International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons Engaged in the Engineering Professions and Trades, Or for Those who Desire Information Concerning Them, Volume 76

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International Textbook Company, 1906 - Agriculture

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Page xvi - as cotton, ramie, flax, and so on. It is a carbohydrate, so called because it is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, the hydrogen and oxygen being present in the same proportion as in water. It is this cellulose that absorbs and retains moisture, the cellulose in the cotton
Page 26 - middling, barely low middling, strict good ordinary, fully good ordinary. Good ordinary, barely good ordinary, strict ordinary. Ordinary, low ordinary, inferior.
Page 26 - are fair, middling fair, good middling, middling, low 'middling, good ordinary, and ordinary.
Page 1 - in order that any dirt or other foreign matter may be separated and fall through the spaces between the bars. Then it is carried over inclined cleaning, or grate, bars / so that other foreign matter, too heavy to be carried by the
Page 7 - as far as possible, any return of dirt that may be driven through them by the beater. The adjustment is made by means of sliding plates
Page 29 - between the thumb and the first finger of the right hand, and
Page xvi - the age of the cotton, and where it has been stored. The largest amount of natural moisture in cotton is found immediately after it has been picked from the cotton plant, especially
Page 7 - into which the lower parts of the bars loosely fit. These plates can be moved backwards or forwards by a handle
Page 17 - machine that completes the operation of making it into yarn. In addition to attenuating the sliver until the required weight per yard is obtained, the opportunity is also taken, in several machines, to multiply the number of doublings, which not only tends to retain the evenness of the sliver produced at the drawing
Page 6 - capacity of this chamber will prevent any strong current issuing in the opposite direction through the bars, the impurities are

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