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MARTYR to a "lost cause" is the woman who strives for cleanliness with carpet beater, broom and dust-cloth.

Though she invest her every ounce of strength, her every hour of time, how far from satisfactory are the results!

For much of the dangerous, destructive dirt which ruins her rugs still lies einbedded deep in the nap after each sweeping.

The age of brooms and carpet beaters long is past! In their place has come The Hoover - Servant to the Home- that your home and that of every housewife may be kept immaculately clean.

While it saves even more of your strength and time than do most cleaners, The Hoover also saves your rugs.

Unlike any other cleaner, it provides you every cleaning method that you need in order to make your rugs wear longer and retain their beauty. As you glide it easily, slowly, back and forth, The Hoover beats your rugs-and rugs need beating, as you can prove*. . .

It sweeps your rugs, and suction-cleans. Its remarkable dusting tools do all your dusting, dustlessly. With ease and speed your tasks are thoroughly accomplished. There is time for leisure; and the cleanliness of your home is an endless source of pride.

*TO PROVE RUGS NEED BEATING: Turn over a corner of
a rug; with the handle of an ordinary table-knife, or something
of equal weight, give the under or warp side 15 to 25 sharp taps and
watch the dirt dance out from the nap depths onto a piece of paper.
Feel the destructive character of this grit. This is the dirt your pres
ent cleaning methods have missed, and that beating has dislodged.
Correct use of The Hoover causes this embedded dirt to be vibrated
to the surface by the rapid, gentle beating of the Hoover brush,
as powerful suction lifts the rug from the floor and draws all the
beaten-out, swept-up dirt into the dust-tight bag

Own a Hoover! For only $6.25 down any Authorized Hoover Dealer will make delivery, complete. See him today!

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OW radio is as simple as snapping on the light. Just plug in one of the new RCA Radiolas-tune in with the tip of a single finger-and flood the room with music.

One great achievement of these new Radiolas is power reception. You have at your command, undistorted volume. With the newest Super-Heterodynes and an RCA power loudspeaker, you can get an orchestra loud and true enough to dance to in a crowded hall. You can


get reality of tone because you can exactly duplicate the volume as well as the quality of voice and music.

And for all of this, you need no batteries. In the Radiola 30, and in the RCA Loudspeaker Model 104, is a new device which does away with all batteries.

The man who today buys a six or eighttube Super-Heterodyne with RCA power speaker and A. C. operation is making a permanent investment for years of joyful listening in!

RCA Radiola

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The Beauty of the Bavarian Alps

With 16 Autochromes Lumière by Hans Hildenbrand

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FRED M. BERTHRONG, Assistant Treasurer

HENRY WHITE, Vice-President

O. P. AUSTIN, Secretary
GEO. W. HUTCHISON, Associate Secretary
EDWIN P. GROSVENOR, General Counsel

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All re

TO carry out the purposes for which it was
founded thirty-eight years ago, the National
Geographic Society publishes this Magazine.
ceipts are invested in the Magazine itself or expended
directly to promote geographic knowledge.
ARTICLES and photographs are desired.
For material which the Magazine can use,
generous remuneration is made. Contributions should
be accompanied by an addressed return envelope and

IMMEDIATELY after the terrific eruption
of the world's largest crater, Mt. Katmai, in
Alaska, a National Geographic Society expedition was
sent to make observations of this remarkable phenom-
enon. Four expeditions have followed and the ex-
traordinary scientific data resulting given to the world.
In this vicinity an eighth wonder of the world was
discovered and explored-"The Valley of Ten Thou-
sand Smokes," a vast area of steaming, spouting
fissures. As a result of The Society's discoveries this
area has been created a National Monument by proc-
lamation of the President of the United States.
AT an expense of over $50.000 The Society
sent a notable series of expeditions into Peru
to investigate the traces of the Inca race.


DIFFUSION OF GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE" discoveries form a large share of our knowledge of a civilization waning when Pizarro first set foot in Peru. THE Society also had the honor of subscribing a substantial sum to the expedition of Admiral Peary, who discovered the North Pole. NOT long ago The Society granted $25,000, and in addition $75.000 was given by individual members to the Government when the congressional appropriation for the purpose was insufficient, and the finest of the giant sequoia trees of California. were thereby saved for the American people.

THE Society is conducting extensive explorations and excavations in northwestern New Mexico, which was one of the most densely populated areas in North America before Columbus came, region where prehistoric peoples lived in vast communal dwellings and whose customs, ceremonies, and name have been engulfed in an oblivion.


THE Society also is maintaining expeditions in the unknown area adjacent to the San Juan River in southeastern Utah, and in Yunnan, Kweichow, and Kansu, China-all regions virgin to scientific study.

Copyright, 1926, by National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C.. in the United States and Great Britain. All rights reserved. Entered at the Post Office at Washington, D. C., as Second-Class Mail Matter. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Sec. 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized July 1, 1918.

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"Who sells it?" is
often the vital reason to buy

Certain jewelers have built up
wonderful reputations because
of the goods they sell. They
choose merchandise as carefully
as they choose men for the most
responsible positions in their
establishments. Almost always
these are the finest stores-usu-
ally the leading jewelry stores.
Such jewelers feature Longines
Watches.They know
that Longines have
made the greatest
records for accuracy
in competition with
the world's best
watches-not just in


one country or in makers' tests
-but in world-famous observa-
tories all over the world with
government officials in full
charge of the tests.

You can rely on the judgment
of these jewelers. You may buy
a Longines knowing that the
store which sells it to you is plac
ing in your hands the most accu
rate watch and
You can buy a Lon-
Write for a booklet
showing the many
beautiful models.

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