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siderably in excess of those provided under the German system. From these figures, the shareholders will readily understand the anxiety of the directors to place the society in a position which will ensure its acquisition of such a share of the business as it may reasonably expectto obtain.

NEW ORDERS, &c. HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Essrsa Vscsrron, 1898. Notica.

There will be no sitting in court during the Easter Vacation.

During Easter Vacation, all applications “which may require to be immediately or promptly heard,” are to he made to the Honourable Mr. Justice Bryne.

Mr. Justice Byrne will act as Vacation judge from Thursday, the 7th of April, to Monday, the 18th of April, both days inclusive.

His lordship will sit in Q,ueen’s" Bench Judges’ Chambers on Thursday, the 14th of April, and (if necessary) on Friday, the 15th of April. On other days within the above period, applications in urgent matters may be made to his lordship personally or by post.

In any case of great urgency the brief of counsel may be sent to the judge by book-post or parcel, prepaid, accompanied by office copies of the affldavits in support of the application, and also by a minute, on a separate sheet of paper, signed lg counsel, of the order he may consider the applicant entitled to, and so an envelope capable of receiving the papers, addressed as follows: “ Chancery Oficial Letter : To the Registrar in Vacation, Chancery Registrars’ Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice, London, W.C.”

On applications for injunctions, in addition to the above, a copy of the writ, and a certificate of writ issued, must also be sent.

The papers sent to the judge will be returned to the registrar.

The address of the Vacation judge can be obtained on application at the Chancery Registrars’ Chambe rs, Room 136, Royal Courts of Justice.

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The quarterly meeting of the Royal Courts of Justice Temperance Society was held in the Parlour, Exeter Hall, on Thursday evening last, under the presidency of Mr. R. Sawyer. There was a good attendance of members and associates. After tea had been served, excellent addresses were given by the chairman, Messrs. W. F. A. Archibald, G. Blaiklock, F. Hinds, S. Watson, J . C. Pearce, Allday, Symons, and Illsley. A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman brought to its close a very enjoyable and successful meeting.

The Albany Law Journal says that the late Lord Chief Justice of England used to tell his friends this anecdote at his own expense: Driving in his brougham towards his court one morning, an accident happened to it at Grosvenor-square. Fearing he would be belated, he called acab from the street rank and bade the J ehu drive him as rapidly as possible to the Courts of Justice. “ And where be they ? ” “ What, a London cabby and don't know where the Law Courts are at Old Temple Bar ? ” “ Oh, the Law Courts, is it? But you said Courts of Justice.”

At the Birmingham Assizes last week, before the Lord Chief Justice and a common jury, an action was triedin which a nurse sought to recover the sum of £500 damages from alady for an assault upon her, in consequence of which she lost the sight of her left eye. The defence was that the blow which was alleged to have caused the injury had been given by the defendant when she was of unsound mind and unable to appreciate the nature of her act. It was also pleaded that the plaintiff undertook her employment as nurse to the defendant with full knowledge of her state of mind, and therefore accepted the duties and risks incident to the nursing. Counsel submitted that a lunatic was not civilly liable for assault. His lordship said he would take that point if it arose. His lordship having summed up, the jury returned a verdict in favour of the plaintiff for £78. His lordship said he hoped nothing more would be heard of the point of law, and counsel said he would not pursue the matter further.

Of course, says an American newspaper, Webster was in demand by those who could afford to pay for his services. A sharp Nantucket man is said to have got the better of the great advocate. He had a small case which was to be tried at Nantucket one week in June, and he posted to Webster's ofilce in great haste. It was a contest with a neighbour over a matter of considerable local interest, and his pride as a litigant was at stake. Be told Webster the particulars, and asked what he would charge to conduct the case. “Why,” said Webster, “you can't afford to hire me. I should have to stay down there the whole week, and my fee would be more than the whole case is worth. I couldn’t go down there for less than 1,000 dollars. I could take every case on the docket as well as one, and it wouldn’t cost any more, for your case would take my time for the entire week, anyway.” “ All right, Mr. Webster,” quickly responded the Nantucketer. “ Here’s your 1,000 dollars. You come down, and I'll fix it so you can take every case.” Webster was so amused over this proposition that he kept his word. He spent the entire week in Nantucket, and appeared on one side or the other in every case that came up for hearing. The shrewd Nantucketer hired Daniel out to all his friends who were in litigation, and received in return about 1,500 dollars, so that he got Webster's services for nothing and made a good profit to boot.

The annual meeting of the Inns of Court Mission was held in Lincoln'sinn Hall on Wednesday. The Lord Chancellor, who presided, said that the mission; _the active work in connection with which was begun in March, 1897, was now in full working order, and it required only the assistance of those who were interested in it to carry out its work more fully. Societies and clubs of various kinds had been formed, and a large number of the men and boys living and working in the neighbourhood of Covent-garden, amid dull and depressing conditions, had had their lives brightened and cheered by the work of the mission. Some of her Majesty's judges had interested themselves in the work, and had given lectures and otherwise assisted at meetings held at the new mission buildings in Drury-lane. With more co-operation and assistance, however, much greater good could be effected. Lord Cross moved the adoption of of the report. He said there were now upwards of two hundred members of the mission, which had greatly developed since the formal opening of the new buildings in October last. They tried to do more than merely provide a place of amusement for the club members. The mission had an educational side, and the most important branch of all its work was its religious effort. They looked for the help of the members of the Inns of Court in this, and also for financial aid. The lease of the Drury-lane premises would expire in 1902, and they ought to have some £5,000 in band for building purposes by that date, whereas at present the building fund consi~ted of a debt of nearly £450. The Solicitor-General seconded the motion, and the report was adopted.

Mr. Sydney Gedge, M.P., addressed a letter, dated the 9th of March, to the Lord Chancellor on the subject of the Land Transfer Act of 1897, but he states that he has not yet been favoured with a reply. In this letter Mr. Gedge says that on Tuesday, the 15th of February, by the Lord Chancellor's instructions, the Attorney-General, in replying to a question which Mr. Gedge had put to the First Lord of the Treasury, informed the House of Commons that the action of the Privy Council in giving to the County Council of London on the 26th of November last the statutory notice that the Land Transfer Act would be applied to London was not, in the Lord Chancellor's opinion, “inconsistent with anything which he had said in the House of Commons." Mr. Gedge says that on the 4th of August last, when the Land Transfer Bill was being considered on report, he moved an amendment to prevent its being first tried in the county of London, on various grounds. One of them was that “ there was nothing in the Bill to prevent the Privy Council from issuing a notice for bringing the provisions of the measure into operation within any county within


three months from next week." The Atto rney-General replied that “ this N FRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSQLVEIL

was impossible, because the provisions of the Bill were not to come into operation until the lst of January, 1898, before which time no steps whatever could be taken towards putting these provisions in force." Nevertheless, before the lst of Ja.nnary—namely, on the 26th of November —the Privy Council gave the statutory notice to the London County Council. Mr. Gedga adds: “And your lordship says that there is no inconsistency! I call it a violation of a pledgs—not, indeed, at first intentional, but onlya mistake, made, [ assume, in ignorance of what had occurred in the House of Commons; but if this mistake be persisted in after attention has been drawn to that pledge given, it will amount to a distinct breach of faith.” He concludes by showing that the mistake is not incurable, as it is not necessary to act on the notice of the 26th of November.

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April 4.——Mr. Airarn RICHARDS, at the Mart, at 2, £5,000 Five per Cent. Preference Stock in the Hornsey Gas Co.; £6,000 Three per Cent. Perpetual Debenture Stock in the Maidstone Gas Co.; also Shares in the Bournemouth Gas and Water Co., Ascot District Gas Co., and Walton-on-Thames Gas (Jo. (See advertisement, March 26, back page.)

April 5.—Messrs. & Caoucir, at the Mart, at 2, Four Freehold Houses in Loraineroad, Holloway, let at £161 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Thomas 8: Blakemore, Birmingham. (See advertisement, this week, p. 5.)

April 7.—Messrs. H. E. Fosrna 8: CRANFIILD, at the Mart,at 2 p.m. :


To one-fifth of £493 Bank Stock ; sgentleman aged 82. Also one-sixth of a Trust Fund of £3,285 Metropolitan tock, on deceass of same gentleman; lpgovided the reversionsr aged 2'7 survives him. Solicitor. G. Cutclifle, Esq., ndon.

' To a Freehold House near Leamington, value about £2,250; lady aged 61. Solicitor, J . B. Churchill, Esq., London. _

To one-sixth of a Trust Estate of the value of £6,600 in Colonial Stock and on
Mortgage ; lady aged 57. Solicitor, W. B. Styer, Esq., London.

To two-fourths of £905 Consols ; lady aged 65. Solicitors, Messrs. Douglas
Nonnan & Co. London. .

To one-eleventh of a Trust Fund, value £44,000 Colonial Government and Ball-
way Stock; lady caged 00. Solicitors, Messrs. Hastie, London.

To one-fifth of a Resi “B13 Estate of £2,490 Great Western 5 per Cent. Stock ; also £2,070 Madras Ra’ way 5 per Cent.; lady aged 63. Solicitors, Messrs._ Colyer & Colyer, London.


Of a gentleman agd 37 in one-seventh of a. Trust Estate producing £813, lady aged 70, wi Policies. Solicitors, Messrs. Douglas Norm in & Co., London.


For £1,260, £1,250, £400, £400, £300, £200.

(See advertisements, this week, back page.)

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Diivon UNITED Sans QUABRIII, Liiii-i-no —Pctn for winding up, presented March 17, directed to he heard on Wednesday, April 0. Biddell & Ho, 9, John st, Bedlord row, agents for Wooler & Wooler, Darling!/in, solors for petner. Notice of _appe:i.ring must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of April 5

Erna Crone AND Msciiisi:~irs' Co, Luri'i'ao—Ci-editors are required, on or before Hay 14, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, to lWilli;.m Chadwick, 10, Market pl, Hyde Hibbert & Westbrook, Hyde, aolois ta iqui ators

KasnAi.i.’s Paras: Bnvzasisna WINDOW Sasrr ,Co, Luii-rso—Crcditnrs are required, on or before April 30, to send their names and addresses, and the_ particulars of their debts or claims, to Roland Allen Felton, 1, Waterloo st, Birmingham Blewitt 6: Co, Birmingham, solors for liquidator _

Moaocco Bouxo SYNDICATE, Lrin'rzn—Creditors are required, on or before April 23, to send their names and addresses, and the plarticulars of their debts or claims, to Stanley Woodhouse 8.: Hedderwick, 45, Ludgnte 'll, solors to liquidator _ _

Muruan Crcui MANUFACTURING AND SUPPLY Co, Liini-n|>—Petn for_vi'inding_ up. presented Murch 28, directed to be heard on April (5. Pollock 6: Co, 6, I_lincoln’s inn fields, agents for J . E. Hodding, Leicester, solors for company and liquidators. Notice of Kppeiiring must reach Messrs Pollock & (‘o not later than 6 o'clock in tho afternoon of

ri 5

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VICTUIIIA BRICK Woaas Co, Liirirsn—()i'editor:i are required, on or before May 11,to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Joseph Hammond, Dufl‘ryn chmbrs, Pontypridd I

Wsiirvs'onra EXTENSION, Lrsiirao ( ncoaronsrnn Manon 28, 1$93)—Cl‘Edlt01i are required, on or before April 30, to send their namis and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Frank Firman Fuller, 19, St Swithin’s lane. Snell 8: Co, 1 and 2, George st, Mansion house, solors for liquidutor

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i Evans, Enaaxon Hsanirrr, Kcnsington Gardens ter, Hyde Park April 17 Jeboull, Care st

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Joiis Boslnrs & Co, Regent st, Billiard Table Manufac-
tiiiers High Court Pet March 8 Ord March 22
LAwnnscs, Josue, Aston, nr Birmingham, India Rubber
Dealer Birmingham Pet Feb 14 Ord March 21

LBW'|5, Tiioius. Pontycymmer, Glam Cardiff Pet March
21 Ord March 21

Lnorn, Tiioius, Bangor, Coal Merchmt Bangui‘ Pet
March 21 Ord March 21

Loolos, Coss'rAs'i'ixic, Manchester. Commission Agent
Manchester Pet March 19 Ord March 23

Lows, Enslsr Ascnsiz, Birkenhead, Grocer Birkeuhead
Pet March 21 Ord March 21

MAnnox, Jous Gnonos, Hereford, Grocer Hereford Pet
March 22 Ord March 22

OA'r|:s, WiLniAu Hiisiw, Brotherton, Yorks, Licensed
Victualler Wakefield Pet March 17 Ord March 17

PIACXHILL, Fn/ms, New Brompton, Kent, Furniture
Dealer Rochester Pet March 22 Oi-d March 22

Pniniiirs, Joiis THOMAS, Whittlesey, Cambs, Brewer
Peterborough Pet March 21 Ord March 21

Pirrs, W|i.LiAir, Bradford, Cabinet Maker Bradford Pet
March 21 Urd March 21

Powsnt, W|i.LiAn, Cai-dill’, Hotel Keeper’s Manager
Cardiff Pet March 19 0rd March 19

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Rosizsnimo, Eons, Aldersgste st High Court Pet March 1

21 Urd March 21

Rrnkn, Jlniiis, Markingtin, Ridley, Yorks, Builder
Northsillerton Pet March 21 Ord March 21

Siiirsox, L, St Swithin’s lane High Court Pet March 2
Ord Mnrch 21

TAsiu:n, Fazolsicx'r. Dartford, Kent, Solicitor
High Court Pet March 14 Ord March 21

Tiioiiss, Wii.i.iAii, Bridgend, Glam, Boot Dealer Curdif!
Pet March 18 Ord March 18

Uonow, MAaoAner EiuiA, South Ilornsey Edmonton
Pet March 19 Ord March 19

WAon, ISAIAH, Stamford, Lines, Potter Peterborough
Pet March 21 Ord Mni-ch 21

Winnn, Gzonos Hexizr, Stockport, Licensed Victualler
Stockport Pct March 22 Ord March 22

Wii.sox, Aiiss, Harp ln, Gt Tower st High Court Pet
March 11 Ord March 24

Wiausv, EnwAnn, Grays, Essex, Engine Driver Rochester
Pet March 10 Ord March 21

Woons, \Vii.i.iAz, Whiston, Lanes, Publican Liverpool
Pet March 23 Ord March 22

Amended notice substituted for that published in the
London Gazette of March 18 :

OLDIAN, Joiis WILLIAI, Chislehurst Hill, Kent, Builder
Croydon Pet March 15 Oid March 16

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Anniuoun". SAuusL, Knottingley. Glass Bottle Manufacturer Wakefield Pet March 17 Oid March 17

Asquirn, Suiuirn EIIHVABD, Allerton, Bradford, Machine Maker Bradford Pet March 22 Ord March 22

BLACKIIOBE, Gltoaos WILLIAi|, Dawlish, Devon, Butcher Exeter Pet March 22 Ord March 22

BoALaiI, Bsaiuizn, Wulworth, Shopkeeper High Court Pet Jan 21 Ord March 22

CouwAr. Jossrn, Hulme, Manchester, Traveller Manchester Pet March 21 Ord March 21

Cauionros, ROBIRT J, Langport, Somerset, Major Yeovil Pet Jan 1 Ord March 22

DAY, GIORGI WILLIAM, Bedminster, Bristol, Baker Bristol Pet March 22 Ord March 23

DINMAI Hasar Gsosos, Thornbury, Glos, Baker Bristol

'Pet March 22 Ord March 22

EAs'I'woon, JAsIr,Leeds, Greengrocer Iceds Pet March 22

' Ord March 22

ljloma. Ronlnr, Haminersmith High Court Pet Feb 1 Ord March 22

Ensla, Hsavsr, Abinger, Surrey, Butcher Croydon Pet

' March 8 Ord March 21

Fosrsn, Hsanaa-r JosIAn, Southend on Sea, Whartlnger Chelmsford Pet March 1 Ord March 21

Gan", WILI..IAu HAaaIs Is, Tewkesbury, Surveyor Chel

' tenham Pet March 4 Ord March 23

HAaouAvus. Luv AI.rI1an JAIZ14, Buxton Manchester Pet March 9 Ord March 23

HosnAr, Hsansa-r WILLIAM. Canterbury, Grocer Canterbury Pet March 21 Ord March 21

Houeu, Hirsnr, Church Bmughton. Dsrbys, Baker Burton on Trent Pet March 21 Crd March 21

LIW18, Tnmus. Pontycymmer, Glam Cardiff Pet March 21 Ord March 21

LI-‘W01 T110118, Bnnl;°"v Coal Merchant Bangor Pet March 19 Ord March 21

Lows, ERNEST Aaciisn, Biikenhead, Grocer Birkenhead Pet March 21 Ord March 21

Mannox, Joux Giroaol, Hereford, Grocer Hereford Pet March 22 Ord March 22 |

OA'rss, WILLIAI Hssar Brothertcn, Yorks, Licensed Victualler Wakefield Pet March 17 01-a March 11 I

OLDIAN, Joux WILLI/Iu, Chislehurwt Hill, Kent, Builder ‘ Croydon Pet March 14 Ord March 17 1

PlAcusLL, Fnuwx, New Brompton, Kentgliumiture Dealer Bochester Pet March 21 Ord Marc 22 >

PnII.LII>s. JOHN Tnoius, Whittlesey, Cambs, Brewer Peterborough Pet March 21 om 118.1011 21 l

PI-r-rs, WILLIAII, Bradford, Cabinet Maker Bradford Put ’

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Boasnrs, WILLIAI, Painswick rd, nr Gloucester, Market Gardener Gloucester Pet March 23 Ord March 23 Rosamanao, ELIAS, Aldsrsgate st High Court Pet March

21 Ord March 21

Rrnsn, JAuss Markington, nr Ripley, Builder Northallerton Pet March 21 Ord Much 21

SA\'Lw., Gsoaoa WILLIAII, Wadhurst, Sussex. Grocer Tunbridge Wells Pet March 2 Ord March 22

Tuoxss. WILLIAM, Bridgpnd, Glam, Boot Dealer Cardifl’ Pat March 18 Ord arch 18

Towssrsn, Owes RIcnAao, Dalston, Chair Manufacturer High Court Pet Feb 24 Ord March 21

Taurus, WII.I,IAu Haunt’, Lincoln, Cabinet Maker Lincoln Pet March 11 Ord March 21

Uonow, MARGARET Emu, South Hornsey Edmonton Pet March 18 Ord Match 19

WAon, IsAIArI, Stamford, Lines, Potter Peterborough Pet Mnrcli 21 Ord March 21

WILDI, Groson Hssnr, Stockport, Licensed Victualler Stockport Pet March 22 Ord March 22

Woons, WILLIAIA, Whiston Lanes, Publican Liverpool Pet Mflfch 22 Ord umli 22

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GARDNER, Joszrn, Newcastle on Tyne, Fancy Stationer Newcastle on Tyne Pet March 12 Ord March 26 Gsnsos, WALTER, Old Broad st High Court Pet Fob 21 Ord March 25

GnAs-r, Jous WALI<sa, Stantonbury, Bucks, Draper Northampton Pet March 25 Ord March 25

GllEA\'l!S,J01lN, Chorley, Labourer Preston Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Humoxn, Pencr, Middlesborough, Butcher Stockton on Tees Pet March 28 Ord March 23

Iaoss, Gnoaoii Enos, Newington, Corn Dealer High Court Pet March 22 Ord March 26

J/Iuirs, Ass, Llanelly Carmarthen Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Joussox, FREDERICK THOMAS, Deptford, Firewood Merchant Greenwich Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Jonas, Ronsar, and WILI.IAu JAuss Josns Llanelly. Builders Carmnrthen Pet March 25 oni March 25

Jonas, WILLIAM, Bethesda, Shmmaker Bangor Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Josizs, WILLIAn, Gt Yarmouth, Waiter Gt Yarmouth Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Lninnar, Joslrn, and Jnms ABRAHAM Du.\'I:LsY, Wellingborough, Boot Manufacturers Northampton Pet March 22 Ord March 22

Luna, WALTER, Bellingham, Northumberland, Innkeeper Newcastle on Tyne Pet March 25 0rd March 25

N av. W W, Bellingham, Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne Pet Maich 9 Ord March 26

PA Luau, Janus. Swansea, Coachbuilder Swansea Pet March 24 Ord March 2-1

Pmcs. Jens, Westbuurne grove, Fishmonger High Court Pet Maich 26 Ord Maich 26

Pimrnuasn, WILLIAI Gaanxsa, Tiverton. Devon, Forags Dealer Exetcr Pet March 25 Ord March 25

Buns, Joni: Tuoius, Camborne, Cornwall, Tin Streamer Truro Pet Feb 28 Ord March 26

Sauna, TIIo1IAs Gsoaos, and Jous MoCuI.I.uiI, Swansea, Grocers Swansea Pet March 11 Ord March 25

S>II'rII, OswALn IauA'rII:s, Selby, Yorke, Potato Merchant York Pet March 26 Ord March 26

Srswsar, Fiisnsaicx Gsonos, Newport, Mon, Hairdresser Newppit, Mon Pet March 24 Ord March 24

Sc-r1-ox, 11.11111!il'1', Eckiggcn, Derby, Miner Chesterfield I’I~t March 26 Ord rch 26

TIIUIHIAN 6: (.‘o, Market st, Fiusbury, Leather Dealers High Court Pet Feb 19 Ord March 24

WILLIAMSON, Hssar ALIIsn'I' Bedford, Builder Bedford Pet Mumh 14 om mmli 24

Woonnousa, WILLIAII TArI.oa, Rochdale, Undertaker Bochdale Pet March 2-l Ord March 24

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Amended notice substituted for that published in the
London Gazette of March 25 :

Looios, CONSTANTISE, West Didsbury, Lance, Commj-uiqn

Agent Manchester Pet March 15) Ord March 23

Asiiwoa-rn, TIIo1IAs, Dulesgate, nr Todmorden, Banner
April 5 at 3.30 Exchange Hotel, Nicholas st, B111-1119;

Asqurni, Ssuum. Enwuzn, Allerton, Bradford, Machine Maker April 6 at 11 011‘ Rec, 81, Manor row, Bradford

BAKER, Cracs, Wolstanton, Staifs, Butcher April 7 uti Off Bee, King st, Newcastle under Lgme

Buzzes, C:tLBLE8 Caoasa April 5 at 11 anllruptcy blrlgz,


Bsvxanar, WILLIAM HI:>:Iz\', Brentwood, Essex. Lieuten

ant April 7 at 12 Oil’ Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple

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Anaemia is either a deflcienc of red bfo rd corpuscles, or n shrinkage of them due to cfectivc a:sirnilntion, or an impaired condition due to diseace.

zrnremia is generally to be foundin the growing ciiod. Young persons of both sexes sufler more from this disease than when maturity has been reached. although it is sometimes found in persons advanced in years who have neglected the laws of hygiene, or, from the nature of their occupations. are confined to badly-ventilated sleeping and working rooms.

Thus it will be found more prevalent in cities than in the country. _Anrcrnia will be found in young people who have in work in factories, who have to breathe vitiated air, and who neglect, or do not from ignorance supply, the necessaryaliment of food and drink to maintain and restore the daily waste of energy necessary to support the labour -1.-iiher of brain or bands.

The natural consequence of negle:ting the fundamental laws of health is a visible pallor—a diminution of roundLess and firmness in the muscles, and a lassitude and a sinking wearinrs» wh’ch unflts the individual to do has or her daily work either of brain 1 r hand.

The hplrnishing of the systim from the wasting of tissues WLi|‘l\ is going on every <1-y can only be accomjlrshed by the pro; er us:-imilaiion oi food.

It ffllll-'11! be done with medicine. It can, however, be l‘.000lD{;ll hcd with n perfect flesh-forming, palatable, and agrees le Food Beverage. Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa i-i such a Food Beverage, posiu using. as it does, wonderful nouri~hing, strengthening, and slimulative powers. unsurpassed by nny other Food Bev.r.ige. Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa is not a medicine. Iv. does simply wbnt it is claimed to dc, and its stnngihening powers are being recognized to an extent hitherto ni.known in the history of any preparation.

_Llcr t, and rm.-rit Bluflt‘, is what we claim for Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa. and we ure prepartd to send to any reader who naines the So|.ici'rcns' Jnusxu, fa postcard will do), a dain'y sample; tin of Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cccoi free and post pflld. Dr. 'lrbblea’ Ni-Cocos, as a concentrated form of nounshment and vitality is invaluable; na , more than this; for to all who wish to face the stride and bottle of lif_c with greater endurance and more sustained exertion, it is absolutely indispensable.

Dr. Tibbla-1’ Vi-Cocoa can be obtained from all chemists, grocers, and stores or from Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa, Limited, II), 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, London, E.C.

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