Silent Songs of a Zygote: A Collection of Poems on the Passing of Time

Front Cover
Independently Published, 2021 - 152 pages
SILENT SONGS OF A ZYGOTE is a collection of poems. The themes cut across seasons and the coming of age, love and romance, home and eternity, coronavirus and the pandemic, hope and faith as well as life and death. The book is categorized into six parts.This trans generational poetry of existence draws a line to the end from the beginning, to the society from the soul and to the new born from his ancestry. From the western heart of Africa, the poet manages to put into print the many things unheard that need be sang as it relates to an Igbo man, an African child, and to mankind. The rhyme in the poems makes it epic and easy for memorization; its energetic rhythm a path for the soul of mankind from whence the unimaginable is found. In the end, only poetry matters. And so, before the night comes or before the day unfolds, make this collection a companion for the mind and the soul. Let the soul speak to self through these silent songs that the beautiful colouration of the human heart may be laid bare.Now the journey begins.

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