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Miciisizuiss SITTINGS, 1897.
Caowrs PAPER.
For Argument.

Ieloestershire Carter v Shillcook magistrate’s case

Stafiordshire, Wolverhampton Allen v The London 62: North Western
By Co county court plt's app

Surrey, Wandsworth Silk & ors v Steeger county court di't’s app

Middlesex, Marylebone Metropolitan Railway Co v Chamberlain & Son coimty court dft’s app

Middlesex. Bow Driscoll & Wife v Poplar Board of \Vorks county court diflsvapp

Staifordshire, overhampton Smith v Midland Ry Co county court plt's app

Warwickshire, Birmingham Cohen v Johnson county court d ft’s app

Middlesex, Marylebone Potts v Terrill county court dft’s app

Middlesex, Westminster Moult v Halliday county court plt’s app

Middlesex The Queen v High Bailiff of Westminister & Chamberlyn (expte Fisher) nisi to effect arrest

Middlesex, Bow Clliford v Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Co, ld
county court dft's app

Essex The Queen v Commrs of Sewers for Havering, etc (expte London
County Council) nisi for certiorari for presentment for order and rate

Sussex. Lewes Carter v Clarke 8-: Co & ors county court dft‘s London,
Antwerp. &c Co id's app

Berkshire, Reading Pharmaceutical Soc of Great Britain &c v Potter
county court plt’s app

Glamorganshire, Swansea Morris v Morris county court plt's app

Lancashire Knowles 6: Son, ld v Sinclair magistrate's case

Same Rishton v Mayor, &c oi Haslingden magistrate’s case

Surrey, Farnham Shaw v Lutman county court dit‘s app

Lancashire, Blackpool Barrett v Haigh 5: anr county court plt's app

Surrey The Queen v Wimbledon Burial Board &c (expte Hatton) nisi for mandamus to permit impaction of books

Northumptonshire. Northampton Singleton & Co, ldvHutchins S: ors county court clmts’ app

Lancashire, Liverpool Lewis S: anr v Burrell county court plts’ a

Haiidxpshire, Southampton Stride v Martin county court dft’s app

Yorkshire, Pontefract MacDonald v Swift county court plt’s app

Middlesex, Bloomsbury Watkins v White (Maples & Co, ld, clmts)
county court plt’s app

Middlesex, Marylebone Tripp v Cooper county court Sarah Hannah
Cooper’s app

Burnley Burnley Equitable Co-operative & Industrial Soc ld v Pickles
magistrates case

Middlesex, Brampton Amherst v Nichols & anr county court dit
Duerre’s app

Met Pol Dist London County Council v Rowton Houses 1d magistrate’s

Surrey, Wandsworth Wyllie v Walker county court dft’s app v

London McAlpin v Caxton Permanent Benefit Building Soc county court plt's app

Met Pol Dist Faucett 8: ors v Bierman magistrate's case ‘

Liverpool MacSymou‘s Stores ld v Shuttleworth magistrate's case 9

Mlddlesex, Westminster Sharp v List county court plt’s app

London The Queen v Manchester, Sheifield, & Linc0'nshire Ry C_0 (expte Pearce) Nisi for mandamus to summon jury to assess compensation ' f

Sussex, Lewes Carter v Clarke & Co 8: ors county court dfts Stephenson, Clarke, & Co’s app '

Lancashire, Preston Orton v Porter county court plt’s app

Durham, Barnard Castle \Vatson v Holmes county court dit's app

London Hammersmith Vestry VAl[1BWO!'Li1 magistrate’s case

London Godwin dz anr v Hart county court plt’s app

Yorkshire, Todmorden Greenwood v Shackleton county court plt’s
“PP '

Dev nshire The Queenv Hodge, Esq., & ors, J j, & Overseers of Compton
Gifiord (expte Cleverton) Nisi to hear complaint

Glamorganshire, Swansea Jones v Demery county court plt’s app

Same Same v Same county court Mary Jones & ore’ app

Same Davies v Usher & Co county court plt’s app

Hyde Maloney & orsv Lingard quarter sessions special case respt’s

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Rizviimzir Paras.
For Hearing.

Cause by English Information.

Attorney-Gen and Earl Cowley

Re The Royal College of Surgeons
Cases as to Stamp Duty. i

The National Telephone Co ld, applts, and The Commrs of Inland
Revenue, respts

The City of London Brewery Co ld, applts, and The Commrs of Inland
Revenue, respts

SOMETHING ros. No'rnixo.—When the proprietors of an article of consumption are prepared to send over 2,000,000 free sample tins to those who send a post-card it is fair to assume the vendors must themselves have a pretty good opinion of their specialité ; and when in addition they possess sufficient courage to “ put up ” £10,000 in hard cash to pay for postage of samples it must be evident they have satisfied themselves they possess a good thing, and that it is better to demonstrate practically at the breakfast table than to depend upon mere assurances by advertisement. Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa (Limited), 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, London, E 0., are sending daily over 10,000 free sample tins oi their special preparation to the public, and as a result the sales are going up by leaps and bounds. This style of advertising has the merit of honesty, and that the public appreciate it is shewn by the statement that Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa can now be obtained from grocers, chemists, and stores everywhere, and the trade are unanimous in saying that no preparation of n similar character has ever given equal satisfaction to their customers. To obtain a tin it is only necessary to send a post-card, and the name oi Soiiciroas‘ JOURNAL should be mentioued.—[An\'r.]

WARNING ro INTBNDING Horse PURCHASERS sun Li-zsssss.—Beiore purchasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly Examined, Test/ed, and Beported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full particulars. (Established 21 ye1rs.)—[Anv'r.l

sums or mssumo wuss".

Nov. 10.—-Mr. Hr-zimi-.s.-r W. Do.\~vin', at the Mart. at 2 Ep.m., Freehold Ground-rent of
£50. secured upon property in Bsxhill. Solicitor, . Elvy Robb, Esih, Tunbridqe
Wells. Freehold Ground-rent of £20, secured upon eight houses in Bex ll; Freeho 11
Ground-rent oi" £15 150., secured on three houses in sstings ; Freehold Ground-rent
of £12 12s.. secured u on four houses in Hastings. Solicitor, R. H. Ruby, E50
Hastings. Two Freehoiil Villa Residences at Hastings, value £16 unnum-
Soliciture, Messrs. Inngham, Son, & Douglas, London. Freehold deuce at
Hastin , rental value £120 per annum. (See advertisements, this week p. 22)

Nov. 11 —fi:ssrs. C. C & T. Moons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Dwelling-House Bl?
Old Ford' lot at £2-i 14s. per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Moodie _& Son, London.
Freehold Pro erty in Hac ney-road; let at 30s. per week. Solicitor, John Ash-
hridie, F4q..§nndon. Freehold Properties and Ground-rents in Bethnal Green.
Free olds in Commercial-road, Copvholds in _St. George’s East, Leaseholds in St-
George‘s East. Solicitors, Messrs. Stones, Morris, 8: Stones, of London Leasehold
Houses in Mile End at £114 per annum. Solicitor, John Ashbridge, Esq., London-
Freehcldflouses and Shops in Gig-road and Kentish Town, and Leasehold Residence
in Kentish Town; producing in l about £112 per annum. Solicitor, Percy C. REY’
Esq., London. (See advertisements this week, p. 22.) _ _

Nov. 11.—Messrs. Sriiisos & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Fully Licensed Taver-n,_ii_1tl19
Old Bailey 80 years unexpired, at £180 per an_nuin, with Reversion. _B0lll!liDl'l|
Barton & Benrman, London. Leasehold Properties in Islmgition, kentish Town.
Puddiugton, and High Holborn. Solicitor, Charles Rogers, ., London. Lease-
hold Pro ertien in Hainpstead-road, producing £82 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs-
Barton £ Pearmsn, London. Freehold Houses at East Ham, producing £75 P9!
annum. Solicitors, Mun-s. Wetheriield, Son, 8: Baines, London. Leasehold Hon-B88
and Beerliouse in Old Kent-road, producing £500 per annum. Solicitor, C. G. A155
F34}, London. Freehold Residence at Wandsworth, let at £65 per annum. Solici-
tors, Messrs. Travers, Smith, Braithwaite, 8: Robinson, London. (See advertise-
inent, this week, p. 22.)

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debts or clairns,to Christopher Robson, 52, Queen Victoria st. Maddisons, 1, King's i to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

Arms yard, solors for hquidator

Dlsunoo Scaiso Wussr. Co, Liiiirau-Petn for winding u , presented Oct 25, directed to be heard on Nov 10. Ward 8: Co, S5, Gracechurch st, solbrs for tners

Dixon 8: Co, Liiii-riin—Petn for winding up, resented Oct 21, iiiiected to be heard on Nov 10. Clay, 185s, Mnrylebone rd, olor Eur petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov 8

LIBDS_AND Coux-rr Usiosis-r CLlll5—H0llSE Co, Liim-iio (IN Vonusrsav LlQU1DATl0N)'Creditors are required, on or before Dec 11, to send their names and addresses, and the giiticulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Charles Henry Wilson, South parade, lee . Nelson & f‘o, Leeds. solors for liquidutot

Mltxrnsl Cor-"ran PUBLIC-HOUSE Co, Li.\iiri»:c—Creditors are required, on or before Nov 15, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. C. G. Moule, Melksham

Roar-tars Resrsuasxr. Liiii-rsi>—Creditors are required, on or before Nov 30, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Charles €.ob_e1rtflScholes, Stanley chmbrs, Bury. Pickstone & Jones, Radcliffe, Lanes, solors for

qui s r

Losrocx Hirao Loose, Galirm UNITED ORDER or QDDFELLOWS, Lancashire and Yorkshire
Hotel, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancs. Oct 20

Slmoims Burriino PBOVIDINT FUND, Royal George Inn, 34, New st, Kennington. Oct 13

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Liirrrlu nr CHAICIBY.

AUSTRALIAN AND Araiosit SYNDICATE, Liiirreo (IN LiQL'1ns'rros)—-Creditors are required, on or before Dec 18, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Ernest Henry Wilson, 37, Old Jewry

Bssous INDUSTBIELLI Foscihas er Aonicoui, Lniiren—Petn for windingi us; presented Oct 29, directed to be heard on Nov 10. Nicholson. 11, Lincoln’: inn el , solor for petncr. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not lat/er than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov 4

Guns Biiooa Mssuiucrvnrro Co, Liiiiran—Creditors are required, on or before Dec 15,


Thomas Watcrworth, 68, Victoria st, Blackburn

Miiricivrn Misiso ssu Siiiuxrixo Co. Lnn-rzo-Petn for winding up, presented Oct 29, directed to be heard on Nov 10. James, 60, Lincoln's inn fields, solor for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the abovanamed not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov 9 , _

RONCOEONI BONACINA S: Co, Lnii-ran—Petn for winding up, presented Oct 29, directed to be heard on Nov 10. Miller & Steele, St Stephen's chmbrs, Telegraph st, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov 9 _ _ _

Winn ELECTBXCAL Can Co. Liin-rsn—Petn for winding up, presented Oct 26, directed to be heard on Nov 10. W. 8: \V. Stocken, 48. Lime st, solors for petner. Notice of ifippeariug must reach the above-named not later than 6 o’clock in the afternoon of

ov 9

Wiiaizi. Cuis, Liiii1'an—Petn for winding up, presented Oct 28, directed to be on

Nov 10. Dade & Co. 21, Copthall avenue, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must

reach the above-named not lat~r than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Nov 9

Svsraxoso roa THREE Monrnfl.

Niimsiz-rii FRIENDLY Socisrr, Angel Hotel, Narber-th, Pembroke. Oct 21

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Amended notices substituted for that published in the London Gazette of Oct 26 : '

Bneros, JOHN Siiirii. Manchester, Costume Manufacturer
Manchester Pet Oct 14 Ord Oct 21
Wsrsos, Ti-ioii/is, Manchester Saiford Crd Oct 20

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Mourns, Owns, Swansea, Hotel Manager Swansea Pet Oct 28 Ord Oct 28

SIIIPsos,, Birkenhead, Confectioner Liverpool Pet Oct 28 Ord Oct 23

Srssa, Wam-sa Hsaotn, Hove, Journalist Brighton Pet Oct 29 Ord OM29

S'maI.I.\'o, Janus WALTER, Lower Sheringham, Norfolk, Carpenter Norwich Pet Oct 30 Ord Oct 30

Tnolus, RICHARD, Ahercrave, Brecon, Builder High Court Pet Aug25 Ord Oct 28

Tour, Jase Rnoos, Ameraham, Bucks Carlisle Pet Oct 14 Ord Oct 29

Tuassa, Watrsa Gsasnn, West Norwood, Tire Maker High Court Pet Oct 20 rd Oct 28

Warrons, Hoaaca, Brut/on st High Court Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 28

Wsssscssrr, RH, Great Winchester st High Court Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 28

Wes-r, WILLIAM. Cross lane, Eastcheap, Ship Broker High Court Pet Oct 8 Ord Oct 23

Was-rnzv, Jons, Birmingham, Cabinet Maker Birming

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Auditors : JAMES MORTON BELL, Esq.; JOSEPH GURNEY FOWLER, Esq. (Messrs. Price, Waterhouse, & 00.).


Approved Mercantile Bills Discounted. Loans granted upon Negotiable Securities.

Money received on Deposit, at Call and Short Notice, at the Current Market Rates, and for

Longer Periods upon Terms to be Specially Agreed upon.
Investments in and Sales of all descriptions of British and Foreign Securities effected.

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Banrurrr, Taizaissa Basxisrim, Conyngham rd, Uxbiidge
rd High Court Pet Sept 18 Ord Oct 30 _
BELL, Ouviia, Kingston upon Hull, Grocer, Kingston upon
Hull Pet Oct 29 Ord Oct 29
Banner, Hsaaaar, Whitchurch, Southampton, Coal Mer.
chant Salisbury Pet Octlll Ord Oct 29
BIBKBICK, Anlxisnra, Middlesborough, Ironmonger
Stockton on Tees Pet Oct 6 Ord Oct 25
CLARKE, Haaar, Pudsey, Yorke, Grocer Bradford Pet
Oct 27 Ord Oct 27
Canoes, Jons, Keawick, (himbei-land,| |Coachbui1der
Cockermouth Pet Oct 25 Ord Oct 29
Caoss, J oax Asiiav, Newcastle on Tyne. Hosier New-
castle on Tyne Pet Oct 6 Ord_Oct 27
Dana, Eowis. Canning Town High Court Pet Oct 28
Ord Oct 28 _
Drums, Gsoaos, Hawkhurst, Kent, Carrier Hastings
Pet Oct 26 Old Oct 29 _
Hancock, Joan, Darlington, Striker Stockton on Tees
Pet. Oct 29 Ord Oct 29
Hascocx, Taonas, Moses Gate, nr Bolton Bolton Pet
Sept 14 Ord Sept 28 _ I
Havsacaorr, Geoaoa WILLIAM. Jun, Kingston ugin Hull,
Corn Merchant/s Agent Kingston upon ull Pei
Oct 29 Ord Oct 29
Hii.1., Tuoiias Csaaurs, Gainsborough, Grocer Lincoln
Pet Oct 23 Ord Oct ‘B _
Hooo, Hzsav Pawn, Seething lane High Court Pet
April 29 Ord Oct 29
Husrtan, BBNJAIIN, Morley, York, Cloth Finisher Dows-
bury Pet Oct 80 Ord Oct 30
Hirrr, Wiunan, Alton. Rants, Horse Trainer Winchester
Pet Oct 29 Ord Oct 29
Ksiour, Cuannas, Newport, I of W, Photographer New-
port and Ryde Pet Oct 27 Ord Oct 28
Losoaorroii, J on, Batley Carr, York, Builder Dewsbury
Pet Sept 25 Ord Oct 27
Loss, Josarn, Clun, Salop, Clogger Leominster Pet Oct
29 Ord Oct 30
Mla'rriiavvs, Bazuanm BBCKBTT, Gainsborough, Grocer
Lincoln Pet Oct 29 Ord Oct 29
Mri.vii.i.s:. Gzoaoa Cnouon, Manchester, Auctioneer Man-
chester Pet Oct 28 Ord Oct 28
Moaoas, Owns, Swansea, Hotel Manager Swansea Pe‘
Oct 28 Ord Oct 28
Nix, Many, Eastbourue Eastbourne and Lewes Pet Oi
14 Ord Oct 30
Psaasos, Tiioiias Roaaar, Harrogate, Surgeon York Pet
Oct 8 Ord Oct 28
Bnmvick, J AIRS, South Shields, Commission Agent New-
castle on Tyne Pet Oct 5 Ord Oct 27
Saivnaas, Hansen-r Enwis, Southwark st. Provision Mer-
chant High Court Pet Oct 25 Ord Oct 27
Suernsan, J aiurs LAIDLAW, Birmingham Birmingham
Pet Sept 10 Ord Oct 29
Sraaniso, Janus War.-ran, Lower Sheringham, Norfolk,
Carpenter Norwich Pet Oct 30 Ord Oct 30
Tarpon, WILLIAM A.i.sxa'r, Luton, Undertaker High
Court Pet Oct 8 Ord Oct 28
Tousciii'rz,Paaov Leadenhall st, Merchant High Court
Pet Sept 22 drd Oct 2s
Vzrsar, FREDERICK, Chittlehamtpton, Devon, Cattle Dealer
Barnstaple Pet Oct 18 Or Oct 28
WABRILOW, WILLIAM Roars-r, Weston super Mam, Cycle
Maker Bridgwater Pet Oct 15 Ord Oct 28
Wsraos, Taouas, Manchester Salford Ord Oct 28

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Aoanv, we give evidence to prove that Dr. Tibblec' Vi-Cocoa places a means in the hands of everyone to build up and maintain a sound constitution, which enables its possessor to travel his life's journey without the aches and pains which are in many cases preventible.

Mr. Laurence Hood, Manchester and Provincial Hotel, Usher's Quay, Dublin, writes: “ Several visitors have asked for and now prefer Dr. Tibblea' Vi-Cocoa to any other, and I and my family also use it. It aflbrds me much pleasure to express my individual opinion and the collective sentiments of my customers respecting the merits of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa. Com ared with rival preparations, it fairl holds the geld. In no single instance (I am spcahiilg of a very wide clz'/rnlélc drawn from different classes of society) have I heard an expression of preference for any other concoction after your preparation has been called into the market.

“The points in its favour which I have heard most frequently emphasised are: (1) its superior sustainin power, enabling those who have taken it to hold out for hours where a meal was not procurable; (2) the absence of any artificial flavouring, the palate detecting the unadulterated taste of the substances contained in Dr. '1‘ibbles' Vi-Cocoa; (3) no admixture of cheap thickening material.

“I keep and supply other preparations, but being personally in the habit of taking Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, I am in a position from my own experience to testify to its value, and as in the case of all other genuine articles submitted to the public, both for the sake of the public and your own, I wish it an extended sale.”

All men and women who have to be exposed to the bleak uncertainty of our trying climate should fortify themselves before they face their daily toil with Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa, and they can then brave cold in winter and heat in summer with equanimity. The writer speaks from personal experience and from observation of beneficial effects on others. Tea o ens the pores and temporarily excih s, cofcc stimulates the action of the hea.rt,‘while Dr. 'I‘ibbles' Q/'i-Cocoa gives strength, stamina, and builds up and strengthens the lung tissues. It is, indeed, a wonderful food beverage. Nothing has ever been discovered that can approach it in giving lightness of heart, joy of life, fleetness of foot, and that general feeling of comfort which only comes from a full capacity to enjoy every pleaaui-e—moral, intellectual, and physical.


To the sedentary brain-worker who sits hour after hour in a stufi"y room, coining his thoughts into current literature; to the lawyer poriu%over his brief, or reading, hard; to the quill-driver; we say take Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa. Mr. O. . Herbert, Solicitor, 4, ortugal-street, Lincoln's-mn-fields, London, \V.C., has followed this advice. The result is contained in the following letter:——

“ I have taken Dr. '1‘ibbles' Vi-Cocoa since the beginning, and have hitherto abstained from offering my opinion on it, as I always endeavour to avoid hasty judgments. I have for years tried every preparation of cocoa, and I feel qualified to say that, in my opinion, Dr. '1‘ibbles' Vi-Cocoa is the be it. Its strengthening and sustaining powers in cases of mental exertion is very great. I have on this ground recommended it, and everywhere I hear my opinion confirmed. I tlnd it also a wonderful tonic for young and delicate children. The way it lightens the eye, improves

the complexion, and generally builds up the constitution, I can testify from my knowledge in my large family of children, mostly girls. You are at full liberty to make what use you like of this letter."

Dr. Tibblag’ V1-Cocoa is a nourishing beverage, containing four great restorers of vitality: Cocoa, Kola, Hops, and Malt. It stands out as a builder-up of tissues, a. promoter of vigour, and in short it has all the factors which make robust health. Being a deliciously flavoured beverage it pleases the most fastidious palate. Its active powers of diastase give tone to the stomach, and promote the flow of gastric juice, and however indigestible the food taken with it at any meal, it acts as a solvent and aasimilative.

All the leading medical journals recommend Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, and Dr. G. H. Haslam writes : “ It gives me great pleasure in bearing testimony to the value of Vi-Cocoa, a mixture of Malt, Hops, Kola, and Caracas Cocoa Extract. I consider it the very best preparation of the kind in the market, and as a nourishing drink for children and adults, the finest that has ever been brought before the public. As a general beverage it excels all previous preparations. No house should be without it."

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As an imparalleled test of merit, a. dainty sample tin of Dr. Tibbles‘ Vi-Oocoa will be sent free on application to any address, it‘, when writing (a post-card will do), the reader will name the “Sollcitora' Journal."

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Fitted with Chubb’s Lock, Ts. 6d. each extra.

Wroiight iron and steel Fire nd Burglar Resistin , Unpickahle, Wedgeproof Book, Cash, and J ewcllery gate.

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+ h top, and bottom of door, very best lever lock, duplicate ks Fitted with Chubb’s Loch: 7s. 6d. each extra. Any size safe and strong-room doors quolulfor on application. Set of best tinned steel fall-front Deed Boxes, 20 by 14 by 14 with strong iron stand and brass knobs and chain.

Locksare the best lever that can be made, each lock to differ, and one master key to pas the lot.

Coilrnnrnssrs :
1 box with 4
1 H 1. 3
1 ,. ,, 2
,, without.

Packed in case and sent carriage paid as drawin for

£3 105. Od.

Ditto. with B Boxes,

£6 10s. Od

Ditto, with 12 Boxes,

£9 10s. Od.

Ditto, with 16 Boxes,

£12 Os. Od.

Ditto. with 20 Boxes,

£15 Os 0d.. ALPHABET CASE (2 doors)

Made of Best Tinned Steel, with Best Lever Spring Lock and 2 Keys.

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May he made any size to Order. BALLOT BOXES. VOTING SCREENS. Strong Rooms Fitted.



Any of our Boxes not approved OF money

. returned.

We are appointing agents in every Town. and shall be h f

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