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interest for their personal advantage, men of particular skill in this against it. It was, therefore, not a party question, and had not been dismatter of conveyancing, but if they had a fault it was that they were cussed in that sense. The matter ought to be discussed by the leading a trifle conservative. There were old men still living who would tell you members on the other side. The council ought not to go against the Act that there had been no justice in England since the Common Law Pro- unless there were very conclusive reasons, and he must say that those who cedure Act was reformed; and most solicitors admitted to practise before had spoken in favour of the veto had not given sufficiently conclusive the Judicature Act of 1873 would say that it had caused ruin and disaster. evidence against it. It was well known on every hand that these law reforms had been of great Here there were loud cries of “Onslow," but Lord Onslow did not advantage to the people of the country. He did not say the legal opposi- respond. tion had any interested or improper motive; it was simply the opposition Mr. H. P. HARRIS said he intended to vote against the veto, because it of gentlemen who had acquired with great skill the system now in vogue, seemed to him that Parliament had decided that it was desirable that and who found it impossible to believe that any other system could be registration of title should be tried. Having been trained in the convey. better. In a matter of this sort they should not give undue weight to the ancing system his instinct had been against the Act, but having looked at opposition of the Incorporated Law Society. If they did, they would have the matter it seemed to him that there was no reason against applying it to wait a long time, probably until Doomeday, if they expected to get any in the first case to London. If it had been applied to the whole of London legal reform with the consent of the Incorporated Law Society. They he should have felt inclined to vote against the Act, but as it was only to might, perhaps, as well hope to persuade the clergy to abolish religion as a part of London he should not oppose it. the members of the Incorporated Law Society to submit to any measure of Lord Onslow moved, amidst laughter, that the question be now put. legal reform. This had been the experience of all law reformers. He Mr. Jerome claimed his right to reply. He pointed out that by allowshould be very sorry to place Lord Halsbury on the same pedestal with Lord ing the Act to operate in London, if it should turn out to be a failure the Brougham or Sir Samuel Romilly, but it was fair to say that he resembled poor people would be in a very disastrous position with regard to their them in this, that he had practically the whole legal profession against property with a title that was bad. He believed it would be an utter him, and he thought Lord Halsbury was entitled to the sympathy of failure, and that they were perfectly justified in coming to that view gentlemen on his own side of the House, and to the support of every when the Land Registry had been open for over twenty years and no one member of the council. A great deal had been made of the opposition of used it. the building societies, and if there was any opinion he should desire to The motion was put and negatived. defer to, it would be that of the building societies. The Temperance A division was called for, when the numbers were : for Mr. Jerome's Permanent Building Society had sent a document round which was grossly motion, 35; against, 72. misleading. They sought to say that the transactions under the proposed The VICE-CHAIRMAN then moved : “That the Privy Council be informed system would be much more costly than present transactions. It was, that the London County Council relies on the Order applying the Land perhaps, not known to members that building societies employed what Transfer Act, 1897, to London being so framed that it shall be made to they called a tame solicitor, and, under an arrangement with him, he take effect progressively, and shall not in the first instance be made to made a reduction in the charges on taking a quantity. The building apply to more than one-fourth of the county." societies compared the charges of their solicitors with the scale charges, Sir ARTHUR ARNOLD observed that it would be better if they included and added to these sums the cost of registration. That was grossly unfair, practically the whole of the letter, and proposed to leave out all the words because when the Act was in operation the building societies would muke after the word "effect," and to add "according to the letter from the their arrangements with their tame solicitors, and would get at least as clerk of the Privy Council of the 18th of January, 1898." That would gocd terms as now, and probably better, and in a little time the building not alter the sense of the motion. societies would dispense with solicitors altogether and manage their own

The motion as altered was agreed to. affairs, and there would be a great saving. In his opinion the system The resolution as adopted in its altered form would, therefore, read as proposed was simple, easy, and cheap. The experience of the Act of follows: " That the Privy Council be informed that the London County 1872 had proved that it was practicable and cheap and good. The present Council relies on the order applying the Land Transfer Act, 1897, to system was well-nigh intolerable.

London being so framed that it shall be made to take effect according to Mr. R. PARKER said he was a member of the sub-committee which con the letter from the clerk of the Privy Council of the 18th of January, sidered the matter, and could bear out what Mr. Radford had said with 1898." This letter is quoted above. regard to the answers of solicitors. Even the solicitor of the council had reported unfavourably upon the Act. The reason the committee had asked these societies for their opinions was because they wanted as much information as possible, but these replies had been very well answered by the Middlesex Land Registry. He believed registration would be a good

LAW SOCIETIES. thing for the people of London generally, Mr. E. BOND, M.P., said he had been for some time lecturer on convey

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY, arcing at the Incorporated Law Society, and he therefore knew something

The following is the report of the Legal Procedure Committee on the about conveyancing. He had also been for a number of years chairman recommendations of the General Council of the Bar as to the conduct of of one of those land societies which bought land wholesale and sold it civil business in the Queen's Bench Division. Adopted by the Council, retail, and he was perfectly familiar with the process of transactions of the 21st of January, 1898 : the kind. The title was accepted by the parties, and the expense and The committee have had under their consideration the letter from the trouble of conveyancing were reduced to a minimum. He had come to General Council of the Bar, dated the 5th of August, 1897, which was the conclusion that it was extremely undesirable that the council should referred to them by the Council ou the 29th of October, 1897, and the oppose the application of the Act. He thought it was Colonel Rotton's report of the Bar Council on the conduct of the civil business in the opinion that if the Act came into operation everybody within the district Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice in London and on would be compelled to put bis land upon the register. That was a pure circuit. Shortly stated, the allegations of the Bar Council against the misapprehension. The compulsion came in when a transfer took place. procedure in the Queen's Bench Division are:-1. Want of method, If a man sold his land, then the man who bought would be at the risk of certainty, and continuity in the constitution and procedure of the courts. certain inconveniences if he did not put his land on the register. It 2. That 'during the time of circuit the courts open in London are was suggested that a solicitor would still have to be employed, and so the inadequate to deal with the business. 3. That the present circuit system expense would be increased. He did not conceive if the Act came into is defective. The Bar Council arrived at the following conclusions :-1. operation that the solicitors' charges could be maintained at their present That the great concentration of business in London renders it necessary Tate, and if the solicitor had to be employed there must be a great reduc, that at least six courts should sit continuously in London throughout the tion of his fees and of the expense of registration. Parliament had legal year for the trial of actions in the Queen's Bench Division. 2. That decided that the Act should be tried, and the question was whether it is desirable that arrangements should be made in the Queen's Bench London was the right place. It appeared to him that it was for that Division for the further grouping of actions in separate lists, each of such reason that there already existed this land registry which was accustomed lists to be assigned either to a single judge, as in the Chancery Division, to deal with registration of title under the Act of 1872. They knew the or to a small rota of judges, as in the Probate Divorce and Admiralty whole machinery, and, moreover, they knew approximately about how Division, and as at present done in the Queen's Bench Division with many purchase-deeds would come into the office in a given period, and regard to the Commercial List; and that in making such arrangements they said that if the process was introduced gradually, and a fourth only the object should be to secure as far as possible that each action should of the county of London dealt with at one time, they would be able to throughout all its stages be dealt with by the same judge. 3. That, in cope with the deeds likely to be brought in. An objection had been made order to carry into effect the improvements above recommended, an that owing to the large number of properties and the extensive sub- addition to the number of judges of the Queen's Bench Division is divisions there would be so much bueiness that it could not be dealt with. imperatively required. 4. That, until additional judges are appointed to He found the answer of the Land Registry upon that point to be abun- the Queen's Bench Division, commissioners should, when occasion arises, be dantly satisfactory. He did not think the council ought to stand in the appointed to go circuit, so as to enable the above recommendations to be carried way of the experiment being tried.

out. The committee agree with the allegations contained in the report of the Mr. W. H. DICKINSON said the council were bound to discuss the matter Bar Council. They consider that unless some reforms such as are indicated carefully, as the result would be most important to the population of in that report are effected, the regular tribunals of the country for the London. There were present members of Her Majesty's Government, and trial of civil causes will continue to be avoided or neglected, and that yet the discussion had been carried on chiefly by members of the Pro- there will be an increasing tendency in the community to resort to more gressive party, with only one Moderate speaking in favour of carrying the or less informal arbitration for the settlement of disputes, not only in Act into execution. The council ought to have been assisted by the noble commercial business, but in other and more general matters, in order to lord (Onslow), who was a member of the Government. He appealed to avoid the delay, expense, uncertainty, and other difficulties inevitable him to assist in the debate. They had not heard a word from any mem under the existing procedure of the Queen's Bench Division. ber representing the party who had protested against the application of The committee desire to make the following observations and suggesthe Act At this meeting four Moderates had spoken for the Act and two | tions on the conclusions of the Bar Council, taken in order :

As to No. 1.-They agree that it is necessary that a number of courts the Society on the amount of business the society had done during the year, adequate to deal with the concentration of business in London should sit and in the stability and usefulness of the society. The result of the year continuously throughout the legal year, but they are not prepared to say 1897 was contained in the revenue account. On the credit side there what this number should be. They are convinced that there always is appeared the item of premiume. Last year the premiums and commissions and must be increasing business in London, and that it is essential that together amounted to £66,000. This year the items had been separated, and adequate measures should be taken to cope with such increase.

they were £9,000 more than last year, and of that nearly £3,000 was As to No. 2.- They trongly eupport the conclusion that arravgements under the head of con missions, which was pure profit to the society and did should be made for the grouping of actions of a similar character in suit. not involve it in any risk. For that reason it had been separated from the able lists, but they desire to add that, in their opinion, no reform will be item premiums. They were earned chiefly by placing debentures and other satisfactory which does not radically attack the difficulties which at pre- securities which were guaranteed by the society, and for which they found eent hamper all parties to a cause. Among these difficulties they wish to a very considerable demand amongst their connections and friends in the lay particular stress on the delay and uncertainty as to the date of the profession. The item "Fees as Trustees was now £4,213, against $3,800 hearing, and further, on the uncertainty as to the court in which, and as last year. The trusteeslips imposed a certain amount of trouble upon the to the judge before whom, any cause will be tried. In connection with directors and staff of the society, but practically they entailed no responsi this subject, the committee desire to refer to the report of the joint com - bility, and that was a very satisfactory item to find increasing. They mittee of the bar and of this society, dated June, 1888, and to the report consisted principally of trusteeships for debenture holders and issues of that dated the 27th of July, 1888, of the deputation to the judges thereon. description, but the society was obtaining & considerable amount of private These reports will be found to contain important recommendations as to trusteeships. The difficulty in connection with business of that class the division and grouping of causes, arrangements for the dispatch of busi- hitherto had been the impossibility of getting paid for it in existing trusts, ness during each sittings, the establishment of a special list for com- but there was now a scheme under the Judicial Trustee Act of last year mercial causes, and other similar matters. Many of these recommenda- by which a trustee appointed under an old trust, might, if appointed by tions have since been adopted, and your committee consider that the sug- the court, be appointed on terms which would involve a proper remuneration gestions now made are an extension of those former recommendations for his services, and the society was quite willing to accept such appointfollowing the same lines.

ment coupled with the remuneration which the court would provide. He As to No. 3.—They consider that there should be an entire revision of thought it very probable that in that direction the society would before the circuit system, but they agree that, so long as the present circuit long obtain a considerable increase of income under that head.

The system continues, an addition to the number of the judges of the Queen's reinsurances were $16,922 1s. 10d. ; last year they were £16,500, and Bench Division is imperatively required.

the net amount of the society's earnings was £62,700 as against A8 to No. 4.-They consider that the appointment of commissioners to £53,900, showing an increase of £9,000. The interest on investments, go on circuit is undesirable, and is, therefore, an unsatisfactory way of which included rents on property on hand, amounted to £5,900, being an meeting the present difficulty.

increase of £1,500 on last year, and that notwithstanding the very large Your committee submit the following suggestions: 1. That an official unproductive asset, the site of Her Majesty's Theatre. On the other side with practical experience of litigation should be appointed of the rank of of the account were "Claims (including sums written off bank deposits a Master of the Supreme Court, who might be called “ The Master of the and properties in hand during 1897)” £17,000, as against £19,000 odd Lists.” It should be the duty of this master to arrange the cause lists of last year. The expenses of the management, including commission, the Queen's Bench Division, under the direction of the Lord Chief Justice advertising, law charges, directors' and auditors' fees, and income tax The committee point out that a recommendation of this kind is contained were 30.97 per cent. upon the income. Last year they were 35.27 per in the report of the joint committee, to which reference has already been cent. To cut the expenses down to 31 per cent. was a feat not accomplished made.

by many fire insurance or other societies which had to look for perpetual 2. That this master should arrange the cause lists in groups, after con competition in their endeavour to keep up their premium income. Whether sultation with the solicitors of the parties, keeping, so far as possible, that could be kept up for the future time would show. He would not be causes of a like character in the same group; and it should be afterwards much surprised if the expenses went up to something like 35 per cent., a the duty of solicitors to communicate with the master as to developments rate with which fire insurance offices were very well satisfied. The society occurring in the conduct of any cause such as settlement or adjournment had carried £10,000 to the credit of reserve, that was, claims in sight for by consent of parties, or the prospect of an extensive demand on the time which last year they had a provision of £18,000, and now, carrying the of the court.

£10,000 to reserve, they had £24,000; 80 that, of that £18,000, something 3. That each of these groups of causes should be assigned to a separate under £5,000 had been actually required. It showed, at all events, rota of judges of the Queen's Bench Division selected for each sittings that the directors made a liberal provision for possible claims. only, so that the work of each of the judges of that division would, during They had carried £15,000 to the general reserve this year, each sittiugs, be directly connected with one or more of the groups into against £5,000 last year, and the directors recommended that the which the causes had been thus divided.

dividend should be made up to 6 per cent. for the year instead of 5 4. That particulars court rooms should be fixed in which the trials of per cent. as it was last year, which meant that they would be able to each of such groups of causes should be conducted before one or other of carry £5,378 forward for next year, corresponding almost exactly with the the judges appointed on the rota for that group. By this means the court sum carried forward last year-£5,359. The history of the society during sooms in which actions of any particular kind were to be tried would be the last ten years was recorded in the balance-sheets. On the credit side known beforehand, and the regular attendance of counsel would be were the investments standing in the names of the trustees, who, he was secured, as is at present the case in the Chancery and Probate Divisions, sorry to say, had been reduced by the deaths of Sir Edward Kay and Baron but without the disadvantage of counsel continuously practising before Pollock. These investments remained at the figures which they originally the same judge.

cost. But he understood that at present prices they would realise nearly 5. That Divisional Courts should be altogether abolished.

£8,000 in excess of the £110,000 there stated. “ Australian Banks," which

item was the severest storm the society had had to weather represented only LAW GUARANTEE AND TRUST SOCIETY (LIMITED).

£9,500 as assets, whilst last year they represented €11,600. They had now

come down to a sum which the directors believed to be quite certain to be The tenth annual general meeting of the Law Guarantee and Trust Society, realised; but whether realised or not it was so moderate a sum that it would Limited, was held at the offices of the society, 49, Chancery-lane, on Wed have no effect upon the business of the society. The “Properties in Hand” nesday, Mr. Jobn Hunter (chairman) presiding:

now stood at £262,000 gross, less the mortgages on them, £170,000, a balance The report stated that during the year $79,691 158. 6d. had been received in favour of the society of £92,000. That, of course, was an item which the for premiums, fees as trustees, and commission, which, after allowing directors would be very pleased to see diminish, and which they had every £16,922 1s. 10d. for re-assurances, left £62,769 136. 8d. lhe percentaga of reason to hope before this time next year would be very substantially managing expenses was 30.97. In the last annual statement the reserve for diminished. Of the gross £262,000, certainly three-fifths was represented claims in suspense and for rebates stood at £18,591 15s. 9d. This, by pay by the site of Her Majesty's Theatre., Upon that the shareholders knew ment of claims and by rebales, had been reduced during the year to very well the society had guaranteed the amount of £120,000 at the time £14,505 17s. 2d. The directors had carried £10,146 78. 2d. from revenue to the ground had no building upon it at all. When the question came on this reserve, which now stood at £24,652 2s. 4d. The sum of £15,000 had two or three years ago it was a question of losing £120,000 or determining also been added to the General Reserve Fund, which now stood at £70,000. to build themselves, because the Crown authorities, to whom the freehold The balance was £11,378 18. 8d. From this £2,000 was paid as interim belonged, said if they were to extend the time of building they must have dividend for the half year ending June 30th, and the directors recommended some definite person by whom the building would be put up. A great that a further dividend of £4,000 should be paid in respect of the half year deal of consideration at the Board resulted in the directors making ending December 31st, 1897, free of income-tax, making the dividend for the up their minds to carry out the covenant. That was communicated to the year 6 per cent. per annum. This would leave £5,378 ls. 8d. to be carried shareholders two years ago. They were very rapidly approaching the forward. The item of “Properties in Hand" was increased by the expendi- completion of the part of the business they undertook, and within three or ture on the old site of Her Majesty's Theatre, which the society took over four months, probably, they would be in a position to ask the Crown to two years ago. Since the last year's report Mr. Beerbohm Tree had opened grant them, or their nominee, the lease, to obtain which required a preHer Majesty's Theatre on part of the site, and the Carlton Hotel-now in liminary expenditure of £150,000, or something of that sort. When they course of erection on the remainder of the site-would be shortly roofed in. got the lease the probability was that the property would be sold before The directors had entered into contracts by which other substantial parties long; at all events, the society would then have a valuable property to sell, would complete, decorate, furnish and equip the hotel. They anticipated instead of what it had three years ago-a very heavy burden to get rid of. that beforo the next annual meeting this property will have been advan The Government required, before they would give the society an extension tageously disposed of.

of time, a cash deposit of £25,000 as a guarantee that the building would Mr. T. R. RONALD (general manager and secretary) having read the be put up. Before the 31st of December they returned £20,000, and the notice convening the meeting,

progress since made had justified them in returning the further £5,000, The Chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, said he thought he which the directors received a few days ago. On the other side of the might well congratulate not only the shareholders, but also the assured in account was the bank loan-£14,000.' Last year it was £22,000. The



" General Reserve was £70,000, as against £55,000. The “ Reserve of
Claims" was £24,000, as against £18,000, The “ Revenue Account” was

£9,378, as against £8,359-rather more than £1,000 more than last year.
A dividend of 6 per cent., free of income tax, such as was proposed, was

really £6 4s, or £6 4s. Od. They now had over £70,000 income. The society

Mr. CHARLES ARNOLD White, barrister-at-law, of the Inner Temple, had paid claims or taken over securities which they had guaranteed to the has been appointed Advocate-General of Madras, in succession to the late amount of more than half a million; so that he thought not only the Mr. James Henry Spring-Branson, Mr. White was educated at New shareholders might be well satisfied with the progress of the society, but College, Oxford, and was called to the bar in 1883. He was one of the those who had done business with it might feel that the society had filled a

editors of several editions of Wilson's Practice of the Supreme Court of place in which its utility had been very conspicuous, and of very great Judicature and is a joint-editor of the Yearly County Court Practice. advantage to those who had dealt with it. The Vice-CHAIRMAN (Mr. R. Pennington) seconded the motion.

Mr. FRANCIS WILLIAM Lowe, solicitor, of Birmingham, has been Mr. Peake said he was a little disappointed with regard to the site of Her returned unopposed as Member of Parliament for the Edgbaston Division Majesty's Theatre. There had been a report that the property would be of Birmingham. Mr. Lowe is a son of Mr. William Lowe, who was also a sold, and he was in hopes the chairman would have told them that a contract solicitor of Birmingham. He was educated at King Edward's Grammar

He was had been entered into to this effect. He was very much disappointed that School, and matriculated at London University in 1871. the expectations seemed simply a hope. He asked how matters exactly admitted a solicitor in 1876, and joined his father in business, and is now stood.

head of the firm of Lowe & Jolly.
Mr. H. R. White asked what the society received for the Jubilee seate.
The CHAIRMAN said the site was in the possession of the contractor at the

time of the Jubilee procession, and the Board made an arrangement with
him by which he was to get the profit of letting the seats, and the society

The House of Lords recommenced its sittings for judicial business on was to get the benefit of a sum which was agreed upon as against the contract the 10th inst. Their list contains 17 cases, of which 11 are from Scotland. for putting up the building. As to Her Majesty's Theatre, the Board had

The Globe says that on Tuesday a litigant, when told he might sue in been in negotiation with several people, and they thought it was not fair to formâ pauperis, asked “In where, sir ?” make public what had taken place. This time last year the society stood in the position of having signed a contract to put the roof on the building at a

Sir Albert Rollit, on the 11th inst., introduced a Bill to provide for the cost of something over £100,000. To-day the board were within two storeys admission of solicitors of courts of Britich possessions to the Supreme of getting the roof on. They had paid about half the amount to be paid Courts in the United Kingdom. under the contract, and they saw no difficulty in providing the other half The members of the bar practising in the Admiralty Court have decided when the work was done. The remaining work that would have to be done to present Mr. Justice Phillimore with a piece of plate in commemoration after the society had obtained the lease was the subject of an arrangement of his recent elevation to the Bench. between the Board and other people. As to the terms of that, he did not

On the 10th inst., in the House of Lords, the Earl of Dudley presented feel himself at liberty to divulge them to-day; but he might say that they a Bill for the amendment of the Companies Acts, and the Lord Chancellor involved the society in but small pecuniary liability, and that there need be presented a Bill to amend the law of evidence in criminal cases. The Do cause whatever for anxiety on the part of the shareholders. He said, Bills were read a first time. with every confidence, that before this time next year he had very little doubt indeed the society would have got rid of this asset from their books,

The members of the Western Circuit will entertain Mr. Justice Philliand at a price which would be very satisfactory to everybody concerned.

more at a complimentary dinner, in celebration of his recent elevation to The report was adopted, and a dividend declared, making the dividend for the bench, at the Hotel Métropole, on Wednesday, the 16th of March. the year 6 per cent. free of income tax.

Mr. Bucknill, Q.C., M.P., the leader of the circuit, will preside. On the motion of the CHAIRMAN, seconded by the Vice-CHAIRMAN, the retiring directors-Mr. E. J. Bristow, Mr. J. E. Gray Hill, and Sir Joseph Central Law Journal, Colonel Folk, of the mountain circuit in North

In arguing a point before a judge of the Supreme Court, says the
Sebag Montefiore—were re-elected.

Carolina, laid down a very doubtful proposition of law. The judge looked
Messrs. Deloitte, Dever, Griffiths, & Co. were re-elected auditors. at him for a moment and queried :
Mr. RUBINSTEIN proposed a vote of thanks to the chairman and Board, law!" The colonel gracefully bowed and replied:

“ Colonel Folk, do you think this is

“Candour compels and the general manager and staff. Everyone present must be convinced

me to say that I do not, but I did not know how it would strike your that this was a most satisfactory report, and far in advance of anything the honour.» shareholders had anticipated. The chairman had made an observation that may not be contempt of court, but it is a close shave."

The judge deliberated a few minutes and gravely said : “That the society had been very heavily hit by the Australian banks ; personally he (Mr. Rubinstein) thought the banks had proved a great advantage, be

The Paris correspondent of the Daily Telegraph says that a humorous cause it had given people a confidence in the society they would not incident occurred on Wednesday in the second Court of Assize, which otherwise have had. The banks had brought about the collapse of other was opened in order to deal with the cases delayed by the length of the institutions but the society had borne the shock, which was the greatest Zola trial. No members of the public putting in an appearance, the possible proof of its strength. With regard to the Haymarket site, he president, M. Poupardin, sent to ask some of the persons awaiting admishappened to know something more than the ordinary shareholder, and he sion to the Zola trial to enter his court, in order that the proceedings might was satisfied that when tho whole thing was worked out no loss whatever be in conformity with the law. None, however, would risk the possible would be thrown upon the funds of the society. The directors deserved chance of failing to secure a place in M. Delegorgue's court, and in the every possible credit for the masterly way in which they had dealt with end, to constitute the needed public, police officers in plain clothes were that and other matters in connection with the society.

ordered into M. Poupardin's court. Mr. WALTER Ashton seconded the motion, which was carried, and

In the House of Commons, on the 10th inst., Mr. Lloyd Morgan asked The CHAIRMAN briefly responded.

the Secretary for the Home Department whether his aitention had been

called to the judgment delivered by the Lord Chief Justice of England in UNITED LAW SOCIETY.

the case of Reg. v. Charles Rose, in which his lordship referred to the quesFeb. 14.-Mr. C. W. Williams in the chair.—The subject of debate, tion of magistrates not granting bail ; and whether he would take steps “That the existing prison system is urgently in need of reform," was to bring his lordship’s remarks before the benches of magistrates in this moved by Mr. G. V. Ives. Mr. John O'Connor, ex-M.P., spoke to the country: Sir M. W. Ridley said : Yes, sir, I have read the judgment to motion, and the following members also spoke : Mr. Kains -Jackson, Mr. which the hop, member refers, and most fully agree with the views P. H. Edwards, Mr. A. W. Marks, Mr. Neville Tebbutt, Mr. Sells, Mr. expressed by the Lord Chief Justice as regards the principles which Hubbard, and Mr. Forster-Boulton. Mr. Ives replied, and the motion should determine the question of allowing bail. They are, in fact, the was carried by four votes.

views to which the Home Office has often given expression. In a circular issued not very long ago to justices they were urged, in deciding questions concerning bail, to keep in view the importance of not imposing any

imprisonment on an untried prisoner beyond what is absolutely necessary NEW ORDERS, &c.

to secure his attendance at the trial. Everything that can be done by the TRANSFER OF ACTION.

Home Office to impress these views on magistrates has, as I think the hon.

member will see, already been done.
Monday, the 7th day of February, 1898.

In the House of Commons on Monday Mr. Gedge asked the Attorney-
I, Hardinge Stanley, Earl of Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of Great General whether, in view of the pledge given to the House on the 4th of
Britain, do hereby order that the action mentioned in the Schedule hereto August last that no step should be taken before the 1st of January, 1898,
he transferred to the Honourable Mr. Justice Wright.

towards putting the provisions of the Land Transfer Act, 1897, into force SCHEDULE.

with the express purpose of giving the right to prevent its operation in Mr. Justice KekeWICH (1897–H.-No. 3,356).

any county to the county council to be elected in Warch next, the GovernIn re Hubbard & Company, Limited James Martyr Hubbard v Hubbard ment would undertake that the notice given on the 26th of November last & Company, Limited.


to the London County Council should not be acted upon. The Attorney

General said : I am informed that my hon. friend has already been in
A petition has been circulated among the members of the Iyner and has informed him that, in the Lord Chancellor's opinion, there is nothing

correspondence with the Lord Chancellor, and that the Lord Chancellor Middle Temple addressed to the treasurers and masters of the bench of in the action of the Privy Council inconsistent with anything which I said those inns, suggesting that an arrangement should be made for service to last Session. I certainly had no intention of giving the right of veto to be held in the Temple Church on one day in each week during Lent at 5 the new, more than to the old, county council. The course proposed by pm. The petition has been very largely signed; the first name on the the hon. member is not possible, but I repeat that which the Lord Chan. list of signatures being that of Sir Richard Webster.

cellor has already told the hon member, that the Privy Council would

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give most careful consideration to any representation made by the county the Short Lease of 49, Jermyn-street, producing £210 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. council within three months from the 1st of January, 1898. Mr. Gedge Feb. 25.Mesgeg. Green & Sox, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., 32 Leasehold Dwelling-houses at

Rutter & Marchant, of London. (Sce advertisement, Feb. 12, p. 3.) said when opportunity presented he would bring this matter to the atten Blackheath, let at £547 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Maude & Tunnicliffe, London, tion of the House.

Also 2 Dwelling-houses at Brixton, let at £60 per annum; and a Freehold Ground

rent of £6 per annum, secured upon property in Brixton. Solicitor, H. C. Morris, On Saturday, at the Lewes Assizes, Mr. Justice Grantham, in the Esq., London. (See advertisements, this week, p. 3.) course of his charge to the grand jury, said that he wished to refer to

RESULT OF SALE. one matter that had been mentioned in the Queen's Speech, and formed the subject of much controversy-namely, the proposal to extend to

At Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CRANFIELD's Property Auction, at the Mart, £.C, on Wed

nesday last, the following properties were disposed of: No. 6, Shaftesbury-villas, prisoners the right of giving evidence in their own behalf. No doubt the

Allen-street, Kensington, comprising a Private Residence, with Builder's Workshops ordinary newspaper reader thought that a criminal trial was a very one in the rear; £750. Stoke Newington, 60, Feirholt-road, a Leasehold Residence of sided affair, in which the prosecution had the advantage of doing all the

the annual value of £45, with possession , sold for £590. Freehold Ground-rents of talking, while the mouth of the unfortunate prisoner was shut, so as to

£12 12s. per annum, secured upon Nog. 5, 7, 9, and 11, Park-mews, Kilburn-park

road, Kilburn; sold for £350. prevent his having a fair opportunity of putting his case before the jury. This was an entirely erroneous view. By statute the committing magis

REVERSION, LIFE POLICY, AND INSURANCE SHARES. trates were bound to give a prisoner the opportunity of making his state Messrs. H. E. Foster & CRANTIELD held their usual fortnightly sale of the above ment, which at the trial was read to the jury. In bis experience, if the Interests at the Mart, E.C., on Thursday last, when a total of £10,195 was realized, statement were a true one, the prisoner was invariably acquitted. Iu his

among the Lots sold being the following:

REVERSION: judicial experience, and previously as chairman of quarter sessions, he

Absolute to one-third of £29,000 ; life 51

Sold 5,050 had known of only one man being convicted whom he believed to be

POLICY OF ASSURANCE : innocent, and that was in a case where the prisoner had the opportunity of

For £5,000 ; life 79

. 4,650 giving evidence. The prisoner, however, chose to tell a number of obvious WESTMINSTER AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE ASSOCIAand palpable lies, with the result that the jury who tried the case did not TION: believe his evidence. The prisoner was, however, subsequently released

Twenty Shares of £50 each (£2 108. paid)...

495 by the authorities, owing to certain facts as to the case having come to light. He did not believe that anyone was ever convicted unjustly for want of an opportunity of giving evidence, nor that an innocent man would be the more likely to be acquitted if he had the right to give evi.

WINDING UP NOTICES. dence in his own behalf. As the law now stood, juries always gave a prisoner the benefit of any doubt they might feel as to his guilt, but once

London Gazette.---Friday, Feb. 11. afford prisoners the right of giving evidence, juries would lose their sense

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. of responsibility, and would treat criminal cases as though they were civil

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. actions, and, instead of the onus of proof being on the prosecution, the ATLESBURY AND DISTRICT HOTEL Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March prisoner would bave to establish his innocence. In his judgment the 29, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to giving of evidence by a prisoner would be far more prejudicial to the

Henry Birch, Thame, Oxon, solor innocent than to the guilty.

COUNTRY CLUB, LIMITED (Horsham)-Creditors are required, on or before March 22, to

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Herbert Smith, 42, North st, Horsham

required, on or before March 25, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars At the auction held at the Mart on Tuesday, Mr. Joseph Stower, of 43, of their debts or claims, to Robert H. Marsh, Ethelburga House, Bishopsgate st Within Chancery-lane, disposed of all the Leasehold Properties offered, situate at

EPPING NATURAL MINERAL WATER CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Kilburn, Wandsworth-common, Brixton, and Walbam-green. The Free

March 28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to Arthur Burrell, 50, Carter st, Lorrimore sq. Hicks & Co, 13, Old Jewry ch brs, hold Residence, No. 1, The Close, Croydon, was not sold, and may now solors for liquidator be negotiated for privately. Mr. John Jobeon and Meests. S. Hughes & Hot WATER SUPPLY SINDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March 12, Sons were the solicitors.

to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Lawrence Robert Dicksee, 48, Copthall avenue

LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION) --Creditors are required, on or before Tuesday, March 15, to

send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, to J I WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.—Before pur. Parhornte, LaureD ORIGINAL SYNDICATE, INCORPORATED 1895) (IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDA; chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly

tiox)--Creditors are reqạired, on or before March 15, to send their names and Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Harry E Warner, 21, Great Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full ROCKINGS ST RAILWAY AND JABBAHDALE TIMBER CO, LIMITED, OF MELBOURNE, VICTORIA particulars. (Established 21 years.)-[Apyt.]

(1x LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before Feb 19, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John Whittingham, 4,

Fenchurch bldgs

Wilson MALT HEATING AND Hot Air Co, LIMITED -Creditors are required, on or before COURT PAPERS.

March 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Harold Mather, 10, Acresfield, Bolton. Dutton, Bolton, solor to


London Gazette.--Tuesday, Feb. 15.

Mr. Justice

No. 2.

Monday, Feb.

Mr. Farmer
Mr. Beal

Mr. Rolt

ANBLESIDE DISTRICT GAS AND WATER Co, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before


April 4, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Wednesday



to Mr, Thomas Mackereth, Ambleside. Bolton & Bolton, Kendal, solors to liquiditor Thursday .................... 24 King



ARMADALE GOLD MINING CO, LIMITED-Pétn for winding up, presented Feb 14, directed


to be heard on Feb 23. Huxhan & Rawlinson, 42, Bedford row, solors for petner. Saturday



Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after-
Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice noon of Feb 22



Asiatic PRODUCE CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March_31, to send Monday, Feb. 21 Mr. Jackson

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Hugh Chap

Mr. Pemberton Mr. Pugh Tuesday

man, 25, Abchurch lane. Harwood & Stephenson, Lombard st, solors to liquidator 22 Carrington



Bovril, LIMITED (Old COMPANY, INCORPORATED 2ND MARCII, 1889)-Creditors are re-


quired, on or before March 22, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars Thursday



of their debts or claims, to John Lawson Johoston, William Brander, and Andrew 25 Jackson Pemberton



Walker, 30, Farringdon st

BROWNFIELD GUILD POTTERY SOCIETY (LIMITED)-Creditors are required, on or before
April 5, to ser their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts, to

Charles Ernest Bullock, Hanley. Paddock & Sons, Hanley, solors for liquidators


or before March 26, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their

debis or claims, to Maurice Jenks, 6, Old Jewry SALES OF ENSUING WEEK,

METROPOLITAN Tower CONSTRUCTION CO, LIMITED (IX LIQUIDATION) - Creditors are Feb. 22.--- Megers. W. W. Read & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Ground-rent of

required, on or before March 30, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars

of their debts or claims, to Mr Edwin Waterhouse, 44, Gresham st. Samuelson, 57, £200 per annum, secured upon imposing business premises in Lombard-street,

New Broad st, solor to liquidator with reversion to rack-rental in 36 years of the present rental value of £1,125 per MOUNT HEPBURN GOLD MINE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March 15, annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Wood, Bigg, & Nash, London. (See advertisement, Feb

to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to 5, p. 4.) Feb. 23.-Messrs. Douglas Young & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., three Freehold

Mr John Whittaker, 1, St Helen's place. Travers Smith & Co, 4, Throgmorton avende,

solors Residences at Balham; let at £30. Solicitor, W. R. 'J. Hickman, Esq., London ;

ORIENTAL PALACE OF VARIETIES, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March Freehold Ground-rents, amounting to £72 per annum, secured upon 19 houses at

31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Ilford, of the rack-rental of £543. Solicitors, Messrs. J. N. Mason & Co., London;

Sydney Cronk, 44, Lombard st. Gibbs & Co, 4, Eastcheap, solors to liquidators Old-fashioned House at Barnes, with sixteen rooms, let at £40_per annum; seven

RAND Consols, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before March Freehold Houses at Penge, producing nearly £160 per annum; Freehold Residence

31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to at Penge, let at £25 per annum. (See advertisement, Feb. 12, p. 2.)

Percy Lumley Ellis, 145 and 149, Winchester House, Old Broad st. Maxwell, BishopsFeb. 24.-Messrs. J. A. & W.Tharp, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Shares and Debentures in the following Companies : Commercial Gas, Clacton-on-Sea Gas and Water, West Ham

gate st Within, solor to liquidator

SENEGAL S SYNDICATE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)--Creditors a e required, on or before Gas, Patent Victoria Stone, Swan & Edgar, Maple & Co., Pavilion Theatre; Lea

March 28, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of their debts or claims, Bridge, Leyton, and Walthamstow Tramways ; London General Omnibus, London

to Charles Luff, 11, Old Broad st. Burn & Berridge, Old Broad st, solors to liquidator Road Car, National Safe Deposit, East London Railway, Belle Steamers, Apollinaris and Johannis. (See advertisement, this week, p. 3.)

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Feb. 25.--Messrs. HENRY CHAPMAN &' Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Groundrent of £800 per annum, secured upon residential fats in South Kensington, the

BURY CLOGGERS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Commercial Inn, Spring et. Bury, Lancaster. Feb 2 rack-rents are nearly £1,600. Solicitors, Messrs. Willett & Sandford, London ; 'also Walsall Wood New Benefit Society, Red Lion Ion, Walsall Wood, Stafford. Feb 2

..... 25




London Gazette.--Tuesday, Feb. 1.
Johnsox, JAMES, Shipton House Farm, near Market Weighton, York, Farmer. March

3. Tigars Manure Co. v Johoson, Kekewich, J. Mills, Beverley
Quisx, THOMAS, St Alban's mansas, Kensington ct gdns, Builder. March 1. Ransom v

Moss, Stirling, J. Ward, King st, Cheapside

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT, CAP. 35.


London Gazette-TUESDAY, Feb. 8.
ARMSTRONG, MARGARET, Carlisle March 8 Sewell, Carlisle
BAR?IELD, EMMA Ann, Leicester March 19 Owston & Co, Leicester
BARNES, JANES, Northfield, Worcester March 14 Harper, Birmingham
BARRELL, CHARLES, Ipswich March 7 Kersey, Ipswich
BEAY, Joseph, North Walsham, Norfork, Clerk March Wilkinson, North Walshami
BLEASE, STANLEY, Liverpool March 15 Payne & Frodsham, Liverpool
BOURNE, JAMES, Stoke, Devon March 29 Rooker & Co, Plymouth
BOURNE, JANE, Stoke, Devonport March 29 Hooker & Co, Plymouth
BROOKING, Nicholas, Southampton March 19 Butler, Mark lane
BULL, ANNE, South Kensington March 26 Rimer, Quality ct, Chancery lane
BUSHELL, GEORGE LORT, Narbeth, Pembroke, Maltster March 9 Roberts, Narberth
COCHRANE, SABAU, Bloomsbury st, Bedford sq March 20 Kinsey & Co, Bloom biry pl
Cousins, Joux James, Leeds March 12 Cousins & Cousins, Leeds
Doxovax, ELIZABETH GEORGIANA, Gargrave, York March 12 Wright & Co, Skipton

GARDINER, HENRY LYNEDOCH, Richmond Park, Surrey, General March 23 Rhodes &

Son, Skinners' Hall, Dowgate hill
GAYLEARD, ALFRED TÆomas, Bromley Feb 25 Deas, Gt Russell st
Haigu, BENJAMIN, Halifax, Cab Proprietor March 26 Longbotham & Sons, Halifax
Jenks, Henry, Stoke on Trent March 12 Cooper & Co, Newcastle, Staffs
JenKS, SARAH, Stoke on Trent March 12 Cooper & Co, Newcastle, Staff's
KERSEY, CHARLOTTE, Ipswich March 7 Kersey, Ipswich
LAMBERT, SARAH, Sowerby, York Feb 28 Noble, York
LINLEY, SARAH, Islington, March 11 Coventon, Gray's inn sq
MASTERMAN, GEORGE Joseph, Ashstead, Surrey March 10 Blyth & Co, Gresham house,

Old Broad st
MENDOZA, ISAAC PERCY, Croydon March 22 Wild & Wild, Lawrence lane
Morton, Henry, Ilkley, York, Coal Merchant March 1 Robinson & Co, Bradford
PAUL, ELLEN ELIZA, Clare, Suffolk March 25 Hores & Co, Lincoln's inn flelds
PORTER, HENRY, Medlar with Wesham, Lancs March 1 Gaulter, Kirkham
RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH, Worcester March 29 Thoz & AE Mace, Chipping Norton
SCOTT, Mary, Newcastle upon Tyne March 4 Storey, Sunderland
SHEPHERD, ALICE SUSAN, Brighton March 1 Thomas Beard & Sons, Basinghall st
SIDES, WILLIAM LLOYD, Liverpool March 12 Glover, Liverpool
SPENCER, ISABELLA, Halifax March 4 Godfrey & C), Halifax
Stacey, EDWARD, Plymouth March 7 Graham & Co, Launceston, Cornwall
STAKE, Thomas, Halifax March 9 Longbotham & Sons, Halifax
ThemANS, Salomon, Manchester, Commercial Traveller March 1 E Shippey & Jordan,

VALLET, ELLEN, King st, Portman sq March 8 Radford & Frankland, Chancery lane
WaLLi3, Stephen, Regen: st Feb 28 W H Martin & Co, King st, Cheapside
WILLIAMS, DAVID, Idaho, U.S.A. March 8 Pearce, Swansea
WINSTANLEY, JAnes, Leigh, Farmer March 5 Dootson, Leigh
W18E, HENRY EDMUND, English Combe, Somerset, Carpenter March 25 Gill & Bush,


BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. KiBoy, Henry, Aberbeeg, Llanhilleth, Miller Newport, Mon | Daniel, MATTHEW JAMES, Rother field, Sussex, Draper Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

Feb 18 at 11 24, Railway app, London Bridge London Gazette.-Ì RIDAY, Feb. 11.

LEACH, HARRY, Leeds, Flock Dealer Leeds Pet Feb 7 Davies, John, Llanegwad Feb 19 at 11 Off Rec, 4,

Ord Feb 7

Queen st, Carmarthen
LUMLEY, CHRISTOPHER, Quebec, Durham, Joiner Durham DIXCEY, GEORGE, Walterton rd, Harrow rd, China Mer-
AKENHEAD, ALFRED, Cardiff, Accountant Cardiff Pet Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

chant Feb 18 at 11 Bankruptcy bldge, Carey st Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

Mann, Thomas William, Swinton, nr Rotherham, Glass Duxxe, John Josrps, Liverpool, Grocer' Feb 23 at 12 ALLIN, SAMUEL SEALY, Garlick hill, Cannon st High Bottle Hand Sheffield Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Court Pet Jan 21 Ord Feb 8

Mason, William JAMES, Leytonstone, Provision Dealer Dutton, GEORGE WILLIAM, Chester, Grocer Feb 22 at 2.30 ALLISON, CHARLUA, Kirton, Lincs, Carpenter Boston Pet High Court Pet Jan 22 Ord Feb 9

Crypt chmbrs, Eastgate row, Chester Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

MORGAN, JOIN AARON, Bridgend, Builder Cardiff Pet Eart, John, and CHARLES FRANCIS TAYLER, KingskersARROWEMITH, JOHX, Adlington, Lancs, Mecharic Bolton Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

well, Devon, Brewers Feb 21 at 11 The Castle, Pet Jan 28 Ord Feb 9

OSBORNE, BENJAMIY Jony, West Woodlands, or Frome, Exeter Askew, THOMAS, Oxenholm, Westmorland, Licensed

Cattle Dealer Frore Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

Fegen, CHARLES Milton, Toddington, Bedford, Surgeon Victualler Kendal Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

Penney, ARTHUR PEARSOX, Sydenham Greenwich Pet Feb 21 at 11.30 Off Rec, St Paul's sq, Bedford BARRETT, FRANCIS Jony, Frampton on Severn, Glos, Jan 22 Ord Feb 8

HANBURY & Co, Featherstone bldgs, High Holborn, AucJoiner Newport, Mon Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

POLLARD, FREDERICK ABRAHAM, Treforest, Glam, Licensed tioneers Feb 18 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st BITEX, WILLIAM JAMES, Bristol, Leather Merchant Bristol Victualler Pontypridd Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

HART, CHABLES CAAMBERS, Northampton, Shoe ManuPet Jan 27 Ord Feb 8

POSTER, CHARLES, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, Farm facturer Feb 18 at 12.30 County Court bldgs, Sheep BLADES, WILLIAM, Sheffield, Joiner Eheffield Pet Feb 7 Labourer Derby Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

st, Northampton Ord Feb 7

PRICE, SAMUEL, Aberaman, Aberdare, Greengrocer Ab?r HOPKINSON, Joux, Bradford Feb 18 at 11 Of Rec, 31, BLYTI, HARRY COLEMAN, Buxted, Sussex Lewes Pet dare Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

Manor ruw, Bradford Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

PURDY, Tuomas, Clay Cross, Derby, Saddler Chesterfield HUXLEY, JAMES Thomas, Old Kent rd, Licensed Victualler BOALER, BERNARD, Walworth, Shopkeeper High Court Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

Feb 18 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Pet Jan 21 Ord Feb 8

RICHARDS, ARTHUR EDWIN, Leicester Leicester Pet Jan KELSEY, John, Stairfoot, or Barnsley, Herbalist Feb 23 BBAY, GEORGE CHARLES, Hereford, Grocer Hereford Pet 26 Ord Feb 8

at 10.15 Off Rec, Regent st, Barnsley Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

Robson, Robert, Walmgate, York York Pet Feb 7 Ord Kitchen, John, Bradford, Builder Feb 21 at 11 Of Rec, BROADLEY, ROBERT, Accrington Blackburn Pet Feb 8 Feb 7

31, Manor row, Bradford Ord Feb 8

Scott, ROBERT, Eastpey, Hants, Cab Proprietor Ports NYE, GEORGE Thomas, Rochester, Builder Feb 28 at 11.30 Beustox, ARTHUR Jouy, Fakenham, Norfolk' Boot Maker mouth Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

115, High st, Rochester Norwich Pet Feb 7 Old Feb 7

SPIVEY, FRANK Wilsox, Luton, Bedford, Straw Plait PORTER, CHARLES, Long Eaton, Derbys, Farm Labourer BUEROWS, THOMAS JAMES, Brynmawr, Brecons, Collier Merchant Luton Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

Feb 18 at 11.30 Off Rec, 40, St Mary's gate, Derby Tredegar Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

STANSFIELD, JANE, Stubley Hall Farm, nr Rochdale, Reed, ROBERT WADE, Wiston, Pembroke, Grocer Feb 19 BUSBY, GEORGE, Birmingham, Builder Birmingham Pet Farmer Rochdale Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

at 12 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen Jan 17 Ord Feb 8

STOREY, JOSEPI, and John Brorey, Bradford, Bakers Robson, RORERT, York Feb 22 at 12.15 23, Stonegate CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, Joiner Bradford Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

York Nottingham Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

Swain, WILLIAM, St Leonards on Sea, Tailor Hastings | BELVEY, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Worcester, Dentist Feb 19 at ClOrgy, JOSEPH, Castleton, nr Rochdale, Tanner Roch Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

11.30 Off Rec, 45, Copenhagen st, Worcester dale Pet Jan 25 Ord Feb 7

THOMAS, SAMUEL, Wrexham, Grocer Wrexham Pet Feb Spaven, Mary, Sneaton, nr Whitby Feb 23 at 3 Off CROCOMBE, GEORGE, Marwood, Devons, Farmer Barn

Ord Feb 7

Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough staple Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

THORNE, THOMAS WILLIAM, Gosport, Hants, Watchmaker STEPHENS, GEODGE Joux Dix, and JAMES Hexrr HouthDavies, WILLIAM, Penywain, or Aberdare, Innkeeper Turmee, IgAAC, Armley, Leeds, Coul Merchant Leeds

Portsmouth Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

TON, Leeds, Clothiers Feb 21 at 11 Off Rec, 22, Park Aber dare Pet Feb 9° Ord Feb 9 Dawson, John, Bradford, Worsted Spinner Bradford Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

STURGESS, EDWARD, Nottingham, Labourer Feb 18 at 12 Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

WATSON, JAMES, Doncaster Sheffield Pet Feb 8 Ord Off Rec, 4, Castle pl, Park st, Nottingham DE L'ISLE AND DUDLEY, Lord, Knightsbridge High Court Feb 8

THICK, CHARLES, Shepton Mallet, Fishmonger Feb 23 at 12 Pet Nov 11 Ord Feb 8

Wilson, EDWARD, Bramley, Leeds, Commission Waste Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol DFALL, EDGAR THOMAS, Birkenhead, Bank Clerk Birken Puller Leeds Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

TIBBETTs, Thomas Adaus, Cradley Heath, Staffs, Malster head Pet Jan 25 Ord Feb 9

WOODWARD, Joun, Worton, nr Isleworth, Market Gar Feb 18 at 11 OF Rec, Wolverhamton st, Dadley EDMUNDS, CHARLES, Aberaman, Aberdare, Butcher Aber dener Brentford Pet Jan 11 Ord Feb 8

Toxkyn, APTUUR, St Columb, Cornwall, Baker Feb 19 at dare Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

WAIGHT, Walter WALKER, Burnley, Butcher Burnley 10 Off Rec, Bo cawen st, Truro ELLIOTT, JOHN JAMES, Bristol, Boot Dealer Bristol Pet Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

TRANT, WILLIAN EDWARDS, Kingswear, Davon, Baker Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

YABSLEY, GEORGE GARDENER, Salcombe, Devon, Builder Feb 18 at 11 Law Society's chmbra, Atheneum lane, FLOWERS, JAMES STEPEX, New Swindon, Wilts, Hair Plymouth Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

Plymouth dresser Swindon Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

WHITESMITH, GEORGE, Scunthorp, Lincs, Greengrocer GRAY, HARRY, Alresford, Hants, Corn Merchant Win


Feb 18 at 11 0.1 Rec, 15, Osborne st, Great Grimsby chester Pet Feb 9 Ord Feb 9

WILLIAMS, GEORGE, Llanduda) Feb 23 at 12 Prince
GREES, Joux George, Cheltenham, Dairy Firm Miniger | Austin, Joan, Churchdown, Glos, Nursery Grower Feb Wales Hotel, Llandudno
Cheltenham Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8

19 at 3 Off Rec, Station rd, Gloucester
GUBBINS, JOSEPH GARD, Staines, Draper Kingston, Surrey BARLOW, Joux Joseph, Alfreton, Derby, Foreman
Pet Feb 8 Ord Feb 8
Labourer Feb 18 at 11 Of R:c, 40, St Mary's gate,

HAEPEB, NOAH, Wolverhampton, Coachbuilder Wolver Derby

ARENHEA!), ALFRED, Cardiff, Aosountant Carlit Pa hampton Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7

BROOKS, ALFRED WILLIAM, and FREDERICK Vincent Feb 8 Ord Feb 8 HITCHING, DANIEL, Parkstone, Dorset, Builder Poole Pet BROOKS, Gate st, Lincoln's ion fields, Lithographers Allisox, CHARLES, Kirton, Lincs, Carpenter Boston Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 Feb 18 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Cirey st

Feb 8 Ord Feb 8 HUGIES, Toomas, Mountain Ash, Glam, Confectioner | BUTLER, RICHARD, Southsea, Hants, Painter Feb 18 at 3 Askew, Thomas, Oxenholme, Westmorland, License 1 Aberdare Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 Off Rec, Cambridge Junction, High st, Portsmouth

Victualler Kendal Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 HUXLEY, JAMES THOMAS, Old Kent rd, Licensed Victualler Church, Thomas, Peterborough, Hawker' Feb 18 at 11.45 | BLADES, William, Sheffield, Joiner Sheffield Pat Fab High Court Pet Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 Law Courts, New rd, Peterborough

Ord Feb 7 JAGO, JOSIAH, Sunderland, Medical Practitioner Sunder Claxton, ARTHUR ANDERSON, Bradford, Yarn Agent Feb BBAY, GEORG: CHARLES, Hereford, Grocer Hereford', land Pet Jan 25 Ord Feb 7 18 at 12 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford

Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 Joxes, JOHN, Mardy, Glam, Labourer Pontypridd Pet CORBALLIS, JAMES FREDERICK JOSEPH, Farnham, Surrey Broadley, ROBERT, Accrington Blackburu Pat F:5 Feb 7 Ord Feb 7 Feb 18 at 12 24, Railway app, London Bridge

Ord Feb 8


row, Leeds

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