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HENRY T. MUDD, President, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.
L. D. MORSE, Corresponding Secretary, St. Louis County.
FREDERICK MUENCH, Treasurer, Femme Osage, Warren County.
WM. T. ESSEX, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.
GEORGE R. BUCKNER, Naylor's Store, St. Charles County.
GERT. GEBEL, Campbellton, Franklin County.
BARNABAS SMITH, Cuba, Crawford County.
GEORGE HUSMANN, Hermann, Gasconade County.
C. A. NEWCOMB, Tyro, Jefferson County.
FRANCIS KELLERMAN, Cadet, Washington County.
JOHN H. TICE, Recording Secretary, St. Louis.



HENRY T. MUDD, President, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.
WM. T. ESSEX, Treasurer, Kirkwood, St. Louis County.
L. D. MORSE, Corresponding Secretary, St. Louis.
FREDERICK MUENCH, Femme Osage, Warren County.
GEORGE R. BUCKNER, Naylor's Store, St. Charles County.
GERT. GEBEL, Campbellton, Franklin County.
BARNABAS SMITH, Cuba, Crawford County.
J. W. HARRIS, Columbia, Boone County.
C. A. NEWCOMB, Tyro, Jefferson County.
FRANCIS KELLERMAN, Cadet, Washington County.
JOHN H. TICE, Recording Secretary, St. Louis.

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In presenting this first annual report of the Board of Agriculture to the farmers of Missouri, a brief reference to its character may be excusable. We were obliged to rely for information in regard to the agriculture of the counties generally upon answers to the circular which was issued. We could not know, except to a very limited extent, the most reliable and competent persons to whom to address circulars, and our information obtained by this means is limited and sometimes, possibly, incorrect. So far as the Board of Agriculture is concerned, this could not have been avoided; the course pursued was the only feasible one, considering the lack of funds and the short time we have had to devote to the work.

In presenting a general view of the condition of Agriculture in Missouri, we have given such views as were deemed correct and most profitable, based upon such information as we possessed, and we have directed attention to such channels or modes and means of improvement as seemed desirable and most likely to be found interesting and available.

The few County Reports received will be found interesting and useful. Among them are some good examples or patterns which will be useful to others in making future reports. The most thorough report, prepared with great care, is perhaps that from Clark county. The greatest objection to it is its length, and in that respect it cannot be commended to others as an example, simply because many such reports, however good, would make a State report quite too volumi. nous. One advantage is gained: the ground having been gone over once so thoroughly, future reports may be the more brief.

Among the Essays and Addresses are several papers which were written some years ago, but were considered of sufficient interest and value to be worthy of preservation as a part of the agricultural literature of the State. A few articles have been selected on account of their peculiar interest to the people of this state. Prominent among


such is the one on "A Home Market for Our Crops." The manufacturing interest of Missouri has been sadly neglected, to the great detriment of our prosperity. It is second only to our agricultural interest in importance, and should be encouraged by every means within the province of the Legislature or the people.

The address by Judge Newcomb, in favor of organizing county societies, we hope will be read with interest.

The essay by Mr. Madison, on “The Relation of Agriculture to Population, and its Influence on Civilization," is a production of rare merit, very interesting in its historical character, and may be read with interest and profit by the statesman or the agriculturist.

The articles on Hay Making and Poultry, are of a plain, practical character, which will be appreciated.

On the whole, we trust that this report will be considered a very good beginning under the circumstances, and a fair promise of the future usefulness of the Board of Agriculture. With more experience and the necessary aid and encouragement from the General Assembly, there will be reason to expect something better and more complete.

L D. MORSE, Corresponding Secretary. JANUARY, 1866.



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SECTION 1. The officers of the Missouri State Board of Agriculture shall consist of a president, vice president, recording secretary, treasurer and corresponding secretary.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at the meetings of the Board, to sign all warrants on the treasurer ordered by the Board, and to perform such other duties as are or may be required by law. He shall be, ex-officio, chairman of the executive committee. In his absence the vice president shall perform his duties.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the recording secretary to keep and preserve the minutes and records of the Board and the proceedings of the executive committee, to furnish a copy of the same for publication previous to the expiration of his term of service, and to countersign all warrants on the treasurer for money.

Sec. 4. The treasurer shall keep the funds of the Board, and pay all warrants drawn by the order of the Board, signed by the president and countersigned by the secretary, and shall make his report, at the annual meeting in December, of his receipts and expenditures, from whence received, and to whom paid, properly arranged for publication. He shall give bond in such penal sum as may be required by the Board for the faithful performance of his duties and the payment of all moneys in his hands.

SECT. 5. It shall be the duty of the corresponding secretary to conduct all correspondence with societies and individuals, to issue such circulars for obtaining statistics or other information as the Board may direct or as he may deem expedient or useful, to collate and arrange the correspondence, proceedings of the Board, and the proceedings of county societies for report and publication as required by law, and to distribute to countv societies and others entitled to them all seeds, plants, publications, etc., which may be acquired by the Board for distribution. His term of ofilce shall hereafter commence on the first day of February, and continue one year, and until his successor is elected.

Sec. 6. The annual election for omcers of the Board shall be held as early as possible after the adjournment of the annual December meeting. The officers then elected, except the corresponding secretary, shall hold office from the first of January following, and until their successors are elected.

Sec. 7. The president, vice president and recording secretary shall constitute an executive committee, whose duty it shall be to inspect and audit all accounts, and to perform such other duties as may be required of them in the intervals between the meetings of the Board.

Sec. 8. The necessary expenses of the officers and corporate members in attending meetings of the Board shall be paid out of the treasury.

Sec. 9. The president shall have authority to call special meetings of the Board whenever be may deem it necessary or important to do so.

Sec. 10. Five of the corporate members shall be necessary to constitute a quorum at all meetings except the annual meeting.

Sec. 11. These by-laws may be altered or amended at any time by a majority of the members present and voting, provided that any member proposing to amend the by-laws at any meeting of the Board shall give two weeks' notice prior to said meeting to all the incorporated members, or their successors in office, of such intended motion to amend.

Adopted March 28, 1865.

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