World War Veterans' Legislation. Hearings ... on Proposed Legislation and H.R. 10271. Pts. 1-3

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Page 396 - ... made jointly by the Surgeon General, the Surgeon General of the Army, and the Surgeon General of the Navy, and approved by the Administrator, and licenses for new products may be Issued only upon a showing that they meet such standards.
Page 333 - ... of this appropriation may be used to repair, alter, improve, or provide facilities in the several hospitals and homes under the jurisdiction of the Veterans' Administration either by contract or by the hire of temporary employees and the purchase of materials.
Page 376 - Guard in the Federal service, and for service rendered on a commissioned or civilian status with the Bureau of War Risk Insurance, the Federal Board for Vocational Education, or the United States Veterans' Bureau: Provided however, That no credit shall be given for any service rendered prior to April 6, 1917.
Page 375 - Point of one chaplain, who shall also be professor of history, geography, and ethics, and one assistant professor of the same, is hereby repealed: 1'rorulcd, That the duties of chaplain at the Military Academy shall hereafter be performed by a clergyman to be appointed by the President for a term of four years, and the said chaplain shall be eligible for reappointment for an additional term or terms, and shall, while so serving, receive the same pay and allowances as are now allowed to a captain...
Page 375 - ... any person appointed medical director or assistant medical director expires, or if reappointed when the term of office in that reappointment expires, he shall be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the director in the grade to which he would have been entitled but for his appointment as medical director or assistant medical director, due regard being given to the manner of promotion, and the pay and allowances of officers in the United States Veterans
Page 307 - President, is hereby authorized to provide additional hospital and out-patient dispensary facilities for persons entitled to hospitalization under the World War veterans...
Page 395 - Yes; they do in all the other services, the Army, the Navy-, and the Public Health. Mr. SNYDER. I do not see any reason why, if we are going to make this comparable with the other services, you could not put it right at the beginning; you could get it through in that way just as easy as you can get it through in this way.
Page 377 - Such hospital plants to be constructed shall be of fireproof construction, and existing plants purchased shall be remodeled to be fireproof, and the location and nature thereof, whether for the treatment of tuberculosis, neuropsychiatric, or general medical and surgical cases, shall be in the discretion of the Director of the United States Veterans...
Page 377 - ... decision as to whether or not said voucher should be paid." In other words, having found every fact necessary to entitle this retired officer to the retired pay provided for by Congress, actual payment is withheld by a subordinate. In the Act of June 7, 1924 (43 Stat. 607 [38 USCA 421 et seq.]), to consolidate, codify, revise, and re-enact the laws affecting the establishment of the United States Veterans' Bureau, etc., the Director of the Bureau is clothed with broad powers.
Page 387 - The Chair will put into the record at this point a letter from Mr. John C. Doyle, secretary of the United States Civil Service Commission, dated January 10, 1925, addressed to the chairman of this subcommittee. (The letter referred to is as follows:) UNITED STATES CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, Washington, DC, .January 10, 1925.

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