Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future

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WestBowPress, Nov 5, 2013 - Religion - 286 pages

It is now clear, the controversy on Rapture is over as God sent Joseph Onyebuchi Azubuike declares that Jesus teaching on his second coming is the ultimate. He is coming Post trib immediately after not before the tribulation of those days Matt 24:29-31. All other views including the most popular Pretrib are assumption based. There is no single scripture that suggests Rapture before the tribulation of those days. But assumption which is not the word of God can work it out for you. Therefore, whose report will you believe? We have swallowed enough heresies in the past but it has come to an end today, because the Structures refute the heresies. Do not hesitate to pick the book and you will be glad you did.


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The Structures of Gods endtime programme Part 1
Gods Search for His Own
Jacobs Departure
Gods Purpose Enthroned
The First World PowerEgypt
David Gods Choice of a King
The Second World Power Assyria
Hezekiah Sick Unto Death
Mystery of the Seals Conquerors Seal 1
The Fourth Seal
The Sixth SealRapture Seal
Structure Part 2 Historic Premillenialism
Mystery of Iniquity
Angelic Participations
The Years of Prophecy and their Agreement in Fulfillment

Jeremiah with the Prophecy
Master Tape or Cassette
Third World Power Babylon
Foundation Laid with Gold
Evil Merodach
Fourth World Power Persia
Fifth World Power Greece
Sixth World Power Rome
Stone The Last World Conqueror in the First Seal
Unity and Formation of the Beast
The Seventh and Last World Power America
Window Old and New
Suggested Operational Policy System
Exposition of the Ark
A Poser for PreTribulation teachers believers
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About the author (2013)

1. Joseph Onyebuchi Azubike the first son of Late Mr. Michael Azubuike and late Mrs. Keziah Azubuike all in Ndi Uhu, Amuzi, Ikenanzizi- Obowo L.G.A. in Imo State Nigeria.

I was born on 4/7/57 at Umuohia, and was very intelligent. But did not complete my high education due to the early demise of my father, I had to drop.

I took to learn Auto Mobile Engineering, a carrier which brought me to lime light, and the best in town in this respect. In the year 1985 the hand of God came upon my life and I became born again and was baptized the same year

Recounting this now increases my joy because at that time I began to hear the voice of the spirit of God talking to me. I was born again under the denomination called “The Saviours Evangelical Church”, a teaching ministry. In 1986, because of the way I studied the Bible, I was appointed secretary to my local church which was then in a primary school at Owerri in Imo State. Towards the and of this year, there was an internal problem which rocked the Headquarters of this church, and it affected other local branches, and in the Process my local branch folded in 1988.

Then I began to search for another denomination to join and I remembered the church of my friend which is known and called “Christian Pentecostal Mission” (C.P.M). In 1989 January I joined this church officially as a member. After locating their family fellowship center near my house, I joined them. Then during the first time I participated with them, I gave a contribution to the topic on discussion and this contribution opened their eyes on me.

On another day when I gave another contribution on the topic of discussion, the teacher asked the class if anyone was in doubt about choosing me to assist him in the class, and all the people approved my appointment as on assistant teacher in the family fellowship.

I was then brought before the pastor in the workers meeting to be prayed for as assistant teacher family fellowship in my local branch of the Church.

After one month of assisting this teacher, I never knew he was looking for a competent hand to hand over and leave the church to another one. The teacher ten left and I became the official family fellowship teacher within two months of entering this church.

I was doing well until the fourth month in the same year when the Pastor began to teach about end time events. As I was listening, he was teaching the topic of pretributlation belief, which says, “the church shall be taken in the Rapture before the appearance of the Antichrist or Beast, and that the church shall not enter the great tribulation”.

During this teaching, questions were asked, but the Pastor instead of answering the questions intimidated those who asked the questions with excommunication from the church. And I having a good understanding of this topic from my former church, declined from the teaching department and joined the choristers. Then I decided to remain silent and never to oppose any topic even if it was wrong. But within myself I rejected this belief because it is wrong even as majority of Christians believe it to be true.

This belief can not answer my questions because of its setting. For instance, Pretribulation teachers say, “after the Rapture, those who shall be left behind shall redeem themselves with their own blood if they could withstand the Antichrist”. This is number one heresy.

Now ask them to show the scripture that indicate this idea, it does not exist, it is assumption which is not the word of God. This is one of the reasons for which I hate it. They use assumption to arouse the morale and emotion of people to believe thus heresy. If you want to hold them tight, ask them to indicate this scripture, then the truth must come out.

The scriptures says, “for without shedding of blood is not remission”, not just any blood, but the blood of Jesus. Therefore if the blood of Jesus could not save you, forget it, it is over. Therefore I remained silent in this church.

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