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1888, which, prior to the decision in Re Snagge (1894,2 Q. B. D. 440), was Cosis and professional assistance.-—“The costs are to be in the discretion of understood to authorize a qualified solicitor in the permanent and exclusive the arbitrator, presumably with power either to award a lump sum, or to employment of the solicitor having the conduct of the action to address direct taxation on the county court scale. In either case, the Bill prothe court. The Finance Act, 1896, s. 38, exempts the solicitor of vides that the sum awarded as compensation shall be paid on the receipt Inland Revenue from the consequences of the decision in Re Snagge, and it of the person entitled, and his solicitor or agent shall not be entitled to is intended by the present Bill to make the exemption general, and also recover from him or to claim a lien on the amount received for any costs to authorize one solicitor to appear and address the court on behalf of beyond those awarded. The effect of this is, of course, to do away with another. Clause 1 (2) of the Bill is intended to meet a case such as that solicitor and clients costs in such cases altogether. Finally, it is proposed of a railway company, or other corporate body, having a solicitor's by an amendment not yet reached to prohibit the employment of either department. Technically, the clerks in the department are not in the solicitor or counsel before such an arbitrator at all, and in this connection employment of the company's solicitor, but of the company. A Bill to the Council refer to the exhaustive report which was adopted by the amend the law relating to the audience of solicitors in county courts.-Be Council in 1896, dealing with similar provisions in other Bills which were enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice then before Parliament. The questions whether an employer has been and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons, in this guilty of personal negligence, and what damages ought to be recovered present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as from him in such a case, are often of great diffculty and importance; and follows: 1. Notwithstanding anything in the County Court Acts (Eng. if his right to a jury and to the opinion of a trained lawyer in such a case is land and Ireland) or in any other Acts-(1.) It shall be lawful for any to be taken away from him, the effect of the present measure will be solicitor who is in the permanent and exclusive employment of a solicitor much wider than its present title denotes. We cannot believe that the acting generally in the action or matter, and who is instructed by him to additional proposal, to deprive him of the assistance of professional adroappear in the action or matter, to appear and address the court. (2) It cacy altogether, will be accepted; but it appears to us very necessary to shall be lawful for any solicitor who, not being in the permanent and to point out how serious would be the consequences if such an amendment exclusive employment of a solicitor acting generally in the action or became law." Conclusions.--"In the opinion of the Council, it is not only matter, is in a common employment with such last-mentioned solicitor, novel but dangerous to introduce for certain purposes and in favour of and is instructed by him to appear in the action or matter, to appear and certain classes, a legal procedure in substitution for that provided for all address the court. (3) It shall be lawful for any solicitor retained by a purposes and for all classes by the law of the country: Unless such legissolicitor acting generally in the action or matter to appear and address Iation proceeds upon the principle that it is more important to decide the court. 2. The term “ solicitor” used in this Act means a person disputes of this class cheaply, than it is to decide them rightly, it is difficult duly qualified to act as a solicitor within the meaning of the Solicitors to perceive why the methods hitherto accepted as the best for the ascertain. Act, 1874. 3. This Act shall not extend to Scotland. 4. This Act may ment of truth should be abandoned piecemeal. If these methods are not be cited as the County Courts (Audience) Act, 1898. The Council are believed to be the best, it is logically the duty of the Legislature to strongly of opinion that the provisions of the above Bill are undesirable attempt to reform them as a whole rather than to narrow their jurisdic. and that the Bill should be opposed.

tion by the creation of artificial boundaries, and in favour only of one The Draft

Conveyancing Bill, 1898.”—The draft of this Bill prepared class of litigants. The Council are strongly of opinion that the decision at the instance of the Incorporated Law Society having been submitted by of the county court judge on questions of law either arising before him the society to the Council with a request for their observations thereon, when acting as arbitrator under the Act or referred to him by an arbitrathe Council have made the following report: “The Council have con- tor should be capable of review by the judges of the High Court; and sidered the provisions of the Draft Conveyancing Bill prepared at the further that no attempt should be made by the Act to alter the ordinary instance of the Incorporated Law Society, and regret that they are unable relations which have hitherto existed between solicitor and client.” The to approve of the scheme on which the Bill is based. The Bill appears to amendment above referred to was moved in committee on the 4th of June the Council unnecessarily to complicate the machinery of conveyancing | by Sir Charles Dilke, and was as follows: “That no party or other person by the mode in which it proposes to deal with the entire estate in settle. shall appear or be attended by counsel or solicitor." The Attorney ment, without affording due protection to the beneficial interests. The General opposed the amendment, but after some discuasion the GovernCouncil are unable to suggest any method by which these objections can ment eventually accepted the amendment with the addition of the words, be removed while retaining the framework of the Bill. The draft amend- “except by the leave of the court or arbitrator, or on any appeal to the ments of the Settled Land Acts, the Married Women's Property Acts, Court of Appeal.” The Council are, however, glad to note that upon the and the Land Transfer Act, 1897, appear however to the Council to be report stage the Attomey-General moved that in proceedings under the highly expedient, and the Council think they might well be dealt with Bill any party might appear by counsel or solicitor, the decision of the independently.

committee on this point being reversed. The Act now provides that Rules Proposed to be made by the Board of Trade under Section 13 (2) of “Rules of Court may make provision for the appearance in any arbitration the Light Railways Act, 1896.-An opportunity having been given to the under this Act of any party by some other person.". Courcil, as promised, of expressing their views upon the draft rules, the TheLand Transfer Act, 1897."-Section 22 (2) “General rules under Council' made the following report thereon : "The Council are of opinion section one hundred and eleven of the principal Act shall be made by the that in part the scale of costs is ultra vires - viz., Scale No. II. (c), which Lord Chancellor with the advice and assistance of the Registrar, a Judge enacts that: “The arbitrator shall decide whether or not he desires to of the Chancery Division of the High Court to be chosen by the judges of hear counsel, and whether or rot the costs and charges of and incurred in that division, and three other persons, one to be chosen by the General the preparation and delivery of brief to counsel and in obtaining the Council of the Bar, one by the Board of Agriculture, and one by the attendance of counsel, shall be allowed.' By section 13 (2) of the Act Council of the Incorporated Law Society.” This is the first occasion on the Board of Trade' have power merely to limit the cases in which which the Council has received recognition at the hands of the Legislature. the costs of counsel are to be allowed, not to say whether an arbitra- The Council chose Sir Howard Elphinstone, Bart., as their representativa tor shall hear counsel or not; and have only power themselves to under the above section. limit the cases and not to delegate such power to an arbitrator.

(To be continued.) As to the scales themselves. The Council would point out that they only come into operation when the claimant has recovered from the company more than the amount of the formal offer, which the company can always

THE WAKEFIELD INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. make, or rice versa. The party who has to pay costs is therefore in The annual general meeting of members was held at the Law Library default and has lost his case, and the proper principle to apply in such on the 10th of March. cases is, that the defeated party should indemnify the victor against all Present – Mr. Tanson (president), in the chair ; Messrs. Maitland, reasonable expenses. This is a principle which has been insisted upon of Smith, Plews, Beaumont, Scott, Woodhead, Cooke, Pickeragıll, Askren, late. The proposed scales of costs entirely fail in this particular, as the Haworth, W. H. Burton, Mackie, Townend, and Briggs. suggestion that any party could conduct a compensation case at anything The notice convening the meeting was taken as read. Mr. Briggs read approaching the terms contained in the scales is out of the question. For the report of the committec. The treasurer's accounts were presented. instance-a railway company makes a formal offer of £50 for land, wbich Proposed by Mr Beaumont, seconded by Mr. Cooke, and resolved : is refused. The claimant proceeds to trial and obtains an award for £150. “That the report of the committee and the treasurer's accounts be According to the scale, the maximum the claimant can recover for costs accepted, and that the same and the president's address be printed and is the sum of £10, which is to include the costs of solicitor, counsel (if circulated amongst the members.” any), all out-of-pocket expenses, and all expenses of witnesses. The Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Plews, and resolved: Council fail to see why in such a case a railway company when “That for the current year the treasurer do pay out of the funds of this unsuccessful should receive such exceptional favour and consideration in society to the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom the the matter of costs as compared with ordinary litigants. The Council subscription of each member of this society, so as to qualify him as a see no reason whatever for the special and elaborate scale of costs member of the Incorporated Law Society." proposed to be made by the Board of Trade, and recommend that the The followivg resolution was moved and seconded: "Tbat for the ordinary county court scale of costs should be applied in all cases where year 1899 the hon. treasurer be instructed not to pay out of the funds of less than £200 is recovered, and that in cases over £200 the ordinary scale this society the subscriptions of the members of this society to the Iu: of costs now in force under the Land Clauses Act should apply." Copies corporated Law Society of the United

Kingdom, and that the secretaries of this report were sent to the Lord Chancellor and to the President of inform the latter society thereof." After considerable discussion, in the Board of Trade.

which it was pointed out that a protest had already been made against The Workmen's (Compensation for Accidents) Bill, 1897."-The Council the action of the Incorporated Law Society (U.K.) by this and other pro considered this Bill, when first introduced into the House of Commons, in vincial societies at the extraordinary general meeting of the society held great detail, and their report upon its provisions was widely circulated in London in January last, the resolution was eventually withdrawn in amongst Members of Parliament and others. The Bill having become deference to the views of some of the older members of this society, law, and the original provisions having been greatly altered and modified, Proposed by Mr. Plews, seconded by Mr. Scott, and resolved "That it would serve no good purpose to set out at length the Council's Report the connection between this society and the associated provincial law upon the Bill as originally introduced. The report concluded as follows: societies be and is hereby determined, and that the secretaries notify that


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fact to the associated provincial law societies, assigning as a reason that the Land Transfer Act of 1875, and will considerably improve that in the opinion of this society the associated provincial societies do not measure. Part III. of the Act provides the machinery for the compulsory adequately represent the provincial members of the profession, especially application of registration of title. By it, registration of title upon sale of those in the North."

layd may by Order in Council, be made compulsory in any county or part of Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Beaumont, and resolved: a county defined in such order after a day fixed by the order, and such order " That Mr. Maitlind be elected president for the current year."

may be revoked or varied, but a draft of the proposed order is, six months Proposed by Mr. Smith, seconded by Mr. Plews, and resolved : “That before the order is made, to be cent to the council of the county to Messrs. II. Chalker and W. Townend be elected vice presidents for the which is to apply, and such order shall not be made, if within three current year.”

months after the receipt of the draft the county council shall, at a special Proposed by Mr. Briggs, seconded by Mr. Maitland, and resolved : meeting, at which two-thirds of the members sball be present, resolve “ Tbat Mr. Arthur D. Smith be re-elected honorary treasurer for the that compulsory registration is not desirable in their county. The first current year.”

order is not to affect more than one county. No further order is to be Proposed by Mr. Plews, seconded by Mr. Pickersgill, and resolved: made till the expiration of three years from the making of the first order, “That Messrs. Basil S. Briggs and E. Dacra Mackie be elected joint and not then, except at the special request as to any county of the county honorary secretaries for the current year.”

council, to be expressed by resolution at a meeting at which two-thirds Proposed by Mr. Townend, seconded by Mr. Cooke, and resolved : of the members sball be present. If the council of the first proposed " That Mr. J. Charlesworth be re-elected honorary librarian for the area object to compulsory registration, it can be proposed for another current year.'

area. Every proposed order bas to be laid before both Houses of ParliaProposed by Mr. Townend, seconded by Mr. Cooke, and resolved : ment within the specified time, and it is to be void if disapproved of by " That Messrs. J. H. Askren and W. H. Burton be elected auditors for Parliament. Notice of order as above mentioned was given the current year."

to the London County Council on the 18th of November last. The The following members of the committee were then elected, on the council consulted various public and other bodies on the question of the motion of Mr. Wood bead, seconded by Mr. Briggs-viz., Messra. Plews, advisability of allowing the Act to be applied in London, and of these Scott, Ianson, Lodge, Cooke, Haworth, and Routlidge.

bodies 67 reported disapproving of the application of the Act to London The business of the meeting was concluded by a vote of thanks to the and 14 in favour of it. Amongst those who disapproved was the Incorchairman.

porated Law Society (U.K.). At a special meeting of the London County Council, held on the 15th of February, 1898, notwithstanding the weight

of opiniou agaiust the application of the Act to London, disclosed by the The following are extracts from the report of the committee :

replies received to their circular, the council decided not to veto the · Members. – The number of members at the beginning of 1897 was fifty- application of the Act to the county of London. The experiment about seren. Two new members have been elected-namely, Mr. E D. Mackie, to be tried in London will

be watched by the profession at large with the of Wakefield,

and Mr. J. E. Poppleton, of Pontefract, and the roll at the keenest interest. Under the Act the experimental area cannot be extended end of the year numbered fifty-nine, as follows: Wakefield, forty-five ; for three years from the first application of the Act. The warmest Pontefract, eight; Knottingley, one ; Castleford, four ; Horbury, one; thanks of the members are due to Mr. Plews and Mr. Briggs for the time number of members, fifty-nine. There are also six subscribers to the and labour they have devoted on behalf of this society to this subject, and library.

in particular for the work done by them in conjunction with the County Court Rules (March, 1897).-Your committee considered these representatives of the Leeds, Sheffield, and Yorksvire law societies. rules and communicated with the Incorporated Law Society (U.K.) with Mr. Plews bas, during the past year, attended several meetings in a view to assist in obtaining their withdrawal. On the 12th of March Leeds, Sheffield, and London, and Mr. Briggs made three journeys to last a meeting of the associated provincial law societies was held in London at the end of July, and spent the greater part of ten days there London to consider the matter, when a resolution was passed and for- in assisting to oppose the Bill. In addition to this, both gentlemen per. warded to the Lord Chancellor requesting that the rules should be sonally undertook a considerable share of the arduous secretarial work at withdrawn. This was subsequently done. Land Transfer Acl.- Land transfer has again occupied a great deal of

The Conveyancing Bill prepared by Mr. Wolsteuholme for the Incor. the time and attention of your committee during the past year. It will porated Law Society (U.K.) was introduced into the House of Lords last be remembered that for many

years past a Bill on this subject has been ression by Lord Davey, and read a second time in that House. It will be presented to one or other of the Houses of Parliament and has been brought forward again during the current session. consistently opposed by the Incorporated Law Society (U.K.), with the assistance of the various provincial law societies. The Bill

UNITED LAW SOCIETY. introduced last fersion differed considerably from its predecessors. April 4.–Mr. Yates in the chair.- Sir Herbert Stephens, Bart, moved The Incorporated Law Society issued a circular in February, 1897, That this society condemns the Criminal Evidence Bill now before to all the provincial societies inquiring whether they might count Parliament.” Mr. C. W. Williams opposed, and the debate was conon their support in opposing the Bill then about to be introduced tinued by Messrs. J. R. Adkin, Galbraith, Edwards, Marks, and Leeinto the House of Lords. Your committee expressed their willing. Nash. Sir Herbert Stephens replied, and the motion was carried by seven ness to do all in their power to support opposition to the Bill. Nothing votes. more was heard, however, from the London society until the 12th of March, when the annual meeting of the aseociated provincial societies

LONDON ASSURANCE CORPORATION. was held in London, at which a resolution was submitted to the effect that opposition to the Bill should be abandoned on certain terms. This

The accounts for the year 1897 were presented at the annual general resolution was on the lines of a suggested compromise contained in a

court held on the 30th ult., and a dividend was declared at the rate of 20 private report on the Bill

issued a few days previouely by the Incorporated per cent. on the paid-up capital, absorbing £89,655. . In the life departLaw Society (U.K.), and was proposed at the above-mentioned meeting by ment new assurances were granted under 521' policies for £347,884, of the chairman, who was a member of the Council of that society. The

which £76,500 was re-assured. The claims during the year were much resolution was to the effect that opposition should be abandoned only

in pating Feries was £4 53. 11d. per cent. and by the participating series

The rate of interest carned by the non-particithe event of certain amendments being introduced into the Bill and was not fully discussed owing to the shortness of the time allowed for discus- £1 18. 4d. per cent. The total life income amounted to £238,601, and sion by the chairman. The amendments were to provide: (1) a definite the fund is now £2,105,219,

an increase of £44,722 over the previous year. restriction in the Bill of the experimental area ; (2) the initiative or con

In the fire department the premium income after deduction of recent of county councils to the application of compulsory registration ; (3) insurances amounted to £385,006 and the losses to £209,232, or 54:3 per definite experimental period to elapse before area could be extended ;

cent. of the premium income. After transferring £50,000 to profit and (4) solicitors only to be allowed to practise for reward. The London loss, the fire insurance fund amounted to £675,051, an increase of £12,560 society, making this resolution their excuse, promptly and unconditionally

as compared with 1896. In the marine department the premiums for abandoned their opposition to the Bill. At the instance of Mr. Arthur 1897 amounted to £291,659 and the losses ou account of 1897 and former Middleton, president of the Leeds society, the various Yorkshire law years to £289, 991. The marine fund is now £200,210. The total assets societies met in conference at Leeds and decided to take active steps

to £3.957,078 on the 31st of December, 1896.

at the close of the year amounted to £4,008,485, as compared with oppcee the Bill, and agreed to share the expenses amongst them, considering that the West Riding would probably be selected as the experimental area. A small executive committee consisting of Mr. Arthur Middleton, Mr. H Bramley, Mr. J. F. Ianson, and Mr. J. T. Atkinson, presidents of the Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, and Yorkshire law societies The Times understands that an appeal for subscriptions to the Lock respectively, was appointed with full power to initiate and carry wood Memorial Fund, together with a first list of donations, will be on the opposition. Though the time to the rising of Parliament issued. The letter will be signed by the Lord Chancellor, Lord Rosewas very short indeed, à vigorous oppoeition was instituted in bery, Lord James of Hereford, Lord Russell of Killowen, the AttorneyLoudon (Mr. Briggs representing this society) with the result General, and Mr. James Lowther. The preliminaries were arranged at a that several important amendments were inserted in the Bill meeting held in one of the committee rooms of the House of Commons. and the Attorney-General stated in the House of Commons that an order It was decided to devote the subscriptions to the following objects : (1) A making registration of title compulsory should first be offered to the portrait of the late Sir Frank Lockwood to be placed in the National London County Counci). The Act was duly passed as amended, avd | Portrait Gallery ; (2) a memorial “brass" to be placed in St. Margaret's came into force on the 1st of January last. Part I. of the Act has nothing Church, Westminster; (3) a tablet or other memorial to be erected in whatever to do with registration of title to land, but provides for the York Minster; and (4), if funds permit, the endowment of a bed in a establishment of a real representative, who will have a position in regard London hospital to be called “the Frank Lockwood bed.”_Subscriptions to real estate similar to that occupied by the personal representative in to the extent of nearly £400 were promised in the room, Lord Rosebery regard to chattels real. Part II. is wholly concerned with amendments to heading the list with £100.

mony. In support of that contention counsel referred to a work on the LEGAL NEWS.

Criminal Law Amendment Act, in which there was a note wbich stated

that, in a case tried before Mr. Justice (now Lord Justice) A. L. Smith, OBITUARY.

that' learned judge said that the fact of a prisoner declining to give We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr. H. W. Challis, bar- evidence was a corroboration of the case for the prosecution. That care

was not reported, and he himself (the Common Serjeant continued) enterrister, which took place on the 1st inst. He was the son of the late Mr.

tained the greatest possible doubt whether Lord Justice A. L. Smith ever H. W. Challis, principal of the Accountants' Office in the Bank of Eng.

said that, because, if that were so, it would mean that, in every case under land, and was educated at St. Paul's School, and Merton College, Oxford. the Criminal Law Amendment Act and the sections of the other statute He was called to the bar in 1876, and practised at the equity bar. He was mentioned in that Act, it was in the power of the judge to repeal the Act the joint author of Hood and Challis's Conveyancing and Settled Land of Parliament. The Legielature said that the prisoner was a competent Acts, which has now reached a fifth edition, and also cf a well-known but not compellable witness ; but if the judge told the jury in those cases treatise on the Law of Real Property.

in which corroboration was required by law that the fact of the prisoner

not going into the witness box was a corroboration of the case for the APPOINTMENTS.

prosecution, that would in effect bo repealing the Act. No one could Mr. John William BARTON, solicitor, of 6, Lombard-street, London, possibly be acquitted who did not go into the witness box. He was satisE.C., and Woking, has been appointed a Commissioner for Oaths. Mr. tied that Lord Justice A. L. Smith never did say that. The importance Barton was admitted in December, 1891.

of the point was greatly increased because at the present time there was a Mr. John Ernest GLADSTONE, solicitor, of the firm of Williams & Glad- should be a competent but not compellable witness.

Bill before Parliament providing that in every criminal case the prisoner stone, of Cardiff, has been appointed a Commissioner for Oaths. Mr. Gladstone was admitted in November, 1890.

In delivering judgment in a case before the House of Lords on the 1st

inst. the Lord Chancellor said, according to the Times, "I am desirous of CHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS.

expressing my great regret that a case which apparently turned, as may

be seen from the judgment of the court below, in a great measure upon DISSOLUTIONS.

two or three sentences in the specification should have taken the period of George Markey and John James Greenwood, solicitors (Maffey & time which it has taken, both in the original court and in the Court of Greenwood), 61, Gracechurch-street, London. March 1.

Appeal, to have a question which, as I say, turns upon five or six lines,

[Gazette, April 1. determined. Having regard to the extravagant and extraordinary conCHARLES John Collins PBICHARD, William HENDERSON, and EDWARD witnesses of great eminence being called on both sides and evidence given

sumption of time which was involved in the determination of this case, GERRISH, Eolicitors (Fussell & Co.), Bristol. March 31. [Gazette, April 5.

wbich amounts in the book which I hold in my hand to 500 printed Mr. .WORTHINGTON Evans, on the 31st ult, retired from the firm of quarto pages, it is no wonder that if a case so simple in its character is so Worthington Evans, Bird, & Hill, solicitors, of 35, Eastcheap, London, protracted, there is what is called a "block" in the courts of law. My after fifty years of active practice. The business will be continued by Mr. Iords, I can only say for myself that I regret very much that, while comOswald Bird, Mr. Laming Worthington Evans, and Mr. Arthur Bernard plaints are reaching me constantly of the difficulties of suitors in ordinary Lewin Hill, at the above address, under the old style and firm.

litigation in having their cases determined, it should be thought necessary

in cases of this kind to waste so much time as was wasted in this case. I GENERAL.

think it is worthy of the consideration of those engaged in such cases to It is announced that the late Mr. Gibb?, Q.C, has left a legacy of remember that the Legislature has provided a tribunal for protracted £1,500 to his clerk, Mr. R. G. Coveney.

scientific investigations, to which cases of this sort will have to be remitted

if this case is to be taken as an example. The question to be determined The Standard says that the Archbishop of Canterbury has conferred the in this case by a court of law is comparatively a short one, but if prodegree of Doctor of Laws upon the Mayor of Nottingham (Mr. Alderman fessors on every subject under heaven are to be brought to confront each Fraser), in recognition of the excellent manner in which he discharged other and give evidence on questions of this sort it is quite manifest that the duties of his office during the recent visit of the Church Congress to

the ordinary principles which guide courts of justice cannot be adbered Nottingham, and in recognition also of his attainments as a lawyer.

to, and what is called the scientific part of the case will have to be The clerks of the barristers practising on the Northern Circuit were remitted to a totally different tribunal. I throw this out for the conentertained at a dinner at the Holborn Restaurant on Tuesday evening sideration of those who are engaged in something which is called litiga. given by Mr. Justice Bigham (who was leader of the circuit for many tion whether what I have suggested renders it possible to continue to try years) in celebration of his recent elevation to the bench. Mr. Arthur patent cases in the ordinary course of law. Everyone knows it is most Dones, clerk to the learned judge, occupied the chair.

satisfactory that they should be so determined, but if it becomes im. On the 31st ult. Mr. Justice Grantham set in the new court, Queen's possible by the ordinary process because the courts of Chancery and Bench No. 10. His lordship observed that the court lists of cases under courts of common law are blocked up by cases of this sort it is manifest Order XIV. seemed to be very irregularly made up. Upon some days that such a system cannot be permitted to continue.” there was only one case in the list, while that day there were six. He did not know why that was eo. The court itself was the most inconvenient that was ever invented. Neither counsel nor the ushers could get across WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.—Before pur. the room. It would never do as a court.

chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly At the Mansion-house Police-court on the 4th inst., Mr. William Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Mason Safford, of Bucklersbury, was summoned before Alderman Sir Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full Walter. Wilkin, at the instance of the Incorporated Law Society, particulars. (Established 21 years.)--[Advt.] for on the 12th of November, 1897, in the City of London, pretending that he was duly qualified to act as a solicitor. Mr. R. H. Humphreys, solicitor, appeared in support of the summons on behalf of the Incorpor

WINDING UP NOTICES. ated Law Society. The defendant, who is an American solicitor, acted in

London Gazette.-Friday, April 1. November on behalf of Mr. Falk, a merchant in the City, in a partnership

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. dispute. Mr. Lewis, the solicitor for Mr. Falk's partner, asked the defendant whether he was a solicitor. The defendant replied, "Yes, I BRIGUTON

AND Hove Darries, LIMITED --Creditors are required, on or before Friday,

May 6, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, am an American solicitor carrying on business in New York, and have to Messrs Thomson & Co, 2 and 3, West st, Finsbury circus, solors to the liquidators done so for some years.” On the 12th of November the defendant wrote COMMONWEALTH BYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 7, to send a letter to a firm on the subject of the partnership dispute, and signed the

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Bedford letter “W. M. Safford, solicitor.” The Incorporated Law Society con

McNeill, 5, Austin Friars. Todd & Co, Chancery lane, solors to liquidator tended that the defendant's so signing the letter was a technical infringe

Couk & Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 14, to send their names and addresses,

and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Alexander Hall Downes, ment of the Solicitors Act, he not being an English solicitor. The

28 and 29, St Świthin's lane. Neish & Co, Watling st, solors to liquidator defendant said he did this as an act of friendship and without fee or

GOULD & MACKENZIE, LIMITED-By an order made by Wright, J, dated March 23, it was reward from Mr. Falk, and he did not know that he was transgressing the

ordered that the voluntary winding up of Gould & Mackenzie, Limited, be continued.

Maffey & Co, Gracechurch st, solors for petners law. If that constituted an offence he pleaded guilty to a technical HUNWICK & CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented March 29, directed to be heard offence. Sir Walter Wilkin said the defendant had taken a very gentle

April 20. Dade & Co, 100, London wall, solors for the petors. Notice of appearing

must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of April 19 manly course. According to our law it was an offence. The defendant LONDON SEWING MACHINE SYNDICATE, LIMITED-In pursuance of an order dated Jan 26, repeated that he did not do it for payment, but only out of friendship. Mr Percy Masorn, 64, Gresham st, has been appointed liquidator in the place of Mr. Sir Walter Wilkin said it was a technical offence, and he would impose Ngharles DiGaR CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED --Creditors are required, on or before a technical fine of 10s, and 2s. costs.

April 22, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, In summing up, on the trial of a charge under the Criminal Law to G. Alec Lewis, Market sq chmbrs, Merthyr Tydfil Amendment Act, at the Central Criminal Court on the 2nd inst., the

PALMAREJO MINING CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 1, to send

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Thomas Common Serjeant said that the Criminal Law Amendment Act provided Southcott, 27 and 28, Old Jewry. Greenwood & Co, Gracechurch st, solors to the that any person who was charged with an offence against that Act should liquidator be a competent but not compellable witness. The person charged could SYPHON ELEVATOR SYNDICATE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION).-Creditors are required, one or give evidence if he liked, but he need not do so unless he liked. The

before May 11, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to Charles Luff, 11, Old Broad st. Burn & Berridge, Old Broad st, solors to the Legielature said that no one was to be a compellable witness. The liquidator prisoner Smith had declined to give evidence. Counsel for the prosecu

TOWNSEND CYCLE Co, LIMITED, NEWPORT, Mon. (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, tion therefore contended that the fact of the prisoner Smith having

on or before April 30, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their declined to give evidence was a corroboration of the prosecutrix's testi

debts or claims, to Messrs. Walter Hunter & Co, Council chambers, Corn st, Newport, Mon



London Gazette.-TUESDAY, April 5.

KIDD, John, Swinton, or Manchester, Iron Merchant July 1 Berry, Walkden, nr JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.


LEWIS, Joux, New Barnet, Herts April 30 Boyes, Barnet
ALBERTA STEAMSHIP Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 2, to send LOOBMORE, Ann, Pitminster, Somerset May 1 Kite & Broomhead, Taunts a

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to Henry MacLennan, RODERICK, Liverpool, Draper April 30 Geddes, Liverpool
Douglas Eshelby, 24, North John st, Liverpool. Forshaw & Hawkins, Liverpool, MIDDLEMORE, ELIZA Magia, Thorngrove, Worcester April 30 Hughes & Brown
solors for liquidator

Worcester AUSTRIAN INCANDESCENT SHABE Co, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before May 17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

MIDDLEMORE, ROBERT FREDERICK, Thorngrove, Worcester April 30 Hughes & Brown,

Worcester Edward Hayes and William Henry Gillett, 41, Moorgate st. Francis & Johnson, MORRIS, JOSEPH ROBERT, Ramsgate April 23 Hunters & Haynes, New sq, Lincoln's Austin Friars, solors for liquidators

inn AUTOMATIC Gas METER (1895) CORPORATION, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or

NEAME, LOUISA, Buckingham palace Mansions May 11 Tassell & Son, Faversham before May 21, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to Mr John E. Witham, Halifax. Walker & Rowe, Bucklersbury, solors to OLLEY, WALTER WILLIAM, Sunderland April 18 Burnicle, Sunderland
BLUMFIELD MANUFACTURING CO, LIMITED (Ernest-STREET WORKS, BIRMINGHAM)--Cred- Peake, MARIA Sophia, Milverton, Somerset April 3Payne, Milverton

itors are required, on or before April 21, to send their names and addresses, and the PontuN, JOHN WILLIAM, Faversham, Kent, Coachbuilder May 1 Johnson, Faversham
particulars of their debts or claims, to Rheece W Palk, 105, Colmore row, Birmingham Rees, Rosina Ann, Clifton, Bristol May 28 Abbott & Co, Bristol
Maddocks, Coventry, solor to the liquidator
BROWN, MICHEL, & PAGE, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented March 31, and Robinson, Taomas, Droylsden, nr Manchester April 11 A & G W Fox, Manchester
directed to be heard April 20. Wood & Co, 6, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn, solors for

SHEFFIELD, HENRy, Londonderry, Ireland April 30 Henderson & Co, Philpot lo petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of April 19

SOUNDY, ANNIE, Teddington June 20 Day & Co, Norfolk st, Strand
EMMABURG NATURAL TABLE WATERS, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Stevens, Jonx, Newport, Salop May1 Holmes, Shifnal
Tuesday, May 17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts

STOCKHARDT, CARL HEINRICH JULIUS WALDEMAR, South Kensington, Clerk April 21 or claims, to Mr. John William Gundry Coombs, Clarendon cbmbis, 14, St Anne's sq, Manchester.

AH Arnould & Son, New ct, Lincola's inn ENGLISH INCANDESCENT GAS SAARE CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before

TONGE, JOSHUA WILLIAM, Stalybridge, Chester, Corn Merchant May 1 Ives, Staly

bridge May 17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims,

TOWNSHEND, ALICIA JANE, Hyde Park gate May 1 Rowcliffes & Co, Bedford row to Edward Hayes and William Henry Gillett, 41, Moorgate st. Francis & Johnson, Austin Friars, solors for liquidators

WILLMOTT, WILLIAM, Ampton st, Gray's inn rd April 19 Robinson, Boncath
EPPING NATURAL MINERAL WATER CO, LIMITED-By an order made by Wright, J, dated

March 3, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Wilton, James, Brighton April 23 Bridgman & Willcocks, College hill
Trower & Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn, solors for petner

Wrist, WILLIAM, Upper Tooting, Baker April 30 Cork, Seething lang
IMPROVED ELECTRO-PLATING CO, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented April 4,
directed to be heard on April 20. Rushton, New inn, Strand, solor for petner. Notice

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 29. of appeuring must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of ACKLAND, ThomAS, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Ironmonger April 16 Rutter & Rutter, April 19

Shaftesbury INCANDESCENT Gas Light Co, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before May 17, to Anson, The Ven GEORGE HENBY GREVILLE, Birch, nr Manchester May 12 Etrle & Co,

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Manchester

Hayes, 41, Moorgate st. Francis & Johnson, 26, Austin-friars, solors to the liquidator Atkinson, Alice, Liverpool May 1 Rudd, Liverpool
IRISH INCANDESCENT Gas Light Co, Limited-Creditors are required, on or before May
17, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

BARBOWCLOUGII, Jonas, Manchester, Clothier April 24 Turner, Huddersfield
Edward Hayes, 41, Moorgate st. Francis & Johnson, Austin-friars, solors to the Bowles, JAMES, Stoke Newington, Builder's Manager April 22 Page, Queen Victoria

OSBORNE ESTATE (ISLE OF WIGHT) CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before BRAUND, Mary Ann, St Leonard's on Sea May 1 Morgan, Hastings
May 7, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their

debts or claims, to Mr. Henry John Bliss, 106, Cheapside.' Edell & Gordon, King st, Cheapside, solors

BRIGGS, JAMES, Brighouse May 2 Barber & Oliver, Brighouse to the liquidator

BROWN, JAMES, Heywood, Lancs, Innkeeper April 16 Stott, Rochdale ROXBURGHE Press, LuteD--By an order made by Wright, J, dated March 16, it was

Browx, Joun, Walton, Liverpool April 20 Sunter, Liverpool ordered that the voluntary winding up of the Roxburghe Press, Limited, be continued. Wetherfield & Co, solors for the petners

BROWNE, EMMA, Chorley, Lanc3 April 30 Mayhew & Co, Wigan SUNBEAM FARMING CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 17, to send BRYERS, John, Bickerstaffe, Lancs, Farmer May 5 Leo & Co, Ormskirk

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Sydney | BURDIA, William James, Croydon May 14 Lincoln, Mark In Saker, 37, Havelock rd, Hastings

CUBRIE, CECILIA CADOGAN, Pevensey Bay, Sussex April 30 Lee & Pembertons, LinFRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSOLVED.

coln's inn fields FRIENDLY AND PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Bell Inn, Tilney, All Saints, Norfolk, March 30 DEANE, HARRIET, Colchester May 16 Elwes & Turner, Colchester ESNISKILLE LODGE OF LOYAL ORANGEMEN DISTRICT SICK AND BURIAL Soo

ry, Red

Ellison, EGBERT, Stratford, Essex May 1 Watkins, Bashinghall st
Lion Inn, 2, Gas House lane, Willington Quay on Tyne, Northumberland. March 30
SILK DRESSERS' SOCIETY, Oddfellows' Hall, Brighouse, York. March 23

ELVIDGE, Ann, Metheringham, Lincoln April 26 Toynbee & Co, Lincoln
FISHWICK, WILLIAM, Newport, Salop, Saddler April 30 Fisher & Hodges, Newport

Fox, John, Shrewsbury April 80 Sprott & Morris, Shrewsbury

GOODCHILD, John, Hampstead April 15 Fishers, Essex st

Geay, Thomas, Thornton Heath, Surrey June 1 Hunters & Haynes, New square, UNDER 22 & 23 VICI. CAP. 35.

Lincoln's inn

Hart, Ernest ABRAHAM, Totteridge, Herts, Editor May 3 Joseph & Hyam, Finsbury LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

pvmnt London Gazelle.-FRIDAY, March 25.

Hoy, Ann, Hastings April 30 Chalk & Thatcher, Bishopsgate st Without AyLWIX, CHARLES EDWARD, Jeriningham rd, New Cross April 30 Frank Rayden, High HUNT, JOHN MORTIMER, Airlie grdns, Campden Hill April 30 Witham & Co, Gray's

st, Boro BANADOOR, RAI TEJNABAYAN Sings, Bhagulpore, India April 30 Morgan & Co, Old JENNINGS, WILLIAM, Wadebridge, Cornwall April 30 Ellis, Wadebridge Broad st

KEMP, ELIZABETH JANE, Camden Town April 30 Long & Gardiner, Lincoln's inn BAKER, RALPH, Salford April 25 Lawson & Co, Manchester

fields BAKER, THOMAS, Scarborough April 15 Watts & Co, Scarborough

King, ELLEN Mary, Bolsover st, Portland pl April 30 Harman, Gt Portland st BERNARD, ELLEN, Overross, Ross, Hereford April 30 Wilson, Bath

LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Trinity rd, Wood Green May 9 Letts Bros, Bartlett's bldgs

MARSHALL, WILLIAM, Todmorden, Lancs April 30 Craven, Todmorden
BLAINE, Sir ROBERT STICKXEY, Bath April 30 Kearsey & Co, Old Jewry
BOWLER, JANE Axx, Withington, Lancs April 4 Bowler, Manchester

Moran, MICHALL, Middlesborough, Fruit Merchant April 25 Punch, Middlesborough BRAYSHAW, PAUL, Shipley, Yorks, Grocer April 25 Morgan & Morgan, Bradford

Mor, John James, Newcastle upon Tyne April 29 Ward, Newcastle Bernsox, Arn, Barcheston, Warwick April 25 Hancock & Co, Shipston on Stour

Nash, ELIZADETH, Montagu sg April 15 Budd & Co, Bedford row BROOKE, THOMAS, Bristol, Manufacturer May 14 Lawrence & Co, Bristol

PARRY, FREDERICK, Chester, Stationer April 25 Evans, Chester BUBBOUGHS, BENJAMIN GUSTAVUS, Clifton, Bristol April 30 Burroughs, Bristol

READ, WILLIAM Thomas, Kentish Town May 5 Bellord & Co, Lime at

ROWLAND, JOSEPH, Stockport April 30 Chapman & Co, Manchester
CECIL, Lord SACKVILLE ABTaue, Beckenham, Kent May 2 Nicholson & Co, Prince's st
Storey's gate

SOLEY, Rev Thomas Lewes, Northampton April 30 Mowll & Mowll, Canterbury
CLARK, WILLIAM Joux, Withington, Dr Manchester, Merchant April 27 Farrer & Co,

TITLEY, John, Madeley May 2 Potts & Potts, Broseley CLEARY, THOMAS, Birkenhead April 7 Teebay & Lynch, Liverpool

TownsexD, MARY PEISELEY, Oxford May 18 Walsh & Son, Oxford CoGSWELL, BENJAMIN FREDERICK, Croydon May 3 H B Worrell & Son, Coleman st WARNER, EMILY WHITE, Acton June 24 Fraser & Son, Southampton st, Bloomsbury COMPSON, SAMUEL, Birmingham, Glass Blower April 21 Shirley Smith, Birmingham

WHITCOMBE, Anx, Canterbury April 30 Mowll & Mowll, Canterbury Cottox, Mrs ELIZABETII, Sylvan rd, Forest Gate May 7 Crawford & Chester, Cannon st

WHAT, Anx, Nottingham April 27 Wing & Son, Nottingham Da Costa, Louisa, Brighton April 30 Howlett & Clarke, Brighton

London Gazelle.-FRIDAY, April 1. DALBY, Joux, Boston Spa, York April 9 Hugh W & R Pearson, Helmsley

ADDINGTON, JAMES, Camberwell, Corn Factor April 30 Avery & Wolverson, New

Cross rd Day, Edwix, Scarborough April 30 Scholefield & Co, Batley

ALLISON, GEORGE, Monkwearmouth, Durham, Contractor May 14 Adamson Rhage, Evans, WILLIAM Dixon, Madeley, Salop, Draper April 30 Potts & Potts, Br oseley

Newcastle on Tyne

ARMITAGE, Miss SARAH ANNE, Bude, Cornwall April 30 Morse & Co, Copthall bldgs FINLAYSON, GEORGINA DASHWOOD, Hornsey May2 Garrett, Gt James st

Banlow, John, West Auckland, Durham, Farmer May 1 Wilkinson, Bishop Auckland FRIPP, ELIZABETH, Teignmouth May 28 Abbott & Co, Bristol

Barlow, Thomas, Torkington Lodge, nr Stockport May 13 W L Welsh & Sons, ManGABSOX, WILLIAM, Leadenhall st May 4 Ince & Co, Fenchurch st

chester GIBBS, FREDERICK WAYmouth, South Kensington, CB, QC May 2 Wilde & Co, College BELL, BENJAMIN, Burton on Trent, General Smith May 1 Skinner, Burton on Trent

BENNISON, WILSON THOMAS JAMES, Montague pl, Bedford sq, Surveyor April 26 Tryon, HABBERLEY, Anx, Kidderminster April 18 Crowther & Boning, Kidderminster

Crosby sq HARPER, JOHN CYRIL STANLEY Newcastle upon Tyne, Dental Surgeon May 6 Wilkin- BOURNE, GEORGE, Harborne, Stafford, Tube Manufacturer Day 1 Jeffery & Co, son & Marshall, Newcastle upon Tyno

Biriningham JAY, CARL, Bexley, Kent April 30 Kearsey & Co, Old Jewry

Browx, THOMAS, York June 30 Ware & Sons, York JONES, Emma Maria, South Mimms, nr Barnet, Innkeeper April 30 Boyes, Barnet CAREY, FREDERICK, Kensington, Produce Broker May 4 Wood & Co, Southend on Sea JONES, THOMAS WILLIAM CARMALT, Esq, Westbourne st, Hyde Park May 2 Nicholson CARLYON, GEORGE RICHARD GWaVAB, Tregreban, Cornwall May 7 Rose & Johngon, & Co, Prince's st, Storey's gate

Delahay st, Westminster

ipn sq


CLARKE, Booth FREDERICK, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st, Solicitor April 30 Beaumont & Low, MARY Axx, Cambridge April 16 Papworth & French, Cambridge

Son, Lincoln's inn fields
Cook, Janes, Tunstall, Stafford May 1 Adams, Tunstall

LUNN, FRANCES MARY, West Lavington, Sussex May 3 Webbers & Duncan, South

ampton bldgs COOPER, WILLIAM COOPER, Bedford May 12 farrer & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

MOFFATT, THOMAS, Crosthwaite, nr Kendal, Farner April 30 Cartmell, Kendal COULTHURST, JAMES, Liverpool, Labourer May 30 Quilliam, Liverpool

Monckton, CLAUD, Rickmansworth May 1 Francis & Calder, Adelaide pl DAWSON, JOHN, Exeter May 12 Mumford & Co, Bradford

MARSHALL, THOMAS, Cotgrave, Nottingham, Farmer April 30 Spencer, Nottingham DENNIS, GEORGE CHRISTOPHER, York June 30 HJ Ware & Sons, York

MUGGLETON, Hezekiah, Cambridge, Grocer May 7 Eaden & Spearing, Cambridge Dew, FREDERICK Duncan, Chelsea, Licensed Victualler April 30 Copeman & Ladell, Odling, EDWARD, Buslingthorpe, Lincoln April 26 Page & Padley, Market Rasen

DICKINSON, WILLIAM, Birkenhead, Yacht Builder May 2 Reinhardt, Birkenhead

OBD, CHRISTOPHER Knox, Lewisham April 15 Shallesa, Greenwich
ELEY, ELIZABETH, Sandbach, Chester May 13 Bygott & Sons, Sandbach

Organ, EDWIN, Olveston, Glos, Innkeeper May 21 Crossman & Co, Thornburg RSO EVERSHED, CHARLES LAMBERT, Arundel May 2 Carleton & Co, Bedford row

Praott, RICHARD, Besthorpe, Nottingham May 14 Hodgkiason, Newark on Trent Evans, HENBY LLOYD, South Kensington May 1 Hores & Co, Lincoln's Inn fields

Potts, Maria, Bishop Auckland, Durham May 1 Wilkinson, Bishop Auckland

PRICE, SARAH EMILY, Westbourne grove May 11 Fladgate & Co, Craig's ct
FOBBEBY, HENRY, Leicester April 30 Stevenson & Son, Leicester
FRANKLIN, HENRY WALKER, Knightrider st April 30

PURCELL, John, Sandbach, Chester May 13 Bygott & Sons, Sandbach
HH Wells & Son, Paternoster

Rogers, Joseph EDWARD GILBERT, Sheerne83, Kent, Sargeon May 1 WJ & E I TreFREEMAN, Sorula, Bradford April 30 James Freeman, Bradford

mellen, Chancery lane FREER, GEORGE, Hinckley, Leicester, Barber May 5 Saml Preston & Son, Hinckley

Rowe, James, and ELIZABETH Rowe, Moston, Manchester April 30 Lancashire &

Humphreys, Manchester GREENHILL, SAMUEL, Kilburn April 23 Cox & Lafone, Salters' Hall ct, Cannon st SHEPHERD, HENBY, Heaton Chapel, nr Manchester, Yarn Salesmin April 15 Symonds,

Manchester HAKE, GEORGE HENRY, Forest Gate, Essex April 30 Bradshaw, Leadenhall st

SHEPHERD, THOMAS JAMES, Seacombe, Chester May 13 Oliver Jones & Co, Liverpool HAMBLIN, CHARLES, Reading, Berks April 30 Beale & Martin, Reading

SNARE, EDWARD, Reading, Berks April 30 Foskett, Devereux chmbrs, Temple HANKINS, GEORGE, Poplar May 9 Hillearys, 5, Fenchurch bldgs

TANNER, HARRIET Ann, St Leonards on Sea May 9 R B Wheatly & Co, New inn, Strand HIGGINSON, ELLEN, Preston April 25 Clarke & Co, Preston

TAYLOR, Mrs ALICIA EMILY, Torquay April 30 TB & W Nelson, C.innon st Hodgson, WILLIAM, Barrow in Furness May 1 Townsend, Barrow in Furness

TOTTLE, GEORGE, High Wycombe, Bucks, Commission Agent May 5 Clarke & Soa, HogG, GRAHAM, Leamington May 2 Wright & Hassalls, Leamington

High Wycombe Hooper, HENRY HORN, Exmouth, Builder April 30 Petherick & Sons, Exmouth

TURTON, GEORGE Thorpe, Aston, Birmingham May 10 Relfern & Son, Birmingham HOTHERSALL, Joun, Manchester May 18 Leach & Son, Manchester

VILLIERS, Right Hon Charles Peluan, Chelsea May 14 Witham & Co, Gray's inn 89 HUNT, Joux, Leamington, Licensed Victualler May 2 Wright & Hassalls, Leamington

WALFORD, RYLAND JAMES, Felsham Hall, ar Bury St Edmunds May 16 May & Co,

Laurence Pountney hill Isles, WILLIAM, Preston, Provision Dealer April 23 Ward, Preston

WATKINSON, STALLWOOD FREDERICK, Stratford, Beer Retailer May 9 Hillearys, Jones, John DAVIES STACEY, Carmarthen May 1 Browne, Carmarthen

Fenchurch bldgs

Weeks, John, North Petherton, Draper April 27 Aldridge & Thompson, Highbridge Jones, Thomas Henry, Aberystwith, Cardigan May 12 Roberts & Evans, Aberystwith Somerset Kent, Mark, Newmarket, Builder May 1 D'Albani & Ellis, Newmarket

WHALLEY, FREDERICK ROBERT, Clapham May 14 Bolton & Co, Temple gdas KNOWLDEN, ELIZABETH, Chiswick May 9 Goodman, Clapham

Wilkins, SAMUEL, Bristol May 7 Pershouse, Bristol LAMBOURN, ELIZABETH, Taplow, Bucks May 16 Eisdell & Thompson, Jermyn st

WILLIAMS, ANNE, Laugharne, Carmarthen May 1 Browne, Carmarthen LETHEREN, CHARLES RATCLIFFE, Exeter, Shopkeeper April 15 Hutchings, Exeter

WOOD, ALEXANDER FLETCHER, Cheshunt, Hereford May 11 Hawks & Co, Borough

High st LLOYD, AnnA GORE, Haverstock hill April 30 Layton & Webber, St Helen's pl

Woods, LUCY MARIA, Nottingbam May 7 Harston, Bishopgate st Within

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. SARIEBERG, JACOB, Bedford st, Commercial rd, Boot Toas, George, Astley Bridge, nr Bolton, Shoeing Smith
London Gazette.-
FRIDAY, April 1.

Manufacturer High Court Pet March 29 Ord April 13 at 11 16, Wood st, Bolton

March 29

TRUE, CHARLES L, Pimlico April 14 at 1 Bankruptcy
Baker, ALFRED AQUILA, St James's st High Court Pet SIMMONDS, EDWARD, Balsall Heath, Worcesters, Gasfitter bldgs, Carey st
4 Ord March 29
Birmingham Pet March 29 Ord March 29


Whiston, Lancs, Publican April 13 at BAYBT, FREDERICK, Hackney rd, Pork Butcher High Court

SKEVINGTON, ALFRED, Leicester, Commercial Traveller 12 'Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

Leicester Pet March 29 Ord March 29 Pet March 12 Ord March 28

NorthBBAMWELL, ANDREW, South Shields, Provision Dealer SQUIRES, Thomas, Bletchley, Bucks, Butcher

ADJUDICATIONS. Newcastle on Tyne Pet March 30Ord March 30

ampton Pet March 30 Ord March 30

BAYST, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Hackney rd, Porks Butcher BROADBENT, ALBERT Edwin, Dewsbury, Plasterer Dews

Stone, Joux VoIsey, Bristol, Printe Bristol Pet March
30 Ord March 30

High Court Pet March 12 Ord March 29 bury Pet March 29 Ord March 29 BROOKFIELD, WILLIAM, EDWARD BROOKFIELD, and WILLIAM TEALE, EDMUND, Waterloo, Lancs, Accountant Liverpool BRAMWELL, ANDREW, South Shields, Provision Dealer

Pet March 10 Ord March 28

Newcastle on Tyne Pet March 30 Ord March 30 BALL, Longton, Staffs, Earthenware Manufacturers Stoke upon Trent Pet March 29 Ord March 29 Thomas, Hendy Powell, High st, Ponder's End, Draper BROADBEAT, ALBERT Edwin, Dewsbury, York, Plasterer Edmonton Pet March 28 Ord March 28

Dewsbury Pet March 29 Ord March 29 BULLOCK, HERBERT WILLIAM, Chatham High Court Pet

CHick, CHARLES, Taunton, Somerset, Builder Taunton Toas, GEORGE, Astley Bridge, nr Bolton, Shoeing Smith March 4 Ord March 29

Pet March 12 Ord March 29

Bolton Pet March 30 Ord March 30 CLARKSON, JOSEPH HENRY, Acock's Green, Warwicks,

CLARKSON, JOSEPH HENRY, Acock's Green, Warwicks, Accountant Clerk Birmingham Pet March 28 Ord WILDGOOSE, JOB, Levenshulme, nr Manchester Manchester Pet March 29 Ord March 29

Accountant Clerk Birmingham Pet March 28 Ord March 28

March 30

Truro Pet OLEMENTS, Francis, Worthing, Provision Merchant Willcocks, GEORGE, Falmouth, Saddler

March 30 Ord March 30

CLEMENTS, Francis, Worthing, Provision Merchant Brighton Pet March 28 Ord March 28 CLEMENTS, THOMAS, New Swindon, Wilts, Fruiterer SwinWILLIAMS, DAVID, Manchester Manchester Pet March CLEMENTS, Toomas, New Swindon, Wilts, Fruiterer

Brighton Pet March 28 Ord March 30 don Pet March 29 Ord March 29 28 Ord March 28

Swindon Pet March 29 Ord March 29 Cook, EDWARD, Gt Grimsby, Fish Merchant Gt Grimsby


COHEN, Pailir, Stoke Newington Edmonton Pet Feb 19 Pet March 28 Ord March 28

AINSWORTH, ROBERT, Manchester April 15 at 2.30 Off Ord March 29 DarTxALL, HENRY THouson, Cheltenham, Stationer Chel

Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

Cook, EDWARD, Great Grimsby, Fish Merchant Great tenham Pet March 29 Ord March 29

BAKER, GODFREY Hugh Massy, Bolton, Officer April 14 Grimsby Pet March 28 Ord March 23 DAVIES, Thomas GRIFFITH Cook Wynton, Fenchurch st, at 3 16, Wood st, Bolton

CROSBIE, CHABLES HOWARD, Mevagissey, Cornwall Truro Secretary High Court Pet March 2 Ord March 29 Cox, Harry, Boscombe, Wine Merchant April 13 at 1 Pet Sept 22 Ord March 29 FIDLER, WALTER, New Basford, Nottingham, Grocer Not- Challis's Hotel, Rupert st, London

DARTNALL, HENRY THomson, Cheltenham, Stationer Cheltingham Pet March 30 Ord March 30

Davies, David MORGAN, Penarth, Glams, Clothier April tenham Pet March 29 Ord March 29 FITZCLARENCE, The Hon W G, Worthing Brighton Pet 14 at 3 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

FIDLER, WALTER, New Basford, Nottingham, Provision March 12 Ord March 29

Eastwood, JANE, Leeds, Greengrocer April 14 at 11 Off Dealer Nottingham Pet March 30 Ord March 30 HARRIBOX, Thomas, Rutland Leicester Pet March 28 Ord Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Hudsox, WILLIAM, Red Lion st, Holborn, Letterpres March 28

EGGLESTONE, John, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Mason Printer High Court Pet March 5 Ord March 2: JENKINS, OLIVER, Cardiff, Grocer Cardiff Pet March 30

April 9 at 12.50 Talbot Hotel, Market pl, Bishop Irons, GEORGE Eros, Stoke Newington, Corn Dealer High Ord March 30 Auckland

Court Pet March 22 Ord March 23 LILLIK, DOUGLAS, Port Clarence, Durham, Grocer Stock

Fox, Thomas, Penzance, Nurseryman April 12 at 12 Of LILLIE, DOUGLAS, Port Clarence, Durham, Grocer Stockton on Tees Pet March 25 Ord March 23 Rec, Boscawen st, Truro

ton-on-Tees Pet March 24 Ord March 29 LONGBOTTOM, JOSEPH, Kippax, Yorks, Colliery Carpenter HOBDAY, HERBERT WILLIAM, Canterbury, Grocer April LLOYD, Wallace Llewellyn, Morecambe, Lancs, Cycle Wakefield Pet March 30 Ord March 30 16 at 11 Off Rec, 73, Castle st, Canterbury

Agent Preston Pet March 11 Ord March 29 LONGDON, ARTHUR, Boston, Lincs, Licensed Victualler JAMES, Ann, Llanelly April 9 at 11.30 Off Rec, 4, Queen LONGBOTTOM, JOSEPH, Kippax, Yorks, Colliery Carpenter Boston Pet March 21 Ord March 30 st, Carmarthen

Wakefield Pet March 30 Ord March 30 NAYLOR, GEORGE HEATu, Hoyland Nether, nr Barnsley, Nicholson, GEORGE ROBERT, Shildon, Durham, Iron- LYDEARD, MAURICE ALBERT, Llandrindod Wells, Radnor Yorks, Postmaster Barnsley Pet March 16 Ord monger April 9 at 12.20' Talbot Hotel, Market pl, MORGAN, BENJAMIN Howell, North Kensington High

Stationer Newtown Pet March 19 Ord March 28 March 28

Bishop Auckland
NICOL, JOHN GLOVER, Worcester, Glove Manufacturer Wor- PALMER, JAMES, Swansea, Caachbuilder April 13 at 2.15

Court Pet Feb 10 Ord March 29 cester Pet Mar 29 Ord Mar 29

Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea

ORAMS, GEORGE WALTER, Evesham, Worcesters, Watch: ORAMS, GEORGE WALTER, Evesham, Worcester, Watch- Powell, William, Cardiff, Hotel Keeper's Manager April maker and Jeweller' Worcester Pet March 30 Ord maker Worcester Pet March 30 Ord March 30 14 at 11.30 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

March 30 OsrORNE, WILLIAM HENRY, St George's rd, Southwark, PRICE, JOHN, Westbourne grove, Fishmonger April 14 at Owen, SEPTIMUS STANLEY, Openshaw, nr Manchester Publican High Court Pet March 12 Ord March 30 12 Bankruptcy bldge, Carey st

Grocer Manchester Pet March 30 Ord March 30 Owen, Septimus STANLEY, Openshaw, nr Manchester, Ridgway, Frank, Manchester April 15 at 3 Off Rec, PAGE, EDWARD Robert, Rhymney, Mon, Buot Dealer Grocer Manchester Pet March 3) Ord March 30 Bryom st, Manchester

Tredegar Pet March 29 Ord March 29 PAGE, EDWARD Robert, Rhymney, Mon, Boot Dealer ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Leeds April 14 at 12 Off Rec, 22, PAYNE, THOMAS, St John's Wood,

Cook High Court Pet Tredegar Pet March 29 Ord March 29


March 30 Ord March 30 PAYNE, THOMAS, St John's Wood, Cook High Court Pet ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Painswick rd, nr Glos, Market Gar- Rollason, WILLIAM HENRY, Hatlon garden, Tinplate March 30 Ord March 30

dener April 14 at 12 Off Rec, Station rd, Gloucester Worker High Court Ord March 26 Perkin, James, Milford Haven, Pembroke, Draper Pem- Ryden, JAMES, Markington, Yorks, Builder April 25 at RULE, JOHN Thovas, Camborne, Cornwall, Tio Streamer broke Dock Pet March 16 Ord March 28 11.30 Court house, Northallerton

Trur) Pet Feb 26 Ord March 28 RIDEAL, CHARLES FREDERICK, Victoria st, Publisher High Smith, Oswald IGNATIUS, Selby, York, Potato Merchant SEYMOUR, William, Soham, Cambridge, Farmer CamCourt Pet Jan 21 Ord March 30 April 13 at 12.15 Off Rec, 28, Stonegate, York

bridge Pet March 29 Ord March 29 RIDGWAY, Frank, Manchester Manchester Pet March 5 SPOUSE, HENRIETTA, Margate April 16 at 11.30 Of Rec, SHATTOCK, HAROLD ALLERTON, and Stanley MORTIMER Ord March 28 73, Castle st, Canterbury

SHATTOCK, South Kensington High Court Pet Feb 16 Seymour, WILLIAM, Soham, Cambridge, Farmer Cambridge Thomas, WILLIAM,

Bridgend, Glam, Boot Dealer April 14 Ord March 26 Pet March 29 Ord March 29

SHRIEBERG, JACOB, Bedford st, Commercial rd, Boot

at 11 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

Park row,

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