Belgravia, Volume 38

Front Cover
Willmer & Rogers, 1879 - London (England)

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Page 428 - As it fell upon a day In the merry month of May, Sitting in a pleasant shade Which a grove of myrtles made, Beasts did leap and birds did sing. Trees did grow and plants did spring...
Page 424 - The crow doth sing as sweetly as the lark, When neither is attended ; and, I think The nightingale, if she should sing by day, When every goose is cackling, would be thought No better a musician than the wren.
Page 227 - I warn you that anything you say will be taken down and may be used in evidence against you.
Page 425 - He that at midnight, when the very labourer sleeps securely, should hear, as I have very often, the clear airs, the sweet descants, the natural rising and falling, the doubling and redoubling of her voice, might well be lifted above earth, and say, Lord, what music hast thou provided for the Saints in Heaven, when thou affordest bad men such music on Earth...
Page 61 - Another curious study is the influence of the patient's postures on his mind in this state. Double his fist, and pull up his arm, if you dare, for you will have the strength of your ribs rudely tested. Put him on his knees, and clasp his hands ; and the saints and devotees of the artists will pale before the tmeness of his devout actings.
Page 61 - The preliminary state is that of abstraction produced by fixed gaze upon some unexciting and empty thing (for poverty of object engenders abstraction) and this abstraction is the logical premise of what follows. Abstraction tends to become more and more abstract, narrower and narrower ; it tends to unity and afterwards to nullity. There, then, the patient is at the summit of attention, with no object left, a mere statue of attention, a listening, expectant life ; a perfectly undistracted faculty...
Page 345 - At breakfast — half a sheep, a quarter of lamb, ten pullets, twelve chickens, three quarts of brandy, six quarts of mulled wine, seven dozen of eggs, with salad in proportion.^: At dinner — five ribs of beef, weight three stone ; one sheep, fiftysix pounds ; three quarters of lamb, a shoulder and loin of veal boiled, eight pullets, eight rabbits, two dozen and a half of sack, one dozen of claret.
Page 65 - БСГЬ ously implicated, во that after the inflammatory action had passed away, there was an opacity over more than one half of the cornea, which not only prevented distinct vision, but occasioned an annoying disfigurement. Having placed herself under Mr. Braid's hypnotic treatment for the relief of violent pain in her arm and shoulder, she found, to the surprise alike of herself and Mr.
Page 54 - Apri 8, 1829, on account of an ulcerated cancer of the right breast which had continued, gradually growing worse, during several years. M. Chapelain, the physician attending the lady, had ' magnetised ' her for some months, producing no remedial effects, but only a very profound sleep or torpor, during which all sensibility seemed to be annihilated, while the ideas retained all their clearness, He proposed to M. Cloquet to operate upon her while she was in this state of torpor, and the latter, considering...
Page 354 - had a great dislike to being looked at, but had a mind to see the king in Parliament; in order to which he was placed in a gutter upon the house-top, to peep in at the window, where he made so ridiculous a figure that neither king nor people could forbear laughing, which obliged him to retire sooner than he intended.

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