Good Roads, Volume 15; Volume 53

Front Cover
Burton Publishing Company, 1918 - Cycling

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Page 100 - ... the same, or extraordinary traffic thereon, such authority may recover in a summary manner from any person by whose order such weight or traffic...
Page 100 - Where by a certificate of their Surveyor it appears to the authority which is liable or has undertaken to repair any highway, whether a main road or not, that having regard to the average expense of repairing highways in the neighbourhood, extraordinary expenses have been incurred by such authority in repairing such highway by reason of the damage caused by excessive weight passing along the same, or extraordinary traffic thereon...
Page 215 - Owing to the enormous increase of government war work, the governmental departments at Washington are being flooded with letters of inquiry on every conceivable subject concerning the war, and it has been found a physical impossibility for the clerks, though they number an army in themselves now, to give many of these letters proper attention and reply. There is published daily at Washington, under authority of and by direction of the President, a government newspaper : — The Official US Bulletin.
Page 38 - WHEREAS, a properly outlined policy directing the construction and maintenance of such roads and streets as are of general, economic and military value will conserve the resources of the country and will greatly facilitate the transportation of freight over highways and streets.
Page 184 - An Act to provide that the United States shall aid the States in the construction of rural post roads and for other purposes." The State Highway Department is hereby authorized to enter into all contracts and agreements with the United States Government relating to the construction and maintenance of rural post roads under the provisions of the said Act of Congress, to submit such scheme or program of construction and maintenance as may be required by the Secretary of Agriculture and...
Page 184 - Come, clear the way, then, clear the way: Blind creeds and kings have had their day. Break the dead branches from the path: Our hope is in the aftermath — Our hope is in heroic men, Star-led to build the world again. To this event the ages ran: Make way for Brotherhood — make way for Man.
Page 312 - Such compensation shall be paid for any article or stock so requisitioned as shall, in default of agreement, be determined by the arbitration of a single arbitrator appointed in manner provided by the order; but in determining the amount of the compensation the arbitrator shall have regard to the cost of production of the article and to the allowance of a reasonable profit, without necessarily taking into consideration the market price of the article at the time.
Page 215 - ... chambers of commerce, the offices of mayors, governors, and other federal officials. By consulting these files most questions will be found readily answered ; there will be little necessity for letter writing; the unnecessary congestion of the mails will be appreciably relieved ; the railroads will be called upon to move fewer correspondence sacks, and the mass of business that is piling up in the government departments will be eased considerably. Hundreds of clerks, now answering correspondence,...
Page 184 - Minnesota," approved July eighth, anno Domini eighteen hundred and fiftysix, as defines the southern boundary of the northwestern land district, on the west side of the Mississippi River, be, and the same is hereby, repealed, and in lieu thereof the following...
Page 158 - They may be driven together lightly every fourth course to keep the rows straight. Nothing but whole blocks shall be used, except in starting a course, or in such other cases as the purchaser may desire, and in no case shall the lap joint be less than 2 inches.

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