A Standard History of Lorain County, Ohio: An Authentic Narrative of the Past, with Particular Attention to the Modern Era in the Commercial, Industrial, Civic and Social Development. A Chronicle of the People, with Family Lineage and Memoirs, Volume 1

Front Cover
George Frederick Wright
Lewis publishing Company, 1916 - Lorain County (Ohio)

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Page 51 - Vincents to the Ohio ; by the Ohio, by a direct line drawn due north from the mouth of the Great Miami to the said territorial line, and by the said territorial line.
Page 206 - The judicial power of the State is vested in a Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Courts of Probate, justices of the peace, and such other courts inferior to the Supreme Court, as the General Assembly may, from time to time, establish.
Page 30 - River, as a monument of renewal of possession, which we have taken of the said river Ohio, and of all those which fall into it, and of all the lands on both sides as far as the sources of said rivers...
Page 41 - The seven ranges of townships are a portion of the Congress lands, so called, being the first ranges of public lands ever surveyed by the general government west of the Ohio river. They are bounded on the north by a line drawn due west from the Pennsylvania State line, where it crosses the Ohio river, to the United. States Military lands...
Page 79 - After our return the hunters came in, who had killed only two small turkeys, which were but little among eight hunters and thirteen squaws, boys and children; but they were divided with the greatest equity and justice — every one got their equal share.
Page 78 - On this route we had no horses with us, and when we started from the town all the pack I carried was a pouch containing my books, a little dried venison, and my blanket. I had then no gun, but Tontileaugo, who was a first-rate hunter, carried a rifle gun, and every day killed deer, raccoons, or bears. We left the meat, excepting a little for present use, and carried the skins with us until we encamped, and then stretched them with elm bark...
Page 32 - Harris, she still remembers they used to be very religious in new England, and wonders how the White Men can be so wicked as she has seen them in these Woods.
Page 199 - Hill (stockade), where the whole counter-marched, and the judges (Putnam and Tupper) took their seats. The clergyman, Rev. Dr. Cutler, then invoked the divine blessing. The sheriff, Col. Ebenezer Sproat (one of nature's nobles), proclaimed with his solemn 'Oh yes...
Page 38 - In establishing the township and sectional corners, a post is first planted at the point of intersection ; then on the tree nearest the post, and standing within the section intended to be designated, is numbered with the marking iron, the range, township and number of the section, thus...
Page 34 - A treaty of peace was signed by the Chiefs and head men. The Shawnees of the Scioto river, and the Delawares of the Muskingum, however, still continued hostile. Col. Boquet, in 1764, with a body of troops, marched from Fort Pitt into the heart of the Ohio country on the Muskingum river. This expedition was conducted with great prudence and skill, and...

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