, HERBERT WALTER, Stockport, Horse Dealer

March 15 Ord April 6

CORBETT, ARTHUR James, Kensington High Court Pet Stockport Pet July 20 Ord July 20 MACLEOD, JAMES Polson, Philpot st, Commercial st, CRAVEN, Peter, Leeds, Ankle Strap Manufacturer Leeds

June 29 Ord July 22 DEXTER, JESSE, and WILLIAM LAIDLER, Newcastle on Tyne,

Publican High Court Pet June 14 Ord July 20 Timber Merchants Newcastle on Tyne Pet July 18 NEAVE, JAMES, Kingston on Thames, Auctioneer Kingston, DAVIES, DAVID, Skewen, nr Neath, Públican Neath Pet

Pet July 22 Ord July 22 Ord July 18

Surrey Pet Jan 21 Ord July 21
DUMFORD, WALTER BENJAMIN, Cardiff, Hairdresser Cardiff PAULET, WILLIAM VICTOR, King st, 8t James's High Court GOODWIN, EDWARD, Longton, Staffs, Butcher Stoke upon

June 20 Ord July 23
Pet July 16 Ord July 18
Pet May 26 Pet July 23

Trent Pet July 21 Ord July 21









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GREEN, ALFRED PHILIP, Pall Mall place High Court Pet


March 25 Ord July 21
GROSSMANN, ALEXANDER James, Dover, Photographer

CRUISES by their
Canterbury Pet June 28_Ord July 23

DALRYMPLE HADINGHAM, JOHN WELLS, Battersea Park rd, Chemist's

Steamship “LUSITANIA," 3,912 tons register, Assistant Wandsworth Pet July 12 Ord July 20 For COPENHAGEN, WISBY, STOCKHOLM, ST.



For Gentlemen, under the Act and privately. Pet July 23 Ord July 23

Leaving London 17th August, returning 14th September. For Terms, &c., apply to
HERMANN, Érmax, Islington, Wine Merchant High Court
Pet June 7 Ord July 21

HILL, EDWARD, Kirkbride, Cumberland, Clogger Carlisle Leaving London 20th September, returning sth November.

Medical Superintendent. Pet July 21 Ord July 21

TREATMENT of INEBRIBTY and ABUSE of DRUGS. Hill, THOMAS, Manchester, Furniture Dealer Manchester String band, electric light, high-class cuisine, &c.

Pet July 21 Ord July 21
HOOD, WILLIAM OWEN, Baneswell, Newport, Baker New-

HIGH SHOT HOUSE, port, Mon Pet July 22 Ord July 22

Managers: F. Green & Co.; Anderson, Anderson, & Co. HULÄE, THOMAS, jun, Northampton, China Dealer North

Head Offices : Fenchurch-avenue.

ST. MARGARET'S, TWICKENHAM, ampton Pet May 6 Ord July 22

For Gentlemen under the Acts and privately. Terms, JARROLD, THOMAS, Whitland, Carmarthen, Miller PemFor passage apply to the latter firm at 5, Fenchurch

2 to 4 Guineas. broke Dock Pet July 12 Ord July 22 JEREM, ALBERT EDWARD, Gt Grimsby Gt Grimsby Pet 16, Cockspur-street, 8.w. avenue, London, B.C.; or to the West-End Branch Office,

Apply to Medical Superintendent,

F. BROMHEAD, B.A., M.B. (Camb.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.)
July 22 Ord July 22
LANGRIDGE, THOMAS GEORGE, Plymouth, Licensed Vic- LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and
tualler_Plymouth Pet July 22 Ord July 23


Court Pet April 20 Ord July 20




begs to direct the attention of the Legal Profession Medical Attendant: CHAS. J. BOND, F.R.C.S. Eng., field, Clothiers Wakefield Pet July 21 Ord July 21

to the advantages of his long experience of upwards of L.R.C.P. Lond. Principal: H. M. RILEY, Assic, Soc. PRICE, WILLIAM Thomas Edwin, West Malling, Kent, Afty years, in the special insertion of all pro forma notices, Study of Inebriety. Thirty years' Experience. Excellent Miller Maidstone Pet July 16 Ord July 21

&c., and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. Legal and Medical References. For terms and particulars RADCLIFFE, JOAN Henry, Heckmondwike, Yorks, Con Forms, Gratis, for statutory Notices to Creditors and Dis- apply Miss RILEY, or the Principal. fectioner Dewsbury Pet June 16 Ord July 21

solutions of Partnership, with necessary Declaration, REAKES,

Official stamps for advertisements and file of “London
Pet June 21 Ord July 22

Gazette" kept. By appointment.
REES, HENRY, Cardiff, Plumber's Apprentice Cardiff
Pet July 2 Ord July 21

RICHMOND, SAMUEL FENTIMAN, Ossett, Florist Dewsbury
Pet July 23 Ord July 23

ROBERTS, ARTHUR LINES, Borough rd High Court Pet
April 26 Ord July 22

322, High Holborn, W.C. ROUND, MARY, and ANNIE ROUND, Bury, Lancs, Milliners (and at LIV:RPOOL, MANCHESTER, and BIRMINGHAM),

Bolton Pet July 6 Ord July 22
SKAM, ARTHUR, Leytonstone, Lairdresser High Court LONDON, and INTERNATIONAL AGENTS of Pro-
Pet July 21° Ord July 21

vincial and Foreign SOLICITORS in SPICKERNELL, RICHARD BEDWELL, Kensington, General

PATENT matters. Draper High Court Pet July 19_Ord July 22

Representatives in all Capitals.
WALLWORK, JOSEPH, Wigan, Picture Frame Maker Wigan

Pet July 21 Ord July 21
WAUTER, PETER FRANZ HENRY, Brixton, Wine Merchant M.8.A., Patent Agent (late of H.M. Patent Offices
High Court Pet April 20 Ord July 22
86, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. Letters Patent ob-

Prepared from finest ENGLISH MEATS WHITE, JOSEPH SAMUEL, Liverpool Liverpool Pet June tained and Registration effected in all parts of the

Of all Chemists and Grocers. 8 Ord July 21

World. Oppositions conducted. Opinions and Searches WILLIAMSON, CHARLES NORRIS, Walton on Thames, as to novelty.

BRAND & CO., LTD., MAYFAIR, W., & MAYFAIR Journalist Kingston, Surrey Pet July 16 Ord


Wilson, EMMANUEL FENWICK, Tynemouth, Dairy man
Newcastle on Tyne Pet July 23 Ord July 23




LONSDALE BUILDINGS, 27, CHANCERY LANE. HUTTox, ROBERT, Wall-on-Tyne, Northumberland, Clerk in Holy Orders Newcastle on Tyne Adjud Oct 13,

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. 1892 Annul July 21, 1898

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the
Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.




NEWSPAPERS & PERIODICALS. You would be perfectly astonished if you were made


And all General and Commercial Work. aware of the many thousands of pounds absolutely thrown away from year to year upon 80-called curatives that are

Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town foisted upon a public only too willing to believe the

Olerks, and Olerke of the Peace,

Every description of Printing large or small. specious arguments laid before them.

Printere of THE SOLICITORS' JOURNAL Newspaper. Even the hard-earned shillings of the very poor are Corporation Robes, University and Clergy Gowr 8. wasted in this way; in fact, it is to the ignorant, anxious to rid themselves of the various ailments which handicap


Authors advised with as to Printing and Publishing.

Estimates and all information furnished. them in the race for life, that such arguments are too often addressed. 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

Contracts entered into. Now, strength and muscular activity, rosy cheeks, plumpness, and health can be obtained without medicine.

ESTABLISHED 1861. the accomplished by the proper assimilation of food.

It cannot be done with medicine. It can, however, be accomplished with a perfect, flesh-forming, palatable and

Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. agreeable Food-beverage. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa is such a Food-beverage, possessing, it does, wonderful INVESTED FUNDS

£10,000,000. nourishing, strengthening and stimulative powers unsurpassed by any other Food-beverage. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa

Number of Accounts, 85,094. is not a medicine. It does simply wbat it is claimed to do, and its strengthening powers are being recognised to an

TWO-AND-A-HALF per CENT. INTEREST allowed extent hitherto unknown in the history of any preparation.

on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. Medieal men and the public are offering conclusive

TWO per CÉNT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the testimony upon the value of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, and to

minimum monthly balances, when not drawn below £100. show their confidence in the new preparation the proprietors sold for customers.

STOCKS, SHARES, and ANNUITIES purchased and make the unparelleled offer of a free test of merit, a dainty sample tin being sent gratis and post free to any addrees on

BAVINGS DEPARTMENT. mentioning SOLICITORS' JOURNAL. This offer is made because it sells Dr. Tibbler' Vi-Cocoa,

the new preparation each completed £1.

Small Deposits received, and Interest allowed monthly on referred to; in fact, the sales are increasing to such an extent that additional manufacturing facilities have had to

The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with particulars, post be made.

free. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, 60., 9d. and is. 6d. Can be

FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager. obtained from all Chemists, Grocers and Stores, or from 60,

Telephone No. 5, HOLBORN.

S. FISHER. 188, Strand 61, and 62, Bunhill Row, London E.C.

Telegraphic Address : “ BIRKBECK, LONDON."












tissues hich is going on every day, can only be BIRKBECK BANK





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705 706 706


VOL. XLII., No. 40.

The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. 24, LINCOLN'S INN FIELDS, W.C.



Debentures and Debenture Stock


Proposal Forms and full information may be had at the Society's Offices.

W. OSCAR NASH, F.I.A., Actuary. The Editor cannot undertake to return rejected contributions, aud

copies should be kept of all articles sent by writers who are not on LONDON, N.W. Within Shilling cab fare of Gray’s-inn, Inns of Court, Temple Bar,

the regular staff of the JOURNAL. MIDLAND GRAND Law Courts, &c. 'Buses to all parts

every minute. Close to King's Cross Metropolitan Ry. Station. The New Venetian Rooms are (St. Pancras Station). available for Publicand Private Dinners, Arbitration Meetings, &c.) LIVERPOOL


Close to Central (Midland) Station.

Excellent Restaurant.



In Centre of Town.

For Peak of Derbyshire.



Tennis Lawn to Seashore. Golf. HEYSHAM-HEYSHAM TOWER, nr MORECAMBE. Lovely Country. Golf.


LEGAL NEWS .................

705 Tariffs on Application.


Telegraphil Address " Midotel.
Adelphi “ Turtle" Soup forwarded from Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, per quart jar 185.;


per pint jar, 9s. 6d., carriage paid. Speciality for Invalids.

WILLIAM TOWLE, Manager Midland Railway Hotels. COBRESPONDANCE ................................



Cases Reported this Week.

In the Solicitors' Journal.


Kruse v. Johnson £1,000,000. PAID-UP • £100,000. FIDELITY GUARANTEES OF ALL KINDS.


Morris, In re. James v. London and

Riley v. Hall
702 County Banking Co....


Stevens, Re. Ex parte The Board of

Roper v. Knott




Stroud v. Lawson HEAD OFFICE: 49, Chancery-lane, W.C. | CITY OFFICE : 56, Moorgate-street, E.C.

In the Weekly Roportor.

Toms v. Clacton Urban District Council 629 Hollinside," The

Warsaw,” The


........................... 639


To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

WE PRINT elsewhere the Long. Vacation notice. It will be Suitable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtained on application to seen that, until further notice, Mr. Justice PHILLIMORE will act THE LICENSES INSURANCE CORPORATION AND

as Vacation Judge, and that the vacation chambers will be those GUARANTEE FUND, LIMITED,

of Mr. Justice STIRLING. 24, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C. Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without special valuation and at low rates.

ON TUESDAY last the Companies Act, 1867, Amendment (No. LEGAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE 2) Bill received the Royal Assent. The passing of this measure, SOCIETY.

the provisions of which will be found stated ante, p. 666, is due

to the initiative of the Council of the Incorporated Law Society, ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY. and it may be added that it is one of the benefits which the 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON.

profession have derived from the skill and energy of the late president, Mr. GODDARD, to whom no small acknowledgment is

due for his mode of discharge of the duties of his office. FREE,











THE REPEAL, by the Finance Act, 1898, of section 57, subsection 9, of the Taxes Management Act, 1880, will be received with general satisfaction. The sub-section in question prohibited the hearing by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, on an appeal to them from the assessment of a surveyor, of any barrister, solicitor, attorney, or any person practising the law"; the prohibition applied equally to appearances on behalf

of the appellant or on behalf of the surveyor or assessor, and it AND

is now removed in both cases. The extreme difficulty of many

of the cases determined by the commissioners, and the importSECURE.

ance of the questions involved, make it extremely desirable that FUNDS - £3,000,000, INCOME


the parties should, if they desired it, instruct solicitors or counsel YEARLY NEW BUSINESS - 21,000,000. BUSINESS IN FORCE - 611,700,000. to plead for them. And, apart from this consideration, it is

very doubtful whether

any roal economy is effected, or any good The Right Hon. Lord HALSBURY (Lord High Chancellor of England).

purpose served, by imposing such a disability as that which has The Hon. Mr. Justice KEKEWICH.

now been abolished in the case of these appeals. Parties will The Right Hon. Sir JAMES PARKER DEANE, Q.C., D.C.L. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq.

be far more likely to be contented with the decision of the comRICHARD PENNINGTON, Esq.

missioners or other like tribunal if they know that their case Bacon, His Honour Judge.

has been set out with the skill and fulness which only the Mathew, The Hon. Mr.Justice. Davey, The Right Hon. Lord. Meek, A. Grant, Esq. (Devizes).

knowledge and practice of the law can insure, and will be less Deane, The Right Hon. Sir James Parker,

Mellor, The Right Hon. John W., Q.C., disposed to carry an adverse decision to a higher tribunal. In Q.C., D.C.L. Ellis-Danvers, Edmund Henry, Esq. Mills, Richard, Esq.

the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897, Parliament left it to Finch, Arthur J., Esq.

Morrell, Frederic P., Esq.(Oxford).
Frere, Geo. Edgar, Esq.
Pennington, Richard, Esq.

the statutory rules to provide for the appearance of the parties Garth, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Q.C. Rowcliffe, Edward Lee, Esq.

otherwise than personally at an arbitration under that Act; the Healey, C. E: H. Chadwyck, Esq., Q.C. Saltwell, Wm..Henry, Esq. Johnson, Char es P., reg Williams, C. Reynolds, Esq.

rules issued in May last wisely permit appearance by a solicitor or Kekewich, The Hon. Mr. Justice.

Williams, Romer, Esq.
Ludlow, The Right Hon. Lord.
Williams, William, Esq.

counsel or, by leave of the judge or arbitrator, by a member of Masterman, Henry Chauncy, Esq.

the family of the party concerned or, in certain special cases, by



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other lay individuals. We are glad to notice this tendency intimation, however, was sent to the Kensington branch, and towards removing prohibitions as to the employment of skilled the cheque was not dispatched to them until Wednesday afterlegal advice; the prohibition still remains as to arbitrations noon. Under these circumstances BIGHAM, J., held that the under section 9 of the Local Government Act, 1894, respecting defendants, by failing to comply with the rules of the Clearingthe compulsory taking of land by parish and district councils; house, had in effect represented to the Kensington branch on but here the Local Government Board has a dispensing power the Wednesday morning that the cheque for £307 would be which we hope is freely exercised.

paid, and that the Kensington branch had on the faith of this representation paid the acceptance for £65. Consequently the

defendants were liable for this amount. The rapidity of DECISIONS upon section 3 of the Judicial Trustees Act, 1896, banking business does not, apparently, allow much chance for usually depend too much upon the discretion of the court as change of mind. applied to the circumstances of the particular case for it to be possible to extract any rules from them ; but the case of Re

AN IMPORTANT decision was given last week by the Court of Grindey, in which the Court of Appeal have just affirmed the Appeal, in the case of Pethick v. The County Council of Dorsetdecision of KEKEWICH, J., granting relief to trustees, appears shire, on the liability to pay for damage caused by to suggest that, where the sum involved is small, trustees will ordinary traffic.” Section 23 of the Highways and Locobe safe in adopting a business view of the meaning of the trust motives Act, 1878, puts this liability upon the person instrument, whatever its strict legal construction may be. A whose order” the extraordinary traffic on a road has been contestator who died in 1892 had, two years previously, advanced ducted. The difficulty which is constantly arising in practice is £166, and had taken for it a promissory note payable on demand. to construe the words“ by whose order." The point was fully By his will be directed his trustees to retain his property for a considered almost

exactly a year ago by the House of Lords in specified period in the same state of investment as it was in at The Kent County Council v. Lord Gerard (45 W. R. 531; 1897, the time of his death.

The interest on the promissory note was A. C. 633). In that case the respondent contracted with several paid till the time of the testator's death, and no suspicions were persons to deliver to him large quantities of building materials.. entertained as to the credit of the borrower. The trustees The price to be paid included the cost of carriage, and the prop, treated the advance as an investment and refrained from calling erty in the materials was not to pass to the respondent until it in. In 1894 the borrower died insolvent and the trustees they had been delivered to and accepted by him. There was a recovered only a small dividend on the debt. The question great divergence of opinion amongst the judges of the Queen's then arose whether they were entitled to relief under the Act Bench Division and of the Court of Appeal as to whether or not for not having called in the money before. Strictly speaking, it Lord GERARD was liable for the damage done to the highway by would seem that the advance could hardly be considered as an the carriage of these materials. The House of Lords, however, "investment,” though on this point the Court of Appeal gave decided unanimously that he was not the person by whose order no decision. It was held that upon the terms of the will a the traffic had been conducted, and consequently that he was business man would be justified in regarding it as such, and not liable under the Act. Lord HERSCHELL said: “The conhence as being within the direction given by the testator. To tention of the appellants amounts to this—that by whose order obtain relief it is necessary that the court shall be of opinion the traffic is conductod' must be interpreted as meaning 'at that the trustees have acted "honestly and reasonably, and whose instance' or 'for whose bonefit' the traffic is conducted. ought fairly to be excused for the breach of trust and for That might or might not have been expedient legislation, but omitting to obtain the directions of the court.” The former at any rate, to my mind, that is not the legislation to be found part of the requirement was accordingly satisfied, and as to the in the enactment.” In all their judgments the noble lords seem latter it was sufficient that an application to the court would to have been influenced by the fact that until the materials were have run away with a large part of the sum in question. The delivered on Lord GERARD's premises, the property in them did decision will be valuable if it is to be taken as establishing that not pass to him, and he had nothing whatever to do with the in small matters trustees may act upon the fair business meaning mode of delivery. Thus Lord Davey said: “The traffic was of the trust instrument without applying to the court.

being conducted by the order of the person to whom the goods at the time belonged, at whose risk and under whose control

these goods were being carried.” The recent case goes somewhat CONSIDERING the vast amour of business transacted between beyond this. The facts were that P. had contracted to construct banks in clearing cheques, disputes as to liability are of very a very large building, and had made a contract with T. to do all raro occurrence. One such has just been decided by Bigham, the hauling of the materials required. This hauling admittedly J., in the case of Parr': Bank (Limited) v. Thomas Ashby g. Co. amounted to extraordinary traffic, and caused considerable The defendants are bankers at Staines, having for their London damage to certain main roads; the question was whether or not agents WILLIAMS, Deacon, & Co. The plaintiffs have a branch P. was liable to make good the damage, T. having become bank at Kensington. In 1897 A., who had an account at the bankrupt. The court held that P. was not liable, as he had Kensington branch, formed his business into the B. company. On given no order, and his contract with T. did not amount to such Saturday, the 30th of October, A. paid into his account at the order. Here, therefore, the traffic was not being conducted by Kensington branch a cheque for £307, drawn by the B. company the order of the person to whom the goods belonged, and the on the defendants' bank. In the ordinary course this was sent property did not pass on the completion of the haulage. T. to the head office of PARR's Bank, and on the Monday was seems to have had no interest in the materials whatever beyond handed to WILLIAMS, DEACON, & Co. at the Clearing-house. By the obligation to carry them safely from one point to another. them it was sent to THOMAS ASHBY & Co. at Staines, reaching It appears, therefore, that the words "by whose order” must there on Tuesday. According to the rules of the Clearing-house be interpreted very literally, and that the question of liability THOMAS Ashby & Co., if they intended to dishonour the cheque, reduces itself to the question, Whose servants were the drivers should have forth with intimated this to their London agents, of the horses or traction engines by which the heavy weights and should at the same time have returned the cheque were drawn? The employer of these men seems to be the perdirect to the Kensington branch. Thus it would have son by whose order the traffic is conducted, and therefore the been known at Kensington on Wednesday morning that person liable to make good the damage to the roads. the cheque was to be dishonoured, and from non-return of the cheque it would be inferred that it had been honoured. OA Wednesday the cheque had not been received at Kensington, THE ATTEMPT to qualify agreements for the sale or leasing of and acting upon the natural inference the bank manager treated land by introducing a clause stipulating for the preparation of the £307 as safe, and out of it met A.'s acceptance due that day a formal contract has been a fruitful source of litigation, and a for £65. The natural inference, however, was not in accordance new case is added to the long series of authorities by the recent with the facts. The Staines bank on Tuesday wrote their decision of KEKEWICH, J., in North v. Percival (46 W. R. 552). London agents that the cheque would be paid, but early on The distinction between the cases where the stipulation is Wednesday morning wired them that it would not. No effectual to prevent the conclusion of a binding contract and



those where it fails to have this result has been frequently quarterly or yearly allowance, and could not be so treated. But pointed out, but it is not a distinction which it is easy to apply the learned judge considered that the order had clearly fixed in practice. According to the judgment of Lord WESTBURY, the allowance with reference to the whole year. The order, C., in Chinnock v. Marchioness of Ely (4 De G. J. & 8. p. 646), therefore, did not provide for an allowance at a certain rate per provided there is a final agreement, and the terms are evidenced annum to be taken as accruing de die in diem, nor for a quarterly in a manner to satisfy the Statute of Frauds, the agreement is allowance at that rate ; nor did it authorize payment in advance. binding, notwithstanding that the parties have declared that it That was a matter of arrangement between the committee of the is to serve only as instructions for a formal agreement, or estate and the committees of the person, and payment went on although it may be an express term that a formal agreement the footing that the lunatic should be maintained for the whole shall be prepared and signed by the parties. If, on the other year, and on that footing was reasonable. The lunatic was in hand, to a proposal or an offer an assent be given subject to a fact maintained for nine months altogether, and yet the comprovision as to a contract, then the stipulation as to a contract mittees were claiming to keep a whole year's allowance. The is term of the assent, and there is no agreement payments made to them were not made on that footing, and their independent of that stipulation. This statement, which claim, therefore, could not be sustained. Any difficulty arising was accepted by Lord CAIRNS, C., in Rossiter v Miller from Re Ponsonby was met by ROMER, J.'s, treating it as confined (3 App. Čas. p. 1139), overlooks what is probably the real to the ordinary case, where there was proper maintenance of the intention of the parties, and it would have conduced to simplicity lunatic for the full year; and both that case and Grosvenor v. had the finality of the contract in all such cases been postponed Drax are commented on by Lord CAIRNS, L.J., in Re French, in till the execution of the formal instrument. The only object of his important review of the authorities on the jurisdiction to order referring to such an instrument is that the parties contemplate the committee of the person to account (seo L. R. 3 Ch., at that subsidiary terms will have to be arranged before the pp. 319, 320). negotiation is complete. With respect to leases, JESSEL, M.R., in Winn v. Bull (7 Ch. D. 29), admitted this to be the case, and The decision recently given by the Court of Appeal in Warren he held that an agreement to take a house “subject to the v. Moore illustrates the danger incurred by a vendor who underpreparation and approval of a formal contract” was not final. takes to sell property to which he has not completed his title. "Where,” he said, "you have a proposal or agreement made The rule upon the subject was clearly laid down by Lord in writing, expressed to be subject to a formal contract being Romilly, M.R., in Forrer v. Nash (35 Beav. 167), where he said prepared, it means what it says ; it is subject to and is dependent that, when a person sells property which he is neither able to upon a formal contract being prepared." The reasoning of this convoy himself, nor of which he has the power to compel a conpassage applies of course equally to sales and leases, and could voyance from any other person, the purchaser, as soon as he finds it be accepted as authoritative, the introduction of the words this to be the case, can decline to proceed with the matter. He “subject to the preparation of

a formal

agreement " is not bound to wait to see whether some third person, who has would be a protection to the party using them. the power, can join in making a good title. The principle was In North v. Percival, however, similar words were used applied in Bellamy v. Debenham (39 W.R. 257; 1891, 1 Ch. 412) without effect.

A document which professed to contain where enfranchised copyholds in which the minerals were reserved the heads of an agreement for the sale of land con- | to the lord were sold as freehold. At the time when the vendor cluded as follows : “Subject to the approval of conditions and should have been ready to convey the property, the lord's rights forms of agreement by purchaser's solicitor.” According to the had not been got in, and, although this was subsequently done, decision of KEKEWICH, J., this stipulation was not a condition the purchaser was held justified in repudiating his bargain. procedent to a complete contract

, and the purchaser was bound, Similarly, in Re Bryant and Barningham's Contract (38 W.R. although no formal agreement was ever prepared. Doubtless, 469, 44 Ch. D. 218) trustees who had contracted to sell without upon the facts of the case, the decision was right, but it shows having any present power of sale were not allowed to force that the test proposed in Winn v. Bull is not conclusive, and upon the purchaser a title derived from the tenant for life. In the true effect of the stipulation in question in any particular Warren v. Moore a free lease of a public-house was held by a case will usually be a matter of doubt.

brewery company for a term of which sixty-five years were unexpired. There was a tied sub-lease for forty years. The

sub-lessee contracted to sell the whole lease for sixty-five years WHERE A fixed annual sum is ordered to be paid to the as a free lease, and in the subsequent negotiations the solicitors committee of the person for the maintenance of a lunatic, the of the company stated that the company would free the lease committee is not bound to keep accounts, and, as a general rule, and would join in the assignment. Practically this was a will not be ordered to account: see Re French (16 W. R. 657, sufficient assurance that the sub-lessee would be able to give L. R. 3 Ch. 317). In Re Ponsonby (s Dru. & War. 27, 31, 2 what he had sold; but the Court of Appeal held that there was Connor & L. 30, 32), Lord St. LEONARDS said that the law would nothing in the solicitors' statement which was legally binding seem to give the savings in such a case to the committee, re

on the company, and hence the purchaser was entitled, according ferring to Grosvenor v. Drax (2 Knapp 82), where the Privy to the settled rule, to repudiate the contract and recover his Council, reversing Lord BROUGHAM'S opinion, refused the deposit. representative of a lupatic an account against the committee. In Strangways v. Read (ante, p. 654), before ROMER, J., a fixed THE LETTER of our recent correspondent "W. N.(ante, p. annual allowance ordered to be paid to the committees of the 668) refers to a practice prevailing in the county courts, hut person had been paid quarterly in advance, and the lunatic died certainly not sanctioned either by the County Courts Act, 1888, in the first month of the fourth quarter, and after the usual or by the existing County Court Rules, of withdrawing, a quarterly sum had been paid in advance to the committees. summons issued against a defendant on his paying the plaint They nevertheless claimed to be entitled to retain the whole fee and part of the debt, and agreeing to pay the balance by amount so paid to them as against the personal representatives instalments. When such a course is adopted, the plaintiff is of the lunatic, in reliance on the doctrine of the above-men- entirely at the mercy of the defendant, whose subsequent tioned cases. It was not alleged that the lunatic had not been default in paying the agreed instalments cannot, it appears, be properly maintained, and, this being the case, it was said that made the subject of a fresh summons, as such a splitting there was no ground for ordering the committees to account. of demands is contrary to the spirit of the County Courts Whatever they saved from the maintenance allowance they could Act, 1888, which indeed expressly forbids a plaintiff to divide keep for their own benefit. This raised the question of the true any cause of action for the purpose of bringing two or more construction of an order allowing so much money per annum actions in any of the courts (section 81). The proper method of for maintenance, and the decision really turned on the meaning procedure, however, applicable where the parties to a county and intention of the order. It had been argued for the personal court action agree, before trial, upon the amount of the debt or representatives that the allowance ought to be treated as accruing demand in respect of which a plaint shall have been entered, de die in diem and as being apportionable accordingly on the and upon the terms and conditions upon which the same shall death of the lunatic, while the committees claimed that it was a be paid and satisfied, is prescribed by section 99 of the County

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