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diction, it was arranged with the promoter that the clause in question tioners. Such new rules raised considerable discussion throughout should be struck out, and this has been done.

the profession, especially in the provinces, the cardinal features being the Weights and Measures Bill.-A clause in this Bill, to which the Council narrowing down of the right of issuing process for service on a debtor took objection on the ground that it authorized inspectors to prosecute outside the district of the issuing court, and calling upon the plaintiff for proceedings before a court of summary jurisdiction, has been withdrawn. a compulsory deposit for defendant's costs. The committee in its first

Middlesex County Council Bill.--A clause in this Bill which appeared to report on these rules protested strongly, against both suggestions, the Council to authorize the conduct of proceedings by unqualified persons mulgated practically maintaining the restrictive regulations, but

Fresh rules

then pro has been modified so as to remove the objections entertained.

Land Charges Bill.-A Bill has been introduced by the Lord Chancellor, modifying the proposal as to deposit for costs, and casting upon the having for its object the substitution of a charging order for the present registrar of the court in the defendant's district the duty of ascertaining writ of elegit. The main object of the Bill is similar to that of the Bill whether there was a primâ facie defence as a condition precedent to the introduced by the Lord Chancellor in 1896, of which the Council approved, ordering of security. The committee, in a supplementary report,

repeated subject to amendments which have been suggested to the Lord Chan? their protest, deprecating the exercise of any judicial function by the cellor.

registrar of one court in a case belonging to another court. Both reports Land Transfer Act, 1897.--The Land Transfer Bill of 1897 received the of the committee were adopted by the Council and forwarded to the Lord Royal Assent on the 6th of August last. It is stated in the annual report Chancellor, and it is understood that, while the authorities contend that for 1897 that the maintenance of the clauses in the Land Transfer Bill there should be some additional restrictions on the issue of process for then before Parliament providing for an experimental area, an experi- service out of the district, the demand for security for costs will be with. mental period, the concurrence of the county council, and the restriction drawn, and with it the suggestion that the registrar of the debtor's upon unqualified persons practising in the Land Registry, was a funda

district should interpose. The committee then proceeded to settle their mental condition of the society's support of the Bill. «The clauses in general report, which the Council adopted and forwarded to the authorities. question will be found in the Act. The position of the Council as regards Such report, which protests against the heavy court fees now charged, the Bill was clearly defined while the Bill was under consideration. It and asked for a revision of the regulations connected with the enforcement was that whilst yielding to the strongly expressed opinion of many on

of the Debtor's Act, recommends some considerable extension of county both sides of the House, they remained of opinion that compulsory court jurisdiction. The committee have still

under consideration a scale registration would be found unsatisfactory to landowners and a hindrance of costs, which may be recommended if a suitable opportunity arises. to business, and that they only consented to a trial to meet the wishes of the The Council are much indebted to this committee for their labours and Government and baving regard to the concessions made by the Lord Cban

assistance. cellor. A draftorder in Council has recently been issued intended to provide,

Taxes Management Act, 1880.-The society has been in communication with respect to the County of London, that registration of title to land is with the General Council of the Bar on the subject of the enactment conto be compulsory on sale on and after September 1, 1898, in the

parishes tained in section 57 of the Taxes Management Act, 1880, prohibiting any of Hampstead, St. Pancras, St. Marylebone, and St. George's, Hanover- party to appeals before Commissioners of Taxes being represented by a square. Other parishes and places will by the same order be brought barrister, solicitor, or person practising the law. With the view of obtain. within the compulsory area on the 1st of January, 1899, the 1st of October, ing information in support of the case for the repeal of the section, the 1899, the 1st of January 1900, and the 1st of July, 1900. Under the Act Council of the society addressed a circular letter to the provincial law of 1897, general rules are to be made by the Lord Chancellor with the societies. Numerous replies were received, and they clearly indicated advice and assistance, among others, of a person to be chosen by the that not only was the injustice of the prohibition felt by the appellant, Council of the Incorporated Law Society. Mr. B. G. Lake was

but that, in many cases, it was recognized by the commissioners. The chosen by the Council. The draft rules were published under the information received from the provincial law societies, as well as other Rules Publication Act, 1893, and were referred by the Council to a

information in the possession of the society, was forwarded to Lord committee for consideration. Prints were sent to the provincial Edmond Fitzmaurice, and the amendment to the Finance Bill repealing law societies, and the committee, in making their report, had the section 57 (9) of the Taxes Management Act, 1880, and permitting the advantage of suggestions from several of the societies. The report of commissioners to hear counsel or solicitors, which he kindly consented to the committee, as adopted by the Council, has been sent to the Lord

move, has been inserted in the Bill. Chancellor, and copies have also been sent to the provincial law societies.

(To be continued.) The rules have not yet been sigued.

Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897.-It is unnecessary in this report to discuss the general features of this very important Act. Its chief interest

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. as regards the legal profession lay in the fact that a clause was inserted while the Bill was in Committee of the House of Commons, providing that

VICTORIA UNIVERSITY. in proceedings under the Act no party or other person should appear or be represented by counsel or solicitor except by leave of the court

Owens COLLEGE, MANCHESTER.-SESSION 1897-8. or arbitrator. This clause, read in connection with other The following is the list of the students attending the law classes of clauses of the Bill, led to the inference that agents not this college who have obtained first-class honours in the recent sessional being counsel or solicitors might appear or attend

as of right, examinations : and be entitled to remuneration for their services. The Council,

ELEMENTARY.-(a) Real Property : None in the first class. (6) Contracts in conjunction with the General Council of the Bar, made strong repre- and Torts : (1) T. Hulme (prize); (2) Louis Wise. sentations on the subject of this clause, and it was rejected. The clause ADVANCED.—a) Conveyancing : (1) Frederick Hindle (recommended for substituted for it provides that rules under the Act may make provision the Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster's prize in Conveyancing); (2) F. W. for the appearance in any arbitration under the Act of any party by some

Loundes and W. B. Smith (equal). (6) Equity : (1) A. L. Brownson other person. The draft rules under the Act have now been issued, and (recommended for Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster's prize in Equity); (2) provide that a party may appear (a) in person, or by a member of his Charles R. Allen, Frederick Hindle, and T. C. Russell (equal). family; (i), by a solicitor acting generally, but not retained as Common Law : (1) T. G. Russell (prize); (2) Frederick Hindle ; (3) E. J. advocate ; (c) by counsel; (d) by a person in the permanent and ex- Sampson; (4) A. L. Brownson. Jurisprudence : (1) S. B. Carne Ross clusive employment of the party : (e) by a director or secretary (prize); (2) P. Brownsword. Roman Law : (1) S. B. Carne Ross (prize). of a corporation or any person in its permanent and exclusive English Public Law: (1) H. A. W. Wragg (prize). employment; (f) by leave of the judge or arbitrator, by any officer

DAUNTESEY LEGAL SCHOLARSHIP (value £35; tenable for one year, and or member of any society, of which a party is a member, or with open to students under the age of twenty-five years): -(a) Jurisprudence, which he is connected; or (g! by leave of the judge or arbitrator by any Roman Law, Constitutional Law, and International Law : Not awarded. other person. The rules also provide that no person other than a

(6) Real and Personal Property and Conveyancing and Equity and solicitor who appears or acts on behalf of any party in any arbitration Common Law: Frederick Hindle. A second scholarship in this group to under the Act shall be entitled to have or recover any fee or reward for so T. G. Russell. appearing or acting, other than such travelling expenses and (in the case of a workman or a member of his family) allowance for time (if any) as

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. shall be allowed by the judge or arbitrator; provided that nothing in

Honours EXAMINATION.- JUNE, 1898. these rules contained shall affect the right of counsel to appear or act in any arbitration, or the right of any solicitor to recover costs in respect of

At the Examination for Honours of Candidates for Admission on the his employment of counsel to appear or act as aforesaid. At the request

Roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court, the Examination Committee of the Lord Chancellor, suggestions were, with the belp of the law recommended the following as being entitled to Honorary Distinction:socities and members of the society in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Durham,

FIRST CLASS. furnished by the society last autumn with a view to the preparation

[In order of Merit ] of the rules. Subsequently further suggestions have been made for JOSEPH ARTHUR HAMNETT, who served his clerkship with Mr. Russell amendments in the rules, especially with reference to costs as between Coppock, of Stockport. solicitor and client and reports by medical officers, on which points the Philip HENRY Monk, who served his clerkship with Mr. Charles Hale Liverpool Law Society and the Nottingham Law Society have given much Jessop, of Cheltenham. useful assistance.

HENRY HAMILTON Gepp, who served bis clerkship with Mr. Walter County Courts.- In the annual report for 1897 it was stated that a Payne Gepp, of Chelmsford. special mixed committee (consisting of some members of the Council and FREDERICK STANLEY BREWER WALTERS, who served his clerkship with numerous members of the society) bad held many sittings, and Messrs. Bond, Pearce, & Bickle, of Plymouth; and Messrs. Law & had, among other things, drafted a report on county court matters Worssam, of London. generally, but that its completion bad been deferred pending the Percival CHARLES FAWCETT, who červed bis clerkship with Messrs. more pressing consideration of the proposed new rules dealing Faber, Fawcett, & Faber, of Stockton-on-Tees; and® Messrs. Bell, with questions of immediate interest to county court practi- | Broderick, & Gray, of London.


JOSEPH Thomas Higgs, who served his clerkship with Mr. Joseph Henry Josiah Humm, who served his clerkship with Mr. Frederio
Higgs, of Brierley Hill; and Mesers. A. H. Arnould & Son, of Brunning Maddison, of London.

Henry Stewart Jolly, who served his clerkship with Messrs. Eardley
JAMES ROBERT SMITH, who served his clerkship with Mr. Alfred Robert Holt, Hulbert, & Hubbard, of London.
Orton Gery, of London.

John Colenso Jones, who served his clerkship with Messrs. Walter WILFRED Henry Madge, who served his clerkship with Mr. Thomas Morgan, Bruce, & Co., of Pontypridd. William James, of Swansea.

John Corden Newbold, B.A. (Camb.), who served his clerkship with Mr. LANCELOT Hedley Booth, B.A., LL B. (Camb.), who served his clerk. Edward cis Turner, of the firm of Messrs. Turner, Son, & Foley, of ship with Mr. John Arthur Ornsby, of Durham.


Cecil Antony Nussey, B.A. (Oxon.), who served his clerkship with Mr. SECOND CLASS.

Antony Foxcroft Nussey, of the firm of Messrs. Flower, Nussey, & [In Alphabetical Order.]

Fellowes, of London. Frederic Viccars Barber, who served bis clerksbip with Mr. Henry Wallace Read, who served his clerkship with Mr. Sydney Rutherford Barber, LL.B., of Winchester ; and Messrs. Robbins, Billing, & Co., of Ancrum, and Mr. Hermann Rudolf Schmettau, of London. London.

John James Salisbury, who served his clerkship with Mr. Frederick James Reddy Beadon Branson, B.A., LL.B. (Camb.), who served his George Salisbury, of the firm of Salisbury & Griffiths, of Bristol. clerkship with Mr. Alfred Wills, of the firm of Messrs. Stibbard, Gibson, Vazie Simons, who served his clerkship with Mr. John William Billing, & Co., of London.

hurst, and Mr. George Alfred Pope, of the firm of Messrs. Billinghurst, George_Arthur Frederick Brett, who served his clerkship with Mr. Wood, & Pope, of London. Richard Weight Millington, of Boston; and Messrs. Collyer, Bristow, Neville Robert Sworder, B.A.; LL.B. (Camb.), who served his clerkship Russell, Hill, & Co., of London.

with Mr. Thomas Joseph Sworder, of the firm of Messrs. Sworder & LongGilbert Buckley, who served his clerkship with Mr. Charles Lord, of more, and Messrs. J. N. Mason & Co., of London. Manchester.

Percy Oliver Thomas, who served his clerkship with Mr. William Augustus Gilbert Colvile, LL.B. (Lond.), who served his clerkship with Morgan Griffiths, of Carmarthen; and Mr. Edwyn Turner Roberts, of Mr. Edward Merrick Cockell, of the firm of Messrs. Arkcoll, Cockell, & the firm of the firm of Messrs. Helder, Roberts, & Walton, of London. Chadwick, of London.

Edmund Waite, who served his clerkship with Mr. Samuel Waite, of Reginald Brodie Cooper, who served his clerkship with Mr. Sidney Smith, Boston. of the firm of Messrs. Sidney Smith & Son, of London.

Frank Herbert Williamson, who served his clerkship with Mr. Edmund Frederick Mitchell Iredale, who served his clerkship with Mr. William Arthur Windridge Wragg, of Manchester. Bussell Hamlyn, of Torquay; and Messrs. Woodcock, Ryland, & Parker, The Council of the Incorporated Law Society have given Class of London.

Certificates and awarded the following Prizes : Samuel Chetwynd Leech, B.A. (Oxon), who served his clerkship with To Mr. Hamnett-Prize of the Honourable Society of Clement's InnMr. Francis Charles Greenfield, of the firm of Messrs. Greenfield & Value about £10; the Daniel Reardon Prize-Value about 20 guineas ; Cracknall, of Londou.

and the John Mackrell Prize—Value about £12. Edgar Percy Lewis, B.A. (Lond.), who served his clerksbip with Mr. To Mr, Monk-The Prize of the Honourable Society of Clifford's InnMatthew Attwood, of Derby; and Messrs. Geare, Son, & Pease, of Value 10 guineas. London.

To Mr. Gepp—The Prize of the Honourable Society of New Inn-Value John Knight Lomax, who served his clerkship with Mr. Thomas 5 guineas. Edward Williams, of Southport.

To Messrs. Walters, Fawcett, Higgs, Smith, Madge, and Booth-
William Francis Marchant, B.A. (Camb.), who served his clerkship with Prizes of the Incorporated Law Society - Value 5 guineas.
Mr. William Francis Fladgate, of the firm of Messrs. Fladgate & Co., of The Council have given Class Certificates to the Candidates in the

Second and Third Classes.
Alexander Matheson, B.A. (Oxod.), who served his clerkship with 126 Candidates gave notice for the Examination.
Messrs. Nelson, Eddisons, & Lupton, of Leeds; and Messrs. Richard
Smith & Sons, of London.
Frederick Fletcher Mills, who served his clerkship with Mr. Henry

Sutton Ludlow, of Birmingham.

The following candidates (whose names are in alphabetical order) were Frederic Sigismund Oppenheim, B.A. (Oxon ), who served his clerkship successful at the Preliminary Examination beld on the 6th and 7th July with Mr. Joseph Farmer Milne, of the firm of Messrs. Hinde, Milne, & 1898. Bury, of Manchester; and Mr. Edward Henry Busk, of the firm of Messrs. Busk, Mellor, & Norris, of London.

Battersby, Nathaniel

Hanscombe, Hugh James Edgar Crosfield Pearson, B.A. (Oxon.), who served his clerkship with Beaven, Reginald Albert Gardner Harvie, FrancisGraham Messrs. Lee, Scott, & Co, of Manchester; and Messrs. Cunliffes & Beck, Thomas Frederick Bintley Hawtin, Philip Barrett Davenport, of London.

Beecroft, Charles Thomas Cook Hayward, John Godfrey Gilbert Player, B.A., LL.B. (Camb.), who served his clerkship with

Bennett, William Henry Norman Hick, Mark Day Messrs. Moore, Longden, & Mann, of Sunderland ; and Messrs. Hickin,

Berry, Arthur James

Hills, Arthur Ernest Smith, & Capel Cure, of London.

Blunt, Arthur James

Hockin, William Geoffrey Frank Roberts, who served his clerkship with Mr. Samuel Davies, of

Blythe, Richard Aldred

Holden, Ralph Ainsworth Nelson.

Boddington, Henry

Holland, Alfred Herbert

Hollinrake, Wilfrid
Charles Arragon Stevens, who served his clerkship with Mr. George Brettell, Norman Scott
Pearson, of Bristol; and Messre. Meredith, Roberts, & Mills, of London. Buttle, John Frederick

Holmes, William Wainman

Holt, Thomas
Mr. John Phipps Sturton, of Hobeach; and Messrs. Preston, Stow, & Co., Cautherley, Charles Stewart
Douglas Phipps Sturton, B.A. (Oxon ), who served his clerkship with Capt, Ernest Emile Henry

Hudson, William Gerald of London.

Jeseiman, George Gaston
Herbert Watkins Thomas, who served his clerkehip with Mr. William Chadwick, Wilfrid John Hurst- John, Thomas
Morgan Griffiths, of Carmarthen ; and Mr. Edwyn Turner Roberts, of


Johnson, Edward Dinwoody the firm of Messrs. Helder, Roberts, & Walton, of London.

Clifford, Francis Ernest

Jones, Cyril John Thomas Gilbert Thornton, who served his clerkship with Messrs. Reed & Cockell, Charles Edward Buckland Kew, William

Rupert Wayman, of Downham Market.

Collinge, Samuel

Lewis, Samuel Lycett George Edward Urry, who served his clerkship with Mr. Richard Urry, Crampton, Ernest Bryant

Courtenay, Edwin George Thomas Lewis, William Plumpton of Shrewsbury.

Lolder, George Frederick Esmond Henry Wiley, who served his clerkship with Mr. Arthur John Davenport, Charles Joseph Crough. Martin, John Lancelot

Crowther, George Henry

Malim, Aubrey Cyril Edward Newton, of London.


Massey, William
THIRD Class.

Davies, David Edward Bowen Money, George Chester Tancred [In Alphabetical Order.]

Davies, William Henry Sydney Cole Ambrose, B.A., LL.B. (Camb.), who served his clerkship Durnford, Guy

Morgan, Edward

Mullen, Christopher John with Messrs. Dees & Thompson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne; and Messrs. Eales, Johu Frederick

Nantes, Geoffrey Dammers
Crossman, Prichard, Crossman, & Block, of London.
Reginald Edward Wellesley Colley, who served his clerkship with Eldridge, Robey James

Edwards, Arthur Llewellyn Aneurin Nelson, Basil

Nelson, Henry Bywater Messrs. Blount, Lynch, & Petre, of London.

Evans, John Williams Percival William Rowland Fisher, B.A. (Camb.), who served bis clerkship with Faulkner, Henry Warry

Newnum, Richard Geoffrey

Parr, Cecil Robert Mourre!1 Mr. James Druitt, jun., of the firm of Messrs. J. & W. H. Druitt, of Fielding, Edgar

Patterson, Joseph Alexander Bournemouth ; and Messrs. Lovell, Son, & Pitfield, of London.

Fincb, Harry

Payne, Robert Wylie Charles Percival Greenwood, who served bis clerkship with Mr. Charles Fraser, Hugh Colin

Penny, Albert Edward Nesbitt and Mr. Henry Thomas Smith, both of Soutbport.

Freeman, Samuel

Potter, James Speakman Alfred James Grinstead, who served his clerkship with Mr. Henry Gainsford, Thomas Alan

Pulleyne, Paul Prince, of Brighton.

Gale, Frederick Horace

Pybus, John Milburn Robin Percy Hamp, who served his clerkship with Mr. William Negus, Gosnell, Robert Clifford

Roch, Walter Francis of London.

Gover, William Cyril

Rogers, Charles William William Lewis Harris, who served his clerkship with Messrs. Lewis & Grant, Ronald Casey

Rowland, Arthur Austin Jones, of Merthyr Tydfil.

Greenwood, Tom Kaye

Sayers, Samuel Henry Charles Newton Maberley Harrison, who served his clerkship with Mr. Gurney, Alexander George

Scott, John Bowey Alexander Milne, of Kendal ; and Messrs. Harrison & Powell, of London. | Handley, Reginald Thomas Shaw, Harold Wyberg



Smith, Cecil Clement Newson Ward Richard (Preston)

was given accordingly; but Mr. Russell asked the learned judge to Smith, Thomas Wardropper, Henry Wallis

deprive the plaintiff of his costs, as the defendants had paid into court Smithett, Albert Latreille Warwick, Frank Stanley

with their plea of apology the sum of £50, and the plaintiff could have Stewart, Charles Baron White, Ronald Jennings

taken such sum out in satisfaction of his claim. During the hearing of Tinker, John Newton Williams, John

the case Mr. Russell admitted that the apology was insufficient, and Mr. Turner, Montagu Trevor Wilson, Alan Campbell

Bradbury, for the plaintiff, now contended that he could not be deprived Twigg, Henry Martin

Wilson, Charles Joseph Clayton of his costs, as he never had an opportunity of taking the £50 without Underwood, Charles Guy

Woodhouse, Arthur Harold Fletcher accepting the apology. His lordship took time to consider, and subseVeasey, Arthur Charles Thomas Woosey, Thomas Holmes

quently decided the point in favour of the plaintiff. He referred to Lord Walker, Edward Lewis Haveland Yates, Edwin

Campbell's Act, 1843 (6 & 7 Vict. c. 96), and to 8 & 9 Vict. c. 75, s. 2, Ward, Richard (Leeds)

which enacted that it should not be competent to a defendant, whether in England or Ireland, to file any such plea as is allowed by the Act of 1843 without making a payment into court by way of amends

provided by the said Act.' In 1879 an Act called the Civil ProLEGAL NEWS.

cedure Acts Repeal Act, 1879, repealed the last-mentioned words in

the last-mentioned Act, as provided by the said Act," and the same OBITUARY.

Act of 1879 repealed so much of the first-mentioned Act (1843) The death is announced, on the 27th inst., of Mr. WILLIAM STURT, of 14,

as related to the payment of money into court. The defence allowed by Ironmonger-lane, E.C., solicitor, iu his 67th year. Mr. Sturt was ad

the 2nd section of the 1843 Act, continued his lordship, cannot be filed

without at the same time making a payment into court by way of amends, mitted in 1865, and was a greatly esteemed member of the profession.

but there is no existing provision of the Legislature stating whether the

payment into court is to be subject to any rules or regulations. The only APPOINTMENTS.

provisions that I kuow of that can be held to apply are the provisions Mr. Edmund TREVOR LLOYD WILLIAMS, solicitor, of the firm of New. that that order may perhaps be held to apply to a case where liability is

of order 22 of the rules of the Supreme Court. But although it seems man, Paynter, Gould, & Williams, 1, Clement's-inn, has been elected a Director of the Law Fire Insurance Society, in the place of Mr. George

admitted and payment into court is the only defence, yet it seems to be

clear on the authority of Oxley v. Wilkes (1898, 2 Q.B. 56) that when Ernest Steward, deceased.

money is paid into court as part of the defence under the Libel Act, 1843, Mr. HENRY CHARLES RICHARDS, Q.C., M.P., has been elected a bencher the defendants cannot avail themselves of the payment into court as of the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn.

being made under order 22. The defendants have raised among other

defences, and as an alternative defence, a plea founded upon the proCHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS, &c.

visions of the Libel Act of 1843. Pleaded in such form the payment into

court afforded no defence in itself; it was only a necessary part of a DISSOLUTION.

special defence in the material parts of which the defendants have failed, Hugh Rogers Hartley and Segar RICHARD BASTARD, solicitors (Rogers allow the plea on which the defendants have failed to influence my

for they offer no evidence of an apology. I do not think that I ought to Hartley, & Bastard), 56, Cannon-street, London. July 16.

[Gazette, July 22.

decision on the question of costs. The plaintiff never had an opportunity of taking the money out of court without confessing a plea which con

tained averments which were not true. The defence must, therefore, be GENERAL,

treated as one that has altogether failed. The Evidence in Criminal Cases Bill was read a third time in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

The Companies Act, 1867, Amendment (No. 2) Bill passed through Committee in the House of Lords on Monday without amendment.

COURT PAPERS. Case and Comment, an American legal journal, says that in a recent case

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE, the plaintiff was asked by his attorney this question : “Mr. B

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE OX your daughter Mary born in lawful wedlock?” “No, sir," he replied ; she was born in the State of Indiana."

APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice


STIRLING. Case and Comment says that a unique formula for swearing to an affidavit, Monday, Aug.

Mr. Godfrey Mr. Lavie

Mr. Leach adopted by a well-known attorney of Western New York, whose Tuesday

Pugh characteristic nasal solemnity made it effective, was this: “I swear that Wednesday




Beal this affidavit is as true as affidavits usually be.”



Leach On Monday last the Royal Assent was given to the following, among Saturday



Beal ither public Acts : Societies Borrowing Powers Acte, Merchant Shipping

Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice (Liability of Shipowners) Act, Post Office Amendment Act, Poor Law


ROMER. Unions Association Act, Solicitors (Ireland) Act, Union of Benefices Act, Monday, Aug.

Mr. Ward

Mr. Carrington

Jackson Canals Protection (London) Act, Pharmacy Acts Amendment Act, Wednesday.


Carrington Greenwich Hospital Act.



Jackson Friday

Carrington A judge at the little town of Waidkirch, says the Albany Law Journal, Saturday..

Pemberton King

Jackson made a funny mistake recently, and the incident resulted in his retirement. One morning he came to court some ten minutes before his time. Entering the room in which the jurymen usually await the judge, he called upon one of the individuals in the room, and told him to take the WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.- Before pur. cath. “Būt I should like, first of all, to say that I,” began the man. chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly First of all, you will please,, be silent, sir, and then you will take Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter the oath. Do you understand ?" The judge's tone was impressive, bis Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full mien severe, and the individual addressed, seeing that there was nothing particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Advt.] for it, resigned himself to the inevitable and took the oath. The next man was told by the judge to take the book and swear. Wishing to get a word before it was too late, the distressed citizen said : "You must not ask me to swear, judge, because I am convinced that

THE PROPERTY MART. "Ah, I see,” replied his honour, tauntingly, persuaded that he was deal

SALES OF THE ENSUING WEEK. ing with an atheist in disguise. “Well, I'll teach you, sir, to throw doubts on the sanctity of the oath. Here, take this book. Now, repeat Aug Messrs. Edwin Fox & BousField, at the Mart at 2 : the words at once, or else" And the ceremony over, the judge opened Of £400 a year, arising from "The Tottenham," Oxford-street, a fully-licensed, the door and sent the men into court, saying that he would follow them

old-established house of recent and modern erection; lease unexpired 90 shortly. At that moment a policeman entered the apartment, and finding

Of £800 a year, arising from the modern block of premises, No. 6, Oxford-street, no one there but the judge, exclaimed: “Why, great heavens; two of

with commanding corner and return frontage to Tottenham court-road; the prisoners have escaped !". A search was made, but to no purpose.

lease unexpired 90 years. While the judge was conferring with counsel as to the proper course to Of £786 per annum for 999 years, payable by the Institute of Chartered take, one of the men just sworn entered and said: “Your honour, I am

Accountants, arising out of the block of buildings in Moorgate-street erected

for their accommodation. perhaps the person they are searching for." "No, sir, you are not. You

Solicitors, Messrs, Goldring & Philips, London. (See advertisement, are a juryman, and we are seeking for the prisoner.” 'I am one of the

July 16, p. 3.). prisoners, your honour.”“You ? But-but did you not take the path to Aug. 4: Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CEANFIELD, at the Mart, at 2: try the case fairly ?" "I did, sir, but that was because you forced me to To the Magdalep Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Province of Quebec; beiog 50 do it, and would not let me explain. The other man is a prisoner

miles in length and 14 miles wide; gentleman aged 61. Solicitor, H. also."

Dolling Smith, Esq., London.

To One-half of £33,170 in Railway Debenture Stock; two ladies aged 59 and 57, At the Manchester Assizef, on the 26th inst., before Mr. Justice Bruce

with contingencies. Solicitors, Messrs. Adams & Adams, London. and'a jury, says the Times, the action of Sley v. Tillotson f. Son was heard.

To One-fifth of a Trust Fund value £7,289; lady aged 71.' Solicitors, Mossrs.

Crosse & Sons, London, It was an action to recover damages for a libel, and an important question To One-sixth of a Trust Estate, value £10,823, in Railway and Gas Stock; lady of procedure was raised. The jury gave a verdict for £35, and judgment

aged 64. Solicitors, Messrs. Shoubridge & May, London.



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No. 2.



1 2 3 4 5 0




Mr. Farmer

1 2 3 4






To £5,0-40 in Railway Stock; lady aged 52. Solicitor, Arthur Tabor, Esq., West AUSTRALIAN MARKET TRUST, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug London,

25, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to To One-eighth of £2,799 India Three per Cent. Stock; lady aged 71. Also to George Wreford, 6, Dowgate-hill

One-eighth of £3,665 in Consols and Mortgage ; ladies aged 20 and 16 (see WIGAN CRICKET GROUND Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Saturday, special conditions). Solicitors, Messrs. Mear & Fowler, London.

July 30, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, To £450 on Mortgage of Freeholds; lady aged 56 and gentleman aged 43. to Henry Wall, Wigan. Rowbottom & Milligan, Wigan, solors for the liquidator

Solicitors, Messrs. Chaproniere & Co., London. POLICIES:

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. For £1,000, £500, £200, £200. Solicitors, W. H. Matthews, Esq., and T. Rouse COURT Forest OAK, ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, 8, Police st, Gt Harwood, Lancs Watson, Esq., both of London.

July 20 SHARES:

HAMPTON LIBERAL AND RADICAL CLUB, Station rd, Hampton, Middlesex July 20 In Hewett & Co and Bassett Mines.

New DERBY TONTINE SOCIETY, Bootle, Liverpool July 20 (See advertisements, this week, back page.) Aug. 4.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Txwson, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER, at the Mart, at 2, a

Freehold Ground-rent of £84 per annum, at Stepney Green, secured upon important
fully-licensed Corner Premises, also Two Freehold Bhops and Dwelling-houses, pro-
ducing £68 per annum. Solicitor, George Kirk, Esq., London. (See advertisement,

July 23, p. 4.)

Messrs. C.C. & T. MOORE sold at the Mart on Thursday last a Freehold House in

Cambridge-road, Mile-end, let at £30, for £610, and Two Leaseholds in Grafton-street,
Mile-end, for £375. The day's sale realized £5,700.

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 12.
GARRETT, OLIVER JOHx, Dinard, France, Doctor of Medicine Aug 20 Sturley v
Garrett, Stirling, J. Fitch, Bedford row
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 19.


Bevan, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Duke st, Grosvenor sq, Licensed Victualler Aug

v Bevan, North, J Bell, King st, Covent Garden London Gazette--Friday, July 22.

BREWSTER, Rev John, Greatham, Durham Sept 30 Singleton v Purday, Kekewich, J

Booty, Raymond bldgs, Gray'a inn
ALMADA AND Tirito Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before

UNDER 22 & 23 VICI. CAP. 35.
Sept 30, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. William Frederick Garland, 6, Queen st place. Blyth & Co, Gresham House, solors for liquidator

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 5. COLONIAL RAILWAY AND GENERAL INVESTMENT TRUST, LIMITED-Creditors are required, ArxgWORTH, JESSE, Witherslack, Westmoreland Aug 6 Easthams & Holme, Clitheroe

on or before Sept 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their ARMSTRONG, GEORGE, Belgrave, Leicester Aug 6 Stevenson & Son, Leicester debts or claims, to Alfred Edward Maidlow Davis, 1 and 2, Gt Winchester st

BARNETT, EMMA, Kingston upon Hull July 31 Atkinson, Bradford CRAGSIDE STEAMSHIP CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 31, to send in BLEACKLEY, EDWARD OVERALL, Brighton Sept 1 Nye & Treacher, Brighton particulars of such claims to G. M. Allan, 4, St Mary axe

BROCKLEBANK, EDWARD MARSHALL, Blackpool Aug 6 Cobbett & Co, Manchester F. W. Bouto & Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 31, to send their BUTLER, Thomas Geokge, Notting hill, Cab Proprietor July 16 Pheasant, Duke st,

Dames and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Bouth and Tunni- Adelphi cliffe, Platfold Mill, Leigh, near Manchester. Peace & Ellis, Wigan, solors to liqui- CLARKE, MARY Anx, and Sarah CLARKE, Sheffield Aug 8 JE Wing, Sheffield dators

CONWAY, MARTIA, Clapham rd Aug 2 Mackrell & Ward, Walbrook GASCOYNE (MURCuison) Gold Fields EXPLORING Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on Cosens, The Rev EDWARD ARTHUR, Falmouth July 30 R N Rogers, Falmouth

or before Sept 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts Cross, GEORGE, Clifton, Bristol Aug 16 Wansbrough & Co, Bristol or claims, to Alfred Edward Maidlow Davis, 1 and 2, Gt Winchester st

DAVIES, RICHARD, St Anne's on the Sea, nr Lytham July 20 Molesworth, Rochdale HANNAN'S REWARD GOLD MINING Co, LIMITED -Creditors are required, on or before Aug. DewsNÁP, Joun, Hadfield, Derby Aug 5 Knowles, Glossop

29, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Dodgox, ALEXANDER, Haverstock hill Sept 29 Taylor & Taylor, New Broad st Frederick Peel Baxter, 118, Bishopsgate st Within. Dixon & Co, Savoy mansions, EASTAFF, WILLIAM HENRY, Bedford July 29 Whyley, Bedford solors for liquidator

Foster, ELI TITTERINGTON, Denholme, nr Bradford Aug 20 Weatherhead & Knowles, MECHANICAL TRACTION SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug Bradford

23, to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Gough, GEORGE, Erdington, Warwick Aug 6 Cottrell & Son, Birmingham
Vibert Collinson, 6, East India avenue. 'Perks, Clement's lane, solor

HAMES, JOSEPH, Leicester Aug 27_Berridge & Sons, Leicester
MERCHANTS' ALLIANCE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 11, to send HANHAM, FREDERICK WILLIAM, St Heliers, Jersey Aug 4 Preus & Co, Bristol

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to HH HORROCKS, WILLIAM, Elton Bury, Lancs July 30 Crompton, Bury
Montague Smith, 28, Victoria st, S.W.

HUDDART, GEORGE, Addingham, Cumberland Aug 13 Cant'& Fairer, Penrith SOUTHERN CONCESSIONS SYNDICATE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on HUDSWELL, Edwin, Leeds Aug 1 Snowdon & Co, Leeds

or before Sept 26, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts HUTCHINSON, ALICE, Royston, Herts Aug 1 Shaen & Co, Bedford row or claims, to Messrs Walter

Cecil Stronge and Frederick William Wicks, 317, Win- LOVIBOND, ARCHIBALD EDMUND Impex, Bournemouth July 30 Brooks & Co, Godliman chester House, Old Broad st Minchin & Co, Laurence Pountney lane, solors for the st, Doctors' Commons liquidators

MANSFIELD, JAMES, Ealing Aug 5 Smith & Sons, Aldersgate st STORIES, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before Aug 31, to send their names and MASON, ANNE, Shirley, Southampton Aug 8 Alfred Grundy & Son, Manchester

addresses, and the particulars of their 'debts or claims, to William Thomas Cunning- MIDDLETON, Ann, Yardley, Worcester July 30 Gatis, Wolverhampton ham, 18, Cockspur st

MILLER, THOMAS, Waterbeach, Cambridge, Coal Merchant Aug 31 Gion & Matthew, FRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSOLVED.

Cambridge New UNITED Friendly BROTHERS BIRMINGHAM BENEFIT Society, Queen Victoria, Ex- MORGAN,

CHRISTOPHER Hird, South Kensington, Barrister Aug 10 Lloyd Davies, mouth st, Commercial rd, E July 13

Essex st, Strand
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 26.

PANKHURST, FREDERICK THOMAS, Borough Green, Kent, Farmer Aug 20 Emanuel & Co,


Pitts, HARRIET, Notting Hill July 30 Rose & Johnson, Delahay st, Westminster

Player, BENJAMIN, Lympsham, Somerset, Draper Aug 9_Gwynn & Masters, Bristol A & G MURRAY, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 23, to send their Rooke, Joun, Gower st Aug 4 Johnsons & Co, New są, Lincoln's inn names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to George William

SALTER, Ann, Notting Hill Aug 1 Wittey & Denton, Colchester SOD, 37, Brown st, Manchester Orford & Sons, Manchester, solors to the liquidator

SEARLE, THOMAS, Torquay, Hairdresser Sept 1 Windeatt & Windeatt, Totnes BAZLEY Bros, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 23, to send their

SILVERTON, WILLIAM, Dalston, Jobmaster Sept 1 Slater, Finsbury pavt names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to George William

SMITH, ABEL, Woodhall park, Herts, MP July 30 Freshfield & Williams, Old Jewry son, 37, Brown st, Manchester Orford & Sons, Manchester, solors to the liquidator

SMITII, THOMAS, Handsworth Aug 13 Lane & Co, Birmingham BUBNAM SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 29, to send

Style, GEORGE GRACIOUS, Yeovil July 22 Trevor-Davies, Yeovil, Somerset their names and addresses, and the particulars of th-ir debts or claimy, to Richard

TUCKER, James PERRETT, Shurton Stogursey, Somerset, Yeoman Aug i Lovibond, Rabbidge, 32 Poultry


Tyre Co, LIMITED—Petn for winding up, presented Turner, Mary Harriet, East Dulwich July 21 Sandom & Co, Gracechure'n st July 23, directed to be heard on Wednesday, Aug 3. Edwards & Cohen, Coleman st, solors

WINTLE, CHARLES FREDERICK, Stockwell July 31 Wintle, St James's sq for the petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 8. o'clock in the afternoon of Aug 2

Ashdown, PERRONETT GEORGE, Wallington, Surrey Aug 8 Heory Liggins, Ealing Cox THERMO ELECTRIC CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented July 22, directed to BUTT, Mrs GERALDINE May, Gloucester st, Belgrave rl Aug 2 Bolton & Co, Temple

be heard Aug 3. Gerará Paxon, Donington House, Norfolk st, Strand, solor for the gdns
petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in CAPRON, FREDERICK LUCAS, Warwick sp, South Belgravia Sept 30 Caprons & Co,
the afternoon of Aug 2

Savile pl, Conduit st
GENERAL RAILWAY SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented July 22, CARTER, JAMES, Halifax Aug 15 Farrar, Halifax

directed to be heard Aug 3. Hays & C., 31, Abchurch In, solors for the petners. Clegg,"CHARLES, Rochdale, Flannel Manufacturer Aug 10 Molesworth, Rochdale

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock on Aug 2 COLLIER, Axx, Kingston upon Hull Aug 22 England & Co, Hull
GOLDEN Cliffs, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Sept 15, to send their COLLIER, JOHN, Kingston upon Hull Aug 22 England & Co, Hull

names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to E. G. Wills, Blom- CRUIKSHANK, Essy, Cornbrook, Manchester Aug 4 Rob Thompson, Kendal
field House, London-wall. Ingle Holmes & Sons, solors for the liquidator

DAY, CHARLOTTE, Clapham Aug 10 Cubison, King st, Cheapside HEAVY WOOLLEN DISTRICT RAG AND GENERAL DISINFECTOR CO, LIMITED--Creditors are Dove, Ann, Tulse Hill Nov 20 R J Witty, Old Jewry chmbrs

required, on or before Sept. 1, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of Dowman, ROBERT, Handforth, Chester Sept 29 Withington & Co, Manchester their debts or claims, to Mr. Walter Fenton, Carlinghow, Batley. Brearley, Batley, ETHERINGTON, MARIA, Lancaster st, Hyde Park Aug 6 Scott Fox, St. Mary's sq, solor to the liquidator

Paddington LILLY & LILY, LIMIT2D-By an order of Wright, J., July 8., it was ordered that the HAMEL, ETIENNA Bruxo, Tamworth, Manufacturer Sept 1 Ryland & Co, Birmingham

petn be dismissed and that no costs be allowed to the petnrs. Nowell, 27, Chancery HARRISON, ISABELLA, Clifton, York Aug 12 A & J E Fletcher, Northwich In, solor for liquidator

HELLIWELL, Joun, Halifax Aug 15 Farrar, Halifax
LONDON PROVINCIAL ELECTRICAL Co, LIMITED--Petn for winding up presented July 20, HENDERSON, WILLIAM, Gateshead, Licensed Victuallers' Stocktaker Aug 6 Septimus

directed to be heard Aug 3. Paddison & Co, Suffolk House, Laurence Pountney-hill, Ward, Newcastle upon Tyne
solors for petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above named not later 6 o'clock Hicks, ELIZABETH, Swansea Aug 7. Andrew & Thompson, Swansea
in the afternoon of Aug 2

Hind, Charles, Dartmouth Park hill, Merchant Aug 6 Astley Roberts, Circus place REDDISH SPINNING CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 23, to send HOLLAND, MARGABET Anx, Stalybridge Aug 13 Barber, Ashton under Lyne

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to George HOWELL, SARAH Anne, South Kensington Aug 12 Woodcock & Co, Bloomsbury sq Williamson, 87, Brown st, Manchester. Orford & Sons, Manchester, solors to liquidator HUBBLE,'Jous, Southborough, Kent Aug 4 Buss, Tunbridge Wells SAMUEL SIDEBOTTOM, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Tuesday, Sept 6, to JOHNSON, WILLIAM NORFOLK, Horbury, York Aug 6 Tyas & Son, Barnsley

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Thomas Lye, SARAH, Clevedon, Somerset Aug 31 Day, Bristol Street, 90, Ring st, Oldham. Ascroft & Maw, Oldham, solors for liquidator

MELLOR, CHARLES ALFRED, Huddersfield, Commercial Traveller July 30 Armitage & Co, Thomas HOULDSWORTH & Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 23, to Huddersfield

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to George Newton, JAMES THOMAS, Manchester, Tanner Aug 31 Partington & Allen, Manchester Williamson, 37, Brown st, Manchester. Orford & Sons, Manchester, solors for the Newton, Lancelot, Newcastle upon Tyne, Millwright July 25 Shortt & Co, Newcastle liquidator


-Ryley, John SHEFFIELD Gilbert, Bleadon, Somerset Aug 9 Phillips & Boyle, Old Creditors are required, on or before Sept , to send their names and addresses, and Broad st particulars of their debts or claims, to Marie Firmin Charles Turpin and Frank Powell, SEWELL, WILLIAM HENRY, Yaxley, Suffolk Aug 1 Lawton & Co, Ipswich 22, Queen's.rd, Bayswater

TANKARD, WILLIAM SAMUEL, Brighton Aug 31 Stevens & Co, Brighton


THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Slough, Bucks Aug 17 Barrett, Slough

TAYLOR, THOMAS, Walton, Liverpool Sept 9 Toulmin & Co, Liverpool TOMPSETT, Frances, Ewhurst, Suseex Aug 6 J Buckwell, Brighton

Tooth, ADELAIDE, Hammersmith Aug 16 Arnold & Henry White, Gt Marlborough st WILKINS, ANNA MARIA, Stratford Aug 5. Hillearys, Fenchurch bldgs

MARTHA, Wimbledon Aug 13 Gibson & Co,

Portugal st 'bldgs, Lincoln's inn W18HER, HARRIET, Derby Aug 31 Smith & Bostock, Derby

WOOLF, SARAH, Princes sq, St Georges East July 31 Romain, Bishopsgate Without WHITE, JAMES FREDERICK, Leeds Aug 31 A D Smith, Wakefield
WORMAL.D, PERCIVAL HENRY, King's Bench walk, Barrister Aug 8 Leighton & Savory, WIQLEY, GEORGE, Buralem, Stafford, Clay Merchant Aug 20 Cooper & Co, Newcastle
Clement's inn, Strand

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 19.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 12.

ADAM, MARY CHARLOTTE, Liverpool Aug 31 Hill & Co, Liverpool
ALLEN, WILLIAM, Manchester Aug 20 Todd, Manchester
AMBLER, MARGARETTA, Clifton pl, Hyde park, Domestic Servant Aug 12 Robbins & Co, Akers, GEORGE EDWard, Lenham, Kent, Lieut, RN Aug 10 Eastwood & Co, Lincoln's
ANDREWS, RICHARD, Eastbourne Aug 12 Jeboult, Bond ct, Walbrook

BAKER, JOSEPH, Blackheath Aug 90 Hooper & Fairbairn, Dudley,

BEDWORH, WILLIAM, Tipton, Staffs, Provision Merchant Aug 20 Hooper & Fairbairn, BARNARD, WILLIAM, Epsom, Confectioner Aug 12 Miller & Co, Salters' Hall ct

Dudley Bates, GERTRUDE FRANCES, Fentiman rd July 23 Parker, Monument sq chmbrs

BENTLEY, DANIEL, Altham, Lancs, Farmer Aug 26 Butcher & Barlow, Bury BOUCHER, Rev ALFRED Francis, Kempsey, Worcesters Aug 13 Torr & Co, Bedford BINDLEY,'CeCiL ALEXANDER, Brighouse, York, Surgeon Sept 1 Barber & Oliver, Brig'

house BRADDOCK, GEORGE, Oldham Aug 15 Clegg, Oldham

BLINKHORN, WILLIAM, St Helen's, Lancs, Glas Manufacturer Aug 25 Brewis & Sons, BRASH, JOHN, Upper Norwood Aug 20 Brash & Co, Queen Victoria st

St Helen's
BRIDGES, HENRIETTA, St Leonards on Sea Aug 15 Walsh & Son, Oxford
BROOMHEAD, ALFRED, Southowram, or Halifax Aug 8 Godfrey & Co, Halifax

BODEN, EMMA Milton, Burnage, nr Manchester Aug 22 Wilson & Co, Manchester BURDEN, JAMES, Salisbury, Wilts Aug 1 Whitehead, Salisbury

BRADLEY, HENRY, Preston Aug 13 Edelston & Sons, Preston

BREWER, RICHARD, Westmorland rd, Walworth rd Oct 1 Letts, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st CLAYTON, JOSEPH, Bradford, Wool Salesman Aug 1 Newell, Bradford CORNELIUS, JAMES, Kentish Town Aug 9 Herbert Saxelby & Co, Ironmonger In

BUBNE-Joxes, Sir EDWARD COLEY, West Kensington Aug 25 Lewis & Lewis, Holborn FAIRER, LANCELOT, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, Draper Sept 1 Hall, West

CHAMBERS, Colonel WILLIAM EwBANK, Duke st, St James' Sept 1 Speechly & Co, New

inn field FAULKNER, JAMES Ross, Ladbroke grove, Notting hill Aug 10 Phillips, Edgware rd

CROSSLAND, JAMES, Cleckheaton, York, Stonemason Sept 1 Ibbersod, Heckmondwike

Davies, James, Tenby, Pembroke, Licensed Victua!ler Aug 1 Rees Stokes, Tenby
FORD, CHARLES, Chesterfield, Sewing Machine Dealer Aug 6 Jones & Middleton,

DUFFY, MARY Ann, Plymouth Aug 16 Brian, Plymouth

ELIZA, Bootle, Lancs Aug 22 Oakshott & Co, Liverpool
Hutchison st, Aldgate, Butcher Aug 31 Vandamm & Terry, Bishops- Hennell, ELLE

, Cheltenham Aug 16 Paul & Kitcat, Tetbury gate et Without

HOLLIDAY, THOMAS, Edgerton, Huddersfield, Chemical Manufacturer Sept 12 Mills & HETHERINGTON, NICHOLAS CUMMINGS, Hotwells, Bristol Aug 16 Pomeroy, Bristol HODGKINSON, GEORGE, Surbiton, Surrey, Tile Fixer Sept 1 Nutt, Camberwell New rd

Co, Huddersfield HUNTER, WILLIAM Johx, Chatham Aug 20 Mann, Chatham

IRELAND, John, Stratford Sept 10 Hillearya, Fenchurch bldgs

JONES, ANNE, Higher Tranmere, Chester Sept 15 Newman & Kent, Liverpool
HUTCHINSON, ALICE, Royston, Herts Aug 1_Shaen & Co, Bedford row

KING, ELIZABETH, Southend on Sex Aug 2 Dodl & C), Berners st
LEADER, SOPHIA, Putney Aug 12 Swith & Hudson, Mincing lane
LINAKER, JOHN, Crossens, nr Southport Aug 12 Pennington & Higson, Liverpool

Lewis, Edwix, Dudley, Tailor Aug 20 Hooper & Fairbairn, Dudley
NEEDHAM, JOSEPH, Sheffield, Cutlery Manufacturer Aug 31 Rodgers & Co, Sheffield

LYE, SOPHIA, West Hampstead Aug 15 RJ Witty, Old Jewry chmbrs OLIVER, SARAH, Leeds Aug 1 Parkin & Co, Doncaster

Mitchell, Sir Henry, Bradford Sept 1 Gordon & Co, Bradford PEARCE, WILLIAM, Treherbart, Glam, Licensed Victualler Aug 10

PERRINS, Mrs MARY ANN PERRINS, Hyde Park pl Aug 30 Western & Sons, Esses st,
Walton & Co,

RICHARDS, STEPHEN, Richmond Aug 8 H Tyrrell & Son, Raymond bldge

Price, WILLIAM, Liscard, Chester, Licensed Victualler Aug 13 Thompson & Co,

SAYER, ELIZABETH, Rushden, Northampton Aug 11 Simpson & Mason, Higham

RAISTRICK, THOMAS SAMUEL, Idle, York, Farmer Aug 20 Watson & Co, Bradford SMART, MARGARET Rose, Burnham, Somerset Aug 15 Linton & Co, Cardiff

ROBINSON, BENJAMIN, Knaresborough, York, Joiner Aug 20 Kirby & Son, Harrogate Smith, ARTHUR, Bognor Sept 29 Staffurth & Staffurth, Bognor

Ross, JAMES, Harrogate, York Sept 1 Kirby & Son, Harrogate SPALDING, WARNER REEVE, Bryanston st, Portman sq

SNAPE, ROBERT WILLIAM, Lamesley Vicarage, Durham Aug 26 Watson & Co, New

Aug 15 Milward & Co, Mow- castle upon Tyne bray House, Norfolk st, Strand SPEARING, ROBERT JAMES, Kingston on Thame3_Aug 13 Durham & Co, Arundel st

Solomox, SAUL, Bayswater Aug 15 J & M Solomon,

Finsbury pavement

STEIN, WILHELY, Whitechapel, Baker Aug 23 SWETENHAM, EDMUND, Dehra Doon, North West Provinces, British India

Whittington & Son, Bishopsgate st

Aug 11 Without Maddisons, King's Arms yard

STERICKER, THoxas SEPTIMUS, Bromley Aug 23 Van Sandau & Co, King st, Cheapside TegG, MABY, Bucklebury, Berks Aug 20 Brash & Co, Queen Victoria st Tooru ADELAIDE, Hammersmith Aug 16 Arrnold & Henry White, Great Marl- TUCKER, RICHARD, Allington, Dorset Aug 2) Leigh. Beaminster

TRAVERS, MARCUS, Walmer, Kent Aug 19 Brown & Brown, Deal borough st TUSHINGHAM, CHARLOTTE Anx, Chester, Carter Aug 1 E Brassey, Chester

WADSWORTH, CHRISTOPHER, Southport Aug 30 Williams, Southport

WALTER, FRANK ALFRED, Birmingham, Tailor Aug 19 Davis, Birmingham VICK, WILLIAM, Roehampton st, Westminster Aug 8 Yeilding & Co, Vincent sq, West- Winn, the Hon Charles Cavendish, Umballa, India Oct 1 Saunders, Regent st

minster WASLIN, ROBERT, Bishop Burton, York, Labourer Aug 15 Rollit & Sons, Hull

WISE, HARRIET, Bridlington Aug 19 Baintoa, Beverley WHEATLEY, EDWARD, Tonbridge, Builder Aug 9 Palmer & Co, Tonbridge

WOLFF, SIGISMUND, Hampstead, Wine Merchant Aug 16 Lewis, South sq, Gray's inn

Wootton, GBORGE, Wednesfield, Stafford Aug 15 Stratton & Co, Wolverhampton London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 15.

YULE, JAMES, Headingley, Leeds Aug 13 Milling & Dodgson, Leeds
AUTHER, CHARLES FRANCIS, Worcester Aug 15 Hyde, Worcester

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 22.
BARKER, JOSEPA, St Heleds, Lancs, Butcher Aug 31 Webster, St Helens
Bags, HAMAR ALFRED, Rolleston, Staffs Aug 31

ACLAND, Right Hon Sir Thomas DYKE, Bart, Killerton, Devon Aug 20 Battishil
Hollams & Co, Mincing lo

Houlditch, Exeter
BIGNELL, Emily, Piccadilly Aug 5 Tyrrell & Son, Raymond bldgs
Binns, JAMES, Bradford Aug 1 Wade & Co, Bradford

BIRD, John, Wellington, Somerset Sept 1 J &SP Pope, Exeter
BLAKELOCK, the Rev CLEMENT OGLE, Diss, Norfolk Aug 8 Champion, Ironmonger In

BLAKE, FREDERICK JAMES, Hampsteat Sept 1 Hubert Smith, Fenchurch bldz3 BRADDEN, MARY, Sandy. Bedford Aug 27 ET Leeds Smith, Sandy

Boynton, Rev GRIFFITH, Barmston, York Oct 19 Harland & Son, Bridlington BUTLER, JAMEE, Nottingham Aug 12 Hazzledine, Nottingham

Calvert, John, Blackburn Aug 24 Marsden & Marsden, Blackburn CLAYTON, HELEN FRANCES, Edgbaston July 9 Balden & Son, Birmingham

CAPROX, ELLEN JANE, Herne Hill Aug 22 A Tyler, Clement's inn, Strand Cottox, ELIZABETH HILLIER, Ryde, I of W Aug 20 Hubert Lush, Ryde

Elliott, Solymox, Upper Clapton Aug 31 A Slater, Finsbury pavmt Croot, HENRY, Kingswood, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer Aug 31 T D Sibly, Bristol

FARLEY, LYDIA, Upper Norwood Sept 30 Gush & Co, Finsbury circus Davis, John, Hampstead rd Sep 1 Chas & Gover & Co, Queen st

GILMORE, Musgo SMITH, Twickenham Aug 30 Bone & Heppell, Frederick's pl EDWARDS, Emily, Bath Aug 24 Stone & Co, Bath

GREEN, MILLICENT, Nottingham Aug 27 Eking & Wyles, Nottingham FISCHEB, Karl, Trier (Treves), Germany, Merchant Aug 26

Rehders & Higgs,

Qucut, GERARD VANDER, Loughton, Essex, Stock Jobber Aug 17 H V Gucht, Worksop Mincing In

HANDCOCK, the Hon ISABELLA LOUISA, South Kensington Aug 31 Stabbard & Co,

Leadenhall st Gray, Walter FORSTER Camplin, Totnes, Devon Aug 31 Walker & Co, Theobald's JONES, EVAN JENKIN, Clydach Vale, Glam, Builder Aug 19 Hill-Male, Pontypridd

rd, Gray's inn GREEN, Thomas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Metal Merchant Aug 15 Mather & Dickinson,

Jones, JOHN EDWARD, Kingston on Thames, Grocer Aug 20 Ratcliffe, Reading Newcastle upon Tyne

KING, JOHN BRYCE, Blundell Sands, Lancs, Commission Merchant Sept i North & Co, HAMMOND, CHARLES WILLIAM, Ipswich, Doctor Aug 22 Notcutt & Son, Ipswich

Liverpool Holt, Thomas, Astley, Lancs, Boat Builder Aug 2 Dootson, Leigh

Loveless, William Alger, Diss, Norfolk Aug 19 Lyus & Sons, Diss HUBBARD, WALTER, Hastings, Accountant Aug 5 Thorneycroft & Willis, Chancery ln

LITHGOE, ELLEX, Blackpool Aug 20 Edelston, Preston JEANES, GEORGE William, Martock, Somerset Bept 7 Poole, South Petherton

MEAD, George, Hassocks, Sussex Aug 18 Buckwell, Brighton

MUSCROFT, EDWARD, Pontefract, York Sept 1 Ford & Warren, Leeds
Jones, EDWARD Albert, Southport, Picture Packer Aug 15 Worden & Ashington, Norris, ALBERT Henny, Southampton, Grocer Aug 13 A FM Downie, Alton

KENDERDINE, Mrs Fliza Dorothea, Old Trafford, nr Manchester Aug 23 Page, SAUNDERS, FREDERICK, Liverpool

, Filter Manufacturer Sept 1 North & Co, Liverpool

READ, BENJAMIX, Bradford Aug 15 Stamford & Metcalfe, Bradford
KNOWLES, Emma Anx, Chesterfield Aug 18 Jones & Middleton, Chesterfield

SHORT, Axx, North Shields Aug 27 CJR Brown, North Shields
KYNASTON, CATHERINE MARY, Belgium Aug 31 Hewlett, Essex st, Strand

SAORT, John, North Shields Aug 27_CJR Brown, North Shields MITCHELL, WALTER, Sheffield, Surgeon Aug 1 Smith & Co. Sheffield

SLATER, John, South Elmsall, York, Brick Manufacturer Sept 1 Hickmot, Rotherbam MONTRESOR, Ada Augusta, Bedford Aug 12 Peacock & Goddard, South sq

SMITH, MARTHA, King Henry's rd Sept 5 Minet & Co, King William st NEEDIAM, Frith, New in Aug 14 Tyer, New inn

Suite, WILLIAM, Eccles, Lance, Surgeon Aug 31 Leach & Son, Manchester NEVITT, GEORGE, Rugeley, Stats, Estate Agent Aug 8 Gardner & Sons, Rugeley

STEVENS, MARTIA, Bapchild, Kent Sept 29 Frederick Johnson, Faversham PENYAN, John Hugu, Marple, Chester Aug 23 Page, Manchester

Taylor, Percival James, Cheetham, Manchester, Commercial Traveller Aug 31 A& POWELL, WILLIAM, Brewood, Staffs, Grocer Aug 13 Phillips, Bhifnal, Salop

G'W Fox, Manchester Rook, Jonn, Egremont, Cumberland, Farmer Aug 18 Thompson, Whitehaven

Tipton, William Henry, Brockton, nr Newport, Salop, Farmer Aug 5 Newill, RUSHTON, ANNE MELLING, Chelsea Aug 20 Woosdam & Smith, Chancery In

Wellington Selwyx, JOHN RICHARDSON, Cambridge Aug 26 Pennington & Son, Lincoln's inn

WEST, ANNA JANE JULIA, Pau, Basses Pyrenees, France Bept 7 Burgoynes & Co, fields

Oxford st STEVENS, OLIVIA SABAH, Broadchalke, Wilts Aug 15 Whitehead, Salisbury

WOLFF, SIGISMUND, Hampstead Aug 16 G E Lewis, South sq, Giay's inn
SWEET, JOSEPH, Bristol, Biscuit Baker Sept 1 J King, Bristol

YATES, HARBIOT JANE, Leyland, Lance Aug 13 Shuttleworth & Cummins, Preston
YOULE, SABAH Addison, West Kensington Aug 31 Birt & Follett, South wark

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. CORBETT, ARTHUR JAMES, Kensington High Court Pet | Evans, DavID EDGAR, Llanfihangel-Rhosycorn, Grocer
June 29 Ord July 19

Carmarthen_Pet July 18 Ord July 16
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 22.

Cross, John JOSEPH, Seacombe, Cheshire, Removal Con- Evans, DANIEL William, Morriston, Glam, Grocer Swan-
tractor Birkenhead Pet July 18 Ord July 18

sea Pet July 18 Ord July 18 DAVIES, DAVID, Skewen, pr Neath, Publican Neath Pet FAIRWEATHER, GEORGE, Diss, Norfolk, Baker's Assistant Adams, HARRY, Birmingham, Metal Manufacturer Bir- June 29 Ord July 18

Ipswich Pet July 19 Ord July 19 mingham Pet July 18 Om July 18

DE LA CHAPELLE, the Count, West Kensington, Financial Firti, JOE, Huddersfield, Woollen Cloth Weaver HudBINGHAM, RICHARD CHARLES WILLIAM, Winchester

Agent High Court Pet June 24 Ord July 19

dersfield Pet July 18 Ord July 18 Winchester Pet July 18_Ord July 18

DEXTER, JESSE, and WILLIAM LAIDLER, Newcastle on BLACKMAN, ARTHUR, and EDWIN SHARP, Eastbourne, Tyne, Timber Merchants Newcastle on Tyne Pet HAMMETT, WILLIAM, St Thomas the Apostie, Devon, Baker Builders Eastbourne Pet July 18 Ord July 18 July 18 Ord July 18

Exeter Pet July 18 Ord July 18 BosWELL, HERBERT WALTER, Stockport, Horse Dealer DOYLE, JOSEPH STANISLAUS, Sevenoaks, Farmer Tun- Hawkins, Morris, Cardiff Cardiff Pet June 29 Ord Stockport Pet July 20, Ord July 20

bridge Wells Pet July 19 Ord July


July 19 CLARK, HENRY JAMES, Foots Cray, Kent, Carriage Builder DUNPORD, Walter BENJAMIN, Cardiff, Hairdresser Car- HAWKYARD, WilliaN WINN, Leeds, Woolen Merchant Croydon Pet July 19 Ord July 19 diff Pet July 18 Ord July 18

Leeds Pet July 20 Ord July 20


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