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1866 -1879.

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IN this number, the publishers of THE AMERICAN LAW REVIEW present to its Subscribers a full index to the thirteen volumes of the REVIEW, which end with the number of July, 1879. On the first of January, 1880, the REVIEW will appear in a New Series, and as a MONTHFLY, in deference to a general wish for more frequent issues and prompter information. Some changes will be made in the material of the REVIEW. Each number will contain one or more articles, which will usually be upon subjects of practical interest to the majority of lawyers; but the publishers do not intend that the high standard which the REVIEW has hitherto maintained shall be lowered: they expect that the REVIEW will still deserve the attention and receive the support of the scholarly as well as the popular side of the profession. Many writers of distinction are engaged as contributors. The names of the authors of articles will be given. Cases of exceptional value which shall be decided from time to time will be printed in full, with notes by competent critics. Law-books which deserve notice will be carefully and critically reviewed. The feature which will chiefly distin-i guish the New Series from the Old Series will be an extended monthly Review of matters of interest to all lawyers. The material for this will be largely furnished by regular correspondents in all parts of the country, and will include personal news about judges and well-known lawyers; an editorial review of other law periodicals; such correspondence as shall be of general interest ; and a full collection of concise notices, geographically arranged, of the cases of greatest value decided by

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