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land adj sums entered in Wit. In re Gray Dusantoy v Gray Terry v Brickwell act

White v Briley act
ness List
In re Allen Bassett v Allen
Sleeman v Cragoe act

Hannan v Murgatroyd act Atkins v King act

In re King Savery v Bourne English & American Machinery Co Reid v Houldsworth act Schwarz v Cape Colonization Cold In re Tucker Tucker v Tucker ld v Hershowitz act

Tweedale v Ashworth act act In re Pickworth Snaith v Parkin- Bennett v Collins act

In re Mackey Davison v Turner Maison Helbronner ld v Duveen

Martin v Martin act

act act In re Williams Williams v White Catling v Barnett_act

Emmerson & Sons v North act The Provident Clerks', &c Assoc v In re Whiteley St Paul v Robin- In re w Owen's Patent, No 12,368 Tomlinson v Sandford & Willett Wilson act &mfj

of 1896 petn ordered to go into act Macarthur v Macarthur act & In re Westwood Bunting v West witness list

W Edge & Sons ld v Gallon & Son counter-claim

Basset v Graydon act

act (pleadings to be delivered) Chapman v Barnett act

In re Grove Grove v Braunstein Doolette v Coolgardie Mint, &c, Co | Fowke v Haynes act
Dunbar v Dunbar act
In re Ellis Ellis v Nicholls

ld act and counter claim

Russell v Clare Estate Syndicate ld Wbittle v Morris act

In re Dixon Raimbach v Dixon The City and Home Counties, &c, act
Walcott v Walcott act
Coleman v Coleman

Building Soc v Came act & mfj Gibson v Licensed Trade Protec-
Curre v Chepstow Water Co act In re Blackler Blackler v Blackler (transferred from Kekewich, J) torate ld act
The Manchester Ship Canal Co v In re Clark Brown v Harkness Same v Same act & m fj

Lord Royston v Turkish Regie Company of Proprietors of Roch- In re Wooler Wooler v Wooler Mayer v Robert Church & Roberts Export Cold act dale Canal act

In re Gundry In re Mills Mills v act (security ordered) Akeroyd v Morley act & counter Gundry

Frederick v Young act & counter. Caused for Trial (without witnesses) claim In re Same Mills v Mills claim

and Adjourned Summonses. Roche y Hobson act & m fj In re G Murdoch, &c

Cooper v Laurence act & mfj In re Watkins Maybery v MayFleming v Loe act & counter. In re Day Day v Sprake

Simms v Salomons act

bery adjd sumns claim In re Meeson In re Geere Stokes Still v Cook act

Barker v Faulkner act set down Dingle v Coppen Coppen Dingle v Geere

Russell v Youog act

by order act & counter-claim

In re Procter Procter v Ellis Chingford Syndicate, Id v Andrews In re Morgan Morris • Morgan Lazenby v Shipp act & counter - In re Joseph Davis' Charity, &c


adjd sums claim In re Gray Gray v Gray

Graydon v Blackpool Gigantic In re Cuthbert Cuthbert v OuthHolland V Chelsea Electricity In re Rae Ferguson v Smith

Wheel Co, id act

bert adjd sumns Supply Co ld act without plead. In re Drage Drage v Drage Pooler v Grant, Bulcraig & Co act In re Ansley West v Allman adjd ings

In re Waters & Nelson & V & P Fay v Clarion Newspaper Co, ld Bumns
Cox v Borthwick act

Act, 1874

In re Bishop Bishop v Macey adjd Wright v Davies act

Evans v Newfoundland Ry Co Burford v Burford act & counter sumns Fitzgerald v Bransom, Kent, & Co,


In re Jackson King v Hamblett ld act

Before Mr. Justice STIRLING. In re Shorey Smith v Shorey act adj sumns Chinnock v Rural District Council Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Hind v Thompson act

In re Wright De Chair v Garnett of Hartley Wintney act (plead. Harward v Australian South Afri- Baker v Behrens act

adj sumns ings to be delivered)

can Gold Exploration Cold act Drincqbier v Wood act & motn for In re Sadler Bubb v Surman adj Figgess v Same act (without Renouf v Spalding & Bros act judgt

sumns pleadinge) Williams v Wheeler act

In re Griffin Griffin v Griffin act Denman v Batten (surcharge, dated Phillips Same act (without Attorney-Gen v Radstock Urban Booth v Australian Mines Agency Nov 18, 1897) pleadings District Council act

ld act

In re Prince Godwin v Prince Chandebois v Burry act Barton v Beal act & counter- Keynes v Leslie & Co ld act

adj sumns Royal Sovereign Gold Mining Co, claim

Hett v Carpenter act

In re Haden Cooling v Haden Id v King act against dit Tú Vilanova of Domenech v The Olot Babington v Worrall act & counter adj sumns Davis & Gerona Ry Co ld act


Bailey v Bullock mfj Smith v Devon & Exeter Turkish Artustrong v Croft act & counte

In re

Wortham Wortham Astbury v Astbury adj query on Bath Co ld act claim

Wortham act (not before May 1) account Pilley v Shaw act (without plead. In re Willcox Armitage v Pauling Tubeless Pneumatic Tire, &c id v In re Davey Davey v Greenfield ings) act

French Tubeless Tyre Co ld act adj sumns The Earl's Court Hotels ld v Evans Mascias v Anglo-American Con. (Birmingham D R)

In re Mackenzie Watson v Hodgact

struction Cold act
Hart v Mattoy act

son adj sumus The Tachytype Manufacturing Co West v Harper act

Manfield v Rose act & mij Aluminium Co ld v Domeier & Co Incorporated The Monotype Helios Elecktricitats Actien Gesell. In re Evans Jones v Jones adjd adj sumns Machine British Patents Syndi schaft v Braulik act

sumns entered in Witness List Nixon v Tasker mfj (short) cate ld act

Lord Hastings v North-Eastern Ry In re Perry Davis v Volkman In re Owen Peat v Owen adj In re The Truffault Cycle & Tube, Co act


sumns &c, Cold & Co's Acts motn The Clerical, Medical & General Budd v Pullman act

Collier v Coxhead mfj (short) entered in Witness List

Life Assce Co v Rogers act &mfj Dainiler Motor Co ld v Bowen act Sharp v Sharp mfi (short). Barnett v Meekin act Harper & Battcock v Lewis act Hiscott v Carter act

In re Oldfield Oldfield v Oldfield The Salt Union, ld V Davis' Horton v Redfern act (pleadings Hiscott v Short act

adj sumns Obloiine Processes, ld act

to be delivered)

Whiteman v Hambourg act
Wickham v Ogilvy act
Paynter v Galindez Bros act & Ohancerelle v Ratcliffe act

Further Considerations. Hart v Brie act

counter. claim

Winser & Co ld v Armstrong & Co In re Alexander Swanston v AlexParr v General Investors' Syndi- Howson v Dunlop Pueumatic Tyre act

ander fur con & two adjd sumns cate, ld act

Cold act
Richards v Kerbey act

In re Alexander Hodges v AlexWeston y Sewell act

Hoskin v J. Shoolbred & Co act Mathews v Wilmer act (plead ander fur con
Wells v Schofield act
Shurey v Kinnis & Co act

ings to be delivered)

In re Pitkin Pitkin v H M Treasury In re Sheba, Queen, &c & Co's Acts Hanan v Lancaster Dramatic Syn- In re Pickworth Pickworth v Pick fur con restored by order motn entered in witness list by dicate ld act

worth adj smns to be treated as order Weod v George act action for trial

Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH. United, &c Tea Co, ld v Lipman Allen v Pyatt & Co act (Birming. Maryon v Motum act

Causes for Trial (with witdesses). act

ham D R)
Peter v Godfrey act

Jacobs v Wicks' Rotary Type Miller & Aldworth v Sharp act Huntly-Gordon v Hall act

The Windermere Gas, &c. Co v

Casting Cold act (Trinity SitChadburn v Bladon act Bergheim v Bryan act & m fj Orosthwaite act

tings) Sellars v Dalley act Brown v Harley act

Carter Gear Case Patents Co v Els- Fisher v Gilbey act Gellygaer School Board v Llangy. Jones v Koral act

wick Cycles Co ld act

Clark v Wood act nider School Board act Gompertz (trading, &c.) v The Bew v Bew act

Morgan v Howells act King v St Martin's Syndicate, ld Credit Reform A88oC act

Abbs v Matheson & Co act set Bostock v Horton act &mfj act Cooke v Ackroyd act

down against afts Matheson & Matthews v Armstrong act Peters v Owen act


Cull v Leader act Adjourned summonses. Owen v Peters act

King v Keen act

Bennett v Hudson act In re Webb Knollys v Venn

Williams London & North Peters y The Owen Stone Cold Hopkins v Hemsworth act In re McAlpin Magginson v Pater Western Ry Co act

Taylor v Martin act (deft dead) Wood v Middleton act (remitted Bovey v Day act

The Mica Insulator Co v The Elec. In re Wilson Cooke v Wilson

frond County Court of White- Williams v The Rhymney Iron Co trical Co ld act In re Lamb Clough v Arnold haven)


Holloway v Haviland act Worsey v Baxter Colley v Otter act (without plead. Pulleyne v Aldous act

Matthew8 v Matthews act In re Garnault Garnault v Gar ings)

Lord Battersea v Clement's Inn ld De Hem v Phipps act nault Barker v Oakden act


Gilbert y Wheaton act The Whiteley Exerciser id v Bankes Price v Owen act

Australian Mines Agency ld v De Lissa v Universal Weldless Gamage Lloyd v Powell act

McKay act &mfj (transferred Steel Tubes Co, &c ld act and In re Emery Mollett v Mollett Mansell v Mansell act

from North, J)

counter claim




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Taylor v Morris act
Franklin v Lee act

Oldham v Showell's Brewery Co ld Before Mr. Justice WRIGHT. Watkins v Cronmire act without In re Hale Lilley v Foad adjd


(Sitting as an additional Judge of pleadings and adjd sumns sums ordered to go into Witness Mountain v Kidd act

the Chancery Division.) Watson v Jennings act


Hayes v New Incandescent, &c Gas Companies (Winding-up).
Nall v Nall act
Meikle v Ourd act
Cold act

Blew-Jones y Cook act
Guilford v Hart act

Dewrance & Co v Fletcher Bros Gold Reefs of Western Australia per v Floate act Harvey v Greig act

ld (petn of G E D Durnford) Terry v Bates act

Evelyn v Howard act (without Zumbeck v Biggs act


Hadley v Corporation of Worcester Liberty Consolidated Gold Mines ld

(petn of C Frey) Count Mokronoski v Weldon & P Philpot & Co, Id v Ward act

Brooke v Higgs act

North Borneo Prospecting & CultiCorby Patent Brick Co ld act Weaver v Jenner act (pleadings to

vation Syndicate ld (petn of W without pleading8 (April 19) be delivered)

In re Crompton & Shawcross Id &

PR Newlands) Bisseker v Nurcombe act and m Baker v Dix & Warlow act

Co's Act, 1862 (Expte G Rat- British Gold Fields of West Africa fj Hockey v Self-Locking Roofing

cliffe) motion eet down in wit

ld (petn of C W Cornmell) Purcell v Chinnock act

Tile Co, ld act & mfj

ness list

Bonara Italian Steel and Tin Plate Armstrong v Coolgardie Mint & Everitt v Grout act

In re Parker Maughan v Clark

Manufacturing Cold (petn of G Iron King Gold Mines ld (in Attorney-Gen v Society Established


O A Sommer) liquidation) act for Relief, &c of Theatre Royal, Lazonby v Clinton act & mfj

Globe Blocks Mining Co ld (scheme Brocklebank Shepherd, the Covent Garden act

Martin v McCarthy act

of arrangement) (petn of OJ Coleman v North act younger act

Shaw v Goldsbro act

Fauvel and the South African Denny v Robson act

Wilkins & Denton v Cruley act Smith V Rothman act without and Australian Exploration & Bywaters v Wilde act & m fj Duke v Bayly act


Development Syndicate ld) Woodd v Coolgardie Mint & Iron Burlinson v Spry act

In re Trade Marks, Nos 189,368, London & Paris Finance & ExploraKing Gold Mines ld act Cowen v Truefitt, id act

193,011 and 193,012, class 45, of tion Co, id (petn of Reservoir Mackney v Oakes act

F & J Smith, &c motn entered Hub & Components Co, id) Barrett v Barbean act & counter

in witness list to come on with Spiller & Co, id (petu of W Klin. Before Mr. Justice ROMER. claim act

genstein & Co) Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Strangwayes v Read act

Warburg, Dymond & Co v Scott & Same (petn of W H Lowry & Co) Brady v Hannan's Gold Estates id In re Miller's & Co Margarine, ld & Apostoloff The Apostoloff AutoMorgan v Lord Gort act

Cold act

Wheel Club, ld (petn of H J Grim.

wade) - act

Co's Acts motn entered in witRidlington v Haydon act

matic Telephone, &c ld act West Australian Pastoral & Colonj.

ness list Symonds v Bellman act

zation Co, id (petn of Land Corpn In re The Gutta Percha CorporaVernon v Billson act Chevallier v Carter act (advanced

of West Australia, id) Seddon v Pakeman act

tion ld & Co's Act, 1862 motn by order)

Umtoli Gold Reefs Co, id (petn of Waller v Outhwaite act

entered in witness list by order Smith v Brookes act

R G Bagshawe & ors) Congreve v North Wales & Liver. Wallach v Evans act

Payton & Co, Id v Snelling, Lam-Abercorn Reefs, ld (petn of A Legge pool Ry Committee act Heaton v Priestman act

pard & Cold act

& ors)
Silverthorne v Link act
Brassington v Cox ast
Philpot v Rudham act

North Golden Crown, ld (petn of In re Birch Kent v Pettitt act In re The Mines Acquisition, &c, The East Surrey Water


White Feather Reward Claim, ld) Wilson v Insurances Corporation Id Co, ld Clement v Mines, &c, ld Taylor act

Oriental Palace of Varieties, ld act act

The Sutton District Water Cov (petn of Shelley & Co, id) Price Fothergill v Urquhart act Levy v Sawer act

Taylor act

United Kingdom Debenture Bank, (not before May 3) Friary, Holroyd's & Healy's Santley v Wilde act

ld (petn of The Agence Havas) Lewis v Newman act Breweries, ld v Singleton act

Menzies Golden Rhine Gold Mines

Molyneux v Bond act
Hazeldine v Farrant act
The Carter Gear Case Patents Co v
Vincett v Harrison act

(WA), ld (petn of W J CamDe Witte v Addison act, counter

Sander act
The Automatic Air Tight Co ld v South Australian Petroleum Fields,

claim, & mfj
Toms y Clacton Urban District

The Hermetically Sealed Jar
Levy v Davis act
Council act without pleadings

ld (petn of J Senior)

Syndicate ld act
Thomas v Penley act
In re Brown In re Tilley Button Gillson v Seiteract without plead-

National Co for the Distribution of Barnes v De Montmort act (stayed v Taylor act

Electricity by Secondary Genera

ings In re Wicken Wicken v Few act Hart v Murray act until return of Commission)

tors, ld (petn of H 0 Ruelle) Montagu v Gater act &mfj

Realization & Development Co, ld

Smith v Jones & Son, ld act In re Ohard Chard v Chard act In re G Čerckel's Patent, 1896, No Beardmore v Interchangeable Auto. Walker & Smith, id ipetn of F

(petn of F L Gardner) In re The Marie Rose Gold Mining

15,493, &c petn entered in Wit-
ness List

matic Machine Syndicate ld act Co ld & Co's Acts (expte Rawson)

Godson & ors)

without pleadings motn ordered to go into Witness Starkey v Jones act

Ariel Arc Lamp Syndicate ld (petn List Baker v Brooks act

of M J Jones and ors) In re The Same (expte Brand) Fabriques de Produits Chimiques,

Causes for Trial.

Coolgardie Mint & Iron King Gold transferred from Stirling, J.

&c y Laffitte & Co act
(Without Witnesses and Adjourned Pentalta Exploration Co, ld (petn

Mines, ld (petn of A Watters) In re Bull Wenn v Bull adja In re Sinnette's Patent, No 1,670

Summonses). sumns entered in Witness List of 1888 petn entered in Witness

of Victoria Reef Gold Mine, id & In re The Sharkington Combined List

In re White's Charities The Char A Myall, one of the liquidators) Pick & Shovel Syndicate ld motn Wanton v Coppard act

ity Commrs v the Mayor, &c, of Beeston Pneumatic Tyre Co, Id entered in Witness List Smeeton v Styer act

London adjd smns

(petn of The Company and WO Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co ld Shuter v Godwin act

Augus & Co id v Goss act set Olough, liquidator) v Reeve act

down by order

Metropolitan & Provincial Stores, Hughes v Smith act Anderson v Anderson act

In re Nicholson Nicholson v Nic ld (petn of the company) Oliver v Hinton act Jackson v Horner act without King v Mendham

holson adjd smns

Devon United Slate Quarries, la

act without In re Ritson "Ritson v Ritson adjd pleading8

(petn of J Hardcastle) pleadings

National Guardian Assce Co, Id Sulley v Sulley act

Mills v Allen act Mawby v Parker act

(petn of F C Norman) Hobbs v Allen act (advanced by

In re Low Slocomb v Low adjd

sumns Bates v Chignell act

Hunwick & Co, ld (petn of H W order)

In re Vincent In re Sutherland Caston & Co) Priestley v Oxley act

Moon v Waterlow, Bros & Layton Hobbs v Mills act

Farrer v Vincent adjd sumns Brown, Michel, & Page, ld (petn of

id act Mayor, &c. of Newcastle on Tyne v In re Welsford Welsford v Wels

In re Smith Loughran v Smith F Broom) Houseman act

adjd sumns

Bags & Flinders Gold Mining Co, ld ford act Same v Francis act

In re Bacon Foriter v Jones adjd (petn of D New & Co)
Economides v Morris act
Cheasley v Cheston act

Improved Electro-Plating Co., ld
Marsh v Moody act

In re Malkin Malkin v Malkin (petn of La Societe de Metallurgie Chetwynd v Allen act Bouchette v Ballard act adjd sumns

Hydro-Electro-Chimique) Heelis v Warriner act

In re M Smith Smith v Scorer North Met Trams Co v London Ryder & Cold (petn of Pfeil & Co Scott v Crossley act

act Nat Prov Bank of England ld v In re Ball Ball ✓ Ball act

County Council adjd sumns Wulffsohn & Bewicke ld (petn of

In re L Tussaud's New Exhibition Moodyville Lands and Saw Mills Tominy act

Rogers v Hale act & counter ld Brown v Norton adjd sumns Cold and WG Jeffreys the In re Mallam Mallam v Mallam claim

In re G Lock & Co ld & Co's Act liquidator) act Bryant v Glover act

motn to rectify entered in Non- Licensed Trades Protectorate ld Roe v Roe act & counter-claim Day v Singleton act (transferred Witness List In re Von Hangwitz Von Hang

(petn of F W West) from North, J)

In re Clark Brown v Clark adja African India Rubber, Mahogany & witz v Von Hangwitz act Haywood v Tolhurst act

sumns Pickstock v Earle act

Development Co ld (petn of WR Richardson v Moody act & counter. In re Bennett Goodall v Bennett Horncastle) Browne v Calpan act

claim Becher v Davey act

adjd sumns

Industrial Inventions Development McCulloch v Chantry act

In re Sansom Freeman v Sansom Joyce v Freeman act

Co ld (petn of the Globe Venture Pyke v Grafton Galleries ld act adjd sumns (witnesses)

Syndicate id)




plt's app

Met Pol Dist Blenkinsopp v Ogden, Smale, & Co magistrate's case HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.

Somersetshire, Temple Cloud Irvine v Gough County court. dft's app

Sussex, Worthing Cuckfield Rural District Council v Goring County QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

court dft's appeal EASTER SITTINGS, 1898.

Lancashire The Queen v Pilkington & ors, Jj, &c, and Wallace (expte SPECIAL PAPER.

Williams) Nisi for certiorari for licence to J Wallace

Same The Queen v Cotham, Esq, & anr, Jj, &c, and Webb (expte For Argument.

Williams) Nisi for certiorari for transfer of licence to J Webb In re an Arbtn between Gubbins & anr and The London and Blackwall Ry Same The Queen v Cotham, Esq, & anr, Jj, (expte Williams) Nisi for Co and The Great Eastern Railway Co 8 o referred to Arbitrator

mandamus to hear application for transfer of licence to J. Webb special case

Lancashire, Liverpool Orchard v Bush & Co County court dfts’ app In re an Arbitn between Spillers & Bakers, id, and Leetham & Sons Essex Taylor & ors v Jackson_magistrate's case

8 o for case to be stated in form of award special case In re an Arbitration between George and The Goldsmiths & General Warwickshire The Queen London & North-Western Ry Co (expte

Rugby Portland Cement Co) Nisi for mandamus to take up award Burglary Insurance Assoc, ld special case

Met Pol Dist Graham v Eli magistrate's case In re an Arbitn between Llanwanno School Board and Ystradyfodwg Same Same v Hughes magistrate's case School Board special case

Same Same v Same magistrate's case Davis v The Urban District Council of Witney points of law

Met Pol Dist Graham v Hughes magistrate's case
In re an Arbitn between Fish and The Lancashire and Yorkshire Ry Co Same Same v Same magistrate's case
and London and North-Western Ry Co special case

Same Same v Barlow magistrate's case

Same Crosse v Wandsworth Board of Works magistrate's case
For Argument.

Yorkshire, WR Prior v Slaithwaite Spinning Co magistrate's case

Met Pol Dist Petchey v Taylor magistrate's case Ball y Williams part heard so for further report

Kent, Woolwich Wilkins v Thomas & Edge county court defts' app In re a Solicitor, Expte Incorporated Law Socs o report referred back

Middlesex Button v Tottenham Urban District Council magistrate's In re a Solicitor, Expte Same 8 o for further report Chiverton y Chiverton 80

Southampton Dallimore v Tutton magistrate's case Deakin v Cohen 80 August 1

Sussex Kinnis v Graves magistrate's case Perfecta Seamless Steam Tube Co v Wood Bros

Yorkshire, Kingston-upon-Hull Dorey v Crossland county court dft's Hackett v Hackett

app St John v Mitchell's Library, ld

Middlesex, Bloomsbury City and Home Counties Permanent Building

Soc v Came county court dft's app
For Judgment.

Kent River Medway Navigation Co v Malling Union quarter sessions

special case, 12 & 13 Vic. c. 45, s. 11 Kent Kruse v Johnson magistrate's case (c.a.v. April 4, 1898-coram, Middlesex, Clerkenwell Thrussell v Hart county court aft's app

Lord Russell, C.J., the President of the P D & A Division, Chitty, Cumberland, Cockermouth & Workington Marrow v Flimsby & BroughL.J., and Mathew, Wright, Darling, & Channell, JJ)

ton Moor Coal, &c, Co county court dft's app Richmond, Surrey Coppen Moore magistrate's case (c.a.v. April 4, Met Pol Dist Leggatt (on behalf, &c) v Peach magistrate's case

1898- coram, Lord Russell, C.J., the President of the P D & A Division, London Newstead v Curtis county court deft's app

Chitty, L.J., and Wright, Darling, & Channell, JJ)
Middlesex, Edmonton Davey & Co v Williamson & Son (Richards, clmt) Staffordshire Horton & Son v Walsall Union & ors quarter sessions

county court clmt's app (c.a.v. March 31, 1898—coram, Lord Russell, Lancashire, Bolton Shuttleworth v Harwood county court plt's app

C.J., & Mathew, J) Cornwall, Truro Rundle v Hearle county court dft's app (c.a.v. April Middlesex, Whitechapel Brooks v Curled Hair Fibre Co county court 5, 1898-coram, Lord Russell, C.J., & Ridley, J)

Staffordsbire, West Bromwich Wood v Monk & Newell county court For Argument. Pembrokeshire The Queen v Mayor, &c, of Pembroke, (expte Local Lancashire, Bury Hall v Spencer & Curedale county court plt's app Government Board) Nisi for mandamus to obey order of Local Govern- Middlesex, Clerkenwell West v Dearing & Son county court plt's app

Salford Shafts v Cowen hundred court plt's app ment Board Met Pol Dist Kirshenboim v Salmon & Gluckstein magistrate's case

Lincolnshire Horn v Sleaford Union & ors quarter sessions special Yorkshire, WR W Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board & anr v Gold

case, 12 & 13 Vict c 45, s 11 thorpe & anr app from Quarter Sessions, under sec 14, sub-sec 2, of Middlesex, Westminster Collings & anr v Corke county court deft's the West Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Act, 1894

app Dorsetshire Brown v Patch magistrate's case

Middlesex, Brompton Foat v Fulham Vestry county court defts' app Warwickshire, Birmingham Watkins v Rubber Tyre, &c Co county Berkshire, Faringdon Clark & anr v Rochussen & Asprey coûnty court

Nottinghamshire, Mansfield Whitney v Crisp county court plt's app court dft's app Same Watkins v Rubber Tyre, &c. Co county court plt's app

plts' app Middlesex, Brompton Thomas v Corbett & ors county court dft's Surrey, Lambeth Fairhead v Appleby & anr county court plt's app

Cornwall, Launceston Rendell 7 Stoke Climsland School Board county app

court plt's app Glamorganshire, Merthyr Tydfil Re Bernstein, dec, Fine & ors v Bern. stein & ors county court plts' app

Middlesex, Marylebone Boyce & ors v Chaplin & anr county court

plts' app Birmingham Blundell v Price magistrate's cake Met Pol Dist Geen v Newington Vestry magistrate's case

London Lockie v Hosegood mayor's court deft's app Cheshire Baxter v Leche & ors quarter sessions special case applt's

Middlesex, Brompton Willett v Thaddeus (Thaddeus, clmt) county

court claimant's app app Lancashire, Liverpool Welsby v Mayor, &c. of Liverpool plt's app

Surrey, Lambeth Hyde (trading, &c) v Coomber & anr county court

dft Alfred Coomber's app Surrey, Redhill Bigden v Eden county court dft's app Essex, Brentwood Horner v Lewis county court plt's app

Middlesex, Whitechapel Burchett v London & India Docks Joint ComWest Ham Kennaird v Cory & Son magistrate's case

mittee county court plt's app, Kingston-upon-Hull Cartwright Sculcoate's Union quarter sessions South Shields The Queen v Wardle & ors, Esqs, Jj, & The Horton Coal case stated by arbitration on submission of parties and order of judge

Co (expte Burrows) nisi to justices to state case of High Court, 12 & 12 Vict. c. 45, 8 11 and 8 7 Arbitration Act, 1889

London The Queen v Tristram, D O L, judge of London Consistory Same Willford v Same The same

Court (expte Young) nisi for prohibition for licence or faculty Same Walsh y Same The same

Kent Bowron & anr v Bexley Overseers & ors quarter sessions special Same Robinson v Same The same

case appellants' app London Richards v Luning mayor's court dft's app

Middlesex, Clerkenwell Meill v Cooper (Miell, clmt) county court dft's Met Pol Dist Roper v Knott magistrate's case

app Middlesex, Brompton Jones v Hawker (Hawker, clmt) county court

Somersetshire The Queen v Fry & anr, jj & Stoker (expte Masters) nisi

for certiorari for conviction Leicestershire Leicester County Council Leicester Assessment Middlesex, Westminster Chandler v Scott & Co county court ptf's

Committee quarter sessions special case, 12 & 13 Vict. c. 45, s 11 app Surrey Lancaster v Barnes Urban District Council magistrate's case

Met Pol Dist The Queen v Sheil, Esq, Met Pol Mag & Collins (expte Lancashire, Ashton-under-Lyne London & North-Western Ry Co v Medical Council) Nisi to hear and determine application Evans county court plts' app

Worcestershire Millard v Wilkinson & anr quarter sessions special Middlesex, Shoreditch Herbert & Co v Morrison (Worley, on behalf, &c, case applt's app clmts) county court clmts app

Yorkshire, N R North Eastern Ry Co v Dalton Overseers quarter ses Cheshire, Macclesfield Ibeson v Darlow county court dft's app

sions special case applt's app Glamorgansbire, Neath Jones v Jones county court dft's app

Carnarvonshire London & North Western Ry Cor Ogwen District Warwickshire The Queen v Ashton Urban District Council (expte Council Barber) Nisi for mandamus to approve plans

Met Pol Dist Paynter v Watson Chepping Wycombe orse High Wycombe Mayor, &c, of High Wycombe Middlesex, Westminster Jenkins & Son v Coomber & or3 v Conservators of River Thames magistrate's case

Middlesex, Shoreditch Mason y Taylor

defts' app

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clmt's app



For Hearing.

Causes by English Information.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, April 22.
Attorney-Gen and Earl Cowley

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Attorney-Gen and The Duke of Westminster & ors

LIMITED IN CHANOBBY. Attorney-Gen and The South Eastern Ry & ors

CORSAIR CONSOLIDATED GOLD MINES, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before June Petitions.

10, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims,

to Sydney George Cole, 10, Coleman st. Armitage & Chapple, 18, Bishopsgate et Re The Royal College of Surgeons

Within, solors for liquidator Re Estate Duty payable on the death of The Rt Hon Lady Mary O F KAxoWNA PROPRIETARY DEVELOPMENT CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Foley

May 19, to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to Edward Joseph Townsend, 25, Bucklersbury, Hurd, 25, Bucklersbury, solor Cases as to Stamp Duty and Income Tax.

ROBERT YOUDE'S BILL-PostinG SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are requested, on or before

May 15, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Farmer and Co, ld and The Commissioners of Inland Revenue

to Alfred Cotton Harper, 10, Trinity sq, Tower hill. Eldred & Bignold, 11, Queen Grimes and Lethem (Surveyor of Taxes)

Victoria st, solors for liquidator The County Council of the County of Cumberland and The Commissioners

ST STEPHEN'S LAND AND BUILDING CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before of Inland Revenue

May 28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims,

to Edwin Mansfield, Whitby, Chester Lewis & Lewis and The Commissioners of Inland Revenue

UMTALI SYNDICATE, LIMITED (ix LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before June The Old Battersea & District 633rd Starr Bowkett Building Society and 30, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to The Commissioners of Inland Revenue

G'G Walker, 19, St Swithin's lane
WIGTON FARMERS' AUCTION Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before June 4, to

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William
Williamson, West End, Allonby, nr Margport. Gibson, Wigton, sulor to the



presented April 19, directed to be heard on Wednesday, May 4. White, 7, New inn, SALES OF THE ENSUING WEEK,

Strand, solor for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later May 2.-Mr. J. W. Kemsley, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Ground-rents of £300 per than 6 o'olock in the afternoon of May 3 annum, secured property in Croydon, Plaistow, &c., with reversion in 65 to 96 years.

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Solicitors, Messrs. Stacpoole, Batters, & Stacpoole, London. (See advertisement, this week, p. 3.)

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. May 3.-Messte, DEBENHAM, TEwBox, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATEB, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., TIMBERLAKE & CO, LIMITED-Petu for winding up, presented April 19, directed to be

Freehold Ground-rent with Reversion in about 10 years, secured upon important heard before Hall, V.C., on Monday, May 2, at 10.30, at the Assize Courts, Manchester, business and dwelling-houses in Camberwell, estimated rack-rent £1,200 per annum, Wilson Dean & McMaster, 22, Lord st, Liverpool, solors for the petners. Notice of

Freehold Ground-rent of £12, £36 158, and £44 2s., with reversion in 1984, secured appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of upon pro perty in Camberwell , also Freehold Houses in the same district, let at £322 April 30

Solicitors, Messrs. Cridland & Neil, London. (See advertisements, April 16, p. 3.) May 4-Messrs. Douglas YOUNG & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Long Leasehold In

FRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSOLVED. vestment in property situated at East Ham, Ilford, &c. Solicitor, H. $. Woodd, Esq. Artizans' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, 36, Pzenest st, Hanley, Staffs. Aprli 13 London. Leasehold double fronted Residence, 13, Fernshaw-road, Chelsea ; 12 rooms; let at £70. Solicitors, Messrs. Riddell, Vaisey, & Smith, 9, John-street, Bedford-row,

London Gazette.—TUESDAY, April 26. Short Leasehold Premises, 313, New North-road, Hoxton ; Shop and bakehouse, six rooms; let at £45 per annum. Solicitors. Messrs. Pettiver & Pearkes, 21, College

JOINT STOCK COMPANIE8. hill, E.C. Corner block, 14 and 15, Oxford House, Great Chapel-street, Oxford-street,

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. comprising 3 shops and 9 suites of residential flats over; let at £584. Solicitors, Messrs. Riddell, Vaisey, & Smith, 9, John-street, Bedford-row, W.C. Leasehold

AFRICAN INDIARUBBER, MAHOGANY, AND DEVELOPMENT CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding properties in Balbam and South Lambeth, producing about £1,000 per annum.

up, presented April 7, directed to be heard May 4. Halse, Trustram, & Co, 61, Solicitors, Messrs. Hubbard, Son, & Eve, London; also on the estate at Thames

Cheapside, solors for the petner Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not Ditton, 64 Freehold Building Plots with frontages of 40 to 60 feet. Solicitors,

later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of May 2 Messrs. Geo. 8. Warmington & Co., London. (See advertisement, April 23, p. 4.)

BRACEBRIDGE MINERAL WATER Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 4.-Messrs. ALFRED SAVILL & Box, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Residential

May 27, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Property at Loughton, Essex, about two miles from Loughton Station on the Great

to Charles Hodgkinson, 95, Colmore row, Birmingham Eastern Railway, known as the Debden Hall Estate; it comprises Debden Hall, con

BRIGHTON EMPIRE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 26, to send their taining 19 bed and dressing rooms, 5 reception rooms, a park, with lodge, in all about

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Frederick 140 acres, with extensive frontages to main roads. A Freehold Residence, facing the

George Clark, 56, Ship st, Brighton. Nye & Treacher, solors for liquidator Green. A Pair of Villas, a Pair of timber and tiled Cottages, and a small paddock. - COLONIAL EXPLORATIONS, LIMITED - Creditors are required, on or before June 10, to send Solicitors, Messrs Alfred Cox & Bon, London. (See advertisement, this week, p. 462.)

their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to Francis Turger, May 5.-Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CRANFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m. :

11, Grocers' Hall ct, Poultry


or before May18, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts To £2,154 24 Consols ; lady aged 48. Solicitors, Messrs. Woodcock, Ryland, & or claims, to Elkanah Mackintosh Sharp, 120, Colmore row, Birmingham. Fowke & Parker, London.

Son, Birmingham, solors to the liquidator To one-fourth of £10,000 on Freehold Mortgage and East India Stock ; lady aged KINGSBUBY (8T ALBANS) BREWERY Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before 54 and gentleman aged 63. Solicitor, X. Stanley-Jones, Esq., London.

May 23, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, To one-fifth of a Trust Estate value £22,000 in American stock, lady aged 60. to Charles Jermyn Ford, 81, Cannon st Baker & Co, 117, Cannon st, solors for the Solicitor, H. Stanley-Jones, Esq., London,

liquidator To Six Forty-Thirds of a Trust Estate, Commercial Stocks and on Mortgage, value MELBOURNE AND Londox PROSPECTORS, LIMITED- Petn for winding up, presented April £19,200, lady aged 61. Solicitor, C. J. R. Scudamore, Esq., London.

21, directed to be heard on May 4 Maddisons, 1, King's Arms yd, solors for petner REVERSIONARY LIFE INTEREST:

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock on the after. Lady aged 25, on decease of 2 gentlemen aged 76 and 61, in the income of £5,000,

noon of May 3 with policies to cover same. Solicitors, Messrs. Rogers Hartley, & Bastard,

PENTALTA EXPLORATION CO, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented March 11, directed London,

to be heard May 4. Ricketts & Co, 16, Charles st, St James', solors for the petitioning

creditors. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in POLICIES:

the afternoon of May 3rd For £7,000, £1,000, £1,000, £262, £209. Solicitors, Messrs. Tamplin, Tayler, & SECRETARIAL Co, LIMITED-Creditors are requested, on or before May 31, to send their

Joseph, of London ; Messrs. Darnell Price; and Messrs. A. C. Palmer & names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to William Henry
Co., of Northampton.

Fox. 9, Austin friars

Tom TIT CYCLE Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented April 21, directed to be Seven Shares in the “Graphic” and “Daily Graphic," and 500£1 Shares in

heard on Wednesday, May 4. Everett & Hodgkinson, 124, Chancery lane, solors for Folkestone Racecourse Co. (See advertisements, this week, back page.)

petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of May 3



EMPLOYEES LABOUR Union Society, 151, Abbey st, Bermondsey, April 20 chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly BODMIN TRADESMAN'S FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bodmin Coffee Tavern, Fore st, Bodmin April 20 Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Excelsior Working Men's Sick CLUB, Mission Hall, Mansion House st, Hammersmith

Feb 9 Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Apvt.]

LOYAL GENTLE WELCOME SHEPHERDS, Ancient Shepherds A U Society, Blue Bell Inn,

Bury, Lancaster April 13

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. BROUGHAM, WILFRID Francis, Kensington, Solicitor High DaviES, ROBERT SAUNDERS, Penmaenmawr, Carnarvon, Court Pet Feb 3 Ord April 19

Watchmaker Bangor Pet April 20 Ord April 20
London Gazette.- FRIDAY, April 22.

Brown, JT, Ferme Park rd, Hornsey, Publican High Davis, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Stoke, nr Grindleford, Derbs,
Court Pet Feb 12 Ord April 19

Electro Plate Manufacturer Sheffield Pet April 18

BUCKLE, JOSEPH, Bicester, Oxford, Butcher Oxford Pet Ord April 18
April 20 Ord April 20

EBREY, SARAH Jang, Cardiff, Draper Cardiff Pet April
BALDRY, HENRY SHARMAN, Holt, Norfolk, Confectioner CAVERLY, R B, Strand High Court Pet Feb 22 Ord 19 Ord April 19
Norwich Pet April 18° Ord April 18

April 19

ELLIOTT, Percy, Manchester sq, Musican High Court BARLOW, Tom, Brierfield, Lan28, Clothier Barnley Pet Clega, John, Shawforth, or Rochdale, Stone Merchaut Pet April 18 Ord April 18 April 18_Ord April 18

Rochdale Pet April 19_Ord April 19

Evans, Jonx, Bridgend, Glam, Hotel Proprietor Carlit Bateson, WILLIAM, Edgbaston, Joinery Manufacturer COLUMBINE, Jour, Ilkeston, Derbys, Engineer Derby Pet Pet April 16 Ord April 16 Birmingham Pet April 19 Ord April 19

April 19_Ord April 19

GARRATT, FREDERICK, Birmingham, Plumber Birmingham BAXENDALE, Captain Brm, Hooley Hill, Lancs, Pawnbroker CondicT, J Elliot, Broad st House, Company Promoter Pet April 19 Ord April 19 Ashton under Lyne Pet April 18 Ord April 18

High Court Pet March 10 Ord April 18

GRAHAM, FREDERICK, Ivybridge, Devon, China Dealer PigBISHOP, Ann MARIA, Long Buckby, Northampton North Corax, ARTHUR Jous, Button, Guildford, Farmer Guild mouth Pet April 6 Ord April 18 ampton Pet April 28_Ord April 28

ford Pet March 19 Pet April 19

HEWETSON, WILLIAM, Ireby, Cumbrld, Saddler Carlisle WILLIAM, Myerscough, nr Preston, Engine DALBY, JOUY Kirby, Market Harborough, Leicester, Pawn. Pet April 19 Ord April 19 Tenter Preston Pet April 18 Ord April 18

broker Leicester Pet March 21 Ord April 18


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HOLDER, HEXRY GEORGE, Leamington, Hotel Proprietor

FRANC, Gustav, Lombard st, Merchant High Court Pet

ADJUDICATIONS. Warwick Pet April 15 Ord April 15

Dec 31 Ord April 22 HUNTER, ARTHUR, Leicester, Tailor Leicester Pet March BALDRY, HENRY SHARMAN, Holt, Norfork, Confectioner GIBB, DAVID, Limehouse, Builder High Court Pet March 31 Ord April 19 Norwich Pet April 18_Ord April 18

29 Ord April 22 INETT, JOSEPH THOMAS, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton BARLOW, Tom, Brierfield, Lancs, Clothier Burnley Pet GLEDHILL, Tom, Burnley, Cabdriver Burnley Pet April Pet April 20 Ord April 20 April 15 Ord April 18

21 Ord April 21 JAMES, CHARLES EDWARD HALL, Greenwich Greenwich Berns, WALTER BOWNESS, HENRY GEORGE CORBY, and GRIFFITHS, SABAH, Millom, Cumberland, Grocer WhitePet April 18 Ord April 18

John Benns, St Benet pl, Gracechurch st, Wholesale haven Pet April 22 Ord April 22 JAXES, GEORGB, jun, Hanley, Meat Salesman Hanley Pet Stationers High Court Pet Feb 9 Ord April 19 HAMMOND, I Rossi, Lincoln's inn fields, Solicitor High March 18 Ord April 15

BRADSHAW, WILLIAM, Myerscough, nr Preston, Engine Court' Pet March 2 Ord April 22 Kexxa, John, Leeds Leeds Pet April 18 Ord April 18 Tenter Preston Pet April 18 Ord April 18

HANCOCK, WALTER, Biddulph, Stafford, Grocer Maccles.

Oxford Pet
LEECH, JAMES, Ashton under Lyne
BUCKLE, Joseph, Bicester, Oxford, Butcher

field Pet April 20_Ord April 20
Ashton under Lyže
Pet April i Ord April 14

April 20 Ord April 20


High Court Pet Jan 10 Ord April 1 LOCKETT, TIMOTHY, Heeley, Sheffield Sheffield Pet April BURRILL, ROBERT, Fareham, Pants, Auctioneer Ports20 Ord April 20

mouth Pet March 14 Ord April 14

HENESSEY, E C, Baker st High Court Pet Feb 8 Ord

April 22 MIDDLEDITCH, BENJAMIN, Denston, Suffolk, Builder Cam CALDER, GEORGE JONES, East Dulwich, Public House bridge Pet April 20 Ord April 20

HOLLOWAY, LEMUEL HOLMES, Birmingham, Carpenter Manager High Court Pet Feb 23 Ord April 19

Birmingham Pet April 21 Ord April 21 NASH, HENRY WALTER, Shurdington, Glos Cheltenham CLEGG, JOHN, Bhawforth, nr Rochdale, Stone Merchant

HOLMES, JAMES, Halifax, Roller Coverer Halifax Pet Pet April 19_Ord April 19 Rochdale Pet April 18 Ord April 19

April 13 Ord April 23 NevaxAS, JOHN, Liverpool, Pawnbroker Liverpool Pet COLUMBINE,;John, Ilkeston, Derby, Engineer Derby Pet HolT, GRANGE Owen, Nassau st, Regent st, Commercial April 6_Ord April 18 April 19 Ord April 19

Traveller High Court Pet April 21 Ord April 21 PADFIELD, HENRY THOMAS, Frome, Somerset Frome Pet CURRY, HENRY GEORGE, CHARLES EDWARD Simpson, and April 18 Ord April 18 WILLIAM ALFRED Corby, Brockley, Kent, Builders Joxrs, WILLIAM, Quarter Bach, Carmarthens, Butcher

Carmarthen Pet April 20 Ord April 20 SHERWIN, EDGAR, Coventry, Tailor Coventry Pet April High Court Pet Feb 18 Ord April 19

KEYBURN, JOSEPH, Bolton, Commercial Traveller Bolton 15 Ord April 15 DAVIES, ROBERT SAUNDERS, Penmaenmawr, Watchmaker

Pet April 21 Ord April 21 STILLWELL, HJ, East Ham, Essex, Builder High Court Bangor Pet April 18 Ord April 20 Pet April 6 Ord April 20 DAVIS, FREDERICK William, Sheffield, Electro plate Manu-LEECH, CHABLES JOHN FREDERICK, Burton on Trent, Hair

dresser Burton Trent Pet April 22 Ord SWINDLEHURST, SAMUEL, Barrow in Furness, Hatter Ul facturer Sheffield Pet April 18 Ord April 18

April 22 verston Pet April 19 Ord April 19 Dundas, GEORGE W, Jermyn st, St James's High Court

LEWIS, JOHN BERTRAM, Liverpool, Provision Dealer LiverSTKIS, GEORGE, Birmingham, Pork Butcher Birmingham

Pet Dec 2 Ord April 18

pool Pet April 22 Ord April 22 Pet April 18 Ord April 18 ELLIOTT, PERCY, Manchester sq, Musician High Court

LITTLEWOOD, EDGAR ALBERT, Gt Yarmouth, General Dealer TIDEY, CHARLES WILLIAM, Aldershot, Eating house Keeper Pet April 18 Ord April 18

Gt Yarmouth Pet April 23 Ord April 23 Guildford Pet April 19 Ord April 19

Evans, Joun, Bridgend, Glam, Hotel Proprietor Cardiff Meadows, HexBy, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer Leicester WALL, ROBERT, Swansea, Joiner Swansea Pet April 20 Pet April 16 Ord April 16

Pet April 22 Ord April 22 Ord April 20

FULLER, ARTHUR, Addlestone, Surrey, Butcher Kingston, PEDDEB, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Luton, Straw Hat ManufacWest, EDMUND, Gt Grimsby Gt Grimsby Pet April 14 Surrey Pet April 13 Ord April 18

turer Lutun Pet April 23 Ord April 23 Ord April 14

GARRATT, FREDERICK, Birmingham, Plumber Birming- PEREIRA, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES, Staines, Builder Kings. West, Thomas, Liverpool, Accountant High Court Pet ham Pet April 19 Ord April 19

ton, Surrey Pet Nov 4 Ord April 21 April 19 Ord April 19

Gerson, WALTER, Old Broad st High Court Pet Feb 21 RETALLACK, WILLIAM, Bayswater High Court Pet April WAITE, JAMES, St Denys, Southampton, Manufacturing Ord April 16

23 Ord April 23 Ironmonger Southampton Pet April 18 Ord April Harrison, Thomas, Edith Weston Rectory, Rutland RICHALDS, Johx SAMUEL, Nottingham, Timekeeper Not18 Leicester Pet March 28 Ora April 16

tingham Pet April 22 Ord April 2? YoUxG, JAMES, Thornton le Beans, Yorks Northallerton HARVEY, GEORGE, and John Habvey, Wellington, Salop, RICHELIEU, THOMAS, Darlington, Boiler Smith Leeds Pet April 6 Ord April 18

Coachbuilders Madeley Pet April 4 Ord April 18 Pet April 21 Ord April 21 Amended notice substituted for that published in the

HEWETSON, WILLIAM, Ireby, Cumberland, Saddler Car- SANDERS, HAYD, Rotherham, York, Advertising ContracLondon Gazette of April 5: lisle Pet April 19 Ord April 19

tor Sheffield Pet April 22 Ord April 22 HOLDER, HENRY GEORGE, Leamington, Hotel Proprietor SMYTHE, W H, North Kensington High Court Pet DREWITT, FRANK GIBSON, Gosport, Hants, Cycle Maker Warwick Pet April 15 Ord April 15

March 28 Ord April 21
Portsmouth Pet March 31 Ord March 31

INETT, JOSEPH Thomas, Wolverhampton Wolverhampton SUTCLIFFE, Ishmael, Colne, Lancs, Licensed Victualler,
Pet April 19 Ord April 20

Burnley Pet March 30 Ord April 21

JANES, CHARLES EDWARD Hall, Greenwich Greenwich Symonds, Josiau NORMAN, Horbury, Yorks, Draper CABBALLY, ANDREW, Liverpool, Team-owner's Runner

Pet April 18 Ord April 18

Wakefield Pet April 23 Ord April 23
Liverpool Rec Ord Jan 28, 1898 Resc April 19

Kenna, Jonx, Leeds Leeds Pet April 18 Ord April 18 WADDINGTON, FREDERICK SYDNEY, Chiswick, Solicitor High
LANDES, Jean, and Joseph REICH PER, Manchester, Mer-WALLACE, CHARLES Claude, East Molesey Kingston,

Court Pet March 14 Ord April 21

chants Manchester Pet March 23 Ord April 18 CHANDLER, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Bisley, nr Stroud, Glos,

LARGE, EDWARD, City rd. Finsbury sq, Valuer

High WILLIAMS, JAMES, Barrow in Furness, Dock Gateman Farm Bailiff May 3 at 11 Off Rec, Station rd, Court Pet Jan 15 Ord April 18

Ulverston Pet April 22 Ord April 22 Gloucester

LOCKETT, TIMOTHY, Heeley, Sheffield, Manfg Chemist COXDior, J ELLIOT, Broad st House, Company Promoter

Sheffi ld Pet April 20 Ord April 20

Amended notice substituted for that published in the May 2 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st McCULLUM, JOHN, Swansea, Grocer Swansea Pet March

London Gazette of March 11 : ELLIOTT, PERCY, Manchester sq, Musician May 2 at 11

11 Ord April 19 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st MIDDLEDITCH, BENJAMIN, Denston, Suffolk, Builder Cam-Asrox, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Worcester, Builder Worcester

Pet Feb 25 Ord March 8 FLETCHER, GEORGE, Long Eaton: Derbyshire, Innkeeper MORITZ, Liosel, Bury st, General Merchant High Court

April 29 at 11 Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby, FULLER, ARTAUB, Addlestone, Surrey, Batcher April 29

Pet March 31 Ord April 20°

Amended notice substituted for that published in the

London Gazette of April 8 : at 11.30 24, Railway app, London bdge

Nasu, Henry WALTER, Shurdington, Glos Cheltenham GARDNER, JOSEPH, Newcastle on Tyne, Wholesale Fancy Pet April 19 Ord April 19

BAMFORD, JOHN EDWARD, Wardle, nr Rochdale, Quilt Stationer May 2 at 11.30 Off Rec, 30, Mosley st,

PADFIELD, HENRY THOMAs, Frome, Somersets Frome Pet Manufacturer Manchester Pet March 18 Ord
Newcastle on Tyne
April 18 Ord April 18

April 6
GREAVES, Joux, Chorley, Labourer May 6 at 2.30 Off PABRY, RICHARD VAUGHAN, Nesscliffe, Salop, Shopkeeper
Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston
Shrewsbury Pet April 18 Ord April 20


PHILLIPS, FANNY, High Holborn High Court Pet Feb 19 Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

Ord April 16

DENNETT, THOMAS LAWRENCE, Hart st, Bloomsbury, Joses, Jons, Clydach, Glam, Farmer May 3 at 12 Off SHEPHERD, THOMAS, Durham, Builder Durham Pet

Manager High Court Rec Ord Feb 28, 1898 Resc
Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea
April 13 Ord April 18

April 21
KEASI, WILLIA), East Looe, Cornwall, Watchmaker
SHERWIN, EDGAR, Coventry, Tailor Coventry Pet April

April 29 at 11.30 6, Athenæum ter, Plymouth

14 Ord April 16 MAESHALL, CHARLES WALKDEN, Oldham, Greengrocer SPOUSE, HENRIETTA, Margate, Kent, China Dealer Can

BAMFORD, JOHN EDWARD, Wardle, or Rochdale, Quilt

Manufacturer May 4 at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, April 29 at 9.30 Bank chmbrs, Queen st, Oldham terbury Pet March 3 Ord April 20

Manchester NORTHMORE, Solomon, Ugborough, Devon, Butcher April SWINDLEHURST, SAMUEL, Barrow in Furness, Hatter 29 at 11' 6, Atheneum ter, Plymouth

Ulverston Pet April 19 Ord April 19

BROUGHAM, WILFRED Francis, Kensington, Solicitor May PABRY, RICHABD Vaughan, Shrewsbury, Salop, . ShopSYKES, GEORGE, Birmingham, Pork Butcher Birmingham Brown, GEORGE FREDERICK, Rushden, Northamptons,

3 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st keeper April 30 at 11.30 Off Rec, 42, St John's hill, Pet April 18 Ord April 18

Shoe Manufacturer May 4 at 12.30 Off Rec, County Shrewsbury

WALL, ROBERT, Swansea, Joiner Swansea Pet April 20 Court bldgs, Sheep st, Northampton PAILLIPS, Thomas JAMES, Pembroke, Baker May 6 at Ord April 20

Brown, JACOB, Cheltenham, Hawker May 5 at 4 12.30 Temperance Hall, Pembroke Dock

Walters, John, and JOHN JONES, Ogmore Vale, Glam, County Court bldgs, Cheltenham PRICE, David, bwansea, Milk Vendor April 30 at 12 Off Builders Cardiff Pet April 4 Ord April 5

BROWN, JT, Hornsey, Publican May 3 at 2.30 BankRec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen

West, EDMUND, Great Grimsby Great Grimsby Pet April PROJTOB, CLARKE, Bethnal Green, Furniture Broker April

ruptcy bldgs, Carey st 14 Ord April 14

CARTER, GEORGE, Stoke 8t Milborough, Salop, Machinist 29 at 11 Bankraptcy bldgs, Carey st

West, Thomas, Liverpool, Accountant Iigh Court Pet
QUESTED, WILLIAM RICHARD, Stonebridge Park, London,

May 5 at 104, Corn sq, Leominster
April 19 Ord April 19

COLUMBINE, John, Ilkeston, Derbys, Engineer May 3 at
Builder April 29 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st WAITE, JAMES, Bt Denys, Southampton, Manufacturing 11
RAJAX, WALTER SCOTT, Old Kent rd, Fish Frier April 29

Off Rec, 40, 8t Mary's gate, Derby Ironmonger Southampton Pet April 18 Ord April Dean, John, Bradford, Manufacturer May 4 at 11 OR at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

18 RIXXINGTON & HALL AM, Leic ister, Boot Manufa turers

Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford WILLIAMS, FREDERICK, Coltishall, Norfolk, Ironmonger EASTICK, WALTER, Gt Yarmouth May 3 at 10.30 LoveApril 29 at 12 30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester Norfolk Pet March 30 Ord April 19

well Blake, South Quay, Gt Yarmouth SAYERS, CAABLES WILLIAM, Chingford, Builder April 29

EMERSON, J L, Aldershot May 3 at 11.30 24, Railway at 3 Off Rec, 95, Temple cbmbrs, Temple avenue

Amended notice substituted for that published in the SCRUBBS, JOSEPH, and HARRY SCRUBBB, Leeds, Butchers

London Gazette of April 5 :

app, London bdge

ENGLAND, John, Boroughbridge, Saddler May 6 at 12.15
May 2 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds
SHERWIN, EDGAR, Coventry, Tailor May 2 at 12.30
DREWITT, FRANK GIBSON, Gos port, Hants, Cycle Maker

Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York
Rec, 17, Hertford st, Coventry

Portsmouth Pet March 30" Ord March 31

FEWTRELL, EDWARD, Linley, Salop, Farmer May 5 at 10 TAYLOR, RANDOLPH COOPER, Hulme, Manchester, Beerseller

4, Corn sq, Leominster London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 26.

GIBB, DAVID, Limehouse, Builder May 4 at 12 BankApril 29 at 2.80 Off Rec, Byroin st, Manchester

ruptcy bldgs, Carey_st WSITE, RICHARD, Burnley, Grocer April 29 at 1 Exchange


GRAHAM, FREDERICK, Ivybridge, Devon, China Dealer
Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley
ASHFORD, FranCIS RICHABD, Bideford, Devon, Butcher

May 9 at 12 306, Athenæum ter, Plymouth
WARD, WILLIAM, Rugby, Coachbuilder May 2 at 12 Off
Rec, 17, Herford st, Coventry

Barnstaple Pet April 22_Ord April 22

GWATKIN, EDWIN WILLIAM, Usk, Mon, Builder May 5 at West, EDMUND, Gt Grimsby April 29 at 11

12 Off Rec, Westgate chmbrs, Newport, Mon Off Rec, 15,

Ashwin, GERALD, Brockley, Kent, Solicitor's Clerk Green-
wich Pet April 21_Ord April 21

Osborne st, Gt Grimsby

I Rossi, Lincoln's inn fields, Solicitor May 3 WAITE, James, St Denys, Southampton, Manufacturing CARSWELL, WILLIAM DAVID, Felling on Tyne, Durham,

at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Ironmonger May 4 at 3 Off Rec, 172, High st, South

Travelling Jeweller Newcastle on Tyne Pet April 21

HARTMONT, EDWARD HERZBERG, Lombard st, Merchant ampton Ord April 21

May 3 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st WILTSHIRE, JAMES HENRY, Mountain Ash, Glam, Fruiterer Cook, WILLIAM, Maidstone, Fly Proprietor Maidstone Benesser, E C, Baker st May 4 at 2.30 Bankruptcy April 29 at 3 65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil Pet April 22 Ord April 22

bldgs, Carey st WORSWICK, ALEXANDER JAMES, Hollinwood, or Oldham, COOPER, FRANK, Barnet, Corn Merchant Barnet Pet

HEWETSON, WILLIAM, Ireby, Cumberland, Saddler May 9 Builder April 29 at 10

at 12 Off Rec, 31, Fisher st, Carlisle Bank chmbrs, Queen st,

March 23 Ord April 20

ENGLAND, JOHN, Boroughbridge, Yorks, Saddler York HITCHEN, HARRY, Aberdare, Painter May 3 at 2 65, High
Pet April 21 Ord April 21

st, Merthyr Tydfil

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