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Park, Kensington, Earl's Court, Brompton, and Regent's Park; rental £1,074 2s6d.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Solicitors, Mesers. Dixon, Weld, & Dixons, London. (See advertisement, June 18, p.


Barrow-in-Furness. Lancaster June 8
July 1.-Messrs. Nott & CARTWRIGHT, at the Mart, at 2, Two Leasehold Residences in Court PRIDE OF THE FOREST, Cemetery Hotel, Lancaster June 8

South Belgravia, producing £112 10s. per annum ; 355 years unexpired. Solicitors, FAVERSHAM Religious Benefit Society, West Schoolroom, Faversham, Kent Jung 8
Messrs. Yeilding, Piper, & Tallack, London.--Dwelling House in Westminster, pro- ST HELENS CHEMICAL AND COPPER WORKERS' CLUB, Peel Arms, Westfield-street, St
ducing £78 per annum ; lease 27 years. Two Leasehold Dwelling Houses in South Helens, Lancs June 8
Lambeth, value of £72 10s. per annum; lease 42 years. Solicitor, Hastings Draper, MYTHOLMROYD MANUYACTURING SOCIETY, LIMITED, Mytholmroyd, York June 8
Esq., London.--Semi-detached Villa Residence in Balham; lease 78 years. Solici- OLD MAY CLUB, Bell Inn, Wollaston, Wellingborough, Northampton June 8
tor, Philip C. Conway, Esq., London. (See advertisement, this week, p. 3.)

PROGRESSIVE BRANCH CATHOLIC Benefit SOCIETY, 65, Camden st, Birkenhead, Chester

June 15

ROSE OF RABY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Burnt Houses, Durham June 1
Messrs. C. C. & T. MOORE sold, at the Mart, on Thursday last, Four Freehold Cottages

in Whitechapel for £1,510; Twelve Freeholds in Plaistow for £2,770; 68, Mile Endroad for £350; and Two Houses in South-grove, Mile End for £350.


UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEBS.—Before purchasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, May 27.
Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full
particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Apvt.]

ACTON, JANE, Acton July 30 Schultz & Son, South sq, Gray's inn
Anderson, Rev CHARLES GEORGE, Otterhampton, Somerset July 16 J Ruscombe & Co,

Arkins, SAMUEL ELLIOTT, East Ham House, Essex, Deputy Alderman July 1 Freeman

& Son, Foster In, Cheapside

BERRY, RICHARD, Brighton July 4 Vandercom & Co, Bush In

BIRKS, LOUISA, Burslem July 31 Mayer, Burslem
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, June 17.

BLACKBURN, FRANCES, Wakefield June 30 Plews, Wakefield

Boulton, Isaac, Smallthorne, Staffs, Licensed Victualler June 27 FC Mayer, Burslem

Boyle, Mrs Agnes, South Kensington July 1 Wordsworth & Co, Threadneedle st AT FRAMPTON, LIMITED—Creditors are required, on or before July 29, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to George Wood Homer Brewster, The Rev EDWARD Jones, M.A., LL.D., Eastbourne July 20 Wrage, Gt St

Helen's BREWERS AND GENERAL FIRE INSURANCE AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LIMITED-Credi-Cock, William HENRY, Newquay, Cornwall, Hotel Proprietor July 8 Collins & Son,

tors are required, on or before Saturday, July 30, to send their names and addresses, Newquay and particulars of their debts or claims, to Charles Eves, 50, Gresham st Wednesday, COKE, Major-General Sir John, K.C.B., Eardisley, Hereford June 20 Templo & Philpio, Aug 10, at 2, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Kington Nicholson & Co, Coleman st, BREWERS AND GENERAL FIRE INSURANCE AND GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LIMITED-By an

DASHWOOD, Sub-Lieutenant SAMUEL Francis, San Nicolas, Buenos Ayres June 25 order made by Wright, J. dated May 25, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up

Foyer & Hordern, Essex at, Strand of the corporation be continued Lickfold, Copthall chbrs, solor to petnar

DIGGLE, MARY Ann, Torquay June 24 Wilde & Co, College hill
Corder & TURLEY, LIMITED (OLD COMPANY)-Creditors are required, on or before Aug East, Thomas, Islington June 30 Sheehy, Coleman st

10, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to
Mr William Corder, 71, Oxford gdns, Kensington Kedfern & Son, Birmingham, solors FERGUSSON, CECILIA Annr, Kensington June 24 Blount & Co, Arundel st

to liquidator
HASTINGS COFFEE PALACE CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before July 30, to

Field, Anne, Basingstoke, Hants July 9 Field & Co, Liverpool send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to George Fountaix, ELIZABETH, York June 23 WH Cobb & Son, York

Alfred Herington, 64, Cambridge rd, Hastings Chalinder, Hastings, solor to liquidator | Goodall, EDWARD, Salford July 15 Chapman & Co, Manchester
HAVILA EXPLORING Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before July 30, to send

their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Richard Baker Gough, William, Wykeham, York, Land Agent July 11 Turnbull & Son, Scarborough

Hays, 11, Abchurch lane
MIDLAND SPORTS AGENCY, LIMITED—Creditors are required, on or before July 30, to send

Groves, William, Blackheath July 4 Simpson & Co, Southwark st
their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Gulvin, Sarau Editu, Upper Norwood June 21 Albery & Lucas, Midhurst

Hutton, 39, Bennett's hill, Birmingham. Davis, Birmingham, solor for the liquidator Paragon ASSURANCE Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before July 30, to send

HAMMICK, JAMES THOMAS, Lincoln's inn, Barrister July 1 Parker & Co, Cornbill their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Hick, THOMAS, Lilling, York July 1 Holtby & Procter, York PERTH MINING AND TRADING SYNDICATE OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, LIMITED—Petn for HODDER, JOSEPH, Leigh, Labourer June 28 Dootson, Leigh winding up, presented June 15, directed to be heard June 29. Snell & Co, 1 and 2, HORSEFIELD, Joun, Leigh, Silk Weaver June 30 Duotson, Leigh George st, Mansion House, solors for the petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of June 28

HURRELL, EMMA, Devonport June 30 Gard, Devonport RF HALL, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented June 7, directed to be heard on INWOOD, ALBERT EDWARD, Woking, Licensed Victualler June 24 Perkins & Smyth, Wednesday, June 29 Dowson & Co, 19, Surrey st, Victoria Embankment, solors for

Woking petners Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in ISAACSON, FREDERICK Woor rox, Upper Grosvenor st, M.P. July 11 Hollams & Co,

the afternoon of June 28 SILBER & FLEMING, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before July 31, to send their

Mincing lana
names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Tansley Witt, 40, JOEL, JACOB, Manchester July 12 Farrar & Co, Manchester

Chancery lane
SOMERSETSHIRE TRAMWAYS Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before July 26, to

KEEN, FREDERICK, Broadley ter, Blandford sų, Dairymin June 24 Starling & Wright, send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Gray's inn eq Charles Matcham, 44, High st, Bristol

KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM JOHN Johnston, Cheltenham June 24 Cottam, Cheltenham WEALTH OF NATIONS, LIUTED-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 2, to send their Kyffin, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Highgate July 1 Freeman & Son, Foster lane, Cheapnames and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Charles Lloyd, 77,

side Bishopsgate st Within. Williams & Neville, Winchester House, Old Broad st, solors MacDonald, FITZUERBERT, Salisbury, Wilts June 30 Macdonald & Malden, Salisbury to the liquidator London Gazette.-TUESDAY, June 21.

Mackesox, EDWARD, Hyde Park sq June 27 Taylor, Lincoln's inn fields

Meek, Dorotur, Clapham rise June 27 Rickards & Nightingale, Crown ct, Old Broad st

MIDDLETON, ROBERT, Pontefract, Tailor June 22 Moxon, Pontefract
ANIMAL CHARCOAL CO, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before MOORING, Joux, Luton, Bedford, Marine Store Dealer June 20 Singleton, Luton

Aug 3, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Narlor, Sarah, Leeds July 16 Simpson & Simpson, Leeds
ARAUCO CO, LIMITED-By an order made by Wright, J, dated June 9, it was ordered that Parker, Thomas, Lytham, Lancs June 30 P & J Watson, Bury

the voluntary winding up of the company be continued Budd & Co, 24, Austin Friars,
solors for the petpers

PLUNKETT, CAROLINE MARY, Penydon Rhyl, Flint June 24 Gamlin & Williams, Rbsl BRISTOL GRAIN WASHING AND GRINDING Co, Limited--Creditors are requested, on or

Procter, JOSEPH, Horsforth, York July 14 Middleton & Suns, Leeds before July 6, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or Riley, William Henry, Blackburn June 25 Cliff, Blackburn EdwuNDS, LIMITED Creditors are required, on or before Aug 2, to send their names and RowBoTTON, ELIZABETH, Ashton under Lyne, Licensed Victualler Jun: 21 Watson, addresses, and the particnlars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Edward Johnson Walker,

Ashton under Lyne Waterhouse-street, Halifax. Riley, Halifax, solor for the liquidator

RUSSELL, Estuee ELIZABETII, Notting Hill July 10 Lamb, Ironmonger lane HENRY T. BROWN & Co, Limited-Creditors are required, on or before June 25, to send in particulars of their claims to Roland Allen Felton, Waterloo-street, Birmingham,

SCHUSTER, FANRY EMILY, Bournemouth June 30 Nelson, Manchester Smith, Pirmingham, solor for liquidator

SEALE, Sir HENRY PAUL, Norton Park, nr Dartmouth June 24 W & H Smith, Dart New ORIENTAL HOTEL CO, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before Monday, Sept

mouth 5, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to SELBY, MARGARET Eliza, Shanklin, I W July 20 Ray, Gt Portland st William Barclay Peat, 3, Lothbury Munns & Longden, 8, Old Jewry, solors for the petners

BHAKESPEAR, Rev WYNDIAM ARTHUR, Albany st, Regent's park July 1 Pickering. & Nil DESPERANDUM GOLD Mixes, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented June 17,

Neilson, Stone bldgs directed to be heard on Wednesday, June 29 Stanley B Worth, New Broad st, solor STANDRING, ABEL, Bury June 30 Butcher & Barlow, Bury for the petners Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of June 28

Taylor, CHARLES George, Farnham, Surrey June 30 Fitzhugh & Co, Brighton OPTIONS, LIMITED Creditors are required, on or before Ang 8, to send their names and Taylor, ELIZADETI, Farnham, Surrey June 30 Fitzhugh & Co, Brighton

addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to 'Thom as James Worley, 22, Thomas, William BRODRICK, Wimpole st June 25 Foyer & Hordern, Essex st, Strand Laurence Pountney lane

THOMPSON, JOHN, Danby, York June 25 Carrick, Stokesley, RSO

WADDINGTON, ALBERT, Tonbridge June 25 Palmer & Co, Tonbridge

WESTHEAD, ELLEN, Waterloo, Lancs July 5 Smith, Liverpool
zog Sole And Wood Fibre Co, LIMITED-By an order made on June 13 it was ordered Witter, Jane, Ormskirk, Grocer July 1 Parr & Co, Ormskirk
that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Arthur Stanley Mather,
Liyerpool, solor for the petnr

Wooding, MARGERY, Rufford, Lancs July 1 Parr & Co, Ormskirk


Kærl, WILLIAM, Lowtown, Pudsey, Yorks, Patent Leather | MORRIS, FREDERICK GEORGE, Northampton, Boot Manu-, TALBOT, EDWARD CHARLES, Forest hill Greenwich Pet Dresser Bradford Pet June 17 Ord'June 17

facturer June 29 at 12 Off Rec, County Court bldgs June 10 Ord June 17 KELLY, EDWARD, Chandlersford, Southampton, Lieutenant Noi champton

VAUGHAN, WILLIAM HENRY, Wolverhampton, WheelWinchester Pet June 17 Ord June 17

MYERS, TUDOR ANGEL, Gracechurch st, Tobacconist June wright Wolverhampton Pet June 15 Ord June 16 KILHAU, THOMAS Lawton, Shanklin, I of W, Tutor New 29 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

VENABLES, SAMUEL HUGHES, Whitchurch, Shropshire, port Pet June 17 Ord June 17

NEALE, W_B, Charing Cross mans, Merchant June 29 at Grocer Nantwich Pet June 13 Ord June 18 LEGGE, GEORGE WILLIAM, Queen's Head, City rd, Licensed 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Venx, WILLIAM Eustace, Pope's Head ally, Notary Public Victualler_High Court Pet June 16 Ord June 16 NEWICK, ALFRED, Bedminster, Oilman June 29 at 11 45 High Court Pet May 4 Ord June 17 LLEWELI.YN, WILLIAM, Pentyrch, Glam, Farmer Cardiff Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol

WARD, WILLIAM HARRY, Birmingham, Chartered AccountPet June 17 Ord June 17

Reel, BENJAMIN, Llansamlet, Glam, Butcher June 30 at ant Birmingham Pet May 28 Ord June 17 MAY, WILLIAM, Leicester, Stationer Leicester Pet June 12.30_Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

WALKER, DAVID, Sheffield Sheffield Pet June 18 Ord 2 Ord June 16

RHODES, BENJAMIN, Leeds, Grocer June 29 at 12 Off Rec, June 18 Moss, JAMES, Canewdon, Essex, Baker Chelmsford Pet 22, Park row, Leeds

WALTER, FRANKLIN WILLIAM Fox, Strood, Kent RochesJune 14 Ord June 14

SAUNDER, William, Tonbridge, Kent, Builder June 28 at ter Pet June 15 Ord June 16 OLIVER, NATHANIEL, Worsbrough Dale, pr Barnsley 2.30 Parris's, 65, Vigh st, Tunbridge Wells

WATSON, JOHN GEORGE, Bradford, Insurance Agent Barnsley Pet June 18 Ord June 18

SCOTT, FRANCIS, Bishopsgate st, Solicitor June 30 at 11 Bradford Pet June 16 Ord June 16 OWEN, JOHN, Penygroes, Carnarvons, Labourer Bangor Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

WEBB, HAROLD Evans, Canton, Cardiff, Wholesale Pet June 17 Ord June 17

SPURRIER, HENRY MAUGIER, Southampton, Mercantile Stationer Cardiff Pet June 16 Ord June 16 PRINCE, THOMAS, Gravesend, Grocer Rochester Pet June Clerk June 28 at 3.15 Off Rec, 172, High st, South WHITWORTH, WILLIAM, and THOMAS WHITWORTH, Stanton, 17 Ord June 17 ampton

nr Bakewell, Market Gardener Derby Pet June 16 RATCLIFFE, WILLIAM HENRY, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs, STAUNTON, HENRY, Fulham, Boot Dealer June 30 at 12 Ord June 16 Grocer Blackburn Pet May 25 Ord June 15

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

WOODINGTON, ALBERT JOSEPH, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer SANKEY, WILLIAM, Binningham, Money Lender Birming- STERRY, THOMAS James, Harwich, Grocer July 11 at 11 Bristol Pet May 28 Ord June 18 ham Pet May 28_Ord June 15 Cups Hotel, Colchester

Amended notice substituted for that published in the J SILVERMAN & Son, Fournier st, Spitalfields, Cap Manu STRANGWARD, WILLIAM, Huntingdon, Coachbuilder June

London Gazette of June 14: facturers High Court Pet June 16 Ord June 18

29 at 2.30 George Hotel, Huntingdon

DUDMAN, ABRAHAM, Midhurst, Sussex, Farmer Brighton STAUNTON, HENRY, Fulham, Boot Dealer High Court Tatuam, WILLIAM, Kingston, Engineer June 28 at 11.30 Pet June 8 Pet June 10 Pet May 26 Ord June 16

24, Railway app, London Bridge TYRWHITT, the Hon John, Guilford st, Bloomsbrny High VANSITTART, CHARLES GOODRICH, Gresham st, Company

SPECIAL HOME READINGS. Court Pet May 24_Ord June 16

Promoter June 29 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Vaughan, WILLIAM Henry, Wolverhampton, Wheel- Wago, Thomas, Hucknall Torkard, Notts, Coal Miner

SERIES I.-THE TIRED TOILER. wright Wolverhampton Pet June 16 Ord June 16 June 28 at 12 Off Rec, 4, Castle pl, Park st, Notting The labourer or the navvy, leaving his home in the raw, WALKER, DAVID, Sbeffield Sheffield Pet June 18 Ord


early morning, no longer carries in the tin can which is June 18 WALTER, FRANKLIN WILLIAM Fox, Strood, Kent July 4

slung across his shoulder a supply of enerrating cold tea. WALTER, FRANKLIN William Fox, Strood, Kent at 11.30 115, High st, Rochester

No. He takes Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa instead, and finds he Rochester Pet June 16 Ord June 16

WARBEN, GEORGE HENRY, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, is able to finish his hard day's toil with ease. The busy Ward, WILLIAM HARRY, Birmingham, Chai jered Account Butcher June 29 at 11.30 Of Rec, County Court housewife, with her household cares and her fretful chil ant Birmingham Pet May 28 Ord June 15

bldgs, Sheep st, Northampton

dren, worn out and weary, takes her cup of Vi-Cocoa and WATiON, JOHN GEORGE, Bradford, Insurance Agent Watson, John GEORGE, Bradford, Insurance Agent June

is refreshed and sustained. The busy merchant, the eager Bradford Pet June 16 Ord June 16

30 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford WEBB, HABOLD Evans, Canton, Cardiff, Wholesale WHITWORTH, WILLIAM, and THOMAS WHITWORTH, Stanton, Vi-Cocoa has formed part of their morning meal; the jaded

student, find their brains are clearer and more active if Stationer Cardiff Pet June 16 Ord June 16

nr Bakewell, Derbys, Market Gardeners June 29 at 12

clerk sleeps soundly after a "nightcap" of the same excelWHITE, EMILY THERESA, Liverpool, Boot Dealer Liver Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby

lent beverage. It seems, indeed, to have the virtue of pool Pet June 9 Ord June 17 Wyatt, James, West Bromwich, Fruiterer July 5 at 2.10

benefiting all who take it. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa has WHITE, JossPH SAMUEL, Liverpool, Boot Dealer's Manager County Court, West Bromwich

become a necessity-that, perhaps, is the only term which Liverpool Pet June 11 Ord June 17


aptly expresses the enthusiasm of its devotees -in which WHITWORTH, WILLIAM, AXD Thomas WHITWOETH, Stanton, Autox, Alfred, York, Journeyman Painter York Pet

those who indulge in it find renewed energy and sustenance nr Bakewell, Derbyshire, Market Gardeners Derby

June 16 Ord June 16

such as they have been unable to receive from any other Pet June 16 Ord June 16 BALDWIN, RICHARD, and Silvester TOOTHILL, Bradford,

source. Amended notice substituted for that published in the Worsted Spinners Bradford Pet June 18 Ord June

Merit, and merit alone, is what is claimed for Dr. London Gazette of June 10 : 18

Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, and the proprietors are prepared to send Dudman, ABRAHAM, Midhurst, Sussex, Farmer Brighton BARTON, JOSEPH HENRY, South Anston, York, Builder

to any reader who names the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL a dainty Pet June 8 Ord June 8

Sheffield Pet May 17 Ord June 17

simple tin of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa free and post-paid. FIRST MEETINGS. BOTTOMLEY, William WALTER, Rochdale, Commission

There is no magic in all this. It is a plain, honest, straighAgent Rochdale Pet June 17 Ord June 17

forward offer. It is done to introduce the merits of ViAKERS, JOHN WILLIAM, Cricklade, Wilts, Baker June 80 | BOWER, HENRY EDWARD, Bromley, Kent, Clerk Croydon

Cocoa into every home. Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa as a conat 4 Off Rec, 46, Cricklade st, Swindon

Pet June 14 Ord June 17

centrated form of nourishment and vitality is invaluable; Auton, ALFRED, York. Journeyman Painter July 1 at BRADLEY, Samuel, Millom, Cumberland, Grocer White

nay, more than this; for to all who wish to face the strife 12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York

haven Pet June 15 Ord June 16

and battle of life with greater endurance and more susBARRATT, GEORGE, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer June | BURTON, EPHRAIM, High Holborn High Court

Pet May

tained exertion, it is absolutely indispensable. 28 at 11 Off Rec, 4, Castle pl, Park st, Nottingham 25 Ord June 16

Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa can be obtained from all Chemists, BARTON, ALFRED WILLIAM, Bridgwater, Oil Dealer June CAWKWELL, JOSEPH, Kingston upon Hull, Baker Kingston

Grocers, and stores, or from 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, 28 at 11 WH Tamlyn, High st, Bridgwater

upon Hull Pet June 16 Ord June 16

London, E.C.
Bartoy, JOSEPH HENRY, South Anston, York, Builder Coues, Ernest FREDERICK, East Stonehouse, Devon,
July 1 at 2 Off Rec, Figtree In, Sheffield

Decorator Plymouth Pet June 16 Ord June 17
BODIMEADE, GEORGE PETER, Enfield, Restaurant Keeper COLLIER, JOHN JAMES, and Edwin Housley, South Nor Ground-floor Professional Offices in Lincoln's-inn-
June 28 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Darey st

manton, Plumbers Derby Pet June 2 Ord June 16 fields (3 rooms, 1 front and strong room) to be Let at BOWER, HENRY EDWARD, Bromley, Kent, Clerk Jupe 29 CROSSLEY, HARRIET, Birmingham Birmingham Pet May moderate rent.--Apply to Messrs. LANDER & BEDELLS, 6, at 11.30 24, Railway app, London Bridge

13 Ord June 17

John-street, Bedford-row, W.C. Can be seen on applicaBURTON, EPHRAIM, High Holborn June 30 at 12 Bank- | FLETCHER, James, and JOHN ARTHUR HIrst, Burnley, tion to Housekeeper, 62, Lincola's-ian-fields. ruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Electrical Engineers Burnley Pet March 23

Ord CARTER, John, Smethwick, Stafford, Builder July 5 at 2 June 17

21,000.-.Gentleman's Son, running showCounty Court, West Bromwich

GARSTANG, Joseph ROWLAND, Preston, Coal Merchant CHESTER, GEORGE, Birmingham, Baker July 1 at 11 174, Preston Pet June 17 Ord June 17

railway stations, seeks the Use of Capital in opening out a Corporation st, Birmingham

GEORGE, JOHN, Cowcross st, Smithfield Scalemaker High large cycle connection in Africa, where the advertiser has Cox, JOSEPH, Fosdyke, Lincs, Miller June 30 at 12.15 Off Court Pet June 17 Ord June 17

influential connection and practical experience. --Letters to Rec, 4 & 6, West st, Boston

GREEN, 8 8, Walton on Thames Kingston, Surrey Pet CYCLE, care of Messrs. Butcher & Co., Brush Makers, 167, CROSSLEY, HARRIET, Birmingham, Wire Mattress Maker March 11 Ord June 18

King's-cross-road, N.W. June 29 at 12 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

HAMERTON, JOHN GROVES, West Bridgford, Notts, Com. DAVIES, WILLIAM, Pontarda xe, Glam, Saddler June 30 at mission Agent Nottingham Pet May 21 Ord FOR SALE, an Old-established Solicitor's 12 'Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

June 18 DEBNEY, John, Birmingham June 29 at 11 174, Corpora- HARRISON, WILLIAM John, and Thomas LUKE HARRISON, England.-Full particulars of Messrs. SAYER & CADLE, tion st, Birmingbam

Sunderland, Carters Sunderland Pet June 15 Ord Solicitors, 13, Clifford's-inn, E.C. DUDDERIDGE, WILLIAM HENRY, Wincanton, Somerset, June 15

Licensed Victualler June 28 at 12.45 'Greyhornd HEARSEY, GRACE Lillian, Kidderminster, Toy Dealer TOR SALE, a Quarry; going concern;
Hotel, Wincanton

Kidderminster Pet June 17 Ord June 17
ENGLAND, LUCY, Holt, Wilts, Farmer June 29 at 12.15 HODGKISS, Samuel, Tipton, Staffs, Steerer Dudley Pet

large area; long lease ; small rental; lucrative con

tracts can be obtained ; reasonable price; well suited for a Off Rec, Baldwin st, Brist '1

June 16 Ord June 16
FLAVELL, ALBERT Henry, Halesowen, Worcester June 28 Holmes, Mary Ann, Leominster, Cabinet Maker

permanent investment; occupation pleasant. Solicitors,

Leyat 11 Off Rec, Wolverhampton st, Dudly

&c., and intending purchasers only need communicate re

minster Pet June 9 Ord June 18 FLOOK, Moses James, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer

garding particulars, &c.-Box 6o7, clo S. H. Benson's June HUNTER, AUGUSTA ELIZABETH SABINA, Battersea Park rd,

Advertising Offices, 100, Fleet-street, E.C. 20 at 12.30 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bretol

Baker Wandsworth Pet June 16 Ord June 17 FRENCH, JACOB, Earl st, Firebiry, Rag Merchant June Kahn, JACK, Aberavon, Glam, Furniture Dealer Neath PIRST-CLASS OFFICES.- A Splendid 28 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Pet May 25 Ord June 17 FRENCH, Thomas, Walsall, Fruiterer June 28 at 11

Lower Ground floor, with an area of about 2,400 Off | KEEL, WILLIAM, Pudsey, Yorks, Patent Leather Dresser Rec, Walsall

Brad o. 1 Pet June 17 Ord June 17

square feet, and exceptionally good light; St. Stephen'sGARNETT, William, and Reginald JEFFERIES GARNETT, KILLAM, Thomas Lawton, Shanklin, I of W, Tutor New

house, Nos. 1 and 2, Coleman-street; come and see.-For Codsall, Staffs, Drapers June 29 at 2.30 Bankruptcy LANG, JOHX LAMBERT, Leeds, Cloth Manufacturer Leeds

particulars apply to Mr. ARNOLD, 29, Poultry, E.C. bldgs, Carey st

ΤΟ HODNETT, Thomas William, and HERBERT LANT VIRET Pet May 6 Ord June 16

CARPENTER, Watford, Herts, Wholesale Grocers June LEGGE, GEORGE WILLIAM, City rd, Licensed Victualler Others.-88-90, Chancery-lane.-To be Let in hand80 rt 3 Room 53, Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

High Court Pet June 16 Ord June 16

some building about to be erected on this commanding HUGHES, CHIBILTOPHER Cooke, Walsall, Pattern Maker LLEWELLYN WILLIAM, Pentyrch, Glam, Farmer Cardiff site, numerous Suites of light Offices, with use of h-draulic June 28 at 11.30 Off Rec, Walsall

Tet June 16 Ord Jane 17

passenger lift.---Full particulars can be obtained at Messrs. IRELAND, ROBERT, and WILLIAM Bell, Blackburn, Leather Moss, James, Cane wdon, Essex, Baker Chelmsford Pet Jones, LANG, & Co.'s Branch Office, Lonsdale-chambers, Dealers June 28 at 3.30 Bush Hotel, Deansgate,

June 13 Ord June 14

27, Chancery-lane, where plans can be seen. Manchester

NICKOLY, RICHARD PEARSALL MICKLETHWAITE, Brentford JEFFRIES, LAMBERT CHARLES, Stoke, Ipswich, Butcher's Wandsworth Pet May 20 Ord June 17

A esistant July 1 at 1 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich OLIVER, NATIANIEL, Worsbrough Dale, nr Barnsley To Solicitors, Accountants, Patent Agents, and Johnson, ALBERT, Stoke upon Trent, Hosier June 29 at 4 Barnsley Pet June 16 Ord June 18

Others.--To be Let in a handsome new building (with North Stafford Hotel, Stoke upon Trent

OLIVANT, GEORGE, Patcham, Sussex, farmer Brighton passenger list) Suites of light Offices at moderate rents.LANG, JOHN LANDERT, Leeds, Cloth Manufacturer June Pet May 21 Ord June 17

Apply to Messrs. Jones, LANG, & Co., Estate Agents, 29 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Owen, John, Penygroes, Carnarvons, Labourer Bangor Lonsdale-chambers, 27, Chancery-lane, W.C., where plans MACCALLUM, J, Argyle sq June 29 at 1 Barl uptcy Pet June 16 Ord June 17

can be seen. bldge, Carey st

PRINCE, THOMAS, Gravesend, Kent, Grocer Rochester MELEN, HARRY GEORGE, Birmingham, Baker June 30 at Pet June 17 Ord June 17 11' 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

Roberts, JOBEPH C&Ampton, and William Hotsox, Leeds, lane, W.C.-To Solicitors, Accountants, and others. M'LNE, ALFRED JOSEPH, Aldershot, General Provision Wholesale Stationers Leeds Pet May 24 Ord June 17 -To be Let, numerous Suites of Offices at very moderate

Merchant June 29 at 12.30 24, Railway app, London SAUNDERS, WILLIAM, Tonbridge, Kent, Builder Tun rents ; hydraulic passenger lift.--Apply to Messrs. Jones, bdge

bridge Wells Pé) May 26 Ord Jrne 14

LANG, & Co., at the Estate Office on the premises.

TOSOLICITORS and others. -- Fine Set of


The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

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VOL. XLII., No. 35.
FUNDS, £4,000,000. CLAIMS PAID, £38,000,000.

LONDON, JULY 2, 1898.
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Allen and Others v. The Vestry of the An Arbitration between George and
Parish of Fulham

612 the Goldsmiths' and General BurIn Drawing LEASES or MORTGAGES of

Richard Furber, Re

613 glary Insurance Association, In the LICENSED PROPERTY Baxter, Re. Baxter v. Baxter.. 611 Matter of..

557 Harrold v. Watney

Horn Sleaford Rural District To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

Hopkins v. Hemsworth



Johnston v. Boyes

Marks v. Frogley and Others

............. 548 Sritable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtained on application to Mackinnon v. Clark.

North Metropolitan Tramways Co. v. THE LICENSES INSURANCE CORPORATION AND Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire London County Council

................. 554 Railway Co. v. Anderson

North v. Percival


Morris, Ře. James y. London and Reg. v. The Justices of London and 24, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C.

County Banking Co....

611 Justices of the Strand Division,

Reg. v. Vestry of St. Mary, Islington. Ex parte London County Council 559 Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without Ex parte Williams, on Behalf of the South African Territories v. Wallingspecial valuation and at low rates.

Midland Railway Co, and Others 612


545 Sheerness Urban District Council, Re. Wynne v. Wynne .............................. 560 Ex parte Smith and Doring


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and Northern Circuit ; Mr. THOMAS RAFFLES HUGHES, 1880, SOCIETY.

M.P., 1881, South-Eastern Circuit; Mr. EDWARD MARSHALL

HALL, 1883, South-Eastern Circuit; Mr. Rurus DANIEL Isaacs, ESTABLISHED 1836.

1887, Northern Circuit; and Mr. EDWARD BOYLE, 1887, SouthEastern Circuit.




609 611 610 608



£ 3,000,000

WE ALLUDED some time ago to an attempt made by the INCOME

£ 390,000

Somerset House authorities to claim ad valorem conveyance duty YEARLY BUSINESS


on an order for foreclosure absolute. That attempt, we believe,

has not been repeated in similar cases, but the Finance Bill of BUSINESS IN FORCE

· £ 11,700,000 the present year provides that, "For the removal of doubts with

reference to the effect of sections fifty-four and fifty-seven of the THE PERFECTED SYSTEM of Life Assurance is peculiar to this Society Stamp Act, 1891, it is hereby declared that the definition of and embraces every modern advantage.

conveyance on sale' in the said section fifty-four includes a

decree or order for, or having the effect of an order for, forePERFECTED MAXIMUM POLICIES.

closure. Provided that (a) the ad valorem stamp duty upon any WITHOUT PROFITS.

such decree or order shall not exceed the duty on a sum equal

to the value of the property to which the decreo or order relates, The Rates for these Whole Life Policies are very moderate.

and where the decree or order states that value that statement

shall be conclusive for the purpose of determining the amount Age Premium Age Premium Age Premium

of the duty; and (6) where ad valorem stamp duty is paid upon 20 £1 78% 30 £1 16 % | 40

£2 10 %.

such decree or order, any conveyance following upon such decree

or order shall be exempt from the ad valorem stamp duty.” The £1,000 POLICY WITH BONUSES

office, we suppose, will get their pound of flesh, but what we

mainly object to in this provision is its retrospective character. According to last results.

It appears to impose the duty on all foreclosure orders made since Valuation at 2} p.c. :—Hm. Table of Mortality.

the 21st of July, 1891. Earlier orders appear to be excluded

by section 1 of the Stamp Act, 1891, which provides that " from Duration

and after the commencement of this Act” the stamp duties to

be charged, &c., shall be the duties in the schedule, which shall Amount of Policy £1,199 £1,438

£1,724 £2,067

be in substitution for the duties theretofore chargeable. How

are the duties on foreclosure orders since the 21st of July, 1891, Next Bonus as at 31st December, 1901.

to be dealt with ? Is a penalty to be imposed on stamping

them, or is a time to be limited within which they may be OFFICES: 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON. stamped without a penalty ?

[ocr errors]

10 yrs.

20 yrs.

30 yrs.

40 yrs.

A CURIOUS point arises on the Order in Council relating to IN THE CASE of Life Interest, ge., Corporation v. Hand-in-Hand, the compulsory provisions of the Land Transfer Act, 1897, a 80, Society (ante, p. 592), Mr. Justice STIRLING gave a decision draft of which has been issued pursuant to section 20 of the which may be technically correct, but which is likely to prove Act. By sub-section 7 of that section the first order is not inconvenient, not merely as to the point decided, but also as to to affect more than one county, and by sub-section 11 of the application of the principle laid down to a wide range the same section the word "county" is to have the same of matters. The learned judge held that on a sale by a meaning as in the Local Government Act, 1888, except that it is mortgagee under the implied power of sale given by the Conto include a county borough. Now, there is no positive defini- voyancing Act, 1881, section 21 (2) of that Act gives protection tion of the word "county " in the Local Government Act, 1888, only to the purchaser who has obtained a conveyance, and leaves but that Act does say, under the heading of definitions (see a purchaser, as between himself and the vendor, free to raise any section 100), that the word, unless inconsistent with the context, objection which can properly be made as between them; what is shall not include county of a city or county of a town. On the protected is the title of the purchaser, not that of the vendor. other hand, the expression“ administrative county" is separately Hence he held that the vendor under such a sale“ is bound to defined to mean the area for which a county council is to be show that the power of sale is exercisable." What proof, it may elected (800 section 100). The "administrative county of be asked, can be given by the mortgagee of some interest London includes the City of London (section 40 (1)). The under the mortgage being “in arrear and unpaid for two "county of London," which consists of what was formerly part months after becoming due," except a statutory declaration of Middlesex, Surrey, and Kent, does not include the City of by himself, which will be objected to as being made by London (section 40 (2)). The "county boroughs" are the an interested party? And why should a purchaser under such boroughs mentioned in the third schedule to the Act, and do not a sale (except a purchaser who wants to get out of his coninclude the City of London, which is a county of a city. Hence tract) desire to fix himself with notice of an irregularity in it seems to us somewhat doubtful whether registration of title the sale, when, if he has no notice and makes no inquiry, he can be made compulsory in the City at all; and also, assuming will be absolutely protected, after conveyance, by section 21 (2) that it can be so made, whether the draft order is not ultra vires against any irregularity? We imagine that, in the case of a because it applies to two "counties"-namely, “the county of willing purchaser, the decision will not alter the practice which London," and "the county of the city.” It should, however, has bitherto prevailed; but in framing conditions of sale, or an be noticed that the term "county" is in the Local Government agreement for sale, by a mortgagee who is selling under the Act, 1888, frequently used for "administrative county” (see, for statutory power of sale, the contingency of an unwilling purinstance, sections 2 and 3), but only where it is clear from the chaser will henceforth have to be provided for, and requisitions context that "administrative county" is intended. The Land as to whether the power of sale is exercisable will have to be Transfer Act, 1897, gives certain powers to the county councils, barred. Consider, however, the extent to which the principle and it is on this account, no doubt, that the authorities have of the decision is likely to extend. The provision of 52 Vict. c. read "county" as meaning "administrative county," so as to i7, s. 12, as to succession duty which became due more than enable them to make the order apply in effect to the adminis- twelve years ago, like section 21 (2) of the Conveyancing Act, trative county of London": see the schedule to the order. 1881, is only in favour of a purchaser; hence, according to the

recent decision, it will not be available to protect a vendor, and

certificates for duty extending over the whole of an abstract may The House of Commons have, as might have been expected, 45 (3) of the Settled Land Act, 1882, as to protection against

be required to be produced. Again, the provisions of section refused to refer the Criminal Evidence Bill to a select inquiry as to the giving of notice to the trustees and their committee. The machinery of a select committee is suitable solicitor are similarly restricted. Is a purchaser from a tenant where the principle of a Bill is doubtful or where the Bill for life now to require proof of the giving or waiver of such is loaded with details. But whatever doubts may have been notice ? No doubt there are other statutory provisions of a recently evinced as to the expediency of allowing accused similar nature. We cannot help regretting (if we may venture persons to give evidence, the majority by which the second to say so) that a rather broader and more practical way

of reading of the Bill was carried shows that for Parliamentary looking at the matter was not adopted in the recent case. purposes no doubt exists, and from details the Bill is exceptionally free. It is unlikely, indeed, that an inquiry before a select committee would have done more than elicit a repetition of forecasts as to the possible effect of the Bill, of which plenty FROM THE accounts which have been published of the prohave been put forward recently. The neatest point which has ceedings of the Money-lending Committee in connection with the been made is the case quoted by Mr. SEELY, where a man who draft report submitted by the chairman, Mr. T. W. RUSSELL, it is was arrested on a charge of being out at night with a gang of probable that the report as ultimately settled will be & poachere, and was put on his trial, alleged by way of defence sufficiently drastic document. The first recommendation is to that he had been at home all night. He was not able to be that all transactions, whatever be their form, which are in give evidence on his own behalf and his wife could not give substance monos-lending transactions shall be open to complete evidence for him. He was acquitted, but under the Bill the judicial review. The court before which a transaction is brought, result might have been very different. As a matter of fact he whether at the suit of the lender for enforcement or at the suit was not at home on the night in question. He was out of the borrower for relief, should have power to inquire into the poaching, but with another gang. But good though the story whole circumstances, to re-open accounts, to direct an account is, we fear that defences of this kind will have to take their to be taken upon the basis of allowing such a rate of interest chance under the new system as they do under the present. as should appear to be reasonable, and generally to make such The only serious question which has been raised so far in order as the court might think fit. In carrying out these committee of the whole House is whether the Bill should apply principles to their logical conclusion it is necessary to deal with to all offences or only to such as are tried before judges of the the case of bills given by the borrower which have been put in High Court. Practically, however, it would be impossible to circulation by the lender. In the hands of a holder in due introduce into the law of evidence such an anomaly as to make course such bills will have to be paid in full at maturity whatthe competency of the accused person as a witness depend upon ever modification in the transaction may be made by the court the tribunal before which he is being tried. And although in as between the original parties to it. Hence, if more is paid the High Court there may be a better guarantee that the cross-by the borrower than would, had the bills remained in the examination of the prisoner shall be conducted with absolute hands of the lender, have been under the order of the court due fairness, yet there is no reason to doubt the trustworthiness of to him, he will have, according to the committee, to repay magistrates in this respect; while, if the change is in the excess to the borrower. This necessarily follows upon the interest of justice, it should not be excluded from the numerous modification of the bargain, though the inclusion of such & cases which come before courts of summary jurisdiction. The provision in the report shows the thoroughness with which the restriction, accordingly, was rejected by the House, and the committee is working out its scheme for the relief of borrowers. Bill, it it becomes law, will operate in all criminal matters. It is also suggested that the borrower should at any time be



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