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LAMBERT, HEXBY, Carnagh, Wrexford, Ireland June 22 Surr & Co, Abchurch lane CLIVE, WILLIAM, Scarborough May 26 Watts & Co, Scarborough
LOOMES, JOHN, Islington May 31 Carpenter & Sons, Laurence Pountney lane

COPPARD, LAWRENCE, Brighton May 26 Harker, Brighton
MINETT, WATERS, Clyde rd, Tottenham May 26 Vincent & Vincent, Budge row

CORKER, SAMUEL, Kirkdale June 1 Horrocks & Co, Liverpool MORGAN, WILLIAM THOMAS, Cardiff June 5 Homewood, Old Jewry chmbrs

CURTIS, The Rev John, Bexley Heath, Kent June 30 Cooper & Norgate, East Dereham NORMAN, JOHN Howes, Great Yarmouth, Painter May 4 Burton & Son, Great Yar EDDEN, EDWIN Allisos, Edgbaston, Birmingham May 18 Wragge & Co, Birmingham

mouth PATTINSON, Ann, Newcastle on Tyne June 1 Maughan & Hall, Newcastle on Tyne

Feyer, ELIZABETH Anx, Hardwick, Gloucester May 31 Champnay & Long, Gloucester PEACOOK, MARIA, Clyde rd, Tottenham May 26 Vincent & Vincent, Budge row

HALL, GEORGE, Kensington May 31 FJ Leslie & Co, iverpool POOLE, DAVID, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies June 6 Minet & Co, King William st

HARDERN, JANET, Poulton le Folde, Lancaster May 21 Gaulter, Fleetwood PRICE, MARY ANN, Cwncarn, Mon May 25 Edwards, Newport

HEAD, HARRIET, Panteg, Monmouth June 10 L? Brasseur & Bowen, Pontypool PRIESTLEY, SAMUEL Panton Wynn, Criccieth, Carnarvon June 3 Carter & Co, Bangor Hughes, WILLIAM, Colwyn Bay, Denbigh

June 1 Chamberlain & Johnson, Llan

dudno Railton, HENRY John, Brighton June 30 King & Hughes, Maidstone

HUNTER, THOMAS, Sidmouth, Devon June 30 Janson & Co, Finsbury circus RICHARDS, Fanny Susannah HARRIET, Derby May 25 Cooke, Derby

KZIRIAN, MKRITCH Torosov, Southport, Merchant June 7 Doyle, Manchester ROBINSON, RICHARD HENRY, Oxford st June 1 Wilson & Co, Preston

LEIR, CHARLOTTE, Ditcheat, Somerset June 1 Meade-King & Sun, Bristol Rowe, John, Falmouth May 30 Borlase & Co, Pepzance

LEON, Joserr, Hampstead May 28 Martin, Basinghall st
SAYNOR, ELIZABETH, Carleton, nr Pontefract, Yorks May 27 Claude Co, MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER McDonnell, Netherleigh Strandtown, Belfast June 8 WV

Davidson, Belfast
SHEPPARD, SHEBBOURNE FREDERICK, Damasi, British Central Africa May 19 Maddisons, MOTTBAM, John, Warwick June 21 Handley & Co, Warwick

King's Arms yard
SHUTTLEWORTH, CHRISTOPHER, Bolton May 5 Russell, Bolton

MUMFORD, WILLIAM, Kidderminster, Licensed Victualler May 23 Crowther & Boning,

SIMMONS, BENJAMIN COLEMAN, Kingsland rd, Kingsland May 1 Romrin, Bishopsgate POLLARD, ELIZA, Brighton June 23 Vinall, Lewes

Simpsox, EMILY BRIDGEMAN, Bilton, nr Rugby May 18 Harris & Son, Rugby

Ramrox, CLAUDE, Lyons, France June 30 Harston, Bishopsgate st Within
WABD, Txomas, Birmingham May 31 Shore & King, Birmingham

ROBINS, GREENWAY, Verulam bldgs, Gray's inn May 31 Petera & Bolton, Guildhall

chambre WHITELEGG, BENJAMIN, Partington, Chester June 1 Ridgway, Warrington

Roche, MARIA, George st, Hanover sq June 6 Baileys & Co, Berners st WHITTOME, Jon, Northampton June 7 Serjeant & Son, Huntington

SCHOLEFIELD, COTTERILL, South Kensington May 31 Ellis & Co, Culleze hill WIGHTox, Mary Anx, Hornsey May 19 Culross, Mincing In

SHAW, ARTøUR, Ecclesield, York, Joiner May 24 Smith & Co, Sheffiell
WYNYARD, Mary Ann, Sandal Magna, York May 13 Claude Latham & Co, Wakefield SHEPPARD, CAROLINE, Edgbaston, Birmingham May 31 Jagger, Birmingham
WRIGHT, JAMES, Gorton, nr Manchester May 23 Preston & Son, Manchester

SMITH, Joun, Rock, Worcester, Farmer May 20 Arnold & Son, Birmingham
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 26.

SMITH, Samuel, Weaverham, Chester June 3 Buiton, Runcorn
ADAMSON, SMALES, Coatham, Redcar May 21 Punch, Middlesborough

SMITH, WILLIAM, Huddersfiell, Wine Merchant May 31 Brook, Huddersfield ALLEX, Anx OLIVER, Nottingham June 15 Watson & Co, Nottingham

TURNEY, JAMES NEEVE, Aldermanbury, Needle Manufacturer June 21 Morris & Co, ANDERSSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Bootle, nr Liverpool May 31 FJ Leslie & Co, Liverpool Broad st House ASPINALL, Joun, Stockport May 26 Redfern, Stockport

WATFIELD, EDWARD TERTIUS, Strand, Postmaster May 26 Kays & Jones, Newinn Beece, William, Balsall Heath, Worcester May 10 Arnold & Sons, Birmingham

WORFOLK, JAMES, Leeds, Chemist June 13 Clarke & Co, Leeds BRIDGE, HELEN, Slough, Bucks June 1 Dean, Slough

Wyatt, Sir WILLIAM HENRY, Regent's Park rd July 1 Hammond & Richards, LinBURROWS, John Ellis, Southport June 1 Wooler & Co, Leeds

coln's inn fields

Yates, Mary, Worthing May 16 Charles St C Bedford & George H Radcliffe, Chapter CHARTREB, NICHOLAS, New Beckenham, Kent June 1 Dalston & Co, Southampton st

Clerks' Office, Westminster Abbey

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. MARCHBANK, JAMES, Carlisle, Baker Carlisle Pet April 26, BRAGG, ROBERT, Clapham May 6 at 11.30 24, Railway
London Gazelte.- FRIDAY, April 29.
Ord April 26

app, London bridge
MILLMORE, JAMES, Shanklin, I of W, Coal Merchant New-BRANHAM, THOMAS SHEPHERD, Leeds, Builder's Manager
port Pet April 13 Ord April 25

May 12 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds ASHFORD, Thomas, Pelsall, Staffs Wallsall Pet April 26 NEGUS, JAMES, Foxton, Cambridge, Farmer Car ridge BROOKLESBY, WILLIAM, Leeds May 9 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Ord April 26 Pet April 26 Ord April 26

Park row, Leeds BaluatchET, CHARLES, Plymouth, Oil Merchant Plymouth Peck, SAMUEL, Goole, Yorks, Compositor Wakefield Pet Browx, JAMES, Salford, Dyer May 6 at 3 Of Rec, Byrom Pet April 25 Ord April 25 April 13 Ord April 25

st, Manchester BATEMAN, WILLIAM, Camberwell, Stonemason High PIPER, ALFRED JAMES, Melbourn, Cambridge, Draper Cam BULLIVANT, RICHARD ARTHUR, Headingley, Leeds, ArchiCourt Pet April 26 Ord April 26 bridge Pet April 26 Ord April 26

tect May 11 at 12 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds Bates, WALTER THomas, Acle, Norfolk, Watchmaker Powell, Jacob, and Joux Henry HeFFORD, Leicester, CLucas, GEORGE, Liverpool, Baker May 11 at 12 of Rec, Norfolk Ord April 27

Boot Manufacturers Leicester Pet April 23 Ord 35, Victoria st, Liverpool BIRD, JAMES RICHARD, Bradford Bolton Pet April 25 April 23

Cook, William, Maidstone, Fly Proprietor May 11 at 11 Ord April 25

PRICE, JOSEPH HENRY, and John SAMUEL HIxtox, Knight Off Rec 9, King st, Maidstone BOLTON, ROBERT, Worcester, Coal Merchant Worcester rider st, Mantle Manufacturers High Court Pet April Craven, GEORGE HARRY, Pickering, Yorks, Corn Miller Pet April 25 Ord April 25 27 Ord April 27

May 6 at 11 Off Rec, 74, Newborough, Scarborough BOTTING, WILLIAM, Stowupland, Suffolk, Butcher Bury St ROBINSON, John, Leeds, Bricklayer Leeds Pet April 26 DALBY, JOHN KIRBY, Harborough, Leics May 9 at 13.30 Edmunds Pet April 25 Ord April 25 Ord April 26

Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester BROWN, JAMES, Salford, Dyer Salford Pet April 27 Ord SMETHURST, ALFRED William STEPHEN, Stretford, Lancs, DE LAROQUE, E, Acton st, Gray's inn rd May 6 at 2.30 April 27

Flour Dealer Manchester Pet April 25 Ord April 25 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st CRUIKSHANK, WILLIAM CHARLES, Norwich, Paper Hanger SMITH, WILLIAM ALBERT, East Retford, Notts, Grocer Franc, Gustav, Lombard st, Merchant May 6 at 1 BankNorwich Pet April 20 Ord April 25 Lincoln Pet April 26 Ord April 26

ruptcy bldgs, Carey st DAVIES, DAVID THOMAS, Abertillery, Mon, Grocer Tre- STEBBING, JAMES, Cardiff, Fish Merchant Cardiff Pet GLEDHILL, Tom, Burnley, Cabdriver May 6 at 4 Exchange degar Pet April 26 Ord April 26 April 27_Ord April 27

Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley Davis, HENRY, Cheselborne, Dorset, Grocer Dorchester STOLLERY, HENRY MICHAEL, Staines, Licensed Victualler GRIGGs, Henry EDWARD, Bread st, Juvenile Milliner May Pet April 26 Ord April 26 Kingston, Surrey Pet April 26 Ord April 26

6 at 11_Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st DEACOX, EDWARD KING, Whitley, Reading, Professor of Upton, EDWIN, Pontardulais, Glam, Boot Maker Swan HANCOCK, WALTER, Biddulph, Staffs, Grocer May 6 at 11 Music Reading Pet April 23 Ord April 23 sea Pet April 25 Ord April 25

Off Rec, 23, King Edward st, Macclesfield DE LA BOQUE, E, Gray's inn rd High Court Pet March 30 WALBRAN, FRANCIS MAXIMILIAN, Leeds, Fishing Tackle HOLDER, HENRY GEORGE, Leamington, Hotel Proprietor Ord April 26 Manufacturer Leeds Pet April 25 Ord April 25

May 6 at 11 Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry Dight, ALFRED JAMES SHORE, Blackheath Greenwich Watson, CHARLES, and_JAMES BAXTER, Huddersfield, HOLGATE, WILLIAM, Burnley, Joiner May 6 at 3.30 ExPet April 27 Ord April 27 Dyer Huddersfield Pet April 25 Ord April 25

change Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley FEATHER, BRIGGS, Shipley, Yorks, General Dealer Brad WHITE, ARTHUR, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer Leicester HOLMES, JAMES, Halifax, Roller Coverer May 7 at 11 ford Pet April 26 Ord April 26 Pet April 16 Ord April 25

Townhall chmbrs, Halifax GABYEY, JOSEPH, Ilkeston, Derbys, Grocer Derby Pet WHITTON, CHARLES ROPER, Nantwich, Commission Agent HOPE, JAMES, Lostock Jacta, nr Bolton May 9 at 3.30 16, April 26 Ord April 23 Nantwich Pet April 26 Ord April 26

Wood st, Bolton GEORGE, CHARLES HENRY, Briggate, Leeds, Commission WILKEY, FREDERICK, Barnstaple, Insurance Agent Barn HUNTEE, ARTHUR, L?icester, Tailor May 6 at 3 Off Rec Agent Leeds Pet April 26 Ord April 26 staple Pet April 25 Ord April 25

1, Berridge st, Leicester GODFREY, JOHN HENRY, Peterborough, Publican Peter WOOD, CORNELIUS, Walsall, sen, Coal Dealer Walsall Pet Johnson, RICHARD, Hereford, China Dealer May 9 at 10 borough Pet April 27 Ord April 27 April 26 Ord April 26

2, Offa st, Hereford GORDON, CHARLES, Marquis of Huntly, Longueville, Hunts Wright, Louis CLEMENT, Thornton Heath, Hotel Pre JONES, DAVID, Aberdere, Glam May 9 at 2 65, High st, Peterborough Pet April 26 Ord April 26 prietor Croydon Pet April 15 Ord April 15

Merthyr Tydfil GRIGGS, HENRY EDWARD, Bread st High Court Pet ZIMMERMANN, WILLIAM, Bemerton st, Caledonian rd, Baker LEECH, CHARLES JOHN FREDERICK, Burton on Trent, HairMarch 14 Ord April 20 High Court Pet April 26 Ord April 26

dresser May 6 at 11 Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby GROVES & Son, Southwick, Sussex, Builders Brighton Pet April 7 Ord April 26 Amended notice substituted for that published in the

LITTLEWOOD, EDGAR ALBERT, Great Yarmouth, General London Gazette of April 22:

Dealer May 7 at 12.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich HADFIELDTHOMAS, Rotherham, Yorks, Hay Dealer Baxendale, Captain Sim, Droylsden, Lancs, Tailor Ashton LLOYDA DANIEL, Cymmer, Glam, Builder

May 6 at 12 Hicks, CHARLES CLEMENTS, Waterlooville, Hants

under Lyne Pet April 18° Ord April 18 Ports

MARCHBANK, James, Carlisle, Baker May 9 at 1 Off Rec, mouth Pet April 25 Ord April 25


34, Fisher st, Carlisle HOPE, JAMES, Lostock Junction, nr Bolton Bolton


AsuFORD, FRANCIS RICHARD, Bideford, Devons, Butcher MORRIS, JOSEPH, South Shields May 9 at 11.30 Off Rec, April 25 Ord April 25 May 17 at 11 Sanders & Son, High st, Barnstable

30, Mosley st, Newcastle on Tyne JACKSON, WILLIAM, Manchester, Drysalter Manchester Ashwin, GERALD, Brockley, Clerk May 9 at 11.30. 21, Phillips, ALFRED, Cardiff, Horse dealer May 13 at 9.30 Pet April 25 Ord April 25 Railway app, London Bridge

Off Rec, 23, Queen st, Cardiff Jouxson, RICHARD, Hereford, China Dealer Hereford BARLOW, Tom, Brierfield, Lancs, Clothier May 6 at 3 Ex- POWELL, JACOB, and John HENRY HEFFORD, Leicester, Boot Pet April 25 Ord April 25 change Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley

Manufacturers May 6 at 12.30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge King, FREDERICK JAMES, Stapenbill, Derbys, Fishmonger BAXENDALE, Captain Sim, Droylsden, Lancs, Tailor May 6 st, Leicester Burton on Trent Pet April 26 Ord April 26

at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

RETALLACK, WILLIAM, Bayswater May 9 at 2.30 BankKNOTT, WILLIAM

Crowcombe, Somerset, Bootmaker BENBOW, GEORGE MORGAN, Llanidloes, Tailor May 6 at ruptcy bldgs, Carey st Taunton Pet April 27 Ord April 27

12.30 1, Uigh st, Newtown

RICHELIEU, Thomas, Darlington, Boilersmith May 11 at. LAWRENCE, GEORGE, Liverpool, Fish Salesman Liverpool BIRD, JAMES RICHARD, Bradford May 9 at 3 16, Wood st, 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds Pet April 6 Ord April 27


SMYTHE, WH, North Kensington May 9 at 12 BankLEWIS, WILLIAM, Armley, Leeds Leeds Pet April 26 BOLTON, ROBERT, Worcester, Coal Merchant May 7 at ruptcy bldgs, Carey st Ord April 26

11.30 Off Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester

SOUTHALL, ALBERT EDWARD, and WILLIAM Edwin DEAKIN, LIVINGSTONE, WILLIAM, Leicester, Clothier Leicester Pet BBADSHAW, WILLIAN, Myerscough, nr Preston, Engine Leek, Staffs, Silk Manufacturers May 6 at 11 ох April 23' Ord April 23 Tenter May 6 at 3 Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston

Rec, 23, King Edward st, Macclesfield

SYMONDS, Josiau Norman, Horbury, Yorks, Fancy Draper | WOOD, CORNELIUS, sen, Walsall, Coal Dealer Walsall EVERETT, GEORGE EDWARD, Birmingham, Auctioneer
May 6 at 11 Off Rec, 6, Bond ter, Wakefield
Pet April 26 Ord April 26

May 12 at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

FEATHER, BRIGGS, Shipley, Yorks, General Dealer May Wall, ROBERT, Swansea, Joiner May 10 at 12 Off Rec, ZIMMERMANN, WILLIAM, Caledonian rd, Baker High Court

Pet April 26 Ord April 26

11 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

Bradford WALLACE, CHARLES CLAUDE, East Molesey May 6 at 12

Amended notice substituted for that published in the

GARVEY, JOSEPH, Ilkeston, Derbys, Grocer May 10 at 24, Railway app, London Bridge

London Gazette of April 19:

11.30 Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby Williams, FREDERICK, Coltishall, Norfolk, Ironmonger DE RHODES, MARY JOSEPH MATTHEW THOMAS STANISLAS

GIBBS, GEORGE, Trowbridge, Wilts, Licensed Victualler May 7 at 12 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich STANISLAS ALOYSIU: Basil, Dulwich High Court Pet

May 11 at 12.30 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol WBight, Louis CLEMENT, Thornton Heath, Hotel Pro

March 11 Ord April 14

GODFREY, JOHN HENRY, Peterborough, Publican May 27 prietor May 6 at 12 30 24, Railway app, London

at 11.45 Law Courts, New rd, Peterborough London Gazette.-TUESDAY, May 3.

GREGORY, WALLACE CHARLES, Kilburn, Lead Merchant Bridge

RECEIVING ORDERS. Young, JAMES, Thornton le Beans, Yorks May 16 at 11.30

May 10 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
Court house, Northallerton

ANDREWS, FREDERICK GEORGE, Northampton, Leather Geoves & Son, Southwick, Sussex, Builder3 May 11 at
Seller Northampton Pet April 28 Ord April 28

2.30 Off Rec, Pavilion bldge, Brighton Amended notice substituted for that published in the

BARNETT, DAVID, Dolgelly, Grocer Aberyst with Pet King, FREDERICK JAMES, Stapenhill, Derbys, Fishmonger
London Gazette of April 26 :
April 30 Ord April 30

May 10 at 11 Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby CAVERLY, R B, Strand May 3 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs,

BATESON, LIONEL JOSEPH, York, Whitesmith York Pet | KnotT, WILLIAM, Crowcombe, Somersets, Bootmaker Carey st April 29 Ord April 29

May 10 at 2.30 Off Rec, 5B, flammet st, Taunton ADJUDICATIONS.

CHORLEY, Walter, Kendal, Innkeeper Whitehaven Pet LEWIS, JOHN BERTRAM, Liverpool, Provision Dealer May ASHFORD, THOMAS, Pelsall, Staffs, Miner Walsall Pet

April 15 Ord April 29

18 at 12 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool April 26 Oid April 26

Clark, John WILLIAM, Northampton, Picture Frame Lewis, WILLIAM, Armley, Leeds May 12 at 12 Ox Reo BALHATCHET, CHARLES, Plymouth, Oil Merchant Ply

Maker Northampton Pet April 28 Ord April 28

22, Park row, Leeds mouth Pet April 26 Ord April 25 BATEMAN, William, Camberwell,

EAST, Francis John, Gunthorpe, Notts, Farmer Not- LIVINGSTONE, WILLIAM, Leicester, Clothier May 10 at Stonemason High tingham Pet April 1 Ord April 27

12.30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester Court Pet April 26 Ord April 26

ELLIS, ALFRED, Cantin, Cardiff, Florist Cardiff Pet LOCKETT, TIMOTHY, Heeley, Sheffield May 10 at 2 Of BAXENDALE, Captain SIM, Droylsden, Lancs, Tailor

April 28_Ord April 23

Rec, Figtree lane, Sheffield
Ashton under Lype Pet April 18 Ord April 21
BIRD, James Richard, Bradford Bolton Pet April 23

FUELLING, DAVID. Camberwell rd, Baker High Court Negos, James, Foxton, Cambridge, Farmer May 11 at
Pet April 5 Ord April 29

10.30 Off Rec, 5, Petty Cury, Cambridge Ord April 25

GIBBS, GEORGE, Trowbridge, Wilts, Licensed Victualler Nevan AS, Jons, Liverpool, Pawobroker May 11 at 2 BOLTOs, Robert, Worcester, Coal Mi rchant Worcester

Bath Pet April 29 Ord April 29

Of Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Pet April 25 Ord April 25

GREGORY, WALLACE CHARLES, Kilburn, Lead Merchant OLDRIDGE, Thomas, Thornton, nr Pocklington, York, BOTTING, WILLIAX, Stowuçland, Suffolk, Butcher Bury

High Conrt Pet April 29 Ord April 29

Farmer April 13 at 12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, St Edmunds Pet April 25 Ord April 25

HAYHURST, WILLIAM Silas, Cummersdale, nr Carlisle, York BULLOCK, HEEBERT WILLIAM, Chatham High Court Pet

Potato Dealer Carlisle Pet April 29 Ord April 29 Peck, SAMUEL, Goole, York, Compositor May 11 at 11 March 4 Ord April 25

JESSOP, JOSEPH_ARTaur, Bradford, Restaurant Proprietor Off Rec, 6, Bond ter, Wakefeld Collixs, THOMAS BELL, Pentonville rd, Wall Paper

Bradford Pet April 15 Ord April 29

PEREIRA, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Staines, Builder May 11 Merchant High Court Pet March 25 Ord April 25

Jones, Daniel, and George Watkins, Blaina, Mon, at 12.30 24, Railway app, London Bridge COOPER, FRANX, Barnet, Herts, Corn Merchant" Barnet

Grocers Tredegar Pet April 29 Ord April 29 PIPER, ALFRED JAMES, Melbourn, Cambridge, Draper May Pet March 24 Ord April 23

Jones, SAMUEL BANFIELD, Portland, Dirset, Traction 10 at 2.30 Off Rec, 5, Petty Cury, Cambridge CRUIKSHANK, Willian CHARLES, Norwich, Paper hanger

Engine Driver Dorchester Pet April 30 Or1 April | PRICE, Joseph Henry, and John BAMUEL Hintox, Kaigh:Norwich Pet April 19 Ord April 25 30

rider st, Mantle Manufacturers May 11 at 12 BankDAVIES, DAVID THOMAS, Abertillery, Mon, Grocer Trede

Marshall, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Caistor, Lincs, Butcher ruptcy bldgs, Carey st gar Pet April 25 Ord April 26

Great Grimsby Pot April 18 Ord April 29

Surra, William Albert, East Retford, Notte, Grozer May Davie, HENRY, Cheselborne, Dorset, Grocer Dorchester

Nicholls, Llewelyn, Brmi' gham, C,cle Manufacturer 17 at 1? Off Rec, 31, Silver st, Lincoln Pet April 26 Ord April 26

Birmingham Pet April 15 Ord April 29

Stone, R BEBT Voisey, Montpelier, Bristol, Printer May Deacow, EDWARD KING, Whitley, Reading, Professor of

NORRINGTON, Thomas, Chelmsford, Essex, Builder 11 at 12 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol Music Keading Pet April 23 Ord April 23

Chelmsford Pet April 23 Ord April 28

SYKES, GEORGE, Birmingham, Pork Butcher May 11 at 11 De'ATH, MICHAEL, Cricklewood Ligh Court Pet March

OLDRIDGE, Taomas, Thornton, nr Pocklington, Farmer 174, Corporation st, Birmingham 16 Ord April 25

York Pet April 28 Ord April 28

Tidey, CHARLES WILLIAM, Aldershot, Eiting House Digut, ALFRED JAMES Suau, Blackheath Greenwich Pet PAPRISH, Isaac, I-lingtoo, Builder High Cuurt Pet Keeper May 11 at 11.30 21, Railway apž, Londoa Azril 27 Ord April 27 March 12 Ord April 27

Bridge EBEZT, Sabau JANF, Cardiff, Draper Cardiff Pct April Peacock, ARTII e Joan, Llandudno, Contractor Bangor Uprox, Edwin, Pon'ardulais, Boot Maker May 10 at 2 15 19' Ord April 25 Pet April 29 Ord April 29

Off Rec,'31, Alexandra rd, Swanşa ENGLAND, THOMAS, Cardiff, India Rubber Merchant Car

ROBINSON, THOMAs, Scarborough, Iankeeper Scarborough WADDINÁTUN, FRÅDERICK SYDNEY, Chiswick, Solicitor M 18 diff Pet March 21 Ord April 26 Pet April 28 Ord April 28

11 at 2 30 Bankruptog bldgs, Carey st FEATEER, BR.GGS, Shipley, Yoiks, General Dealer Brad

ROGERE, Charles HENRY, Old Kent rd, Butcher High | WILKEY, FREDERICK, Barnstaple, Insurance Agent May ford Ptt April 26 Ord April 25 Court Pet April 6 Ord April 28

17 at 12 Sanders & Sun, High st, Barnstaple GaryEY, JOSEPH, nkeston, Derby, Grocer Derby Pet

ROGERS, FREDERICK, Bury Et Edmunds, Tailor Bury St ZIMMERMANN, William, Bemerton st, Caledonian rd, Baker April 26 Ord April 26

Edmunds Pet April 28_Ord' April 28
George, Cuables urney, Brigzate, Leeds. Commission Scott, JAMES EBENEZEB, Pontypool, Mon, Confections

May 12 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
Agent Leeds Pet April 26 Ord April 26
Newport, Mon Pet April 29 Ord April 29

G188, DAVID, Limehouse, Builder High Court Pet March SEWELL, CAARLES, Ashton under Lyne, Clog Sole Maker

ANDREW3, FREDERICK GEORGS, Northampton, Leather29 Ord April 25 Ashton under Lyne Pet April 30 Ord April 30

seller Northampton Pet April 28 Ord April 28 GODFREY, JOHN HENRx, Peterborough, Publican Puter- SINGLETON, Hyou Rawsos, Leamington Warwick Pet

Bates, WALTER THOMAS, Acle, Norfolk, Watchmaker borough Pet April 27 Ord April 27 April 28 Ord April 28

Norwich Ord April 29 Griffiths, Sara, Millom, Cumberlatd, Grocer White- STOBART, John, Leeds, Commission Agent Leeds Pet

Batesox, Lionel Joseph, York, Whitesmith York Pet haven Pet April 22 Ord April 26 April 29 Ord April 29

April 29 Ord April 29
LIADFIELD, Tuomas, Rotherham, York, Hay Dealer Shef- Stose, Robert Vorsey, Montpelier, Bristol, Printer Cupcas, GLOBGE, Liverpool, Baker Liverpool

Pet Aprți
Bristol Pet April 29 Ord April 29
Hacks, CHARLES CLEMENTS, Waterlooville, Hants Ports- Bykys, HABRY, Leeds, Hotel keeper Leeds Pet April 28 COOK, WILLIAM, Maidstone, Fly Proprietor Maidstong
mouth l'et March 29 Ord April 25
Ord April 28

Pet April 22 Ord April 30
ROPE, JAMES, Lostock Junction, nr Bolton Bolton Pet
TYDEMAN, JOSEPH, Waltham Cross, Herts, Auctioneer

Davies, Thomas GRIFFITHS Cook Wynton, Fenchurch st
April 25 Ord April 25
Edmonton Pet March 25 Ord April 28

Wandsworth · Pet Dec 21 Ord April 28
JACKSON: WILLIAM;, Manchester, Drysalter Manchester WSPLINGTON, EDWARD, Mexborough, York, Colliery GIROS, GEORGE; Trowbridge, Wilts, Licensed Victualler

Banksman Sheffield Pet April 28_Ord April 29
JENKINS, OLIVER, Cardiff, Grocep Carcit Ptt March 29
WILLIAMS, Johx, Ponturdulais, Glam, Ironmongor Swan-

HAYHURST, WILLIAN Silas, Cummers lale, îr Carlisle, Por Ord April 25

Pet April 28 Ord April 23

tato Dealer Carlisle Pet April 2) Ord April 29 Joussox, Richard, Hereford, Ching Dealer Hereford WOODMAN, ROBERT Pilcher, Sandgate, Kent, Butcher VOLGATE, WILLIAM, Burnley, Joiner Burnley Pet March Pet April 25 Ord April 25 Canterbury Pet April 28 Ord April 28

30 Ord April 27 Kix, FREDERICK JAMES, Stapenhill, Derbys, Fialımoager

Amended notice substituted for that published in the

HUNTER, ARTHUR, Leicester, Tailor Leicester Pet March Burton on Trent Pet April 23 Ord 26

London Gazette of March 18:

31 Ord April 26 KNOTT, WILLIA», Crowcombe, Somerset, Bootmaker Edser, Lawyev, Abinger, Surrey, Butcher Croydon Pet JELLIE, JOHN STEPAENEOX, Clifton, Bristol, Sch volmaster Taunton Pet April 27 Ord April 27 March 3' Ord March 15

Bristol Pet April 6 Ord April 23 LEWIS, WILLIAM, Armley, Leeds Lecds Pet April 26

Jones, DANIEL, and GEORGE Watkins, Dlaina, Mon, Ord April 26

Amended notice substituted for that published in the Giocer Tredegar Pet April 29 Ord April 29 LIVINGSTOVE, WILLIAN, Leigester, Clothier Leicester

London Gazette of April 8:

Feast, WILLIAM, East Looe, Cornwall, Watoimaker Plys Pet April 23 Ord April 23

Trow, Thomas, Newtown, Montgomery, Grocer Newtown mouth Pet April 5 Ord April 30 LLOYD, DANIEL, Cymmer, Glam, Builder Neath Pet Aprl

Pet April 6 Ord April 6

LAWRENCE, GEORGE, Liverpool, Fish Salesmin Liverpol 12' Ord April 27 Amended notice substituted for that published in the

Pet April 6 Ord April 29 MARCHBANK, JAMES, Carlisle, Baker Carlisle Pet April

London Gazette of April 22 :

Leece, JAMES, Ashton under Lyne Ashton under Lyqe 26 Ord April 26

LEEF, JAMES, Ashton under Lyne Ashton under Lyne MARSHALL, FREDERICK William, Caistor, Liccs, Butcher Meous, JAMES, Foxton, Cambs, Farmer Cambridge Pes

Pet April 1 Ord April 14 April 26 Ord Apríl 28

Grimsby Pet April 16 Ord April 23 Poweli, JACOB, and Jony Henry HETFORD, Leicester; Ixon, ARTHUR JAMES, Wellesley rd, West Croydon, Hosier


OLDRIDGE, Tronas, Thornton, nr Pocklington, Yorks, Boot Manufacturers Leicester Pet April 23 Ord

Fa mer York Pet April 28 Ord April 28
High Court Rec Ord July 22, 1837 Resc Nov 5, 1897
April 3

Peacock, ARTAUR JOAN, Llandudao, Contractor Bangor Price, Joun, Westtourne grove, Fishmonger High Court


Pet April 28 Ord April 29 Pet March 26 Ord April 26

ALESBURY, JANES, Pwllypant, Glam, Collier May 12 at 11 PEDDER, AUTHOR WILLIAM, Lutun, Bedford, Strą# Hąt RETALLACK, William, Bayswater High Court Pet April Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

Luton Pet April 22 Ord April 29 23 Ord April 23

BATEMAN, William, Camberwell, Stonemason May 10 at PailliP3, ALFRED, Cardiff Cardiff Pet April 4 Ord Robinson, Jons, Le ds, Bricklayer Leeds Pet April 26 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

April 30 Ord April 26

Bateson, LIONEL Josepu, High Petergate, York, White- PIPER, ALFRED JAres, Melbourn, Cambs, Diaper Cam, SMETNURST, ALFRED WILLIAM STEPHEN, Stretford, Lance, smith May 16 at 12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, Yurk bridge Pet April 25 Ord April 28

Flour Dealer Manchester Pet April 25 Ord BigHop, ANN MABIA, Long Buckby, Northamptons May RIMMINGTON, GEORGE, and Thomas Hallan, Belgrave, April 25

10 at 11.15 Of Rec, County Coart bldgs, North Leicester, Boot Manufacturers Licester Pet March SMITH, WILLIAM ALBERT, East Retford, Notta, Grccer ampton

29 Ord April 26 Lincoln Pet April 26 Ord April 26

BROUGH, FREDERICK Johx, Longton, Staffs, Joiner May Rorissox, Thomas, Scarborough, Innkeeper Soarborough STEBBING, JAMEA, Cardiff, Fish Merchant Cardiff Pet 11 at 10.30 Off Rec, King st, Newcastle under Lyme Pet April 28 0.d April 28 April 27 Ord April 27

BUCKLE, JOSEP, Bices:er, Oxford, Butcher May 10 at 12 Rogers, FREDERICK, Bury St Edmunds, Tailor Bury St Thosa, HENRY Powell, High st, Ponder's End, Draper 1, St Aldite's, Oxford

Eimunds Pet April 28 Ord April 28 Edmonton Pet Maics 23 Ond April 23

Carswell, William David, Felling on Tyne, Travelling Scor", James EBENEZER, Punty pool, Mon, Confectioner Urto», EDWIN, Punta dulais, Glam, Boot Muker Swansea Jeweller May 11 at 11.30 Off Rec, 30, Losley st,

Newport, Mon Pet April 29 Ord April 29 Pet April 25 Ord April 25

Newcastle on Tyne

SEWELL, CHARLE3, Ashton vader Lyne, 01) Sule Ma'ser WALDRAN, Francis Maximiliar, Leeds, Fishing Tackle Clegg, Joux, Shauforth, nr Rochdale, Stone Merchant Ashton under Lyne Pet April 30 Ord April 30 Manufacturer Leeds Pet April 25 Ord April 25

May 10 at 11.16 Townhall, Rochdale

SouTuaLL, ALBERT EDWARD, aud WILLIAM Edwin Deakix, WATS », CHARLEB, and JANES BAXTER, Huddersfield, Cooper, Frank, Barnet, Corn Merchant May 10 at 3 of Leek, Staffs, Sils Manufacturers Micclesfield Dyers Buddersfield Pet April 25 Oid April 25 Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple aveņus

March 30 Ord April 2) White, Arthur, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer Leicester CORM, ARTHUR Joux, Sutton, Guildford, Farmer May 10 STOBRP, Joun, Leels, Commission Agent 432ds Pet Pet April 16 ( rd Apríl 25 at 11.30 21, Rulxay app, London Bridge

April 29 0.d April 23 WILKEY, FREDREICK, Barnstaple, Insurance Agent Barn- ' EBREY, SABAH Jase, Cardiff, Draper May 12 at 11.30 SYKES, Lakky, Leeds, est-1 Keep r Leals Pet April 23 Etaple Pet Apul 25 Ord Apr 25 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

Ord April 28



Warehemu ya tano Apri Moxborough Colliery Banksman PROPERTY WANTED: M. Davis, 40,


Sheffield Pet April 25 Ord April 28
WILLIAMS, John, Pontardulais, Ironmonger Swansea

Pet April 28 Ord April 28
Canterbury Pet April 28" Ord April 28

Evans, William Jones, Liverpool, Tea Dealer Liverpool

Adjud Dec 23, 1884 Annul April 22, 1898

Ladbroke-grove, w., is open to Buy Properties in London Suburbs or 30 miles round London at best market properties; money ready (introductory fees paid if required).

ALUATIONS of Modern and Old LACES.

Highest price given for Old Point and Modern Real
Laces, Old Embroideries, &c.-HAYWARD'S, 11, Old
Bond-street. Established 1770 in Oxford-street.


322, High Holborn, W.C.
vincial and Foreign SOLICITORS in

PATENT matters.
Representatives in all Capitals.

parts Receiving Resident Patients sent gratis, with full particulars. Schools also recommended.-MEDICAL,


Tel.add., "Triform, London.” Telephone No. 1,554, Gerrard: PATENTS.--Mr. E. W. GOLBY, A.I.M.E., THE JUDICIAL TRUSTEES ACT, 1896, AND A SPATRIA AGRICULTURAL.COLLEGE ne anen e leis rational media


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CA REIDAGESS caused by Collision, the Falling,

[ocr errors]

M.S A., Patent Agent (late of H.M. Patent Offices

Letters Patent ob(viâ Carlisle), situated in one of the finest Stock

Cained and Registration effected in all parts of the raising districts of the country. Practical and scientific

World. Oppositions conducted. Opisions and Searches Price 2s. 6d. net. instruction. Success in Examinations of Surveyors' Insti

As to novelty. tution. Preparation for colonies. Six farms, creamery

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and CATALOGUES GRATIS AND POST-FREE. workshops.



J SMITH HILL, B.A., B.Sc., Principal. Just published, price 5s. 6d. net. postage 3d. extra.



ENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent,

CRUISE by their

begs to direct the attention of the Legal Profession LAW OF COPYHOLDS AND CUSTOMARY Steamship “LUSITANIA,” 3,912 tons rezister, from to the advantages of his long experience of upwards of

fifty years, in the special insertion of all pro forma notices, London 15th JUNE, LEITI 17th June, to the finest &c., and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. TENURES OF LAND,"


Forms, Gratis, for Statutory Notices to Creditors and Dis

solutions of Partnership, with nocessary Declaration,

And the NORTH CAPE (for Midnight Sun), Official stamps for advertisements and file of “London COPYHOLD ACT, 1894,

Arriving back in London 11th July.

Gazette" kept. By appointment.

Other Cruises to follow.

High-class cuisine, string band, electric light, &c.

C. I. ELTON, Q C.,

Managers: F. Green & Co.; Anderson, Anderson, & Co.
Head Offices : Fenchurch-avenue.

FOR INVALIDS. H. J. H. MACKAY, Barrister-a!- Law. • The work complete, with Supplement, 308.; cash, 24s.

For passage apply to the latter firm at 5, Fenchurch ESSENCE OF BEEF,

avenue, London, E.C.; or to the West-End Branch Office, WILDY & SONS, Law Publishers,

16, Cockspur-street, S.W.


JUICE, &c., NO SOLICITORS.- A Banker and Financier

Securities and Annuities PURCHASED, or Loans or
Annuities thereon granted, by the EQUITABLE RE-

Prepared from finest ENGLISH MEATS VERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY (LIMITED), 10, undertaking suitable for limited company; would purchase


Of all Chemists and Grocers, right out; liberal fee to solicitors for introducing business.

Lancaster-place, Waterloo Bridge, Strand.
-A. R.,

1835. Capital, £500,000. Interest on Loans may be capita-
Solicitors' Journal” Office.

C. H. CLAYTON, Joint


F. H. CLAYTON, Secretaries,

LONSDALE PRINTING WORKS, James Whalley, 6, Child's-place, Temple-bar, in 1859.-Box 59, “Solicitors Journal” Office, 27, Chancery-lane.

LONSDALE BUILDINGS, 27, CHANCERY LANE. Bolting or Kicking of Horses, or by being Run into by OLICITOR desirous of increasing his conother Vehicles.

SHEPHEARD, nection, would Purchase a Sound Practice or Succes

Policies issued for the Year or Season only. Prospectuses ALEXANDER & sion in the City ; could take over existing offices.-R. F., post-free.

PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS. Solicitors' Journal” Office, 27, Chancery-lane.

Imperial Accident, Live STOCK AND GENERAL INSURANCE BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, MAGAZINES. 17, Pall Mall East, London, S.W.

NEWSPAPERS & PERIODICALS. can have Use of Solicitor's Office, in a good position

Agents Wanted.

And all General and Commercial Work. near the Courts, in return for slight Assistance.-B. C. “Solicitors' Journal” Office, 27, Chancers-lane.


Every description of Printing-large or small,


MAKERS. doing Admiralty business, by Solicitor (January

Authors advised with as to Printing and Publishing. Final, not admitted, retained where articled in City office);

Estimates and all information furnished. has given close attention to office work; moderate salary.


Consracts entered into. -Address, Navis, Wilkes' Advertising Offices, 29, Ludgate- | To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the hill.

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.

Expert and Facsimilist, 44, Fleet-street, London, EC.

Special and immediate attention given to Provincial


Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town

Clerks, and Olerke of the Peace,
Solicitor or other person having in his possession
the Will of this lady, who formerly resided at 89, st. Corporation Robes, University and Clergy Gowns.
Dunstan's-road, West Kensington, is requested to commu-

nicate wit COLLINS, ROBINEOS, & DRIFFIELD, Solicitors, 31,
Castle-street, Liverpool.


YENTRAL LONDON RAILWAY.-ShepSolicitors, and others.-Freehold Ground-rent of herd's Bush, Notting-hill, West Kensington Park, £2,200 per annum, in one collection; well secured on West and District.-Owners wishing to sell or Let Property in end property; price 28 years' purchase.-Apply to Bond & these districts should send to O. RAWLEY Cross & Co., who Box, 31, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.

are more applications than they can suit; particulars in

serted in their Western Suburbs Register free. Rent collec10 TRUSTEES and Others.-Advertiser, tions undertaken (large or small), and Property of all kinds

managed on inclusive terms; punctual payments guaranbution of a considerable estate, largely realty, seeks a

teed ; references to clients of 20 years' standing. - Offices, similar post; bankers' and professional references of the “ Llchester House,” (facing) Uxbridge-road Station, W. S. FISHER 188, Strand. highest character.-Address, W. L., c/o Streets, 30, (Established 1877). Telephone No. 669, Kensington. Cornhill. THE SUBURBAN PROPERTIES COR


SPINK & SON PORATION, of 32, Finsbury-pavement, E.C., have



respectfully to the following Parcels of Freehold Ground-rents in the


that Suburbs of London for Disposal, at 287 years' purchase



ACCURATELY viz., £30 108., £36, £44, £40 and £27, and £80 at 27 years'

&c. JEWELS and SILVER purchase.


PLATE, &c., for the

LEGAL Profession or "REEHOLD Ground-rents on Offices and


PURCHASE the same for Flats; capital position; £1,500 and £2,000 per apnum;

cash if desired. Estabtogether or separately; premises occupied by high-class



lished 1772. tenants; price 30 years' purchase (£45,000 and £60,000), or near offer.-GEORGE BEKEN & Co., 2, Circus-place, E.C.

Under the patronage of H.M. The Queen and H.S.H. Prince Louis Battenburg, K.C.B,

WANITE Rim Clerkship in London Office




YO NOBLEMEN, Members of Parliament, CF

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496 496 497

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........ 492




445 440





VOL. XLII., No. 28.

The Solicitors' Journal and

Reporter ESTABLISHED 1853. Capital


LONDON, MAY 14, 1898. Debentures and Debenture Stock


LOANS MADE THÉREON. Proposal Forms and full information may be had at the Society's Ofices,

The Editor cannot undertake to return rejected contributions, aud W. OSCAR NASH, F.I.A., Actuary.

copies should be kept of all articles sent by writers who are not on MIDLAND RAILWAY HOTELS.

the regular staff of the JOURNAL. LONDON, N.W. (Within Shilling cab fare of Gray’s-inn, Inns of Court, Temple Bar, MIDLAND GRAND

Law Courts, &c. 'Buses to all parts every minute. Close to King's (St. Pancras Station). available for Publicand Private Dinners, Arbitration Meetings, &c.)

The New Venetian Rooms are
Cross Metropolitan Ry. Station.



Close to Central (Midland) Station.

Excellent Restaurant.

Law STUDENTS' JOURNAL.................. 494 LEEDS

In Centre of Town.


For Peak of Derbyshire.

Tied Houses ................................... 486

Court PAPERS................................ 496 MIDLAND

Tennis Lawn to Seashore. Golf. HEYSHAM-HEYSHAM TOWER, nr MORECAMBE. Lovely Country. Golf.



Tariffs on Application.
Telegraphil AddressMidotel.

CORRESPONDENCE ................................ CREDITORS' NOTIONS.......
Adelphi “ Turtle" Soup forwarded from Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, per quart jar 185.; New ORDERS, &c.

BANKBUPTOY NOTICES............... per pint jar, 9s. 6d., carriage paid. Speciality for Invalids.

WILLIAM ŤOWLE, Manager Midland Railway Hotels.

Cases Reported this Week.

In the Solicitors' Journal. In the Weekly Reporter. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL £1,000,000. PAID-UP £100,000. Auriferous Properties (Lim.), Re 491 Atkinson (Deceased), Ia re. Waller v.





488 Attorney-General v. Beech and Another 435 BONDS. MORTGAGE, DEBENTURE, LICENSE, AND CONTINGENCY

Brooke and Fremlin's Contract, la re ..

Fellv. Official Trustee of Charity

Butler, In the Goods of


Hawkes, In re. Ackerman v. Lock

Lagunas Nitrate Co. v. The Lagunas HEAD OFFICE : 49, Chancery-lane, W.C. | CITY OFFICE: 56, Moorgate-street, E.C.



Serle, In re. Gregory v. Serle.

Mersey Docks and Harbour Board v. Spencer v. Lancashire and Yorkshire
Twigge & Batters

490 Railway Co......

Paynter v. Watson

490 Stiles, In the Goods of..
To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

Suitable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtained on application to

WE HEAR, on going to press, that the coming into effect of

the Land Transfer Act, 1897, is to be postponed to September 24, MOORGATE STREET, LONDON, E.C.

18t next. Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without special valuation and at low rates.

WE PRINT elsewhere a transfer to Mr. Justice Byrne of 40

actions from NORTH, J., 30 actions from STIRLING, J., and LEGAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE 30 actions from ROMER, J. Mr. Justice Bigham is to sit in SOCIETY.

place of Mr. Justice BYRNE during his illness. ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY.

IN COMMENTING (ante, p. 374) on the recent decision of Mre 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON.

Justice STIRLING in Re Keck and Hart's Contract (ante, p. 380, 46

W. R. 389), we pointed out that the decisiou left open one of FREE,

the questions decided by Re Tibbits' Settled Estates (46 W. R. SIMPLE,

3; 1897, 2 Ch. 149) - namely, that under section 4 of the Settled Land Act, 1896, a charge on the estate of the tenant for life creates a compound settlement. This appears to have been expressly decided by NORTH, J., in the last-mentioned case, and was relied upon by Mr. Justice STIRLING as one ground for distinguishing that case from Re Keck and Hart's Contract. We ventured (as we had done before), with great deference to Mr. Justice NORTH, to urge that he had taken an erroneous view of the effect of section 4; that the sole object of that provision was

to render it unnecessary for a person entitled under an instruA ND

ment of the description therein mentioned to consent, under section SECURE.

50 of the Settled Land Act, 1882, to the exercise by the tenant for

life of his statutory powers ; that the section did not in any sense FUNDS - £3,000,000. INCOME


relate to the appointment of trustees for the purposes of the Settled YEARLY NEW BUSINESS - 21,000,000. BUSINESS IN FORCE - £11,700,000. Land Acts, and that the phrase "one of the instruments creating

the settlement" could not be construed as meaning one of the TRUSTEB8.

instruments creating a compound settlement.” We reported The Right Hon. Lord HALSBURY (Lord High Chancellor of England). The Hon. Mr. Justice KEKEWICH.

last week a fresh decision by Mr. Justice STIRLING in Re Du The Right Hon. Sir James PARKER DBANE, Q.C., D.C.L.

Cane and Nettlefold's Contract (ante, p. 463), in which, as we WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq. RICHARD PENNINGTON, Esq.

understand the judgment, that learned judge completely sancDIRECTORS.

tions the construction of section 4 for wbich we have always Bacon, His Honour Judge. Mathew, The Hon. Mr. Justice.

contended. Meek, A. Grant, Esq. (Devizes). Davey, The Right Hon. Lord.

He said: "The vendor contends that the section is Deane, The Right Hon. Sir James Parker, Mellor, The Right Hon. John W., Q.C., | limited to excluding the operation of section 50 of the Act of Q.C., D.C.L.

Eilis-Danvers, Edmund Henry, Esq. Mills, Richard, Esq.

1882. That contention is borne out by the concluding words of Finch, Arthur J., Esq. Morrell, Frederic P., Esq.(Oxford).

the section. It seems to me that the language of the Act is Frere, Geo. Edgar, Esq.

Pennington, Richard, Esq. Garth, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Q.C. Rowcliffe, Edward Lee, Eag.

satisfied by the limited construction placed on it by the vendor, Healey, C. E. H. Chadwyck, Esq., Q.C. Saltwell, Wm Henry, Esq. Johnson, Char es P., FBC Williams, C. Reynolds, Esq.

and that the section does not make any assignment to which it Kekewich, The Hon. Mr. Justice. Williams, Romer, Esq.

refers an instrument for all the purposes of the Act. In coming to Ludlow, The Right Hon. Lord.

Williams, William, Esq. Masterman, Henry Chauncy, Esq.

that conclusion I found myself on the last words of the section,





and on the consideration that that appears to be the difficulty person is alleged to have committed an offence." There can be which was intended to be met by the section as a whole, and little doubt that this construction is correct; the contrary view, the only difficulty so far as I can see. I cannot say that every: by which the language is taken in its strict literal sense, reduces thing for the purposes of the Act is to be read into the section.” the section to an absurdity. A further point mentioned by the And, apart from section 4, the learned judge held that there Court of Appeal is that, assuming that the plaintiff was a was nothing in the Settled Land Acts, "as a general rule," to soldier subject to military law at the time of the alleged injuries, compel trustees of a compound settlement to be appointed an express remedy is given to him by section 43 of the Army " whenever a deed is executed affecting interests under the Act, and he has, therefore, no other remedy. This principle is original settlement so that that settlement is no longer the laid down by LUSH, J., in Dawkins v. Lord Paulet (L. R. 5 Q. B. only instrument by which land stands limited to persons by way 94), and is in accordance with Keighley v. Bell (4 F. & F. 763) of succession.” He also took occasion to say that, on considera- and Dawkins v. Lord Rokeby (16.706)--cases which were relied tion, he adhered to his decision in Re Keck and Hart's Contract on by KENNEDY, J., in support of parts of his judgment. The that an appointment of jointures would not create a compound result is eminently satisfactory, and the decision is important. settlement, and added that there was “nothing in the Act which says that trustees of the settlement for the purposes of the Act are to be deprived of their power of receiving and giving receipts for purchase-money by a charge of portions. THE EVIDENCE given by Mr. BUCKLEY, Q.C., at the last two meetThe profession owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Justice STIR-ings of the House of Lords Committee on the Companies Bill has

Mr. LING for his decisions and for the admirable reasoning by ranged over most of the points covered by the Bill. which they are supported. We will not venture to indicate as BUCKLEY joins in the general approval of clause 4, which yet the course which practitioners will consider it advisable to requires that the company shall not go to allotment save upon a take in dealing with the questions involved in the above-men- minimum subscription to be fixed by the memorandum or articles tioned cases, but we may point out that while, in the case of of association and named in the prospectus, and he sees also jointures and portions, the decision of the Irish judge and of what has been already pointed out, that the provision of clause NORTH, J., have been explained as not applicable, in the case of 6, forbidding the company to exercise its borrowing powers charges on the interest of the tenant for life, we have apparently until certain conditions as to allotment of and payment for shares conflicting decisions of two learned judges of the Chancery have been complied with, will render impossible the present Division.

practice of offering shares and debentures to the public at the same time. He proposes to get over the difficulty by allowing the

company to enter at once into a provisional contract for the

issue of debentures, the contract to become binding so soon as THE DECISION of the Court of Appeal in Marks v. Frogley, the registrar gives his certificate that the requirements of the overruling the decision of KENNEDY, J. (1898, 1 Q. B. 396), section have been complied with. In respect of underwriting, will be received with general satisfaction. It

was felt Mr. BUCKLEY confirms the general opinion that this mode of that, whatever might be the true construction of the rele- securing the flotation of a company must be permitted, though it vant sections of the Army Act, 1881, the law ought not to is permissible to doubt the soundness of his suggestion be that a volunteer private, by carrying out an order of his for limiting the amount of commission payable and superior officer, which at the time it was given he was bound to for requiring it to be paid only in cash. Payment in cash oboy, should render himself liable in damages at the suit of would suit the underwriters exactly, but in many cases it would another volunteer, against whom the order was directed. The be less advantageous for the company, and if the practice of facts of the case were simple : The plaintiff, a member of a underwriting is recognized at all, the amount of the commission volunteer corps, was, by order of the adjutant, kept in custody must be left to be settled by the parties. A large commission by the defendants, a lance-corporal and two privates of the does not necessarily mean that the venture is commercially same corps, during the railway journey from Shorncliffe, where unsound. It may be a proper reward for floating a business the corps had been taking part in a week's training with the which is good enough in itself, but which is not of a kind regular forces, to Hertfordshire, where the corps was dismissed. just at the time fashionable with the investing public. Mr. The reason for the order was that an accusation of theft, BUCKLEY joins in the general objection to clause 14, with its afterwards proved to be utterly unfounded, had been made minute requirements as to the contents of prospectuses, and he against the plaintiff while in camp at Shorncliffe. One defence set up was, that the plaintiff and the defendants were subject Directors have to take commercial risks,

to increasing the responsibility of directors.

and it may to military law during the occurrence of the events complained be their business "not to be prudent, but to be in a reasonof, in which case the defendants' conduct was clearly justifiable. able and honest sense imprudent." He expressed himself in As to this point section 176 of the Army Act, 1881, provides favour of the registration of debenture mortgages, but stipulated that volunteers shall be subject to military law " when they are for the freedom of companies in respect of ordinary commercial being trained or exercised with any portion of the regular chargos. Apparently this is secured by the Bill, which expressly forces"; but KENNEDY, J., held that the training, and therefore provides (clause 20 (2)) that it shall not be necessary to register the subjection to military law, ceased when the volunteers left liens by law or charges created in the ordinary course of business. the camp, or, if not then, at least when they left Shorncliffe In respect of accounts, Mr. BUCKLEY has carried the criticism of Station in the train. The Court of Appeal have held that the Bill further, we believe, than has hitherto been done, and the training and the military law continued so long as the has referred to the case of companies where all the ordinary corps remained under arms—viz., until it was dismissed in shares are held by members of the original firm, and the Hertfordshire. They were assisted in arriving at this satisfactory conclusion by article 374 of the Volunteer Regulations, preference shareholders are excluded from knowledgo of the

accounts. He would accordingly strike out of the Bill the which provides that the subjection to military law is to arise when volunteers "join a camp with regular forces or are of the company, as well as the provision for publication of

provision for laying a yearly balance-sheet before the members assembled for training or exercise with any portion of the accounts. The latter provision, he considers, would make limited regular forces.” But even apart from this regulation (which liability go out of fashion, and, as regards private companies at was not before the judge in the court below), the construction, put by the Court of Appeal on section" 176 seems to any rate, it is very possible that it would have this effect. be in accordance with good sense, and preferable to that adopted by KENNEDY, J. A further defence was that, under section 158 of the same Act, "where an offence under this A CURIOUS question as to the power of directors of a company Act has been committed by any person while subject to military to secure for themselves compensation for loss of office arose in law, such person may be taken into and kept in military the case of Kaye v. Croydon Tramways Co. (46 W. R. 405). A custody," although he or his battalion has ceased to be subject provisional agreement was made by the directors of the defento military law. Here, again, the Court of Appeal differed dant company for the sale of the company's undertaking and from KENNEDY, J., and held that the section means " where al assets to the British Electric Traction Co. for a sum of £30,543.

is averse

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