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Same v McBirnie act pleadings
to be delivered
Same v Evans act pleadings to
be delivered
Same v Shaw act pleadings to be
Same v J P Evans S: Co act
pleadings to be delivered
Pierce v \Veston act
In re Buckett Aldridge v Buckett
Essex Equitable Permanent Build-
ing Soc v Simmons act
Simmance v W Sugg & Co, ld act
Darby v London Agency, ld act
Delannoy v The Hostabuch Copper
Syndicate, ld act
Edison United Phonograph Co, &c
v Roberts act
Keates v Keates act 8: counter-
Reynolds v Biltcliife act
Duhamel et Cie v Cunningham Egg
Fruit Co act
Ellis v Churly act
Geode v Bridgwater & Cu act
Banister v Landon act
Burr v Sir J Pitman 8: Sons ld act
without pleadings
Jacob v Hardie act
Holford v Blaiberg act (pleadings
to be delivered)
Davis v White Cliifs Opal Mines ld
\Vhite Cliffs Opal Mines ld v Davis
act (transferred from Q, B Divi-
Inskip v Horwood act
Leigh v Baron de L’Isle act
Poney v Hordem act & m f j
The London Property Investment
Co ld v Shinalnicofi act
In re Waymouth \Vaym0uth v
Waymouth act
\Villis vAste act
The Improved Electric G10 Lamp
Co v The Edison and Swan
United Electric Light Co ld
In re Joel & Fantas’ Patent, No
23,111 of 1895, and Patents, &c
Acts ptn entered in Witness
Shaw v Holland act
Brown (trading, &c) v Woodard
Price v Gray act
MacVine v Miller act
Warwick v Stansfield’s Patent
Aerial Flight Co act
Kerfoot v Godlonton act
The Bournemouth & Branksome
Land Soc ld v J eanes act
In re Graydon’s Patents, No 18,007
of 1893 & No 16,927 of 1894 ptn
entered in Witness List
Smith v Bridgwater act
Blair v Fuller’s ld act
A Lawes ld v Goodchild act
South African Republic v La Com-
pagnie Franco-Belge du Chemin
de fer dn Nord, &c act
Zumbeck v Bradford act
Stedman v Carpenter act & m f j
TPLee &Cold vTPLee act
Paine v Clements act
Weymss v Knollys act 8: m f j
In re Elliott Milncs v Hare act
T E Brinsmead 8: Sons ld v Lomax
act & mf j
Donn v Sprung act
Brinkley v Theobald act
Adjourned Summonses.
In re Kenyon & Costeker & V & P
Act, 1874 pt hd (restored)
In re Hancock, one, &c (taxation)
pt hd
In re Devey Lewis v Farmer
In re Puget Paget v Kenrick
In re Dickey Simpson v Faulkner
In re Same Same v Same
In re Robinson Robinson v Robin-
Inre Davis Davis v Davis

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In re Gyde Ward v Little

In re Waring Waring v Hill

In re Kett Tompson, Gumey, & Co v Viscount Canterbury

In re Barker Ravenshaw v Barker further hearing of adjd sumns

In re Fetherstonhaugh’s Settlement

In re Rolls In re Gilders Rolls v Meredith

In re White Franklin v White

In re Jane Jane v Jane

In re Dickey Simpson v Faulkner

In re Cliif Taylor v Nickinson

In re Barrett In re Hounsell Heppenstall v Barrett

In re Worrall \Vorrall v Stuart

In re Merlin Thurburn v Merlin

In re Walker's Settled Estates & S L Acts

In re Sweeting, one, &c (taxation)

In re Drinkwater Drinkwater v Field

In re Bagster Bagster v Shaw

In re Syms White v Wale

In re Crofton Roper v Crofton

In re N owe]l's Settlement & Trustee Act, 1893

In re Metcalfe \Valls v Metcalfe

In re The Shropshire Mineral Light Ry Bill, 1891, &c

In re Kershaw Elworthy v Tidman

In re Strickland Skaife v Strickland

In re Smith Marriott v Dyson

In re Chamberlain Hogan v


In re Quick Kemiedy v Quick

Bowers v Bowers

In re Perkins Poyser v Beyfus

In re Callingham & Shepherd's

Contract& V & P Act

In re Mitchell Mitchell v Mitchell

In re Crichton Neale v Crichton

In re Russell Literary, &c Institu

tion Figgins v Baghino

In re Slaney’s Settled Estates &

Settled Land Acts

In re Broughall Shackleton v


In re Reina Frost v Lucas

In re Lambe Lambe v Iambe

South African Republic v La Com

pagnie Franco-Belge, kc

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Before Mr. Justice Srmnrxo. Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Woodhead v Woodhead act (not

before Jan 25) Whitwham v ’Watkin act Roe v Walpole act Bennett v Robinson act Clements v Clements act Stephens v Stephens act In re Romulus Norwood’s Patent, No 21,374,—A D—l891, and Patents &c Acts petition entered in witness list Basset v New Brighton Graydon Castle, &c Co ld act, counterclaim & m f j Banfield v Higgins act The Dunlo Pneumatic Tyre Co ld v The Preston, Davis Tyre & Valve Co act Walker v King act In re Marsh Marsh v Joseph further appln on sumns, ordered to go into Witness List Briggs v Waterhouse act Willis v J \Vcincr ld act Harris v Lewis act In re \Vhiter, Macalister v Whiter act Fuilllfull v Kemp act 8; counter claim


The London & Foreign Contract

Corpn ld v Goldbourne act & motn for judgt

Sanderson v King act

Sewell v Bottomley act

Bayley v Hooley act

Flood v Estcourt Estconrt v Flood act & counter-claim (consolidated)

Davies v Jones act

Foxon, Robinson 8: Co, ld v D Rylands, ld act

The Associated Press v The United Press act

British Motor Syndicate ld v British Motor Carriage and Cycle Co ld act (pleadings to be delivered)

In re estendarp, Hanrott v Westendarp act (without pleadings)

Hutchinson v Papillon act

Huntley-Gordon v The Standard, &c, Co ld act

Nightingale v Kent act (transferred from Q, B Division)

Jenkins v Jenkins act and counterclaim

Vestry of St Mary, Battersea v County of London, 8:0, Lighting Cold act

Crump v Arrowsmith act

The Birmingham Breweries ld v Tompson act (without pleadings)

In re T W Robertson's Patent pet entered in witness list (security ordered)

In re Taylor Atkinson v Lord act & m f j (set down by order)

Windmuller v Booker & Wit-hers act

Croysdale v Sunbury-on-Thames Urban District Council act

Barrett v Barrett act

De Young v_ Chandler act & counter-claim

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co ld v Stone act

Owen v Peters act

Blaiberg v Mear act

Prechter v New Bio Tinto Copper Cold act

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre C0 ld v

Smith's Patent ld act

Sims v Doolette act

Selby v Rose, &c ld act

Cavendish Land Co ld v Plumbly act

Allen Everitt & Sons ld v Commercial Consols ld act

Nisbet v Saxon & Co act

In re W Gardner Gardner v Gardner adjd sumns set down as witness act

Lovely v Fotheringham act

Calvert v The Murchison United Gold Mines ld act & counterclaim

Presto Gear Case & Components Co ld v Simplex Gear Case Co ld act

Maude v Salt, Sons & Co ld act (pleadings to be delivered)

Green v Dent act

British North Borneo Development Corpn ld v Colmer act & m f j

In re Reynolds, Reynolds v Stebblng adjd sumns entered in \Vitness List

Read v Eley act (set down by dft)

John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery Co ld v Favell act (Sheffield D.R.)

Sedgwick v Hawso act without pleadings (set down by order)

Snell v Harris act

Sharman v South Londonderry Gold & Exploration Cold act

The Life Interest 8: Reversionary Securities Corpn ld v Hand-inHand Fire & Life Insce Soc act

Neave v Duke of Richmond act

The Tubeless Pneumatic Tyre, &c, lg \' Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co



In re A Christie’s Trusts & Trustee »


Act ptn entered in Witness

In re Willis Wilson v Thomson adjd sumns treated as act without pleadings

Kane v T Guest & Co act

The Vacuum Oil Co v Hollway act

Audain v Gates act & counterclaim

Coates v Danes act & m fj

Halford v Lewinsohn act

Fanning v Fennessy act

The Silkstone & Haigh Moor Coal Co ld v Edey act

Warren v The Invicta Patent Brick, &c, Co ld act

Lennox v Peters act

McLeod v Power act for trial (against dft J Power)

Electric Construction Co ld v Parker act

Harward v Australian South African Gold Exploration Co ld act

Renouf v Spalding & Bros act

Williams v Wheeler act

Attorney-Gen v Radstock Urban District Council act

Fuller v Rankin act

Burton v Beal act & counterclaim

Vilanova of Domenech v The Olot & Gerona Ry Co ld act

Armstrong v Croft act & counterclaim

In re Willcox Armitage v Pauling act

Mascias v Anglo-American Construction Co ld act

West v Harper act

Helios Elecktricitats Actien Gesellschaft v Braulik act

Lord Hastings v N orth-Eastern Ry Co act

The Clerical, Medical & General Life Assce Co v Rogers act & rnf j

In re Robertson & Du Cros' Patent, 19,497 of 1890 and Patents, &c, Acts petn entered in \Vitness List§(security ordered)

Harper & Battcock v Lewis act

Horton v Redfern act (pleadings to be delivered)

Paynter v Galindez Bros act & counter-claim

Howson v Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre
Co ld act

Hoskin v Shoolbred & Co act

Shurey v Kinnis & Co act

In re Wannop McCauley v Hodgson act

Hanan v Lancaster Dramatic Syndicate ld act

Weed v George act

Allen v Pyatt & Co act (Birmingham D R)

Huntly-Gordon v Hall act

Bergheim v Bryan act & m f j

¥Vilson v Lawson act

Brown v Harley act

The Velocitan Co of Colmer v V610citan ld act

Jones v Koral act

Gompertz (trading, &c.) v The
Credit Reform Assoc act

Cooke v Ackroyd act

Peters v Owen act

Rockliife v J Priestman & Co act

Jackson v Rucker act

Williams v London & North Western Ry Co act _

Wood v Middleton act (remltffid from County Court of Whitehaven)

Colley v Otter act (without pleadings)

Barker v Oakden act

Bankes Price v Owen act

Lloyd v Powell act

Mansell v Mansell act

Terry v Brickwell act

Sleeman v Crsgoe act

Jacobson v Cohen act without pleadings set down by 011161



English Sc American Machinery Co ld v Hershowitz act

Bennett v Collins act

Martin v Martin act

N orthwood v Jordan act

Catlingv Barnett act

In re NV Owen‘s Patent, No 12,368 of 1896 petn ordered to go into Witness list

Basset v Graydon act

Dooleitc v Coolgardie Mint, &c, Co ld act and.connter claim

The City and Home Counties, &o, Building Soc v Came act & m f j (transferred from Kekewich, J )

Same v Same act & m f j

Causes for Trial (without witnesses) and Adjourned Summonses. Brougham v Brougham adjd sums restored

Gates v Mott act

In re Cook 8: Holland's Contract & V & P Act, 1874 adjd sums

In re The Dominion Brewery Co, ld The Consolidated Trust, ld v The Dominion Brewery Co, ld adjd sums (to come on with action)

Millett v Millett motn for judgt

Smith v Forbes adjd sums

In re Rubbins Gill v Warrall adjd sums

Deuchar v Sutherland adjd sums (questions on accounts) In re The Sovereign Life Assce adjd sums (heard for Romer, J) In re Dawman Thomas v Simmons adj d sums

In re Fowler Thresher v Fowler adjd sums

In re Leamon Leamon v Leamou adjd sums

In re Round Round v Round adjd sums

In re Gibbs, Thorne v Gibbs adj sumns

Perch v The Glyncorrwg Colliery Co ld adj sumns

In re Tanner, Lamb v Routh ad j sumns

In re J Jones, Clegg v Ellison adj sumns

In re Keck & Hart’s Contract 8: V & P Act, 1874 adj sumns

In reMcGuire, Mc Guire v Tyndall adj sumns

The Saccharin Cor t ld v Constantin, Fahlberg and Wilson, Salamon&Cold m fj setdownby order

In re Atkinson, \Valler v Atkinson adj sumns

In re Edwards, Proctor v Edwards adj sumns

In re The North British Rubber Co ld, &c, The Palmer Tyre, ld v Dunlop Pneumatic, &c, Co Id adj sumns

In re Ingham Lawes’ Chemical Manure Co ld v Ingham adjd sumns

In re Du Cane & Nettleiold 8: V & P Act, 1874 adjd sumns

Padgett v Todd act & m f j

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Willshaw v Sell, the elder act

Lovely v Morton act (security ordered)

West v Templer act

Church v Stuart act

Hazlitt v Wrexham & Acton Colliery Co ld act

Wilson v Lubbock act

Lubbock v Wilson act & motn for judgt (advanced by order)

The Gresham Life Assce Soc ld v The Nar Valley Drainage Board act (not before Feb 1)

The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co, ld v New Seddon Pneumatic Tyre, &c, Co ld act

Beale v Honess act

Bastard v Bastard act

In re Smith Bain v Smith act (security ordered)

Henning v York Dramatic Syndicate, ld act

Kane v Kane act

The Aberdare & Plymouth Co, ld v Hankey act

Toppin v Lewis aot

\Vilkinson v Leyland act

In re Hedgcock Rawlinson v Hedgcock act

Brooks v Middlemore act

Jackson v The Normanby Brick Co ld act

Lanchbury v Bode act

B/edway v The Success Publishing Co ld act

In re Battams 8: Hutchinson, Solrs, &c issue for trial set down by order

Attorney-Gen v Siddall act

Alcock v Pocock act

Kirby v Armstrong act

Child v Carlile 8: Jones act

Tidmarsh v Hawtin act & counterclaim

\Vallis v Barnard act

Anderson v Sanders act

Betts v Ballard act without pleadings

Daubeny v Peters act

Van Wyk v Van Wyk act without pleadmgs

Merry v Pownall act

Davies v Croucher act

Solly v Wainscot act

In re L’Union Vinicole ld Davis v L’Union Vinicole ld act

Whitehead v Whitehead act

Attorney-Gen v Lewin act

Ecclesiastical Commrs for England vEarl of Ducie act (not before March 1)

Murgatroyd v Murgatroyd act

Lindemanv Stray act

Luttrell v Axminster Rural District Council act

Remus & Temler v H Stevenson & Sons act

Preedy v Mayor, &c of Gloucester act

In re \Valker Walker v Smith act

Newman v Whaley act & counterclaim

J Muir v L T Edminson act

Moore v Tomlinson act

Lord Windsor v T Owen & Co ld act

Ward v Mann act

In re Grindey Clews v Grindy act

Kennedy v Taylor act

The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co ld v New Ixion Tyre & Cycle Co ld act

Hudson v Withall act & m f j (transferred from North, J )

Ashby v Holsworth act

In re Bagshawes ld 6: Co’s Acts motn with witnesses (first motion day)

Lubbock v Salt act & m f j

Mackellar v Smurthwaite act

Cockle v Lutyens act


Brain v Sydney & Crump Meadow Collieries Co ld m f j _

Williams v Knill act (Cardiff DR)

Carpenter v The Dolgclly Urban District Council act

Read v Biuden act

The United British Castor Oil Co ld v Nat Telephone Co ld act

Hayward v Brittau act

Inrethe Co’s Acts. 1862 to 1893, and In re The Civil, Naval, 8: Military Outfitters ld motn pt hd entered in Witness List by order

Smith v White act 8: m I j

Baxter v Middleton act set down by order (Jan 18, with an adj sumns)

Cause for Trial (without witnesses) .

Bone v Bone act

Adjourned summonses.

In re Miller’s Patent, No 8,655 of 1890, & Patents &c Act adj sums

In re Hoolahan, infants adj sums

Attorney-Gen v Siddall adj sums

In re Smith Hocking v Smith adj sums

In re Puget In re Mellor Mellor v Mellor adj sums

In re Middleton & Baxter & V 8: P Act, 1874 adj sums (to come on with action on Jan 18)

In re Wood \Vood v Wood adj sums

In re The South Campanile (Almeira) Iron Ore Co ld Societic Miniere de 1' Estragne Meridionale v South Campanile (Almeira) Iron Ore Co ld adj sums

In re The same (expta dfts T Morel drors) adj sums

In re The Same (expte plts) adj sums

In re Gilbert's Trusts adj sumses (2)

In re J Mason’s Will adj sums

In ro Maughan, infants adj sums

In rc Baker Colvin v Baker adjd sums

In re White Pennell v Franklin adjd sums

Harris v Sleep adjd sums

In re Prince 8: Hobb & V & P Act, 1874 adjd sums

In re Lilley Nichols v Lilley ad jd sums (Witnesses)

In re Lewes Lennox v Moore adjd sums

In re Hart Hesse v Hart adjd sums

In re Green CarlyllvClay adjd sums

Wade-Gery v Handley adjd sums

In re Ford Bretherton v Thomson

adjd sums

In re Budd Dalzell v Anderson adjd sums

In re Medows Norie v Bennett adjd sums

Further Considerations. Meissner v Monte Penna Forest Co, ld fur con In re Dawson Dawson v Dawson fur con

Before Mr. Justice Ronsn.

Causes for Trial (with witnesses).

In re Miller's Patent ptn entered in Witness List (restored)

The Lagunas Nitrate Co, ld v Lagunas Syndicate, ld act & two adjd sumns (heard for Byme, J) pt hd (s 0 till depositions filed)

A Frankau & Co v Woods act (dft dead)

The Pneumatic Tyre Co, ld v West London Rubber, &c, Co, ld act In re H J Haddan’s Patent-A D 1892 —No 13,614, and Patents, dc, Acts petn entered in Wit

ness List (Jau 18)


Simon v Powell act

Schuller v Spanton act

The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co, ld v \Vackcrbath act

Same Co, ld v Brown Bros act (s o until judgt in act of Dunlop, &c, Co, ld v Preston, &c, Co, ld)

Sartoris v Rural, &c, Council of Fareham act

Skipper v Skipper act

In re Tulip Smith v Ramshaw isdjd sumns entered in witness ist

Graydon v Bassett act without pleadings

Thornton v Hunter act & counter claim

Harrop v Mayor, &c, of Osset act

Stainton v Homsey act

Andrews v_Cunniugham act

Sykes v Jennings Jennings v Sykes Same v Same Same v Same acts (consolidated)

White v Adams act

Hamilton v Cavendish act

Hutchinson v Alliott act

H Clark 8: Sons v Petrocokino act

Petrocokiuo v H Clark act

Curtice v General Press Cutting Assoc ld act _

Brown v Thorn Thorn v Brown act & counter-claim

Adams v Page act

Armstrong v Lamb act

Cardinall v London Agency ld act

Lee v Gordon, the younger act (Leeds D R)

Lumb v Bailey act

Beswick-Darley v Myers act

Farmer v R Lease & Son act

Davisv Ohrly act

Hamerton v Humei-ton act

Board of Management of West London School District v Staines Urban District Council act

Chambers v \Vood act (Bristol D R)

Payne v Milward act and counterclaim

Gomersall v Gomersall act

Jones v Warsany act Sc m f j

Warsany v Kressell act (transferred from Kekewich, J) advanced by order

J H Hawkins 8: Co ld v Carrington act (\Valsall D B)

Bailey v Barrington (North End Cement, Brick, Tile, and Lime) Syndicate ld act 8: m f j

Star Life Assce Soc v Pcppercll act

Hetley v Webber act

Ingram v Langley act

Hauteuville v Hauteuvillc act and counter-claim

Newbury v Gibbon act

Cope v Cope act

Stogdon v Wilson act

Knowles v Cohen act

Sudron v Inches act

Croft v Gibbs act

Spottiswoode v Kharaskhonm Exploring, &c Syndicate ld act (in liquidation)

Bearman v Ramuz act

Pullcu v British Medicinals Capsules Co 1d act (pleadings to be de


livere )

In re The Registered Trade-Mark, 182,688 of W J Rendell, & Patents &c Acts motn entered in Witness List (advanced by order)_

The Army 8: Navy Auxiliary Cooperative Supply ld v The Auxiliary Stores ld act

Simmons v Hayward act

The Fifth Provident City, &c, Building Soc v Perkins act

The Carlshamn Spirit Co ld v De Gnlindez not

Macklin v Eliot act

Harrison v Wood act

Cove v Chapple act (transferred from Q, B Division)


The Royal Baking Powder Co v Wright, Crossley, & Co motn to be treated as mf j without pleadings

Morgan v Bayliss act & counterclaim

Edison-Bell Phonograph Corpn Id v R‘ act


Routes v Shead act

Locket v Hamlyn & Co act

Wade v Hampton Urban District Council act

Simpson v The Midland Lace Co ld act

Incandescent Gas Light Co ld v New Incandescent, &c, Co ld act

Hoare v National Telephone Co Id act

In re Fell Beresford v Beresford act & counter-claim '

Bramston v Manchester, Shefiield, &c, Ry Co act

Davis v The Sussman Electric, &c, Co ld act

In re Preston Preston v Bonney Booth v Bonney act pt hd restored & adjd sumns (heard for Byrne, J)

Inman v Bishop Inman v G Scott 8: Co acts (consolidated)

Brady v Hannan’s Gold Estates ld act

Tempest v Teele act

Ridlington v Haydon act

Symonds v Bellman act

Chevallier vCarter act (advanced by order)

Smith v Brookes act

Congreve v North \Vales & Liverpool Ry Committee act

In re Carl Haggenmacher's Patent, No. 10,644 of 1887 and No 13,443 ot 1889 petn entered in Witness List

Silverthorne v Link act

In re Birch Kent v Pettitt act

Thomas v Horne act

Wilson v Insurances Corporation ld act (not before Feb 11)

Price Fothergill v Urquhart act

Lewis v Newman act

Climax Steel Tube Co v Griffiths & Co act

Hazeldine v Farrant act

De Witte v Addison act, counterclaim, & m f j

Levy v Davis act

Thomas v Penley act

Barnes v De lllontmort act

Mcntagu v Gater act

In re Chard Chard v Chard act

In re The Marie Rose Gold Mining Co ld 8: Co's Acts (expte Rawson) motn ordered to go into Witness List

In re The Same (expte Brand) transferred from Stirling, J .

In re Bull \Venn v Bull adjd sumns entered in Witiiess List

In re The Sharkington Combined Pick & Shovel Syndicate ld motn entered in Witness List

In re Hattersley 8: J ackson’s Patent No_ 22,928 of 1895 ptn enteredin Witness List

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co ld v Reeve act

Anderson v Anderson act

Jackson v Horner act without pleadings

Clarke v Cohen act

Sulley v Sulley act

All Séoul's College, Oxford v Haxell ac

Mawby v Parker act

Umpleby v Smith act

Westwood Manufacturing Co, ld v Scott act (pleadings to be delivered

) Bates v Chignell mt

C Wilson & Sons v Arden, Hill, & Co act


Duttcn & Co (Blackburn ld) v Taylor act

Crossley v Haudsworth \V0odhouse, 8:0, Soc, ld act

Priestley v Oxley act

Hobbs v Mills act

Mayor, &c. of Newcastle on Tyne v Francis act

Same v Houseman act

Cheasley v Cheston act

Chetwynd v Allen act

Heelis v Warriner act

Scott v Crossley act

Nat Prov Bank of England ld v Tominy act

Ewen v Burnside act

In re Mallam Mallam v Mallam act

Roe v Roe act & counter-claim

Symons v Clarke act

In re Von Hangwitz Von Hangwitz v Von Hangwitz act

Pickstock v Earle act

Garstin (trading, Sic) v Stafford act

Browne v Calnan act

Becher v Davey act

Goodwin-Austen v Capital & Counties Bank ld act

Joyce v Freeman act

Franklin v Lee act

In re Hale Lilley v Foad ndjd sums ordered to go into Witness List

Meikle v Curd act

Rolandv Farman act

Guilford. v Hart act

Harvey v Greig act

Evelyn v Howard act (without pleadings)

J urd v Beardsell motion entered in witness list (first witness day by order)

P Philpot 8: Co, ld v Ward act

Weaver v Jenner act (pleadings to

Qbe delivered)

Baker v Dix & Warlow act

Hockey v Self-Locking Roofing Tile Co, ld act & motn for judgt

Everitt v Grout act

Attorney-Gen v Society Established for Relief, &c of Theatre Royal, Covent Garden act

Coleman v North act

Wilkins & Denton v Cruley act

Causes for Trial. (Without Witnesses and Adjourned Summonscs.) In re Seal, one, &c (taxation) adj sumns pt hd

In re Sykes Sykes v Sykes adj sumns

In re Hodgson Taylor v Hodgson Hodgson v Hodgson adj sumns (2) not before Jan 20

In re Murray Murray v Murray adj sumns

Silverthorns v Link adj sumns

Paley v Russian Copper Co ld adj sumns

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Before Mr. Justice WRIGHT. (Sitting as an additional Judge of the Chancery Division.) Motions.

Companies (Windii1g-up).

W Brock & Son Id (transfer pro


African Landed Estates Co Id (for discharge of order dated J unc 21, 1894, as regards applicant)

London & General Bank Id (to compel attendance of witness)

London & West of England Contract Co ld (leave to issue writ of attachment)

Colonial Debenture Corpn ld (vary order refusing public exmn)

Ormonde Gymnastic Club, Id (for leave to issue writ of attachment)

Southern Counties Deposit Bank, ld (to appoint liquidator)

International Commercial Co ld (for committal)

London & General Bank, ld (commit)

Veuve Monnier et ses Fils, ld (to enforce delivery of accounts)

Chancery Division. Black v Williams & Victoria Steamboat Assocn, ld (delivery up of possession)

Companies (Winding-up).

Joseph Bull, Sons, &: Co, ld (petn of M T Shaw Sc Co

Glamorgan Central Permanent genefit Building Soc (petn of the


Industrial Securities Investment Co. ld (petn of E A Hamblyn)

Bidasoa Ry & Mines, ld (petn of F Thorn)

Woolley Coal Co, ld (petn of Yorkshire Banking Co, Id)

Dawe & Co ld (petn of A Witchurch)

Candelaria Waterworks & Milling Co ld (petn of J L Whelen & anr)

Eastern Counties Bacon Factory Id (petn ot Lalor and Kindersley)

Otis Steel Cold (petn of L Relton)

G & S Bracknel Id (petn of The Continental Bottle Co)

South Kent \Vater Co (petn of J . Oakes & Co)

Pontypridd Improvements Co ld (petn of P J Dunn &: ors)

(List of Mr. Justice Wright to be oompleted.)

[graphic][merged small]

Causes for Trial 1 with witnesses) In re Tiflin Tifiin v Hamilton act restored Symons v Wood act (pleading to be delivered) Vanderpant v Arnold act restored Blandy-Jenkins v Earl of Dunraven act, 18th Jan, after pthd Dean v Serconibe. Son, 8: Co act Attorney-Gen v Kirk act Pye Smith v Marriott act

Transferred by Order, dated May 17th, 1897.

Bulpctt v Link act

Midland Ry Co v Topliss act

C de Murrieta 8: Co ld v Galindez act

Prall v Gann act (deft bankrupt)

C de Murrieta & Co ld v Galindez act

Stcvensonv Harward act

Bullivant & Co v Iberian Iron Ore Co ld act

Green v Hatchett act, counterclaim&mfj,andmfjon counter-claim

Clarkv Sharp &Co act


Martin v O'Driscoll & Co' act

Collins v Cooper act

Grey v Wallace act

Birmingham Breweries ld v Jameson act

Parr v Tompson act

Sitwell v Worrall act

Anderson v Manchester, Sheflield. 6: Lincolnshire Ry Co act restrd

Snapper v Fox act

Griffiths v Marquess of Butc act

In re The Truifault Cycle & Tube Manufacturing Co ld & Co’s Acts motn entered in Witness List

Thomson v Thomson act (not before Jan 18)

Clarke v Odhams act

Rice v Rice act, counter-claiui,& m f j

Bower v Browne act

In re Marriott, Marriott v Marriott act

Hawthorne v Scott act

Marquis of Abergavenny v Parsons act

Ibbetson v Clarkson act

Bartlett v Spiking 8: Co act (not before Jan 24)

Day v Challis act

\Vard v Mayor, &c of Portsmouth act

Universal Industrial Syndicate ld v Eadie act

In re Eagle Cardinall v Eagle act

Tantou v Reeve act

Brook v Brook act

Birkinshaw v Hooley act

Tuckeny v Barrett act

Locock v Fortescue act

Schroeder v Harris act

Crisp v Swann act (Cambridge D R)

Ellison v Fawcett act

Haigh v Coltman & Baker act

Hyndman v Crawford act

Fielden v Mayor, &c of Morley act

Mytton v Evans act

Isaac: v Towell act

Williamson v Haggas act

The Home & Colonial Stores ld V World's Tea Co act (not before March 1)

Brickwell v Faldo act

Hipkins 8: Son v Plant act

L de Rothschild v Miles act

In re Hughes, Faber v Gye act

Owen & Co ld v The Barry By Co act

In re Lucas, Govett v Lucas act S: two third-party notices of dft Schwabe

Brown v Collings act

Lyons v Oakshette act

Wackett v Gingell, Son, & Co wt

Attorney-General v Dinas Steam Colliery Cold act

Lewin v Hood act

Abrahams v Partridge act set down by order

Robertson v Gavin act

In re Oakley, March v Oakley 86¢

In re Powell, Powell v Powell act

Holthouse v Dessau act

Dessan v Grueher act

Robarts v Ormond act - _ _

Genn v East Kerrier Rural Disirwli Council act

Bernard v Nash act

Batenian v Hertz act (plt dead)

Wayv Way adjd sumns entered in witness list

Roe v Crews act

Ecclesiastical Commrs for England v Pinney act

Fricker v Van Grutten Mt

Stepney v Barry Port & Gwendreath Valley Ry Co act

Pellow v Ohrly act

Ryvcs v Ryves act

Kingswell v MacAndrew act

Lake v Archer Burton act

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0 to Z—All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Manley Smith are to be made returnable before him in his own room, No. 114, at 11.30 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The parties are to meet in the ante-room of Masters’ Chambers, and the summonses will be inserted in the printed list for the day after the summonses to be heard before the master sitting in chambers, and will be called over by the attendant on the respective rooms for a first and second time at 11.30, and will be dealt with by the master in the same manner as if they were returnable at chambers. BY ORDER or riis MASTERS.

New South Wales Three per Cent. Loan.—The Bank of England will receive on Tuesday next tenders for £1,500,000 New South Wales Three per Cent. Inscribed Stock, payable at par in 1935. The minimum price is flied at 99 per cent. The interest wil be payable half-yearly on the 1st of April and the lst of October, the first dividend, representing three months’ interest, being duo on the 1st of April next. The proceeds of the loan are required for railway and other permanent public works.

Soiisnimo roa No'riimo.—\Vheii the proprietors of an article of consumption are prepared to send over 1,000,000 free sample tins to those who send a post-card it is fair to assume the vendors must themselves have a pretty good opinion of their specialité ; and when in addition they possess sufficient courage to “ put up ” £5,000 in hard cash to pay for postage of samples it must be evident they have satisfied themselves they possess a good thing, and that itis better to demonstrate practically at the breakfast table than to depend upon mere assurances by advertisement. Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa (Limited), 60, 61, and 6'2, Bunhill-row, London, E.C., are sending daily free sample tins of their special preparation to the public, and as a result the sales are going up by leaps and bounds. This style of advertising has the merit of honesty, and that the public appreciate it is shewn by the statement that Dr. Tibbles’ Vi-Cocoa can now be obtained from grocers, chemisti, and stores everywhere, and the trade are unanimous in saying that no preparation of a similar character has ever given equal satisfaction to their customers. To obtain a tin it is only necessary to send a post-card, and the name of Soi.icrroiis' J OUBNAL should be menti0ned.——[AD\"r.]

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WINDING UP NOTICES. London Gazem.—Fainu', Dec. 31. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. LIIITID ru Cinirolar.

Cass-ricasiiri.n TSAKWAY Co, Liiii"ri:n—Creditors are required, on or before Jan 15, to send their names and addresses, and the garticulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Samuel Edward Short, 31, Gluman gate, hestcrfleld. Jones 8: Middleton, Chesterfield, solors for liquidat/or

Guai.ri:egCooi.osnnis) GOLD MINE, Li.\iii'i:o—Petn for winding up, presented Dec 21, direc to be heard on Jan 12. Meakin, 39, St Andrew's hill, solor for petner. Notice gf appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of



Ksars Baoriiriis, Liin-rim—'Petn for winding up, presented Dec 23, directed to be heard on Jan 12. Morten & Co, 99. Newgate st, agents for Challinors dz Shaw, Leek, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the ubove-named not later than 6 o'clock in t e afternoon of Jan 11

ORANGE Fain: S-r.\-rs EXPLORATION Co, Liiii-rsn—Creditors are required, on or before Jan 81, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward George Wills, 32, Blomfleld House, London wall

Penna Sraa PROPRIETARY, Lixi'riin—Creditors are required, on or before Feb 9, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to \Villiam Fenton Pugh, 11, Queen Victoria st. Parker & Co, St Micliael’s Rectory, Cornhill, solors to liquidator

BALOGIN Pariisr CARRIAGE Wiissn Co, Lnn'rsn—I’etn for winding up, presented Dec 30, directed to be heard on Jan 12. Wyatt 8: Co, 5 and 6, Clement's inn, ‘trand, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Jan 11

Tnoiuis MARSDBN & Co, Lii|i'rnn—Creditors are required, on or before Jan 31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Frederick Augustus Hargreaves, 7, Grimshawe st, Burnley. Garnett S: Jackson, Burnlsy, solors for iquidators

Uinriin Sn-rira CHEQUE Bssx, Liiii-riio—Petn for winding up, presented Dec 23, directed to be heard Jan 12. Peacock 6: Goddard, 3, South sq, Gray s inn, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must; reach the abov(.~named not latcr than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Jan 11

Wsrsionrn Arunsric Gaoiixn, Li1nri:n—Credit0rs are req’uired, on or before Jan 28, to send their niunes and addresses, and the particulars o their debts or claims, to J Howard Bowen, 1 and 2, Maiden st, Weymouth

WILLIAMSON & Soxs, Lnii-rso—Petn for winding up, presented Dec 24.directedto be heard on Jan 12. Thatcher, 32, Essex st, Strand, agent for Alleyne & Co, Tonbridge solors for petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Jan 10

Coiiirrr P.\i,1rri.\'s or LANCASTER-
Liiri-rsn iii Ciuirosar.

CARES M.\sui'/icrusiso C0, Li.\iiricn—I’etn for winding up, directed to be heard on Dec 13, was adjourned, and will be heard on Tuesday, Jan 11, at the Assize Courts, Strangeways, Manchester. Greaves, 41, Corporation st, Manchester, agent for l"owmill,Ashton under Lyne, solor for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o’cloek in the afternoon of J an 18

FRIENDLY SOCIETY. Susi-ssni-:0 son TIIREH Moxriis. Bmrisii QUEEN Fniziznnr BUIUAL SOCIETY, British Queen, Bridge st, Ht Helens, Lancaster. Dec 20 London Gaz¢ue.—Tus:sn.\Y, Jan. 4. JOINT STOCK COMPANIIS. Lixirsn is CEANCIBY.

BAIt.N8LI.Y Corns TAVERN Co, Liiii-riio—Creditors are reripired, on or before Feb 18,[to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of t sir debts or claims, to James Gibson, 6, Regent st, Barnsley

Barrisii Goi.n FIELDS 01-‘ Was-r AI-‘RICA, Liiiii-so—Pctn for winding up, presented Dec 22, directedto be heard on Jan 12. Wyatt & Co, 5, Clement's inn, Strand, solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o’clock in the afternoon of Jan 11

CIRBNCIBTEB wATlR\VORKS Co, Liiiiriin (IN VOLUNTARY LIQVIDATION) —All persons having any claim are required, on or before Feb 15, to send their names and ad i-eases, and the particulars of their claims, to Mullings & Co, solors, Cirencester

PEBUVIAN EXPLORATION SYNDICATE, Liiirrsn (ix Liouiniirios)-—Creditors are required, on or before Feb 21, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars o their debts or claims, to George Andrew Bstchelor, 110, Cannon st. Smiles & Co, 15, Iledford row, solors

SAMUEL BARLOW & Co, Liiiiri;n—Creditors_are required,_on or before Feb 12, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Bennett Collier, S6, King st, Manchester Bullock & Co, Manchester, solors to liqiiidator

WAITEKAUEX Exrininan, Liiiirsn—Creditors are required, on or before_1:eb 28, to send their namm and addresses, and the particulars o their debts or claims, to Edward William Fell ate, 63 and 64, New Broad st. Saunders, Boston House, New Broad st,

solor to liquigator UNLIMITED IN Cnascsar.

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COBNIEH, Winniair Bossirr, C I E, Worthing Jan 81 Bamsden k Co, Leadenhall st Fnasxcm, FREDERICK, Exeter Feb 28 Burch Br Son, Exeter

Fnasxsm, MARY Ass, Exeter Feb 28 Burch & Son; Exeter

Gri.i., Tiioiias, Manchester Jan 22 Nadin, Manchester

J ossrn, Issac, Hackney rd, Clothier Jan 22 Coburn, Leadenliall st

Lainisiir, Damn Anusiir, Battersea Jan 22 Jones, High Holborn

Mocrnn, Bonaar, Hove, Sussex Jan 27 Saulez, Brighton

Nonnir, Euzansrn, Oppidans rd, Primrose Hill Jan 23 Twist, Bedford row
Piciwr, MARY, Thornham, Lanes Jan 31 Lees, Birkenhead

Parcs, Lanna Girisiioso, Newtown. Montgomery Jan 31 N H Smith, (‘olemnn st
Ricnaiins, JAIIS, Kin ton upon Hull, Hay Dealer Feb 18 Middlemiss 6: Pearce.

Kingston upon 15:11 Scriarsiz. uaoss Hasar, Bloomsbury, Coffee House Keeper Jan 22 Jones, High H lb S'rowirng, Fa/ixcss, Epsom Jan 31 Bridgman & Willcocks, College hill

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Baioos, Joiis, Workington, Cumberland, Grocer Cookermouth Pet Dec 24 Ord Dec 2-1

Daviosos, J ouu Asnmrw, Low Harkcr, nr Carlisle, Farmer Carlisle Pet Dec 29 Ord Dec 29

HALLIWELL EDWARD. Blackburn, General Dealer Blackburn PetDec 23 Ord Dec28

HARVEY, Hiiniiv. Ipswich, Ham Dealer Ipswich Pet Dec 23 Ord Dec 23

Hioos, Sanusn, Stratford, Essex, Licensed" Victuziller High Court Pet Dec 28 Ord Dec 25‘

MABSII, Lows Fnrmiaicic Mosas, Bournemouth High Court Pet Dec 24 Ord Dec 24

Moiioas, W E, Chancery lane, Public housc Broker High Court Pet July 9 Ord D c 2-1

Siii-;i-iiniw, Arrmm, Rhyl, Flints, Upholsterer Bangor Pet Dec I3 Ord Dec 29

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Amended notices substituted for those published in the London Gazette of Dec 28:

Sarswoon, THOIIAS Manchester, Accountant Manchester Pet Dec as oi-& Dec 23

Waco, Osoaa, Rusholme, Manchester Manchester Pet Dec 23 Ord Dec 23

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