Visually Speaking: Art Therapy and the Deaf

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Ellen G. Horovitz
Charles C Thomas Publisher, 2007 - Art therapy - 250 pages
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Deafness may or may not be considered a disability by those afflicted with auditory loss, but it is indeed a physical difference that has resulted in a language system. From language springs culture, and Deaf language is indeed a cultivation that celebrates such ethnology. As a result, most of the authors in this book recognize that discernment when referring to the Deaf culture and their unique, pictorial, sign language. Sign language vibrates through space as a three-dimensional language system, which arcs in past, present, and future just by mere body positioning and facial expression. This enchanting language crosses culture and is indeed classified, codified, and uniquely its own system. Because of the complexity of this pictorial system, (from a developmental, cognitive, and emotional standpoint), invited contributions from some of the foremost authorities on Deafness pepper these readings. As many of the contributors note, there has been an antiquated prejudice against Deaf culture and a reluctance to treat those who are Deaf in an appropriate fashion. The authors in this volume have refuted the mistaken conviction that Deaf individuals lack creativity, intelligence or the insight to be helped through psychotherapy and/or mental health services. One of the most wonderful things about this book is that finally the Deaf are being recognized as the full human beings they have always been, who deserve full access to all of our resources. Celebrating the unique strengths of Deaf individuals while rejecting the focus on their weaknesses is sprinkled throughout the pages of this book. Indeed, this offers a vantage point that is both optimistic and realistic. And best of all, there are chapters, which will sensitize, inform, and inspire. Doctor Ellen G. Horovitz has done a service to anyone who offers art therapy to the Deaf. Through promoting healthier art therapy for the hearing impaired, those who are assisted will be able to live fuller, more rewarding, creative lifestyles.

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